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  2. [How-to] Add Privacy protection to logicboxes module

    Not tested, but the price calculation is something related to blesta not to modules.
  3. Digital Ocean Module still work?

    DO module is not a great way to resell services.
  4. Getting "redirected you too many times" when setting up multicompany

    Nevermind, the redirect was enabled through CloudFlare. Thank you.
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  6. Getting "redirected you too many times" when setting up multicompany

    The redirect helped but it is strange. Does blesta have a HTTPS redirect builtin? Thank you.
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  8. Digital Ocean Module still work?

    I don't see any reason why the module shouldn't work, but I'm not able to test it at the moment.
  9. Just made at https://requests.blesta.com/topic/set-date-received-vs-applied-date Please consider. Thanks.
  10. Yes, for the other domain you should have another virtualhost. Also, is it possible this rule is causing the redirect loop? You might try removing it and seeing if that corrects the loop condition. Redirect permanent / https://cp.example.com/
  11. [How-to] Add Privacy protection to logicboxes module

    I have one question. Let's say the customer already has a domain registered without privacy and they add privacy today and the 1 year charge is $4. Their domain does not expire for 5 more years. Will this charge $4 to the customer or will it calculate properly so that 5 years are charged for?
  12. Getting "redirected you too many times" when setting up multicompany

    where is the second domain, you need to add it to your nginx conf
  13. Hello Blestars,alot of users ask for the privacy protection , i will sgare with you what i have done in my blesta system to support privacy protection, this tuto is broought to you by Blesta-addons , the source link is located here add privacy protection to Logicboxes module . 1 - First we need to add Configurable Options Group, let call it Protection ID 2 - Create Configurable Options , type checkbox, with Client can Add and Edit, in label put what you want like 'Privacy Protection', in name you should put 'purchase-privacy', in option set the name and in value put 'true' , set price, select group 'Protection ID' . a screen shot like this 3 - Now, edit the domain package to support Configurable Options that we have added, save . at here we have finished the easy task, now we will attack the hard part, as we need to add some code in the logicboxes Module , we should open components/modules/logicboxes/logicboxes.php , in addService() function then search $domain_field_basics = [ 'years' => true, 'ns' => true, 'customer-id' => true, 'reg-contact-id' => true, 'admin-contact-id' => true, 'tech-contact-id' => true, 'billing-contact-id' => true, 'invoice-option' => true, 'protect-privacy' => true ]; Replace with $domain_field_basics = [ 'years' => true, 'ns' => true, 'customer-id' => true, 'reg-contact-id' => true, 'admin-contact-id' => true, 'tech-contact-id' => true, 'billing-contact-id' => true, 'invoice-option' => true, 'protect-privacy' => true, 'purchase-privacy' => true ]; Search $vars['invoice-option'] = 'NoInvoice'; $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'false'; replace with $vars['invoice-option'] = 'NoInvoice'; $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'false'; $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'false'; search $response = $domains->register(array_intersect_key($vars, $domain_fields)); replace with // Add Protect privacy to the domain if (isset($vars['configoptions']['purchase-privacy'])) { $vars['protect-privacy'] = 'true'; $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'true'; } $response = $domains->register(array_intersect_key($vars, $domain_fields)); in editService() function, search $service_fields = $this->serviceFieldsToObject($service->fields); under add // Set any config options $vars['configoptions'] = (isset($vars['configoptions']) ? (array)$vars['configoptions'] : null); // Only provision the service if 'use_module' is true if ($vars['use_module'] == 'true') { // Update config option fields if (isset($vars['configoptions'])) { $response = $domains->details( ['order-id' => $service_fields->{'order-id'}, 'options' => ['OrderDetails']] ); $this->processResponse($api, $response); $order = $response->response(); // Add Protect privacy to the domain if applicable if ($vars['configoptions']['purchase-privacy'] && ($order->privacyprotectedallowed == 'true') && ($order->isprivacyprotected == 'false') ) { $data = array( 'order-id' => $service_fields->{'order-id'}, 'invoice-option' => 'NoInvoice' ); $response = $domains->purchasePrivacy($data); $this->processResponse($api, $response); } } if ($this->Input->errors()) { return; } } in renewService() function , search $vars = [ 'years' => 1, 'order-id' => $fields->{'order-id'}, 'exp-date' => $order->endtime, 'invoice-option' => 'NoInvoice' ]; under add // Rnew Privacy protection if added to the domain if (isset($service->options) ) { foreach ($service->options as $option) { if (($option['option_name'] == 'purchase-privacy') && ($order->privacyprotectedallowed) ) { $vars['purchase-privacy'] = 'true'; } } } save the change, now you are done . if blesta team found this helpfull i hope they can add it to the official module .
  14. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    it will not work, as the module it self now didn't support the addons addons, i will post my modification of the module to allow it support the privacy addons .
  15. TCAdmin 2 Module (Alpha)

    Can you please tell me the configurable option you had with erros so I can check if I have the same problem? On the logs it shows no errors but the truth is that only the account is created
  16. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    Using the Logicboxes modules. Even if it doesn't actually send the information over to the registrar (didn't realize it didn't work), shouldn't it at least update the checkbox in Blesta? The client has paid in Blesta, the cron has run, but the checkbox is still unchecked (which means next year it won't bill for it to renew it).
  17. Hello. Not sure where I make the mistake but I get "redirected you too many times" error when setting up a second company. Logs show nothing related to this. My OS is CentOS 7, PHP 7.0.22, Apache 2.4.6. I have the following config in Apache: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName cp.example.com Redirect permanent / https://cp.example.com/ </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost *:443> ServerAdmin admin@example.com DocumentRoot "/path/to/html" ServerName cp.example.com ErrorLog "/path/to/error.log" CustomLog "/path/to/access.log" common <Directory "/"> AllowOverride None Require all granted </Directory> SSLEngine on SSLCertificateFile /path/to/certificate/file SSLCertificateKeyFile /path/to/key/file </VirtualHost> Please help me to get this working. Thank you.
  18. Digital Ocean Module still work?

    Have you tried a trial license ? Would allow you to test it
  19. Digital Ocean Module still work?

    Hi, Can I ask if the module still working? I'm planning to resell from DO but not sure if it works since the last update was nearly a year ago. If it does work, I will buy Blesta license and use it right away. Some confirmations would be perfect!
  20. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    wich module you use ?
  21. Last week
  22. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    I know with Logicboxes you have to manually login to your account and add privacy protection. The module from Blesta won't support it. I believe some of the 'extended' modules made by Cyandark or Blesta Add Ons supports these features but double check with them first!
  23. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    Wich module? No registrar module core support the addons .
  24. Credit card gateway advise

    The domain manager will be here when the guys get round to completing it :).
  25. Credit card gateway advise

    Yeah, guys so i followed your advice and created an account at Stripe without any issues! And today, i received my first payment through Stripe, not bad. Right now i'm very very happy since we've never been able to offer customers CC payments due to f*** Paypal filtering out many countries for using CC. We had quite some customers asking for payment with CC since many simply don't like using Paypal for different reasons. @paul, no we don't do any kind of darknet business It's cloud storage hosting we are doing We are now even more happy using Blesta really! It seems much better than WHMCS on many fields, at least for our use case. Yes, i struggled quite some time to get started with POSTing from Universal module etc, but now things are falling into place. Btw, recently i came over http://www.hostingdiscussion.com/billing-accounting/41870-blesta-replacing-whmcs.html I really hope we prove those ppl's "Blesta will never be on par with WHMCS" thinking wrong. @Licensecart Is the domain manager coming with a new release? Any more info about it?
  26. Help - Sad with Licensecart Support

    nope there's no way yet, so neither ours nor the blesta official one supports addon companies.
  27. ISPConfig Module Not Working

    I will follow up on it, thanks for the reminder EDIT: Looks like ISPConfig will be started after the Square gateway is finished. Soon!
  28. Adding Domain Privacy after Domain purchased

    Did the cron run to process the service change? Settings > Company > Automation: Process Service Changes It's looking for pending service changes where the invoice has been paid.
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