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    Blesta Addons

    Hosting Features

    we are in 4.8 beta, and we are from v3 waiting something for a real hosting market . blesta has added a subdomain feature for cPanel module, from professional view is unused features with that way, companies that sell subdomain with a defined domains can be hosted in cpanel or plesk or vesta or any platform that support subdomains in account creation (almost all panels support this), this feature should be a part of order plugin and not a with cpanel or plesk module, because the client in the first step should select the domain then select the hosting (please make a view in other apps that they have already this done), and of course the check availability should be working for subdomain, i think a simple way is to check if exist record A for the subdomain with a simple php function dns_get_record() . unify functions in registrar modules, like (get name server, set name server, update whois, get whois, get epp, set lock, get lock status, ....ect ) pricing system for domain, now a lock for transfer/restore prices . bundles package, is a trivial features that all hosting companies need it to make offers/promotions . in the end i can say another time Blesta is a good software for almost any thing unless hosting industry .
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    The error indicates it is missing the port field on the module row object. This port field should be set on the module row when you save it. From your screenshot, that is the "API Port" field. However, you get an error about the connection failing to be established. Can you check your module logs to see if there is an entry that begins with "<yourdomain>|validate_connection/packages_get"? That log should contain some information on the API request that failed to validate the connection. This is the reason for the port error as well. The port is not being set on the module row because you cannot successfully save the updated module row information. Once the connection issue is resolved the port error will go away.
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    It looks like it's available here, and the changelog says it is compatible with php 7.3. I can't comment on php 7.4 as it was released not very long ago and we haven't yet checked compatibility with Blesta.
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    You should enable debugging in Blesta and repeat the steps you performed to generate that error again. It would be useful to know what file/line number that error occurred on to help identify the issue. Make sure you've uploaded all the files for the CentOS web panel module, and that you've upgraded it in Blesta (also that you've upgraded Blesta by running /admin/upgrade/ in your browser if you haven't already). The module should be version 2.1.0. By default, the login port would be 2031 and the API port would be 2034. Yours are different, so you may want to double-check that yours are correct. FYI, the CentOS Web Panel module was updated to use their new API in v4.8.0.
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    Blesta doesn't currently have a generic domain availability checker for you to integrate with in other systems. Currently, domain lookups are done using a specific module in Blesta (e.g. Enom). What you can do is use the Blesta API SDK to call ModuleManager::moduleRpc to check a domain's availability, e.g.: // Load the API SDK require_once "blesta_api.php"; $user = "username"; $key = "key"; $url = "https://yourdomain.com/installpath/api/"; $api = new BlestaApi($url, $user, $key); // Choose one of the domain registrar modules from Blesta to use to lookup domain availability $module_id = 1; // set to the module ID of the domain module you want to use, like Enom $module_row_id = 1; // set the specific module row ID from the module that you want to use $domain = "google.com"; // the domain to check for availability $response = $api->get( "ModuleManager", "moduleRpc", ['module_id' => $module_id, 'method' => 'checkAvailability', 'params' => [$domain], 'module_row_id' => $module_row_id] ); // View the response from the check if ($response->response() === true) { // The domain is available } else { // The domain is not available }
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    PagSeguro Payment Gateway

    This was updated as a part of v4.8.0. See https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-3295
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    Stripe zip code

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. For anyone who might need, we just have to go that file ( components/gateways/merchant/stripe_payments/views/default/cc_form.pdt ), and in the line: // Create an instance of the card Element. var card = elements.create('card', {style: style}); change it to (hide the zip option): // Create an instance of the card Element. var card = elements.create('card', {style: style, hidePostalCode : true}); There are several settings and options we can control described at: https://stripe.com/docs/js/elements_object/create Best regards, Kepler
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    Our company interacts with a large number of services and suppliers, most have some type of support. Is it our policy to only post on our experiences when they are extraordinarily great or abhorrently abysmal deserving of a warning status. In the case of Zomex Blesta template Glaze which we been using for almost a year and been thru several updates we cannot say enough GOOD things about the template and most importantly the consistently quick and great support from Zomex for updates. Jack and Zomex and Glaze get a Gold Medal of performance from us. A note on our template (abantecartplus.com) - we heavily reconfigured it as we offer a client managed services package rather than a normal reseller config. We were initially concerned that our template alterations would need to be redone with each update. Jack assured us that our changes would remain intact so we proceeded to test that. After several updates, major and minor to Blesta and the Glaze updates I can confirm that it does indeed leave our changes in place in the template side and interacts correctly with the changes in Blesta. We are relieved your info from Jack/Zomex was correct and very happy we chose Glaze from Zomex for our Blesta frontend. Lee
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    Affiliate module for Blesta

    We don't really do ETA's, but I don't expect it to be very long at this point. Things are happening, and the fact that you won't need wimps anymore gives us an extra boost.
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    because the prices have increased...
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    cPanel Extended Module

    Do you have enabled this option?
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    Blesta Addons

    Affiliate module for Blesta

    is good news that blesta has more client every day, and getting more migrating to ´╗┐Blesta than away from it. but i'm still insist that blesta has not touched yet the big market (Hosting Market), if blesta can concentrate in this market, you will get more clients than what you imagine, we are working with the two billing system and we know exactly what are locked and missed in blesta, if you want @Paul any suggestion or ideas about how the hosting market work i'm ready . whimps has a big team (in term of persons) and a big company behind it, and of course a big base clients for it, and they are totally in the hosting market for so many years and they know well what the market need. why not blesta look at the other side a try to make a collaboration with Plesk, interworks and directadmin ... ect, and why not searching for investors, it a win win contract, because the time is money nowadays .
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