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  2. Support department email override

    I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into why my outgoing mail for support tickets isn't getting overridden with the proper department email address? Support@ should override my outgoing@ when my support department responds. (yes i have the check mark marked in department settings) Thanks!
  3. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    From what I can workout. You buy packages (which contain x amount of Bitcoin). The people bellow you buy these packages off you. They then sell them to the people bellow them etc.
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  5. Support Department w/ Gmail

    I was able to get this to work. Just for those looking for solutions later on: imap seems to work best, make sure mailparse is installed, ports are correct AND that gmail is enabled for "less secure apps".
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  7. It definitely follows the pattern. Not sure how MLM pyramid comes into play with Bitcoin though, is she referring to an exchange? On one hand I strongly believe in blockchain and think it has great real world benefits, on the other hand the rapid rise is a big concern. There's a lot of short term volatility. Long term I think the market cap will continue to grow, especially as it begins to be integrated into daily life.
  8. The only thing I did was create a template within the WYSIWYG. I will test this line of code in one of the default WYSIWYG templates.
  9. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    I think it is a bubble that will soon burst. I was talking to an old friend of mine (she is into Bitcoin) and she wanted to know who my "up line" was... A lot of her friends were into it too but it is like some MLM pyramid scheme. So these mums and others like them are helping to artificially boost the price. I say artificially as I can not see them staying with it.
  10. Just FYI, if anyone is interested in buying any BTC, LTC, or ETH on coinbase.com you can sign up with this link and if you deposit $100 or more both of us will get $10 in bitcoin. https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1a0e84942a40026d012e3f
  11. state/province special characters not displaying

    This is fixed in CORE-2553 for v4.2.0-b2.
  12. This is not a behavior I encounter with the WYSIWYG editor. However, I recall you had mentioned updating the editor in the past (e.g. as mentioned here) and I wonder if those updates led to this issue. You might want to try removing your changes temporarily and retesting this behavior in Blesta to see if you still encounter it with the default Blesta WYSIWYG.
  13. Merry Christmas from CubeData! and what better time than christmas to get holiday deals? Starting today(12-15-17) to 12-26-17(the day after christmas) we will be doing a 50% off promotion on all of our owned licenses using this coupon code: iw0qLjyi Though due to these promotions being so great, we have to inform you because of the potentially high fraud/chargeback rate, if you cannot pass our automated anti fraud system, you will not be able to take part in this promotion, sorry.
  14. When adding a service, I'd like to be able to set an effective date for that service. Unless I am missing something, the current system has a few ways to achieve this same goal, but they are clunky multi-step affairs. What I am proposing is a field that would default to today, that allows setting of a future effective date. Bonus points if we can set a date in the past with the option to pro-rate or not prorate. When migrating from one system to another, you want to set things up well before the end of the current period, so in my case, I am going to have to spend the better part of New Year's day entering new services. It would be far better if I could enter those services today & mark them effective 1/1. Regarding prior events, this isn't as common, but from time to time your allow a client to receive the benefits of their subscription on Monday, then don't setup the billing until Friday - you still want to capture the 4 days revenue, the current system forces you to create an invoice today for the current period, then remember to setup a recurring service at the start of the next period. Or give up revenue from beginning of current period. Being able to set an effective date would eliminate the greatest burden.
  15. {invoice.date_due | date "M d, Y"} Causes the same issue, so that it has to constantly be changed to ... {invoice.date_due | date "M d, Y"} In order to save the template.
  16. UPDATE: I found a PARTIAL workaround for this... I went back into the HTML source code of the template and typed in the quotation marks ( not the HTML charsets ). So that it looks like... { invoice.total | currency_format "USD" } ...inside the templates HTML source code. =========== Here is where the issue lies : After successfully saving the change, if I try to update the template a 2ND time, I end up with the SAME charset error. For some odd reason the quotation marks that surround THIS line of code gets converted into a charset after the 1ST save, making it so that I have to constantly update THAT line of code before saving the template. =========== FYI - Nowhere else within the template's HTML code do I have this issue where quotation marks are used ( whether as HTML charsets, or not ) with other lines of code or word content. This issue is ONLY occurring with THIS line of code. =========== Please reply on how I can resolve this issue.
  17. I have an emergency situation... I have noticed that whenever I try to update my "Email Invoice Template", I get the following error... ======= I was able to narrow down that the "offending" line is... {invoice.total | currency_format " USD "} It seems the ... " ... characterset is what is causing the issue. I even tried using...  ... as an alternative, but that did not work either. ======= This issue prevents me from updating my template.
  18. Support Department w/ Gmail

    Hello! I am trying to setup my support departments with their own gapps email. I've done what I've found on some of the posts but no luck. Is there a place where i can see if its a port issue, wrong password, and/or anything else? When I check my logs, I see nothing helpful. I'm doing IMAP as from what i've found on here, it seems to be the easiest/only confirmed one working. host: imap.gmail.com port: 993 | SSL box name: INBOX does default priority matter? Any help? Thanks!
  19. Invoice Logo Missing

    Paul, I found a suitable PNG - it looks great. Thank you.
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  21. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    You're welcome glad it worked bloody ghosts.
  22. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    what is a db? I kid, I was afraid that it was gonna end up in a db modification. Thanks for the suggestions. Seem to have worked.
  23. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    ok in the db go to the services table then check for "in review" turn them to pending
  24. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    Thanks, I've done that. There's no "activate" button. Unless I'm overlooking it? All I see is a "save" button with " The status of this service is currently In Review and must be changed to Pending before it can be activated. This can be done through the Orders widget on the Billing Overview page using the Order plugin, or by a third-party plugin responsible for managing orders." at the top.
  25. Products "In Review" can not be accepted

    Billing > Services > in review then click manage.
  26. Hello, I just migrated from whmcs to blesta and noticed a lot of my domains are in the "In Review" section. Problem is, when I go to orders widget, there is nothing there to accept. These are active domains that need to be set as active. Any suggestions?
  27. Blesta.Store's reseller module will allow you to resell Blesta licenses and Blesta addons straight from your own Blesta installation. Our developer is working hard to get this set up, and it will be here shortly :).
  28. It looks like maybe this task is designed to take care of it? https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2412
  29. PDF Invoices are large

    As long as you don't need special characters you should be fine
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