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  2. Hi, I've added two fields in the universal module, IP address - for a dedicated server's primary IP - and Additional IPs - for other IP ranges. The problem is, these fields are showing on the order form. I only want the values to display within the service details within the client area (and on the admin side as well) like WHMCS. Thanks!
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  4. FYI: Blesta-Cerb plugin 1.3.0 released and it supports Blesta 5.0.x https://github.com/SolidNetSoftware/plugin-cerberus/releases/tag/v1.3.0 Follow the upgrade process here: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/getting-started/upgrade/ Cerb 10.x testing is starting now. -Adam
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  6. Like hundreds of other hosting companies. Welcome! You don't get any guarantee someday they might find a way to kill your lifetime license just like WHMCS. However founders of Blesta are more community-friendly, listen to advices and suggestions, improve the billing platform often and i don't think in any way they will follow the same path as WHMCS.
  7. There is likely an erroneous call to Language::_() in your module. Argument 1 take a language key (e.g. 'AdminClients.add.name'), Argument 2 is boolean true to return the language and store it in a variable or false to output it to the webpage, argument 3+ are values submitted to sprintf (e.g. language is 'My name is %1$s' and the call is Language::_('AdminMain.myinfo.myname', true, $name)). Likely you've accidentally submitted an object in argument 3+
  8. aosoft

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    Thanks. Good to know we don't need to upgrade to each minor release. The only additional step I'm seeing in the upgrade doc with upgrading from 3.x to 4 is removing the unneeded files. Is that correct? Would it then be safe to expect that upgrading from 4.0 to 5.0.4 should go smoothly, provided system requirements are met and we use the command line method? Also, if we want to test the upgrade in a dev environment, would we need an additional license? Thanks, again.
  9. Feels like I'm talking to myself at this point. Lol. I'm still not sure if it's somewhere in a setting (or should be) but in case stumbles on this in the future for the same issue, I did find get a code-hack together to make it work. I hate hacking at Core files (probably too many years working with WordPres/WordPress Themes), but in /components/modules/cpanel/cpanel.php I set the following starting at line 1187: 'ip' => $dedicated_ip, 'mxcheck' => "auto", // < Change default mail handling 'contactemail' => isset($vars['cpanel_email']) ? $v
  10. Hi there I am leaving WHMCS due to the ridiculous pricing changes and them dropping support for lifetime licences. What guarantees do I have that Blesta follows suite and my lifetime licence is not honoured anymore? Thanks W
  11. Hi, I Develops a new module. The module allows you to create new products. When I make an order in client area and click "Checkout & Pay" I get an error: "Uncaught Error, code 0 in ../vendors/minphp/language/src/Language.php on line 124 Message: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string" I add test empty product with "None" module and no errors appeared (item_string.png). When dump the orders I noticed that objects are being passed in "Item Ordered" (item_object.png). Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue ?
  12. I should add, it IS possible to make this change via the cPanel API at account creation (it's the mxcheck string as documented at Create cPanel account ยท cPanel & WHM Developer Portal)... I'm just not sure if I'm missing if this is an option to change within Blesta. If it's not I'm not above getting into the code and modifying something ... but I don't know the Blesta codebase well enough (yet?) to even know where this would be happening. Thanks!
  13. Using Blesta 5.0.4 with the bundled cPanel 2.15.0 module for new user signup. User walks through checkout process, Blesta connects to cPanel and makes the account just fine. When I manually create accounts in WHM, though, I can change a few additional settings that aren't part of the cPanel package (Notably, Mail Routing and DNS), but don't seem to see a way to make those changes in Blesta. I know I can access the account after via WHM and make the edit, but if it can be selected during WHM account creation, I'm hoping Blesta can set it and save me a LOT of hassle. (I'm a
  14. Yes they are the same. The issue was actually dumb. KES Currency exchange rate was at 0.0000 instead of 1.0000 as a default currency.
  15. The currency shows KES, but on the order form it's shown as Ksh. Are these the same? Is your Default Currency set to KES under Settings > Currencies > Currency Setup? If these are not the same currency, then there is something wrong with the exchange rate under Settings > Currencies > Active Currencies.
  16. Paul

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    Yes, you can do that, however because there are far more database migrations that need to be performed over such a large jump, there is a higher risk of your web server timing out if you perform the upgrade via web (accessing /admin/upgrade and clicking the button). Upgrading via CLI command, would be less likely to encounter an issue. If you are running version 3.x, there are steps needed if upgrading to 4.x. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta We would recommend in that case following these steps, and going to 4.0 then from 4.0 to a newer release. Always make
  17. aosoft

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    Similar to sunrisepro here, we fell off the horse keeping up with upgrades a ways back and are wanting to get caught up. Is it generally safe to jump minor versions when upgrading? For example, as with the suggestion of upgrading from 4.0.0 to 4.4.2, would it be advisable to upgrade from 4.4.2 (or 4.0.0, for that matter) all the way to 4.12.3, or might that be too big a jump? Also, is it necessary to upgrade to 4.12.3 before upgrading to 5.0? We're hoping to avoid having to incrementally upgrade to each minor version along the way. That would take a while. Thanks in advance.
  18. Paul

    Blesta in Docker

    /logs_blesta/ is an unusual place for the log directory. Since your docroot is /var/www/html/ it would normally reside in /var/www/logs_blesta/ The warning about the ownership not being the same, is probably a result of your web server running as a different user as your cron user. The cron should, ideally run as the same user. Then, when it writes log files, they will be owned by the same user, and there won't be any potential for conflict. In v5, we write cron logs with a different name, so it's not a serious issue, but the warning remains.
  19. Paul, many thanks for your help also to @Michael for assisting.
  20. Oh, make Blesta match? That requires integrating your website theme into Blesta. Most of the time people just edit 1 file, /app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt which contains the header and footer for Blesta. If you have any custom CSS we recommend creating a new overrides.css file and loading it in structure at the end, and putting your styles there. You can get more help on this via people on our Discord, and there are companies that can do this integration for you for pretty cheap.
  21. Sorry Paul, What I mean is making the homepage and subpages feel like they are part of the Blesta software and not separate. So when a client visits my site they get the same feeling when they visit the client area.
  22. Paul

    Blank Page

    In docker the IP often changes, when that happens the license will need to be re-issued. If you can pin the IP in docker, that should prevent license issues. Glad that you found the cause of the blank pages.
  23. It looks like your price is 0, and as a result the total is 0. What are you expecting to see?
  24. I'm not sure what you mean by adding html pages. If you want to create pages that are part of Blesta, then you may be interested in the 3rd party BlestaCMS plugin. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping your website content pages separate from Blesta. You can create navigation links in Blesta if you want to link to external content from your website under Settings > Look and Feel > Navigation.
  25. order form prices in cart does not show unit price or totals
  26. Hi Paul, Thank you for that. With regards to the pages I would like to add would you suggest me adding them ad html pages or buidling these into the theme within the Blesta theme files. Simon
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