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  3. in your module file, you will find the fucntion public function getClientAddFields($package, $vars = null) add the fallowing code $user_name = $fields->label('Enter Username', 'username'); $user_name->attach( $fields->fieldText( 'username', $this->Html->ifSet($vars->username), ['id' => 'username'] ) ); // Set the label as a field $fields->setField($user_name); for blesta password, you can't get the password, if you can got it, then you can send a exploit CVS to blesta
  4. this bug has turned us crazy ... we are modifying a existing invoice that has just 1 line that is attached to a service, what we do is add ing a new line with the same description and price and we delete the old line, after saving the invoice is closed when empty description and price as shown in the screenshot . we renew manually some service for some clients, and to avoid another renewing when they pay the invoice, we delete the old (attached line to service) and adding new line . this behavior now is every day happen and only if : - Invoice has 1 line. - Blesta version 4. in blesta v3, has no bug, and if blesta v4 in invoice with multiple lines didn't happen .
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  6. Nice integration
  7. Tried all suggestions, nothing fixed it, thanks for the help tho . So i downgraded to 3.6.2 to get rid of the bugs.
  8. New production install at with no external files (except of course for the logo img). Very quick and simple modification. We plan to introduce this to other customers as well. Cheers!
  9. We would also like to have the feature to set discounts based on Client Groups as mentioned above. Any ETA decided yet? Thanks.
  10. Did you add line items to it before saving? Does the invoice have any line items associated with it (in the database)?
  11. The addon package should be billed monthly if it's a monthly service. Can you elaborate?
  12. It sounds like it should be closing it then if: The department is set to close tickets after 2 days A staff member was last to reply Your cron is running the task every 6 hours What you could do is see if there are any errors. You can disable your cron job before it processes that task again, and then run it manually under Settings > System > Automation with error reporting enabled. To enable error reporting, edit /config/blesta.php and change Configure::errorReporting(0); to Configure::errorReporting(-1); You may also wish to enable System Debug. To do so, change Configure::set("System.debug", false); to Configure::set("System.debug", true); Be sure to change this back when you're done. ESPECIALLY System.debug. System.debug is known to sometimes cause licensing issues if left enabled.
  13. Was the admin or client last to respond? If the client was last to respond, it will not automatically close the ticket as it expects it's waiting for staff to respond. This prevents clients from opening a ticket, not getting a reply, having their ticket auto-closed, and talking bad about you on social media
  14. it show 6 hour see screen shot and i also try with 5 min and run manually but ticket not closed
  15. Go to Settings > Company > Automation and what does Close Tickets say?
  16. yes every 5 minutes i check logs cron also
  17. Have you got the cron running correctly?
  18. when i setup 2 days ticket closed but after 3-4 days ticket automatic not closed
  19. Yep, you got it correct No, i didn't read docs related to ModuleFields. I will take a closer look at it, thanks! I've been "cloning" cPanel as well as Universal module. And i think, for a Blesta newbie like me, the Universal module looks simpler for me to start with. I've been able to create a custom text field for now. And yes, would be nice if i'm able to POST to a URL, but my API call looks like the following: POST -d userid="username" -d password="fpassword" Is it possible to POST to such a URL with some options? For the password,i'm planning to use Blesta's password (is it wiser to add a custom password field perhaps) and how do i grab the user's Blesta password? I got the welcome dump variables, and i see no password there. Thanks a lot for your reply @adam !
  20. I do not fully understand your question. Let me try and say it back to you: You created a custom module with Blesta in PHP. You would like during the order process for someone to enter a custom field called username (which is not the same and 100% different username of the person logged into Blesta) and you grab that input? Have you looked at ModuleFields? The other way to do this, is use the Universal Module, add a custom field to the order process. The Universal Module has a very useful option to make external ReST calls when an order is submitted. You would listen for this ReST call and then put all your business logic in that call. Blesta Admin -> Modules -> Managed Universal Module -> Edit Product Label (create a product label if you have not already) -Adam
  21. Update, installed VestaCP on a dedicated Centos 6.9 and got the same issue these are the PHP and mysql info: PHP 5.6.30 (cli) (built: Jan 20 2017 08:02:17) Copyright (c) 1997-2016 The PHP Group Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies with the ionCube PHP Loader (enabled) + Intrusion Protection from (unconfigured) v6.1.0 (), Copyright (c) 2002-2017, by ionCube Ltd. Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g. Your MySQL connection id is 33 Server version: 5.5.56 MySQL Community Server (GPL) by Remi Only Apache installed no other proxy.
  22. Yes, they are installed by VestaCP
  23. I've created a product based on universal module and i can't seem to get the order confirmation nor service activation emails working. The re-send email works though. Any help highly appreciated!
  24. Sorry since i'm cross posting, but i might have posted my question in wrong place. Moderators, feel free to delete one of them. But i really need help to figure out how i can add a service option text field to grab a username for a module i've created. It's very simple module, straight from examples In WHMCS it was very easy for me to do so. And i don't any flexibility to add from Manage module like with Universal Module, but just a simple text field and read that service option field to provision users. Thanks
  25. @adam @Licensecart thanks. it's just that Kloxo-MR didn't have that extension, while now i installed Blesta in a seperate container and i got mailparse from Remi's repo. So for my part, i got all the dependencies of Blesta installed with green ticks
  26. the two server has the same mysql version and php version ?
  27. Some update, I could install Blesta and work well on CWP running Apache, reinstall it on VestaCP running only Apache and had the same problem in the installation process, looks like Blesta does not like VestaCP
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