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  2. There is no 'Basic Setup' option, that's part of the problem. I would start with changing it to System > Setup > Companies and then explain how the company url field is relevant. That's the actual problem and I only found it by going through every single Blesta setting until I found the url field in Companies.
  3. Hello, If you have license and don't need it, If you sell it I Buy it. Thanks
  4. Just FYI, we are looking to implement this, probably as a core change. See CORE-3024
  5. @tyson at the same time... is there a way to create a "Service" that will be charge each month but will have a "term" of 2 years ?
  6. That's a really good article, kudos to Rack911. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Ohhh yeah..... that's why! Is there something we can do for "client group" with 14 days before that some service will be renew with 0 days before ?
  8. What is the Invoice Days Before Renewal setting set to for the client groups/companies those clients belong to? It could be as simple as both those services are for clients that are in different client groups where one client group has Invoice Days Before Renewal set to Same Day and the other it is set to 14 Days. If one of the services was suspended and you have Invoice Suspended Services unchecked, then the service wouldn't be invoiced at its expected days before renewal unless it was paid (and unsuspended) afterward. That could be another explanation for the behavior.
  9. Step 3: Hostname by definition would include anything.domain.tld. If we just said "Domain" I could see how that would be incorrect, which would be different than hostname. What would you suggest we add for more clarity? Blesta detects the hostname during installation automatically. When moving Blesta if the hostname changes it must be updated, which is indicated in the documentation. Not sure what we can do to improve this. Suggestions welcome.
  10. Nothing on that page mentions the url field of the company settings.
  11. One factor not mentioned here so far is security. RACK911 Labs just did a security audit of alternative control panels and the results are enlightening! I was thinking about going with CWP or CyberPanel before I read this. After reading it, I decided to go with DirectAdmin instead. (I can't comment on it beyond that, as I haven't switched yet.)
  12. It's mentioned in the documentation on Moving Blesta Final Steps > #3 for hostname, and #2 for updating path settings.
  13. Last week
  14. I also suggest running this code to make sure stripe can respond. Must support tls 1.2 https://docs.blesta.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10551368#Debugging/Tools-CheckPHPCURL,outboundTLSVersion
  15. @Tyson Yeah ok... but why... this service will generate a new invoice next Dec 02, 2019.... BUT This one will create a new invoice, not Jan 02, 2020 but 14 DAYS before ?
  16. here its mentioned at the starting of the thread...
  17. Where we can download this pretty theme
  18. Based on the output, it looks like Square did not reply to the request. You may need to double-check your credentials. You could also try live credentials, but just not complete an actual payment.
  19. There's a difference between the renew date changing and the service actually being renewed. The service renew date will be bumped when a new invoice is created for the service renewal. The service will then be renewed once that invoice has been paid.
  20. HI, We are looking for a new plugin that will help us in our day to day. In our kind of business, clients never order by them a service, neither, add/modify or remove. It's our internal staff that add manually services for clients. Right now, for example, if we have a new client and we need to add a "domain", a web hosting and an email account, we need to add them 3 services one by one, and for the 2nd and 3rd services, we use the option to add to the same invoice BUT often we need to modify the start date to something in the past.. and it's a pain to do that manually one by one. We will be more than happy to have something like a "cart" that we can add a bunch of services at the same time, change all the renewal date/term BEFORE creating them and having only 1 clean invoice generated
  21. Hi, I have installed the Square non merchant gateway for payment processing. I have an existing Square account and created the application within Square following the directions elsewhere in the forum. I have the application ID, access token, and location ID information with the application set to use the Sandbox settings to ensure everything is working before going live. I have filled in those fields after installing the module. I have attached the image of getting to the point where I have the pay with Square button. No matter what I do when I click the button, it appears that it is going to work but then just returns to the same pay with square button. I have checked the logs and both say success. This is from the log: Input - /client/pay/confirm/ a:1:{i:0;a:3:{s:4:"name";s:10:"Invoice #7";s:8:"quantity";i:1;s:16:"base_price_money";a:2:{s:6:"amount";s:4:"2.50";s:8:"currency";s:3:"USD";}}} Output - /client/pay/confirm/ N; Any help to get the Square module working would be great. Thank you.
  22. Hi, Having a strange behaviour about services renewing date... We are having some services that renew exactly at the "expiration" date and that's fine.. but some of them are renewing 21 days BEFORE the date, based on this "Invoice Days Before Renewal" in the settings... Where am I missing an option somewhere about that ?
  23. Got it. This is really a usability fault on your part, there's nothing at all there noting that domain setting decides the base url for the site. Most CMS's have a specific settings page for such an important setting. Currently it simply appears to be a bit of contact info.
  24. Hostname is the FQDN, if you are using a subdomain then that must be included.
  25. I did, but I used the actual company domain and not the subdomain that Blesta is on. I assume I have to enter the subdomain there?
  26. Did you remember to edit your company's hostname under Settings > System > Companies?
  27. I moved Blesta from domain1.com/blesta to blesta.domain2.com. The 'Pay Now' (without logging in) link in invoices is incorrect and I don't know where to fix it. It should be blesta.domain2.com/client/pay/method/... But instead it's domain2.com/client/pay/method/... Where do I set the base url for the site? After migrating I went through every single setting, I must have missed where to set the url.
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