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  2. (Disregard, I fixed it. Can't seem to delete this, so I'll just edit it instead.)
  3. Some people have experienced issues upgrading to 5.0.0. We will be releasing a 5.0.1 patch sometime next week. If you haven't upgraded yet, we would recommend either waiting for 5.0.1, or replacing the /components/upgrades/tasks/upgrade5_0_0_b1.php file from 5.0.0 with the one attached to this thread. This attached file will gracefully handle some commonly experienced issues, and the last task, "updateDatabaseCollation" is commented out so that it will not run. When you eventually upgrade to 5.0.1+, you'll be able to update your database collation in Blesta under Tools > Utilities.
  4. Hi, I currently host a lot of sites for clients who have their own domains and who do not wish to transfer them. For these clients I just use the domain name they enter and send them the server IP so they can make the according entries in their zone files. Is there a possibility to have this feature in Blesta?
  5. Alright, it's not Cloudflare. For some reason these elements refuse to load with the content security header in place preventing any 3rd party/non-local elements. Any ideas? I've commented the security header out which is a temporary fix at best, but not something I want to push into production.
  6. Cats, Plugin has been updated to address this issue. v.1.20 has been tested and releasted with the latest version of Cerb and Blesta 4 series. Blesta 5 support is being test now. https://github.com/SolidNetSoftware/plugin-cerberus/issues/1 https://github.com/SolidNetSoftware/plugin-cerberus/releases/tag/v1.2.0 Follow the upgrade process here: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/getting-started/upgrade/ Thanks, -Adam
  7. Since there is no OBAS importer, the CSV importer can be used to import client contact details only. First, last name, company, address, etc. See the docs for details. If you are up for it, you can write your own importer, just take a look at one of the other two listed on that page for an example. If you want to import services, transactions, invoices manually, then you should look at the database. It will make more sense if you record a transaction, create an invoice, and add a service to see how things look.
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  9. I figured I'd copy one of the other modules like enom to make srsplus. That's what I did on OBAS. Is there a set of field definitions for each item like services, transactions, invoices, etc. that I can use or do I just look at the database schema? What items are there that *can* be imported? I'd like to try to move over as much if not all of the old data if possible (so I don't have to keep the old system around for 10 years).
  10. The Plesk module in Blesta should work, yes. There is a 3rd party OpenSRS module that you can find on the forums here. I'm not aware of any integration for SRSPlus. All included registrar modules, like Enom, Namecheap, Namesilo are open and good examples if you will be coding your own. Also see the developer docs on creating a module at https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Modules and you can use the Extension Generator to create a skeleton module to start with https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Extension+Generator We tried to create an importer for OBAS a long time ago, but Plesk w
  11. I'm considering migrating from OBAS to Blesta. I'm about to update Plesk from Onyx to Obsidian (is that supported)? I saw a comment about domain registration with OpenSRS, but don't see any module for it. I used to use them. Now I actually need one for SRSPlus. But I can write it (like I did for OBAS). But I want to make sure there's an interface to handle registrar type of requests like in the other post. Another thing I need is to write something to export OBAS and import into Blesta. Probably nothing for that, but is there a guide or instructions as to what is required to
  12. Good call, it's been amended properly however the issue persists. There should be no caching at the Cloudflare level. Without having to transfer DNS elsewhere just to test, is there anything else you can think of? Temporarily I've disabled the https redirect in my nginx .conf for this domain, and with Cloudflare. I passed traffic straight to the sub-domain, no CF, purged cache. Still no widgets in the admin area. See below:
  13. All of the resources should be loaded locally and not via an external URL. Or, does a Content-Security-Policy of "self" mean that you cannot load resources from a subdomain even if the application is on the same subdomain? Maybe the policy needs to be modified to include the subdomain.
  14. Ah, and there it is. Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“default-src”). Some cookies are misusing the recommended “SameSite“ attribute 2 Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“default-src”). onloadwff.js:71:790746 Layout was forced before the page was fully loaded. If stylesheets are not yet loaded this may cause a flash of unstyled content. jquery-1.8.3.min.js:2:91186 Content Security Policy: The page’s settings blocked the loading of a resource at inline (“default-src”). admin:287:
  15. If you disable cloudflare so that they just direct traffic to the server's IP, does it resolve the issue? Is this a fresh installation? If it's a fresh install, there could be missing files or the installation may not have completed correctly. Your browsers inspector may give a better indication if any files (like CSS and Javascript files) are missing and returning a 404 error.
  16. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4127 Planning to fix for 5.0.1
  17. Hi there this is due to the version of MySQL or MariaDB you have: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta#UpgradingBlesta-ErrorsDuringUpgrade You'll have to contact your web provider and also restore your database before you continue.
  18. Describe the issue you're experiencing: When I go to the billing page and see the order widget the non paid and paid icons don't show up. The widget also doesn't show the numbers of approved or pending until you refresh the page. Provide detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue. Billing > Order widget. List any generated errors. (The "Oh Noes" error pages are very helpful.): None. Include the URL the error occurred on, relative to the installation path, ie "/admin/login". admin/billing/ Attach screenshots. Included Include your configuration settings, i.
  19. Per the documentation: Neither Auto Minify or Rocket Loader were/are enabled. I cleared CF cache for good measure as well. Is what I'm seeing still related to Cloudflare? Just curious since my site uses CF for SSL Certs, but I can swap those for Let's Encrypt or similar instead of relying on Cloudflare for them if I need to.
  20. Hi, I am getting the following error while trying to install Blesta 5.0.0: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes I have tried changing the character set to just utf8 in the install.php file, blesta-new.php file and the database.php file however it still happens. Bear in mind this is on a shared hosting platform so I am limited as to what I can alter config wise. Thanks, Kerry
  21. Checking the docs, I see that 'Management' & 'Config Options' are not supported but I'm unclear on what that means. What's the main differences between cPanel & DirectAdmin with regard to how they work with Blesta?
  22. Mr.Bungle

    Bogus Translations

    Sorry for hijacking an old thread, but the problem seems to persist. While, say, 80% of the German translation is OK, the rest must have been done by a very, very old version of Google Translate and can absolutely not be presented to the public :D' Now, of course I can search for all those strings and fix them right in the language files. But wouldn't it be better if we could do that right in the translation system? I am a bit afraid that with the next update I'd have to start from scratch. And it would be easier for everyone than pasting 2-300 Strings here so you can go and find som
  23. Hi Cats, I was able to re-create the issue you described in my staging environment running Cerb 9.6.8. None of the standard bot behaviors that Cerb offers is able to alert workers of the participates in a ticket that one was opened. I suspect this is an issue with Cerb as I noticed the activity log does not record the ticket being assigned or moved to any group or bucket. I have sent an email to the Cerb team to see if this is an issue with Cerb or how I am using their ReST API. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks! -Adam
  24. It's a little unclear what you're seeking to do. You can change client signup dates in the database. You can change a service renewal date by clicking manage next to the service, then action > change renew date. If you want to change date created of the service to reflect when the client actually first signed up, you can do that in the database.
  25. Hey Adam Thanks very much for this plugin, it's great. One thing I can't figure out is the event to use as the trigger in a bot to email staff about a new ticket created and email the client an acknowledgement. Cerb doesn't seem to treat a ticket created through the plugin the same event as a new ticket. I've also tried new record or modify record events as the trigger to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks again for the plugin, much appreciated.
  26. Hi I am tying to change a direct admin password via the module and keep getting Make sure the password contains the following: At least 12 characters, at least 1 upper-case character A-Z, at least 1 lower-case character a-z, at least 1 number 0-9, and at least 1 special character from the set: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][]^_` {|}; Make sure the password contains the following: At least 12 characters, at least 1 upper-case character A-Z, at least 1 lower-case character a-z, at least 1 number 0-9, and at least 1 special character from the set: !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>[email protected][
  27. When you select to "Manage" required service there is "Change renew date" option under "Actions". This helped me.
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