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  2. Hi Mike, You can download and re-install Blesta, but you will need a new trial key. If you can PM me or email [email protected] the URL to the original install, I can re-issue your trial key or get you a new key. Cheers, Paul
  3. Hi Folks, I downloaded Blesta and installed with a request for 30 day trial. Terrific. Next day I was trying to sort out IPv6 and firewall on the VPS. It hung and wouldn't let me back in after I restarted it. No option but to reinstall, of course wiping everything on there. Or should that be off there? Anyway, the Blesta installation and the zip package are gone, along with the beta of the OpenSRS domains module and the SSH Store module. But those are easily replaceable, to the best of my knowledge. The problem, just in case it's of interest, is that at the time of downloading the OS for the VPS, OpenSuSE Leap 15.1, OpenSuSE were on the move of all their stuff from the USA to Germany. There was a glitch during the download of the OS, or it was faulty prior to download. Not only that but their download site then went offline for a few days. It has taken a week to sort out and get a safe copy to install. Now that's done, is it possible to get a new download of the Blesta software so I can continue with the trial? I know I can download one, but can I use the same credentials? There will not be any changes to the hostname, IP or installation path. TIA, Mike
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'll check on /dev/urandom and watch the logs over the next few days. Now that I'm past this issue, everything else seems to be working. It was a smooth migration overall. Next on my list is to upgrade to the latest version. 🙂
  5. Thanks for the update, and sorry we didn't see your original post sooner.. though I doubt we would have guessed that it was open_basedir initially. We typically recommend disabling open_basedir completely, some other directories the system may access are /tmp (though you have /home/jaxsite/tmp/ set), and others like /dev/urandom which is called by phpseclib for certain encryption tasks.
  6. Ok I've fixed my issue so I thought I would share in case anyone else runs into a similar issue. PHP's open_basedir was blocking those directories from being seen. I read that on several other blog posts but when I checked my php.ini file, that value wasn't even set. I'm running HestiaCP with Nginx + PHP-FPM. Apparently, there's an additional pool file created per domain located at /etc/php/7.x/fpm/pool.d/yourdomain.com.conf that was setting it. I simply updated it to include the directories and now they are writable as should be.
  7. i can confirm the issue come from the format, when we change the currency format it save successfully . make a look to the format and why is causing this issue .
  8. The only reason multiple invoices should be generated for the same service in one day is if the renew date is sufficiently in the past that it has to push it forward multiple times to catch up. This usually only happens when cron has not run for an extended period of time, and it has to back bill. What is the renew date for the service, and what is the term? The error you included seems unrelated, I would expect something more if it's trying and unable to push the renew date forward and failing. Any third party extensions or modifications? I would try re-uploading the full version of Blesta to ensure all files are correct, and try running /admin/upgrade again just to be sure that it ran. You can also run this to check the database version: SELECT `value` FROM `settings` WHERE `key`='database_version';
  9. It's getting worse, More services are now receiving multiple invoices.
  10. I've moved the directories up 2 levels. They have same user/group and permissions. I've even added some test code to write a file to the 3 directories. The tmp directory works and the other 2 fail. I am clueless as to why PHP is treating these other 2 folders differently. The user/group "jaxsite" on this server has id of 1003 where on the other server the id was 1004. Is there some code or settings in Blesta that tracks perms by id and perhaps they aren't matching on the server I migrated to?
  11. Fair enough you can still open a ticket if you don't get a reply on facebook / live chat though? Otherwis you can install it for free and give it a bash at the features the docs are available https://cms.blesta.how. Well that's great I'm only doing it because of the corona virus and the company I work for is a busy shop. On-to the subject, I don't understand what you mean by integration? You just install the cms, paste in code from your layout and it will show up on the pages.
  12. app/controllers/admin_system_general.php I've been debugging this issue on the server (yikes!). I don't really have a local setup for Blesta dev (yet). Just some basic echo statements to analyze the settings. Looks like the foreach() loop that checks if the directories are writable are returning false for the 2 directories mentioned above. Those paths are coming from the database settings. I've checked and the syntax / path is correct - those directories exist. So the is_writable() never gets called, since is_dir() returns false. Any ideas why is_dir() is returning false on directories that are actually there? Thanks in advance.
  13. No no support, all pre-sales questions! (see my requests about Blesta integration tasks, available as your website mention) Btw it's your website live chat configured to work on FB Messenger! Nothing related to the page... never visited! Btw I believe all of us here work 7days a week 🙂 you are not alone guy.
  14. I am alive and the BlestaCMS is, however my facebook page isn't there for support. Support tickets are and if you are looking for support we have two sections to open tickets for the CMS: Complimentary support: https://blesta.store/plugin/support/complimentary Paid customers: https://blesta.store/plugin/support/validate Paid customers get premium features when I can work out how to get my plugin system working, and the Complimentary support is support if I think I can help for free. Otherwise unless you pay for the license you can only get community support from our Blesta club or other means: Always remember If you need support open a ticket, live chat isn't always monitored because I do forget about it. I work 7 days a week so my point of call is tickets.
  15. BlestaCMS is still fully functional. There's a community version available here.
  16. Alright, I'll try actually making the API call and see if I can replicate the issue.
  17. Reluctant to post this but I've been trying to move past this for a while now. This is my 4th time to install Blesta. All other times have gone fairly smooth. This one was a migration to another server. I followed the guide and everything looks good. Site renders for both client and admin. Hostname didn't change and kept same db name / pw. Everything looks good except these directories won't show writable no matter what I do. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
  18. we have requested this last year
  19. we have this issue in the past, but it was occasional, we have discovered the origin or the real issue, since it not repeated and it was 2 times during this and last year i haven't made any action. but i can confirm this issue exist and occasional .
  20. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    ok I will. Yes would be better to use something like whmcs hooks ... don't love to get it overwritten on updates/upgrades.
  21. was looking initially to use it and have it integrated, or otherwise customising the client portal alone... as they seems to do this job. Seems client portal alone would be better as if get in trouble and cs does not answer, it's not easy to revert to make it working...
  22. can you open a ticket with us ? the fact blesta is not allowing plugins to inject their own function to extend container, we are forced to make some file modification to allow blesta support our multi-languages plugins, we will make a look deeper to see what we can improve in extending the container.
  23. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    I've seen how it work. Btw on mine it is not shown. Languages file are installed, template is still the default one. But no way to get multi-language working. That's all.
  24. we are using the same version in our websites, you can chek them in our main website blesta-addons.com .
  25. What were your questions/concerns. I should be able to clear those up for you
  26. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    Yes and not only. With everything activated (but not working as expected) it gives that error, after restored all original files and uninstalled it, the error disappears. Just downloaded today from the website, so I think it's the new version.
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