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  2. PayPal Subscriptions

    I just renewed a clients subscription with his information for two delayed invoices and created the subscription. The only problem is that when I did this the subscription rather than setting up the next months for after these two paid invoices at the correct rate of $4.95 it set up the subscription to $9.90. I will cancel it and how can I leave the subscription for next month? This client has been a pain in the butt for not being able to use the client area properly and don't want to keep having more small issues. Any way to fix this so that next month is billed properly?
  3. v4.1.1 Logicboxes Renewal

    Hmmm, it sounds like this is only an issue when the service is not synced with the domain, since it should not be build until the expiration is approaching. I think the intent of that code was to prevent a domains expiration from being bumped a second time if an admin manually changed it already in logicboxes.
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  5. How popular is zpanel nowadays? Never heard of Sentora, but suhosin & no PHP7 support? eew I don't see screenshots of either of these on their websites.
  6. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    You can send me a PM with your Blesta details? I want to check the problem.
  7. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    At the end of December.
  8. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    did you have a release eta yet?
  9. Translate top navigation

    It seems to be a great plugin but i just want to translate the top menu navigation for the moment. Without this plugin we can't edit somes languages parts of blesta ?
  10. You make a very good case for just having a separate license & separate installation. If PCI is a concern between companies, they should have separate code bases as well. If the server was compromised, the attacker would have the details they need to get into either database. Multi-company with multiple databases is not something we plan to implement, in fact, it would introduce a host of other issues. We understand that for some, a separate installation is preferable to a multi-company installation, and that's ok.
  11. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    Disagree. It would make multiple databases each of similar size (because they contain all of the necessary tables necessary to run Blesta). So, maybe more storage requirement overall. In summary: It possibly requires more storage because each database would require any required elements that Blesta needs upon creation of a new company Databases would only be "massive" if you had "massive" amounts of data associated with a particular company. It would in fact make the databases easier to browse because each database would only contain data associated with the specific company it represents It is better from a security perspective as well All data, including user registrations. would be separated -- with separate database credentials to even open the database It would also be irrelevant what username/email address someone wants to use if they had business with each company -- they could use the same or different if they wanted to In fact, you could have completely independent ADMIN user for each site It would potentially reduce customer confusion for those who use multi-company that may have customers in common This particular case became a problem for me because of customer confusion when they tried to make a purchase from the 2nd/unrelated company and they couldn't register with their preferred username (their email address) which should be uniquely theirs So, the question then asked of me was "how did someone else register in your secure system with my email address??" I had to then figure out what was going on ... and here we are This would make Blesta be true "multi-tenant" and not just "multi-site" Reference: (rudimentary explanation of WordPress multi-tenancy vs multi-site, add http : //) torbjornzetterlund.com/multi-tenant-wordpress-enterprise/ Reference: (explanation of Drupal multi-tenancy vs numerous other options, add http : //) drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/78328/does-drupal-support-multitenancy This could be an additional selling point and differentiator for Blesta vs competitors I am not trying to imply that this would be trivial for the Blesta team to code -- I understand and appreciate the complexities and prioritization needed here. But, it is a better solution for the long-run. And, for me, this is a of a show-stopper with what I thought multi-company could do, and what I had hoped to use it for. Thanks
  12. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    @cyandark @Paul please have a look into this issue.
  13. Translate top navigation

    you can use the multi-languages system plugin, you shouldn't change anything in database
  14. Ccavenue And Zpanel Module . Please Vote It

    Blesta has already got a insecure control panel supported called CentosWebPanel, I really don't want Blesta to waste their time to support another insecure pile of crap. Blesta - Secure Sentora - Insecure (way insecure they use Suhosin to protect them). http://forums.sentora.org/announcements.php?aid=1 | http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?p=9399137 CentosWebPanel - Insecure (according to security researchers) http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1533898&p=9589180#post9589180 |
  15. Translate top navigation

    Hello ! I've tried to translate the top menu navigation bar into french. I've made changes with phpmyadmin into "plugin_navigation" but the link disappear. Ex : a:1:{s:3:"sub";a:2:{i:0;a:2:{s:3:"uri";s:38:"plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/";s:4:"name";s:7:"Tickets";}i:1;a:2:{s:3:"uri";s:37:"plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/";s:4:"name";s:14:"Knowledge Base";}}} Trad : a:1:{s:3:"sub";a:2:{i:0;a:2:{s:3:"uri";s:38:"plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/";s:4:"name";s:7:"Tickets";}i:1;a:2:{s:3:"uri";s:37:"plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/";s:4:"name";s:14:"Base de connaissances";}}} I've already search into the forum but can't find a real explanation. Blesta is a great product but i think it's really hard to translate even if translate.blesta.com is there. To many language files into many directories... Why not use the DB and a plugin who can help us to translate and share the traduction (like a link with translate.blesta.com) ? Hope you can help me
  16. [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

  17. [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    It's will work with latest Proxmox VE 5.0-32?
  18. Ccavenue And Zpanel Module . Please Vote It

    Greeting! It would be nice if you made module-s for the Sentor (Zpanel)
  19. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    the problem took place after upgraded to blesta 4.1.1 patch. Before that everything was fine.
  20. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    That would make the database massive though and confusing to browse? I haven't had any issues with multi-company people just have one username for one and another for the other.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    Paul, believe me I know the security implications more than you can imagine. I've worked with a number of "multi-tenant" setups (particularly Drupal) and also, more recently, WordPress. I was hoping that your implementation would have been similar to Drupal's: Separate databases (i.e., with completely separate tables, user registrations, etc) One codebase (which you have) -- so that upgrading once, upgrades many This also means that if you want to do a high-availability setup, each company database would have be replicated separately Given that it is not this approach (with individual database), this likely has some other far-reaching implications ... i.e., PCI. :-( The current implementation: Shares a database (and in particular, usernames) Could potentially expose data elements from multiple companies in a single attack The "right" way (from a security perspective) to do a multi-tenant setup ... is with completely separate databases. (Though admittedly, true security purists would frown upon any shared anything. We all realize that some compromises have to be made with this type of setup). I am not criticizing, I am merely summarizing what I have literally learned today in this thread. Your corrections to my understanding are certainly welcome. Thanks
  23. [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    anyone want to donate are welcome, we will begin the work next week, the more donates we receive more time we dedicate to the module. so our plans will be fallowing. - updating the actual core module to support latest version of proxmox. - adding basic support to LXC (add/suspend/unsuspend/terminate) - enhancing the features for LXC - add more features for KVM when we finish the work maybe we can create a cloud module to allow reselling vps for clients. Just to note, Donates will not give you the right to have a copy of the module, the module will be added to our subscription levels maybe, that depend of how we receive as donates, if we receive more maybe we can put it in the Access (Free) level or the Basic (Bronze) Level. if not we will make in in the Vip (Gold) level . and of course OPEN SOURCE, no encoded files. if anyone can help with a Proxmox server are welcome .
  24. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    This. Exactly. I thought that the registration databases would have been "separate but unequal" (i.e., not the same). This is causing me to take a step back after learning this.
  25. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    normally the tlds should be shown in the domain lookup page !!
  26. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    limiting the username in 1 company is reasonable, but limiting in in multiple companies is not reasonable, the behavior can be change as i think, and when make the validation should be related to the company not the whole system . i have not used the multi-company fro some issue i have fronted in the past, like the themes and the users ids and the usernames and others i can't remember them now, so i have opted for other license . i will not open any feature request as i think what is opened now is more priority that that one
  27. Domain Availability Result Issue after upgrade to 4.1.1

    some tld with package already exists perhaps the problem occurred.
  28. Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    You could try Eric's plugin: https://github.com/anzenehansen/BlestaPlugin-multi-account-login (bit old though)
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