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  2. Packages and terms can be defined in the link for the General order type. We will be adding that soon to the Domain and Other. After that, it would be possible to provide a link to a hosting package, and when they get to that part of the order process it would be already selected. Yes, you can modify the templates. Order templates are located under /plugins/order/views/templates
  3. Where are you experiencing slowness exactly? On what pages or actions? What is complicated, and what is buggy? Can you provide some examples? Slowness isn't common. Namesilo fetches available TLDs from the API, it's not hardcoded in like with some modules, so any TLDs available to you should be available through the module. Does your web server have enough resources? Are you running something like Cloudlinux that may be throttling CPU, memory, or governing MySQL queries?
  4. i'm using blesta 5.6.1 with the new domain manager module. Completed all the required migration from old domain system to the new one. But it seems that the new domain manager is too slow, complicated, and buggy. It took some times to load the domain page. I see that in the logs, it connect to the domain api everytime any page related to 'domains' being called. Is this normal? Also i'm using Namesilo, the new domain system unable to add some extension supported by namesilo like xyz, etc. The same issues has been asked in this forum months ago but yet to be answered. And what's new with 5.7.0? Should i update too? Anywhere i can the changelog?
  5. Last week
  6. Also is it possible to change how the order form look?
  7. Can I also specify which package will be selected after the domain is chosen? E.g. The customer is selecting Plan A with 1 year term. The system redirects to the domain purchase, the customer choose a domain and then the Plan A with 1 year term is automatically selected?
  8. Under Packages > Order Forms, click to create an order form or edit an existing. For "Type" select "Domain and Other". For Domain Package Group, make sure "TLDs Pricing Packages" is selected, and under Package Groups drag any hosting package groups from the right to the left to assign them.
  9. I haven't seen the "Domain and Other" option, I think this is exactly what I am looking for. Now I have two questions. 1. Is there anywhere that I can see a guid on how to set it up. 2. Can I change how the form looks like?
  10. Currently the flow for domain and hosting orders, using the "Domain and Other" order form type, is to enter or search for a new domain first, then select the hosting plan after that. It sounds like you want to reverse this, and choose a hosting plan, then decide on the domain, whether to register a new domain, use an existing, etc.?
  11. Hi, I'm currently developing a local payment gateway i have some questions: 1. How to retrieve the invoice id on the buildProcess? 2. How to receive the json response on validate and change the invoice to paid and the service is active. The documentation from the payment gateway itself is like this to respond \Midtrans\Config::$isProduction = false; \Midtrans\Config::$serverKey = '<your serverkey>'; $notif = new \Midtrans\Notification(); $transaction = $notif->transaction_status; $type = $notif->payment_type; $order_id = $notif->order_id; $fraud = $notif->fraud_status; if ($transaction == 'capture') { // For credit card transaction, we need to check whether transaction is challenge by FDS or not if ($type == 'credit_card'){ if($fraud == 'challenge'){ // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Challenge by FDS' // TODO merchant should decide whether this transaction is authorized or not in MAP echo "Transaction order_id: " . $order_id ." is challenged by FDS"; } else { // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Success' echo "Transaction order_id: " . $order_id ." successfully captured using " . $type; } } } else if ($transaction == 'settlement'){ // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Settlement' echo "Transaction order_id: " . $order_id ." successfully transfered using " . $type; } else if($transaction == 'pending'){ // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Pending' echo "Waiting customer to finish transaction order_id: " . $order_id . " using " . $type; } else if ($transaction == 'deny') { // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Denied' echo "Payment using " . $type . " for transaction order_id: " . $order_id . " is denied."; } else if ($transaction == 'expire') { // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'expire' echo "Payment using " . $type . " for transaction order_id: " . $order_id . " is expired."; } else if ($transaction == 'cancel') { // TODO set payment status in merchant's database to 'Denied' echo "Payment using " . $type . " for transaction order_id: " . $order_id . " is canceled."; }
  12. Also is there a way to remove this confusing "Domain" input field listed as "Configurable option" when selecting the term and price? https://prnt.sc/pzu1zrZ-F8ta
  13. Hi, I am creating a shared hosting website and now I got to the point of configuring my order forms and domain registrars and I would like to provide the following flow: Customer opens my website. Customer select one of the packages on my website and is redirected to the coresponding package in blesta ordering form. Customer select term and press continue. System ask the customer if they already have a domain name. If yes the system just continues to checkout. If not, system ask if customer would like to purchase a new domain as well If customer wants to register a new domain, add selected domain to the package Process the checkout. I took a look in some of the threads on the forum about the same problem and stumbled upon this: It seems like something that I am talking about, however the replies there are very old, so I was wondering if there is any option to do it now?
  14. This was completed in Blesta 5.7.0
  15. I would like to place a product in the shopping cart via a direct link and from there an option for registering or transferring a domain name or using an existing domain name. Can I create my own additional order template for this and does that work w/ Blesta? add product > my order form > add domain name option (register new, transfer, use existig) > checkout
  16. is there also a possibility for domain transfer checks to be integrated into an external html or php script? External Domain Availability Check
  17. Earlier
  18. I had to disable some caching and image compression functions within cloudflare.
  19. Just recently moved blesta to new server. just missing those icons so I feel like I missed a stop or permssions. I feel like this is very simple fix. Troubleshooting - Reuploaded blesta via filezilla on auto but didn't work
  20. Hello, I am trying to learn Blesta, I install blesta in my localhost but is requireing a trial key: This is my hostname: http://localhost/blesta And this is the message I got:
  21. Is the invoice associated with the renewal paid? It is only after payment that an API request will be sent to the registrar and the expiration date updated.
  22. Expire date issue after domain renewed. Domain registration for 1 year. Regist Date : 2023-05-29 Renewal Date : 2024-05-29 Expiration Date : 2024-05-29 Renew domain for 1 year. Regist Date : 2023-05-29 Renewal Date : 2025-05-29 Expiration Date : 2024-05-29
  23. 1. I recently set up a fresh installation of Blesta (5.6.1). I connected Stripe Payments (1.7.2), and am unable to complete any purchases using the gateway. The error I get on the frontend is "An error occured when processing the request with the gateway. The payment gateway returned an error when processing the request." 2. To recreate, just try to order any package and go thru with the purchase. Issue appears after submitting order. 3. Here is the error pulled from Stripe's error log: "payment_intent_unexpected_state This PaymentIntent could not be captured because it has a status of requires_confirmation. Only a PaymentIntent with one of the following statuses may be captured: requires_capture." 4. error occurs after adding to cart, then placing an order here: https://wasatchwebsites.net/account/
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