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  2. Hetzner Cloud There is a problem and it cannot be used normally. prompt,Something wrong with the license system! Half a month, I can’t use it, I’m anxious.
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  4. Sure. I purchased the license quite some time ago after planning to take a step into the hosting industry, yet it never got used after choosing to take a different path towards what I wanted to do. ☺
  5. @Daniel_ may i ask you the reason why you are selling it off?
  6. Current retail price for this license is $500 on the Blesta website. You get Lifetime Support & Updates. You can remove "Powered by Blesta" branding. Attached screenshot of confirmation from Blesta that the license can be transferred. Attached screenshot of license page. Open to sensible offers.
  7. Tyson

    Import domains

    If you were using NetEarthOne or ResellerClub in WHMCS, then the importer could map the domains over to Blesta's LogicBoxes module. You need to have the LogicBoxes module installed in Blesta before running the importer though, so if that was not the case, you should run the importer again.
  8. Since you were able to get a different cPanel server to work correctly, I think you've isolated the problem to either that cPanel server or its response. It is possible the response from cPanel could be too large for Blesta to handle in the log, which could be the reason Blesta does not log the issue or save the service as created. This can occur on Blesta before v4.5.0. You can check your MySQL logs for errors to confirm. I would recommend upgrading to v4.5.1, if you aren't already using it, and try again.
  9. It looks like they only support creating subscriptions right now, since they discontinued their previous PDT flow. Do you have any idea when they may release a one-time payment option? I think we would like to integrate both of those at the same time for a non-merchant gateway.
  10. Blesta.Store

    Import domains

    They will be imported to the universal module I believe so you'd have to make a new service per domain to the new packages with logicboxes or go back to the fresh installation of Blesta, then create a Logicboxes import map.
  11. Same as what's in my first post above. I'll repost below. It only has the Input box though, there is no output box. The input box says "success" next to it. I changed the actual domain name etc but the log itself is accurate. server.cpanelserver.com|createacct a:6:{s:6:"domain";s:21:"sampledomain.com";s:8:"username";s:8:"sampledo";s:8:"password";s:3:"***";s:4:"plan";s:16:"hosting_plan_name";s:8:"reseller";i:0;s:12:"contactemail";s:21:"contact@email.com";} I've tried adding a service with a different package that uses another Cpanel server and that one worked as it should so I now have additional information. I know for sure the Cpanel module has the correct Tokens and I even recreated the Tokens for all the Cpanel servers when this problem occurred. Blesta Cpanel module can successfully communicate with all my Cpanel servers because it can read the number of accounts on each one. Blesta can definitely send the command to the Cpanel server to create the account for the user, the problem seems to occur after this point. I don't know if there is a time limit where the Cpanel module is waiting to hear back from the Cpanel server or something similar. Is there any other log that I can check that might be useful?
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  13. C!Note

    Import domains

    Hello, So I am giving Blesta a whirl, and just imported from WHMCS. Clients and invoices are there. But what's not there is domains. How do I get them in there and synched with the Domains module (Logic boxes) which we already installed and configured.
  14. https://developers.payfast.co.za/documentation/?php#api-integration
  15. You can modify this if you want, but I don't know if it will accomplish what you're trying to do. This code tries to replace Vultr branding so the client doesn't see it. But if you are seeing Vultr branding elsewhere, then it either isn't being replaced like this or can't be replaced like this. I would like to see what you are seeing.
  16. Is it possible to modify this here?
  17. Where are you seeing this? Screenshot?
  18. Since this is BlestaCMS related please try and keep it in the Blesta.Store club however as it's already posted. You can't display the customers services without the customer going to the client side on Blesta aka yourdomain.com/client/ unless you change the route. Other than that I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.
  19. To change the logo, edit the theme under Settings > Company > Look and Feel. If using the default theme FOUR for client or admin, you must first EXPORT it to your computer, then IMPORT it to Blesta so it'll be a new theme, then you can edit it and set your logo URL and select it for use.
  20. You can add it to Blesta by unchecking the "Use Module" option, and then it won't try to add it through the Virtualmin API, just to Blesta. You may need to edit it after and update any fields like the username field though (and uncheck use module again) and save.
  21. Hi guys, i have virtualmin server setup. I manually created a client in blesta and selected a package and then provisioned it. during this provisioning process it appeared to fail and the browser threw an error saying to try again later. i refreshed the browser and attempted to redo the failed provisioning however i then got an error saying the account already existed on the virtualmin server. I logged into virtualmin and sure enough the first provisioning had gone through and the website was setup on virtualmin. now how do i resync this with blesta? (blesta is showing zero sites for the account in question)
  22. You can delete the trial period, but you can buy it without copyright when you buy it.
  23. vultr Open server with vultr logo,How to deal with this problem,Need to modify where? E.g:123.32.325.212:vultr.com Where does vultr.com delete and don't want others to see it?
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