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  1. Yesterday
  2. with a jpeg logo, the logo appear in all page, only png is not shown in all pages !!!
  3. Tested in two server now with the same result . Installed Version 4.5.2 EDIT: tested now in third server for our dev test with the same result, the Logo only appear in first page.
  4. test with the same settings with only the logo in PNG . the background are showed in all Pdf Pages, only the logo is shown in the first page .
  5. is possible to ad anew currency format for the fallowing style '####,##' '####.##' the actual format has a space between numbers like '# ###,##' .
  6. @Blesta Addons can you duplicate this on a fresh install of Blesta on the same server? That could confirm or rule out a PHP / server side issue.
  7. It sounds as though a payment is being attempted without using an off-site payment account. I just took a look at that third-party gateway and their github, and it appears to support off-site CC and ACH payments only. If you're encountering this problem, make sure: you are using the latest version of their gateway that the payment account in Blesta for that client is actually stored off-site Blesta makes this determination by saving a `gateway_id` value on the payment account stored in the database (e.g. `accounts_cc` table) If clients had created a payment account in the system prior to you switching to the Stripe (plus) gateway, then that is probably the cause of the issue--i.e. the payment account was originally for a different merchant gateway, not Stripe (plus). Their payment account should be updated, or a new one added to replace the existing payment account that is not currently being stored off-site with Stripe.
  8. I just tried testing that myself by sending 2 invoices from a client profile in the admin UI. Both invoices in the invoices.pdf file display my logo and background. What settings do you have set? I tested with these settings: Logo: JPG Background: JPG Paper size: Letter Invoice Template: Default Font family: dejavusanscondensed Terms: (none) Display on invoice: all checkboxes checked Have you tried using a different logo image? If so, does the logo appear then?
  9. to be more clear, I'm talking about the PDF attached to the email sent.
  10. i'm not talking about 1 invoice with multiple pages. i'm talking about sending multiple invoices (more than one with the deliver via email from admin side) . to test, create two invoices for client, from client profile, select this two invoice then deliver them via email . the first invoice has logo, the second invoice without logo .
  11. Hello The Stack License team is happy to announce our free modification to the Blesta System Backups allowing you to use custom s3 endpoints such as DigitalOcean Spaces and StackPath Object Storage You can view the modification at github. https://github.com/stacklicense/custom-backup-s3-endpoints If you want a custom s3 endpoint added just reply here or open an issue and we will get them added.
  12. Last week
  13. Does the logo appear on all pages if you "View" the invoice (i.e. download it)? Viewing the invoice produces the same PDF as is sent by email. I tested this myself a minute ago and it is working correctly for me.
  14. @Eric W this is integration not merge in case you require help, you may PM me, and i will guide you
  15. I am new to Blesta. How did you acheive this?
  16. when we send invoices manually via email from admin side, the first page of sent PDF has logo, but other pages has no logo . the logo only appear in first page .
  17. you can buy it from this link https://account.blesta.com/order/config/index/blesta/?group_id=3&pricing_id=351
  18. My clients keep getting the error 'The gateway does not support payments in the manner'. I know it's been brought up before, but I wondered if there was anything else we can do. I've yet to have a successful client initiated payment through Blesta because of this error. ACH and subscription payments work just fine.
  19. The License Module requires an Owned License to be able to purchase and 100$ to purchase login to your blesta account and click "manage service" on your owned license. On the lefthand menu select "Addons" and select License Manager from the dropdown.
  20. you mean to know the pricing of the license module its given on the site you may also PM @Paul, or open a ticket with blesta
  21. Tried to search forums, couldn't find anything. In wiki I see: "This License Module is a companion to the License Plugin, which is a paid plugin for license management and serves as the license server. This module will not work on its own." at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/License+Module But no other information at all. In pricing table (account.blesta.com), site or forum. API, how much it costs, where to buy etc. Is there a licensing module available to license applications ?
  22. Hi everyone, A new version of the ISPAPI registrar module has been released. You can find the latest version of the module on HEXONET's website - https://www.hexonet.net/resellers/integration#blesta More information you can find on Git too - https://github.com/hexonet/blesta-ispapi-registrar/releases Happy domain selling with HEXONET's registrar module. 😀 For support or any questions, you can reach us at - https://hexonet.support or help@hexonet.support
  23. Hello, i had asked @Paul if blesta supported the new API version of CWP. he mentioned it does. Could you kindly fast track the process and see if its an up to date version.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm a new Blesta user, but have been using WordPress for several years. Just wanted to show that it is possible to merge both (almost) seamlessly... https://www.lewiswebsites.com I welcome your feedback. Cheers Steve
  25. What is the best way to move clients with existing services from cPanel to DA? I'm referring of course to the billing system itself and modifying current services to use the new module. Any ideas from Blesta power users would be much appreciated.
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