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  3. Tyson

    New/Edit Package Option

    Thanks, we'll update this as apart of CORE-3275.
  4. When I want to create new or edit existing package option I get error message: "Option values must be unique." But for quantity value field has been disabled/hidden so I can't enter it. ...admin/package_options/add ...admin/package_options/edit/{id} Workaround: edit package_options.php (line 1761) located in app\models like this: 'rule' => function($values) use ($type) { if ($type === 'quantity') { return true; } return $this->validateUniqueValues($values); }, Blesta v4.7.0
  5. Yesterday
  6. Thank you, it was a cancelled service. I have now been able to remove it Thanks again
  7. Chances are that it is on a non-active service and was overlooked because of it. The pricing id can be found be going to the package edit page, right clicking on the term test box and opening your browsers inspector. Right above the term field you will see a hidden field called pricing_id. You can take this pricing_id and search your "services" table for it. That should be the one you are looking for.
  8. Hello I have recently moved from WHMCS to Blesta and I am having problems removing a payment term, when i remove the one time term and click update package i get the error below. I have gone though all of my clients to check payment terms on exisiting packages and non are using this payment term, do you know where in the mysql database i would be looking to find which account is using this payment term please? Thank you The term could not be removed because it is used by one or more services.
  9. Paul

    Download Invoices in Bulk

    The simplest way to do this is to piggy back off the print queue feature. To start, you can add existing invoices to the print queue with a query like this: INSERT INTO invoice_delivery (invoice_id, method) SELECT invoices.id, 'paper' FROM invoices WHERE invoices.date_billed >= '2019-07-01 00:00:00' AND invoices.date_billed <= '2019-08-31 23:59:59'; Just change the dates, keeping in mind that the times are in UTC (adjust accordingly), and go to Billing > Print Queue. If you want to show a lot of invoices at a time, rather than the default 20, you can edit config/blesta.php and change: Configure::set('Blesta.results_per_page', 20); To Configure::set('Blesta.results_per_page', 2000); To show 2000 instead of 20. This controls lists throughout Blesta, so you'll definitely want to change it back when you're done. When done downloading the PDF of your invoices, click the button to "Mark as Printed" to remove them from the queue.
  10. I realise I can go into an individual sales transaction and download a pdf version invoice. I need to provide a copy of every sales invoice for the last two years - is there any way to do this in bulk via a plugin or other method?
  11. Last week
  12. We have not tested with 4.6 yet . we will do it soon and release a update .
  13. @Blesta Addons - So I have updated to Blesta 4.6 and PHP 7.2 and found that if I have the HTML Invoice selected in Invoice Customization, it causes delivery issues with the Deliver Invoices cron task. When I disable it, that cron task runs fine. Just thought you should know.
  14. i feel you have all whats got for it, in blesta welcome onboard
  15. I was wondering if you could also add a non-merchant Stripe Checkout payment gateway, since you have already updated Stripe payments with Intents API (huge thanks for that). Stripe offers a chargeback protection (waved disputed amount and any fees) if the payments is made through theirs checkout page. That's extremely useful option for some higher risk markets like low end hosting market. I'm sure many companies would benefit from it.
  16. Weird, just came back to my desk after a few hours and it finally ran and delivered the test invoice I had created. Will continue to monitor.
  17. Hello - Just upgraded to Blesta 4.6 and Invoice Delivery stopped working. They are being generated and are viewable from both Admin and Client sides. Just not being delivered. Anybody have any idea why this is happening? Thanks
  18. Hello, Actually I sell software. Blesta do for me? My request is: generated license manager gocardless method italian language knowledge base subcription module easy way to generated page like wp
  19. It has come to our attention that under some circumstances in Blesta 4.7.0 (e.g. when a client is adding an addon service through the client interface) users can receive a fatal error "Undefined property: Services::$Clients on line 5159 in path_to_your_blesta\app\models\services.php". This is a bug that will be resolved in 4.7.1 (CORE-3271). You can fix this issue by changing app/models/services.php lines 5112-5114 from if (!isset($this->Packages)) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']); } to Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']) Or you can override app/modelsservices.php with the attached services.php file services.php
  20. Declined means the bank declined the charge. Error means there could have been a problem with the gateway and the charge may otherwise go through. In both cases, the charge did not complete and will not settle. However, there is a major distinction between the two. In the case of a decline, there can be many reasons. Account doesn't have the funds, or the address doesn't match the one provided (AVS mismatch). Whatever the case, you should check Tools > Logs > Gateway to see what the raw response was from the gateway which may give more clarity to the reason.
  21. so both are incomplete transaction/payment? right?
  22. A comparison to DigitalOcean doesn't really apply here since they are not a payment gateway. The transaction statuses in use by Blesta cover the basic statuses one might expect given the breadth of statuses some payment gateways use. For instance, GoCardless responds with any of the following statuses: Payment Created Customer Approval Granted Customer Approval Denied Payment Cancelled Payment Confirmed Payment Paid Out Payment Retried Payment Autoretried Late Failure Settled Chargeback Settled Test Failure Insufficient Funds Refer to Payer Bank Account Closed Direct Debit Not Enabled Invalid Bank Details Bank Account Transferred Mandate Canceled Mandate Expired Authorisation Disputed Refund Requested
  23. Declined, generally means no money in account. Error, network issue etc They are completely different.
  24. Declined - payment declined/refused Error - payment error occurred So it's duplicated. Both are error. Try to be simple is the best. DigitalOcean is success because they are keeping things simple. Refunded - payment was probably Approved in the past, but has now been refunded back to the client Returned - payment was probably not Approved in the past, but any money received was returned back to the client Both are duplicated and have to refund to card holder. So please keep it simple.
  25. Tyson

    Multicraft daemon

    This fix is in 4.7.0.
  26. Probably want to create a new thread for that or post in the discord channel.
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