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    Hi, I want to create staff users for my Sales People, but I only want them to see the clients they have sold a product to, I do not want them to see accounts of clients that are not theirs. I thought I could achieve this by creating different "Client Groups" and assign in the staff area only the group they can see. How can I configure something like this? Is it possible? Thanks, Gabriel
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    To add to what Jono said, the permission system is generalized to entire resources (e.g. /clients/). If you give staff access to clients, they can see all clients. There is currently no mechanism to limit staff to access only certain clients based on some criteria. However, if you create a plugin, you can setup plugin events that listen for an event like the AppController.preAction event that is called when someone views a page, and your plugin can perform logic to determine whether this is a staff user and whether they are viewing an appropriate client they have access to or not, and redirect them elsewhere if necessary.
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    Interesting concept, and I can certainly see the appeal. Currently this is not possible through Blesta. Staff members are not associated with particular client groups and the client list page doesn't filter by client group anyhow. If you'd like to see this in future releases, submit a request here https://requests.blesta.com/.
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    It looks like the API for your module is not responding appropriately. First, it's returning HTML, and second, it's sharing an error and stacktrace because something is wrong with the CWP server. This issue isn't caused by Blesta, but by the server it's attempting to connect to. You should look into that CWP server and resolve the error that's mentioned because it's not running correctly. Type: ErrorException Code: 8 Message: Trying to get property of non-object File: /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/api/v1/index.php Trace #0 /usr/local/cwpsrv/var/services/api/v1/index.php(0): Slim\Slim::handleErrors(8, 'Trying to get p...', '/usr/local/cwps...', 0, Array) ...
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    The error indicates it is missing the port field on the module row object. This port field should be set on the module row when you save it. From your screenshot, that is the "API Port" field. However, you get an error about the connection failing to be established. Can you check your module logs to see if there is an entry that begins with "<yourdomain>|validate_connection/packages_get"? That log should contain some information on the API request that failed to validate the connection. This is the reason for the port error as well. The port is not being set on the module row because you cannot successfully save the updated module row information. Once the connection issue is resolved the port error will go away.
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    All of our Blesta Templates have now been updated for full V4.8 support! The updated files are available from your Zomex.com account. New customer's will be able to download the V4.8 Blesta Integration after purchase.
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