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  2. Hello, have you ever wanted to be able to allow the resell of the licenses you provide through your Blesta using the Blesta License Manager? if so, this plugin by CubeData is for you. This was just one of the many plugins and modules CubeData has had in the internal pipeline for Release. Thanks to Blesta's New Extension Generator, this plugin was born since the Extension Generator by Blesta creates the skeleton or structure or sometimes called Base for plugins so all you have to do now is just build on top of the base what you want the plugin to be. This plugin enables the following for you: Have your own Reseller Program Resell your own Licenses Enjoy Revenue from having your own Reseller Program For your Licenses Pictures of the Plugin(All Images redacted to ensure security of the information used during development & demo): How does this plugin automate and enable you to have a reseller program for your licenses? See Below: Allow your customers & employees to resell your licenses from their own Blesta Automatic Cron Check runs on a regular interval to auto suspend Resellers who have past due invoices so you don't have to Permissions (Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate a Reseller Access to the System) Customers & Employees can manage/change their allowed IPs to connect to the Reseller API. System Access is restricted both by API Key & IP Address(es) of the Web server running Blesta Do you prefer to have packages that are only available for Resellers but not to the General Public? Do you have packages you have in a different package group hidden to the general public? If so you can make Package Groups Accessible to Resellers but not visible to the public. Separate Packages from the public by allowing Packages from a Hidden Package Group For Resellers Only Enjoy Revenue from Resellers Don't worry about the public seeing the packages while still allowing resellers to resell the packages. What are you waiting for? If you are a developer and want to allow others to resell your product licenses, while you get the revenue for the products sold via Resellers, Purchase the plugin Today! Go Here to Purchase the Product Today.
  3. Hello do you have a question about becoming or being a CubeData License Reseller? if so this forum is your place to ask those questions as CubeData has its own license reseller api system completely built off blesta to allow us to allow anyone else to resell our licenses. CubeData License Reseller Info & Signup Page: https://cubedata.net/beareseller
  4. We have decided after thinking about the DCIManager Module vs another module that does the same as what hostbill's colocation manager does(which is very basic considering what dcimanager does, though the basics is all you really need since the only part not included without dcimanager is installs of the servers like you would do via noc-ps as well) Let us just state we have been trying to debate how to do this, do we leave the install function in, and have to go and deal with dcimanager or noc-ps? or do we actually instead use php snmp extension that is built into php already and do everything noc-ps or dcimanager does except no installations of the servers(would have to be done manually) as we went back & forth on considering which platform to build it for whmcs or blesta and we chose blesta of course since we use blesta already & to be honest it is time at least one billing panel had a "leg-up" on the higher priced "competition" that does this and is why we have decided to make this a blesta only exclusive system(module) to handle both shutting off the switch port automatically on suspension due to non-payment,etc of dedicated servers and turning the ports back on when it is paid and is in active status, we plan to be able to display bandwidth graphs, etc pulled straight from snmp of the switch to allow you(the provider) and the client the ability to actually see there bandwidth usage and possibly will be able to allow you to bill clients for bandwidth as well since once that function is implemented, you might as well use that as well to charge clients extra for bandwidth overages,etc. No ETA for the release of this module will be published as with all of our other module developments, we do not publish any eta's to allow our developers to have all the time they need to perfect something like this. though we wanted to do this as a advanced notice announcement to the blesta community stating this "exclusive" announcement since we plan to make this for blesta only so blesta will not have any competition on anyone else getting this module for their billing panel to allow blesta to hopefully & eventually with all the new customers coming to blesta maybe help the community out as a whole by giving paul and the blesta dev's the needed funds to complete the all needed domain manager system everyone has been needing. Update 7/15/2023: This Module is back in development, will not specify any ETA as previously stated but this will be a "standalone" module meaning it does exactly what it says on the tin, it allows billing for bandwidth, automatic suspension/unsuspension of switch ports(via php snmp functionality) but no actual installation of servers(would require a separate panel for that, which would require far more than just the module itself and likely will not be developed until later.)
  5. This forum was designed to allow anyone interested in cubedata products to be able to speak to one another and well get support from one another as well.... some call it "community forum based support" as if something isn't clear, more than likely they have had the same problem as well and it seems better to let people post the solutions & problems here than constantly repeat ourself when someone else has the same issue. just remember be friendly to each other please we are all apart of the blesta "family" here.
  6. [Put on Hold, please read the newest announcement from CubeData why this is being put on hold.] Hello We would like to announce we are in progress of making a new module for blesta, we will be making a DCIManager Provisioning Module for Blesta Release ETA is unknown(sorry we do not say at all when anything is released as we do not rush work, and saying a date and/or time is setting a deadline which rushes work which we do not do.) It will be priced at our usual regular prices of $7/month or $100/onetime(for owned licenses not including updates after 1st initial year which can be renewed thereafter each year at $25/year) Do Note when this comes available it will be on sale on our website only, though please do not ticket us asking for any sort of "override" on any order stopped by our anti fraud system, those will be closed out instantly with no exception made, as with maxmind, if you get stopped, you got stopped for being high risk of chargeback/disputes/fraud and therefore you didn't just get stopped for nothing which is why we stand firm on our policy of no exceptions on our anti fraud system denial's.
  7. This is the forum where CubeData Official News & Announcements will be posted. We have another form for peer support on our products/services.

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