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  2. cjsmith87

    Extend the Support Manager Module

    I am trying to customize the Support Manager Ticketing system. I need to be able to add custom fields to the tickets, e.g. Type - Bug, Feature Request etc. I also need to add a product option so they can specify which product it relates to. I have created the field in the database and added code to the admin pages to show the field. It works and shows the value from the database but it cannot be updated from the site? I can post code on here but I wondered if maybe there was something else I need to do to make it save, e.g. set field permissions or something? As a side note, is the best way to do this just to customize the plugin? It means I will not be able to install updates to the support manager without losing my changes which is a shame.
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  4. Blesta Addons

    Module WHMAMP?

    cpanel + WHMAMP installed .
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  6. Nelsa

    Error 1023 - Plesk Onyx - NAT

    Hello, sorry for the late response....I did make some changes to blesta original module but after migrating to new dedicated servers I start to use an original module since there is no NAT any more....this customized module had different fields for server IP address and hosting account IP since Plesk API package has IP in Hosting section and in gen_setup section and those two are completely different parameters......can be the same but in most cases will not be. If you look in tools->logs->plesk (input for webspace:add) after you add plesk hosting in blesta ....you will see the content of Plesk API XML package and you will see "IP_ADDRESS" and "IPv4" with the same value..... but these values can be obtained from different fields in settings.
  7. BeZazz

    Blesta moved, can't connect to DirectAdmin server

    Good to hear you solved it When I said permissions I meant disabled functions in PHP ini 🙄 sorry.
  8. qba82

    Blesta moved, can't connect to DirectAdmin server

    Solved: outgoing tcp port 2222 was blocked, instead disable firewall I accidentally restarted it
  9. qba82

    Blesta moved, can't connect to DirectAdmin server

    I disabled firewall and still the same, PHP permissions, which are correct? In module log I get: Input is correct Output has Error and only log is: myserverhost.com a:0:{} EDIT: ok I found out that port 2222 is blocked for my vps, I will have to find out why
  10. BeZazz

    Blesta moved, can't connect to DirectAdmin server

    You might want to give more details. Possibly firewall, PHP permissions? What do your error logs say?
  11. I moved blesta to vps, now DirectAdmin module can't connect to my server, what might be a problem?
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  13. Blesta.Store

    Installation problems on Virtualmin Debian 9 server

    You need to update your ioncube loaders to 10.
  14. od-ana

    providing discount & coupon code

    Yea, it is not resolved. Coupon with overide price will be great.
  15. Blesta Addons

    [Services] Add renew to Actions

    it would be nice to see a renew action to the services list actions, sometimes we need to lunch the renew action for the module without login to remote service, like renew, domain, SSL, license ... ect at this moment blesta didn't have option to allow client renew their services before their end date or invoice generated, so at least give the staff to create invoice manually and then execute renew command throw service actions .
  16. Blesta Addons

    providing discount & coupon code

  17. Blesta Addons

    validateHostname Should Accept Uppercase Characters

    mabe modules like Plesk, Interworx, Proxmox, centoswebpanel, tcadmin ...ect i think it would be preferably if the function is added to module.php, then any other module can herite the fucntion and call it when is needed.
  18. adamjedgar

    Installation problems on Virtualmin Debian 9 server

    oooohhhhh. I wondered what those files were all about. So, i havent read up on the hotfixes...how do i apply them? Ok so i have edited this post...i have applied the hotfixes, however the apache error remains... Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was built with configuration API320160303,NTS, whereas running engine is API320170718,NTS Clearly the problem is that the version of ioncube in blesta (API320160303) is incompatible with the version running on my webserver (API 320170718). Now the problem is, how do i resolve this issue exactly because i just downloaded what appears to be the latest one on my webserver from the ioncube loader website?
  19. Blesta.Store

    Installation problems on Virtualmin Debian 9 server

    It sounds like you haven't applied the hotfix.
  20. Great, thanks a task for SolusVM has been created as well.
  21. Perfect! SolusVM is impacted as well.
  22. Additionally I've created the Epic https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2832 and we have 2 modules apart of that: Vultr and cPanel. Is anyone aware of any other modules that this is an issue with? We need a task for each that we'll be updating, and I am not able to look at them all right now.
  23. Blesta Addons

    remove files with uninstall plugin

    Some plugin when installed is not removing the files from the upload directory, like support manager, client document . when those plugin uninstalled, they should remove files that was used by the plugin .
  24. od-ana

    providing discount & coupon code

    Hello 1. Is there any option to offer price override discount? 2. If a client order recurring product with set up fee, is there any option to give % discount for the total product? so the can get % discount after the setup fee added? Thanks
  25. Hi guys, i am experiencing a couple of issues that i believe are both related to the original installation issue below. Installation issue with ioncube loader php - v Cannot load the ionCube PHP Loader - it was built with configuration API320160303,NTS, whereas running engine is API320170718,NTS PHP 7.2.9-1+0~20180910100512.5+stretch~1.gbpdaac35 (cli) (built: Sep 10 2018 10:05:13) ( NTS )so i downloaded the wizard and used that to run on server with the following output...ionCube Loader Wizard Loader Installed The ionCube Loader version 10.2.4 for PHP 7.2 is already installed and encoded files should run without problems.My understanding is that one must choose the correct version of ioncube loader for php version on server...trouble is, my server has 4 php versions (5.6, 7.0,7.1,7.2). I have managed to get it working enough for the installer to accept that ioncube is now installed and running, however, i am not happy with the above error still diplaying in shell The second issue when i attempt to navigate past the database settings screen in the installation i immedately get a server 500 error The apache error log below [Fri Sep 21 19:21:48.131019 2018] [fcgid:warn] [pid 3140:tid 140660355057408] [client serverip:53771] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: The file /home/myvirtualminserver/public_html/blesta/app/models/license.php was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.4 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later., referer: http://mydomain.com.au/blesta/install/process/ [Fri Sep 21 19:21:48.131074 2018] [fcgid:warn] [pid 3140:tid 140660355057408] [client serverip:53771] mod_fcgid: stderr: Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 7.1. in Unknown on line 0, referer: http://mydomain.com.au/blesta/install/process/
  26. Blesta Addons

    Force email as username

  27. Amit Kumar Mishra

    Force email as username

    any permanent fix for this so that it may not get over-written in upgrades
  28. Amit Kumar Mishra

    username not email as user id

    you i saw that seems like i even gave a like for some sort of a feature request like this but incase i do the edits, in every update it will get over-ridden i was thinking if in case there is some direct tweak
  29. cloudrck

    Override FROM address in email templates

    It's just the initial email. The staff reply uses the correct email. It really should use the overridden email. I have my email server setup to only allow SMTP through approved domains. And the domain that Blesta picked wasn't one of them.
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