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  4. Everyone who requested a refund received it within 24 hours. I'm really sorry about what happened and promise to reward the people involved as an apology. Everyone who received a refund, will still receive the license (perk) they originally purchased when the module gets released for free. I don't want to make the same mistake again, so this time I'd rather not give a release date. I take responsibility for the mistake I made and I hope to be able to amend my mistake soon and make my best effort to never repeat it again. I don't want to use this as an excuse, I take full responsibility for the mistake I made, but I think I owe everyone an explanation. The development of the module started in the last week of November 2017, but because I had several projects and tasks to do for other clients, I had no more time available in my schedule to develop the module on my own. So I decided to hire a full-time PHP developer in the first week of December to take over the development of the module. However, for reasons unknown to me, the last week of December my developer quit, causing development to stop. I personally like to make code that not only works, but is also visually beautiful, trying my best to follow the development standards and follow good coding practices. However, I couldn't find another developer that met my criteria, because very few developers are familiar with Blesta. Because of this I started working on the module on my own during the weekends to prevent development from stopping completely, but it still ended up being delayed considerably. Having already finished some of the biggest projects I had, last week I resumed the development of the module again, at half time. Also, last week I got a new developer who will be able to help me in the development. During this time I decided to make some changes. The final release of the module will not be called cPanel Extended, as I try to avoid confusion with the ModulesGarden module. In addition, the module will not be released under the CyanDark brand, as I am working on a new site specifically dedicated to sell only Blesta related products. With a development team independent of the CyanDark's team to avoid problems. This is one of the most popular modules that I have, and I promise you that I will not let the module die, soon I will publish more news about the progress of development, but I prefer not to give an ETA at the moment, to avoid problems. Anyway, I give you my sincere apologies and I hope you can pardon me for my mistake.
  5. Hi there, I am a new person. Are this project their problems? I see they still update schedule, so should I request a refund?
  6. texh

    [Plugin] Domain Name Suggestions/Spinner

    That was the plan I guess. Still needs a bit of love and attention then I'll stick it up on GitHub for you guys to play with. Just some teasers for now 😛
  7. GosuHost

    [Plugin] Domain Name Suggestions/Spinner

    Great work, looks amazing! Do you plan to share this with the public? I think it would be useful to many of us here.
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  9. We requested and received a refund promptly, his expected completion date was end of December, we are at the end of may (5 months later).
  10. I had a little support for this project! Hope it's soon to be released
  11. cyandark

    [Plugin] Domain Name Suggestions/Spinner

    Very good integration, I really liked the idea. I think I'll do the same in my Blesta installation.
  12. Recently got an API key for VeriSign's Name Studio, and thought it'd be a decent opportunity to get my hands dirty with a Blesta integration. I've probably broken all kinds of rules and best-practices in implementing it, but not too far from a workable release. Early WIP, but there are a few screenshots below. Curious if anyone would find this useful.
  13. cyandark

    Domain orders forms getSld() returns odd results

    I just tried in my Blesta installation and got the same (weird) result. I think the solution you're proposing is pretty good, I did some testing even using Punnycode domains and it seems to work perfectly.
  14. Referring to the method getSld() in <Blesta>/plugins/order/lib/order_types/domain/order_type_domain.php This method doesn't handle domain searches as gracefully as it could. Search: www.something.com (.com checkbox selected) something.com somethingwww..com Search: www.something (.com checkbox selected) www.com Search: something.com (.com checkbox selected) something.com Search: something (.com checkbox selected) something.com I'm not sure how this could be rectified by changing the existing regex, but I've found something like the following to handle all the above inputs to return something sensible function getSld($domain) { $parts = explode(".", $domain); if (count($parts) == 1) { return $parts[0]; } return $parts[0] == "www" ? $parts[1] : $parts[0]; } // Mentioned test cases foreach ([ 'www.something.com', 'www.something', 'something.com', 'something'] as $search) { echo "$search: ", getSld($search), "<br>"; } /* Output www.something.com: something www.something: something something.com: something something: something */
  15. Yesterday
  16. Blesta Addons

    Ovveride the structure view from plugin event

    Thanks @Jono. you are talking about the view in the plugins. i'm referring to view in the client area . sample example . i have two theme folders, bootstrap and bootsrap1 . i want for client group X use the boostrap1 , and for client group Y use the bootstrap . i know the template folder is saved in the company settings called 'client_view_dir' . i have made a dirty way to update the client_view_dir from preAction event, but it appear that the event trigger for PreAction called after the setDefaultView() function . any other way ?
  17. Blesta Addons

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    This for Cashbox Plugin i think, i will make a look at it soon . Thanks
  18. RebornWebs

    cron not automatic

    I ran it from blesta
  19. Blesta.Store

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    Just a little bug for you mate: $lang['CashboxPlugin.permission.admin_widget'] = 'Cashbox Widget'; should be: $lang['CashboxPlugin.permission.admin_main.widget'] = 'Cashbox Widget';
  20. Thanks for the information. Good to hear about the refund.
  21. I don't think WHMCS adds anything in like this either but it could be helpful. Maybe a low priority task?
  22. I haven't heard anything about progress but I know he's been working directly for Blesta on other tasks. One could hope this gets added to the core in the future..... We did request a refund and he promptly issued it.
  23. I was wondering what is happening with this. Is it still being worked on? Did anyone ask for a refund and get the refund or not get the refund?
  24. Jono

    Ovveride the structure view from plugin event

    It would be in the preaction. The order_controller.php and order_form_controller.php files from the order plugin I think may have an example of something like this if I'm understanding rightly what you want to do.
  25. I think it would helpfull if the term (Activation/Renew) figure in the line description .
  26. activa

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    Wonderfull . Exactly what i need. The summary is arrived today . Perfect mate.
  27. activa

    [Plugins] CashBox

    Thanks Hero.
  28. Last week
  29. Keystirras

    Blesta Integration 3.3.x (Advanced)

    Thanks, i got it working I just needed to take my time and carefully place everything, turns out it was one of my footer Javascripts causing the problem
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