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  3. What's the best / easiest way to add an HTML header/footer to all emails by default? One of the game changers for WHMCS was when they introduced a global/generic header/footer, and I'd like to replicate that within Blesta, without having to hand-edit every single email template I've searched the forums and docs, and found a lot of content relating to earlier versions of Blesta that don't seem relevant any more (edit config.js in a path that's no longer relevant), change the tag descriptors from { to {{ and so on There has to be a way, or there needs to be a plugin to enable, that lets us "top and tail" the existing email templates with an HTML header and footer, similar to the way WHMCS did it?
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  5. I found this query here: SELECT contacts.client_id, contacts.first_name, contacts.last_name, contacts.email, contacts.address1, contacts.city, contacts.zip, contacts.country, contact_numbers.number FROM contacts INNER JOIN contact_numbers ON contacts.client_id=contact_numbers.contact_id ORDER BY contacts.client_id; I figured that would be fine but I'm seeing some oddities: Not all clients are being exported. The export has 70 rows of clients BUT 10 clients were repeated in 2 rows so only 60 unique clients were exported. But I have a total of 77 clients (61 active, 16 inactive). Some client phone numbers are wrong. I've found 2 phone numbers that are different from that client's contact info. Some are correct, but I don't want to check every single row unless I decide to forget the export to manually check & fix the phone numbers. I also want to export the tax & Stripe IDs for clients but I'm not sure how to connect client_settings.value & accounts_cc.client_reference_id to the client without messing it up like the phone numbers.
  6. I am a web designer and I host many of my client's website. I am using Namesilo as registrar and Blesta domain manager for the domains. I set a renewal date in Blesta, that may or may not align with the actual renewal date in Namesilo. These are longer term clients, so I set the domains to auto-renew in Namesilo so we don't lose the domain if a client forgets to pay. This has worked fine for years. However, recently (I assume after my latest upgrade of Blesta), it no longer sends out invoice for the domains. As an example ... I have a domain "sampledomain.com." The namesilo renewal date is 11/1/2023. The renewal date in Blesta is 11/15/23. It will send out upcoming renewal notices, etc, just fine. But after 11/1/23, once it is has renewed at Namesilo, it won't send out an invoice to the client, because it sees the domain is no longer expiring. How do I get Blesta to still send an invoice each year, even if the domain is already renewed in Namesilo? I want blesta to bill based on the renewal date I set, regardless of what the actual renewal date is. And I want Namesilo to renew regardless of whether or not the person pays in Blesta. This has worked for years, why has it stopped working?? Thanks, --Jason
  7. any chance of updating this to support composer v2? I'm seeing warnings which will most likely scare the uninitiated and perhaps make them not complete the install - Installing blesta/composer-installer (1.1.0): Extracting archive Loading "blesta/composer-installer" which is a legacy composer-installer built for Composer 1.x, it is likely to cause issues as you are running Composer 2.x.
  8. BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY Sale This Black Friday / Cyber Monday, we are running a sale of 40% OFF any client area theme for Blesta! We provide a range of themes & templates & designs that will fit your needs on any type of business running with Blesta billing platform. https://blesta.shop / https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/category/blesta-themes/ Coupon code on checkout: BF40 Let us know for any questions or issues.
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  10. Hello i discovered a bug in smart search. Smart search does not search service fields because of this code: on "app/controllers/admin_search.php" line: 342 $services = $this->Services->search($search, $page, $pagination); should be $services = $this->Services->search($search, $page, true); because service search function last parameter is search_fields not pagination ( $search_fields If true will also search service fields for the value )
  11. Like every year, Cloudways is once again back with an awesome BFCM deal! Below are the new details: Offer: 40% OFF for 4 Months on all hosting plans + Upto 40 Free Migrations Promo code: BFCM4040 Validity date: 13th November 2023 till 1st December 2023 Terms: Migrations request should be made in 4 months and up to 40 free migration Link: https://www.cloudways.com/en/
  12. If the domain was recently added or transferred it may not be sync'd yet. Make sure domain syncing is enabled and running under Settings > Company > Automation > Plugins. If it's new, it may just take a while to update and appear.
  13. This would require a code change that is not documented. The simple alternative, is to not check the box under Settings > System > General that says "My installation is behind a proxy or load balancer" and then use a proxy or load balancer. Blesta will see only the load balancer IP and log it instead of client IPs. haproxy, cloudflare, etc.
  14. Hey, sorry for the delay. Since our Discord server is more popular we don't check the forums as frequently. On the domain availability check page for Domain and Other order forms, "Skip, Order Other Items" is the option to select if you want to order hosting and not order or transfer a domain. It'll take you to the hosting plans, and ask for the domain after a plan is selected. You can change the text of the button if you prefer. The language can be updated in these locations: /plugins/order/views/templates/ajax/language/en_us/domain.php:$lang['Domain.lookup.other_btn'] = 'Skip, Order Other Items'; /plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/language/en_us/domain.php:$lang['Domain.lookup.other_btn'] = 'Skip, Order Other Items'; Edit: Just to add, if Skip doesn't let you select a hosting plan, you may not have your hosting packages assigned to a package group, and the group assigned to the order form in the multi-select area. Packages > Order Forms: Edit.
  15. no answer? not possible, or just a well kept secret? Im happy to be pointed to the relevant information if anyone knows or can help.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if I could disable IP logging to ensure user security when accessing the site. I have no use for it and would love for an option for it to be disabled (if there is one). Thanks in advance! 😀
  17. Thank you so much @Paul glad this is now sorted.
  18. I created a shared hosting package, configured the order form for domain and other and put it live. A client then needs to either search for buying a new name, search for buying a transfer fee to us, or skipping. If the client has a domain they own, where is the option to use an existing name? Skip is irrelevant and makes no sense as they cannot checkout. I’m missing something obvious, but can’t find it in the documentation. How should we be doing this?
  19. Found the file.... plugins\domains\views\feeds\bootstrap_table.pdt h6? class h4? oké, work in progress... How can i change that file without losing it when i update Blesta...? Alex
  20. Hello, if try the following: <script src="https://******.**/**/feed/domain/pricing/?currency=EUR&style=bootstrap&term=1,2,3,4,5,10"></ writing> I get back a "table table-striped table-bordered rounded", but I would really like to have that changed to "table table-striped table-dark" because that fits my website theme better... I've searched and searched, but I can't find the right file or template, does anyone have any ideas? And please change the time between searches... Wait 10 seconds before trying to search again ? Alex
  21. Hi, We have the Company Addon and we also have the Blesta CMS and I can confirm that this does work for all companies added to your installation. All you need to do is use the drop down to the right in the admin area to select your other company and then use it from there.
  22. hello I have a problem that the domain expiration date does not appear, what is wrong and what should I do?
  23. Hello, Hope someone can help. I have been testing and making changes the look and layout of the email templates. One of the issues that I am getting is that the email signatures are appearing after the footer of the email. Any suggestions I have tried creating these in HTML and plain text but neither are working. Also I am trying to get the email to display the time and date it was sent. I have tried two different options the first one I used was {"Date" | date "d M Y"} And this just displayed 01 Jan 1970 The second one that I tried was {% now "[optional time_format]" %} And this was displayed as [2023Z3002202311pmFriday 300211UTC_f2023Fri, 03 Nov 2023 23:02:42 +000011pm30] Hope someone can help regarding this matter please? Running Version 5.8.2 Thank you
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  25. Have you considered enabling Ticket Reminders? There's an option called "Automatically Send Ticket Reminders" on the department that can be enabled.
  26. I can't figure out what is going on. I have multiple servers and manage them via the cPanel module. Adding a new service works perfectly on all of them except one. And on this one server it connects and adds the account, but instead of showing a "success" notice and the blesta admin page, it delivers a 404 error. Services can be removed and managed fine on this server via the blesta admin. So it has a good connection and can edit the server accounts, but if I add a new service, on this specific server, it will pump out a 404 error even though it still adds the new cpanel account to the server. It is almost like it sends the command to the server to create the account and is waiting to hear back, but doesn't. So it stalls out and dies to a 404 page. For any of the other servers it works fine, the error is limited to one server. Any suggestions? --Jason P.S. Tried upgrading to new version of Blesta and that didn't fix the issue.
  27. Is there any way to have a banner at the top of the page popup when there is a support request? I only have a small group of people as clients, so I don't get that many requests, but I have a habit of missing them and I don't check the email as often as I should. Blesta Installed Version 5.5.3 Thanks
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