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    Sure, upgrade to Blesta v4.7.0+ and ensure the Order plugin is using v2.20.0+. The domain module should then make the service's domain field available via ::getServiceName or the configuration value service.name_key.
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    Take a look at using the Order plugin's Embed Code field to add HTML to the footer. You can specify your JS there (i.e. Packages > Order Forms > Settings tab) and add a conditional to display content only when on the checkout/complete page. There are fields for order number and total price that you can use too, but there is no coupon code field. You could try to parse the coupon code field from the {{invoice.line_items}} if you really needed it, via other custom JS. e.g. {% if order_page == 'checkout/complete' %} <p>Total: {{order.total}}</p> <p>Order #: {{order.order_number}}</p> <p>Currency: {{order.currency}}</p> {% endif %}
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    The form token is invalid.

    Blesta comes with an .htaccess file in the root web directory and you should use that one. There is already a rule in it to force HTTPS and all you need to do is uncomment it to make it active.
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    The form token is invalid.

    You may want to re-upload all files for Blesta and/or check your web server configuration. I notice that the CSRF token changes on every page load, which indicates the server is recreating a session each time. It's possible your web server does not have permission to write session data.
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    [Theme] Free Flat Integration

    Flat Theme Integration Integrated to Blesta by Licensecart Here's our first free integration for Blesta, it was integrated to on 3.5 at the moment. You can try it on 3.4 if you wish by editing config.json in the theme. You can get the full site theme for free from: https://shapebootstrap.net/item/1524965-flat-theme-free-responsive-multipurpose-site-template You can get the Blesta integration for free from: https://licensecart.com/customers/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/46/ Previews: Logged in Preview: Upload the flat folder to: /app/views/client/ Go to: Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Templates > Flat (from dropdown menu).
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    Video Knowledgebase - by DemoWolf

    Sadly, Demowolf.com has shutdown. You can read their notice on their website and they are no longer contactable (I have tried emailing). The free videos have stopped working. I'm just making you aware of the situation because they are listed in your marketplace. Additionally, there may be other Blesta users who, without warning, now have invalid videos.
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    Just a quick notice to let you know that we updated our Stellar Blesta Theme for Blesta V4.7.1
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    Blesta Addons

    Clear Cash after upgrade

    ome plugins add/edit/delete entries in the menu, after the upgrade the modification is not viewed instantly, we need to clear the cache after every upgrade to see the change .
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    Clear Cash after upgrade

    Thanks, CORE-3289
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    Currently there are no gateway fees, and any gateway can be used for any term that is assigned to an order form. I suppose it would be possible to create packages with yearly terms on a separate order form that has PayPal while packages that only have shorter terms are on another order form without PayPal. We have a task, CORE-2305 that would allow discounts on gateways. Would this accomplish what you're after, by discounting non-PayPal gateways and adding the fee into the price of the Package? Some payment providers have rules against adding fees for using their payment method.
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    State/Province shown as number

    Blesta follows the ISO 3166-2 standard for provinces/states for ISO-3166-1 countries, and the ISO lists the states' codes numerically where Johor is "01". If there is a better 2 or 3-character standard abbreviation, you can update the states in your system to reflect your needs better by using the States & Countries plugin. Note that third-party APIs may operate on the use of the ISO 3166-2 standard, such as when Blesta makes payments to a payment gateway and includes the customers address with that ISO-3166-2 state code. It's possible that such APIs may encounter errors if the state is invalid.
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    Web Hosting UK


    zPanel has now been discontinued and no longer maintained, I wouldn't recommend that one. Heres a nice big list of free control panels I put together, the users on the lowendtalk forum then decided which they used for their hosting https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/159288/which-free-web-hosting-control-panel-would-you-recommend
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