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  1. Paul

    Cannot add order form

    We chat in Discord about this, it appears that during installation the Order Manager plugin was not installed fully, it was missing some tables. The recommended solution was to re-install Blesta fresh and see if the Order Manager was installed correctly.
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  2. Some people have experienced issues upgrading to 5.0.0. We will be releasing a 5.0.1 patch sometime next week. If you haven't upgraded yet, we would recommend either waiting for 5.0.1, or replacing the /components/upgrades/tasks/upgrade5_0_0_b1.php file from 5.0.0 with the one attached to this thread. This attached file will gracefully handle some commonly experienced issues, and the last task, "updateDatabaseCollation" is commented out so that it will not run. When you eventually upgrade to 5.0.1+, you'll be able to update your database collation in Blesta under Tools > Utilities.
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  3. Describe the issue you're experiencing: When I go to the billing page and see the order widget the non paid and paid icons don't show up. The widget also doesn't show the numbers of approved or pending until you refresh the page. Provide detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue. Billing > Order widget. List any generated errors. (The "Oh Noes" error pages are very helpful.): None. Include the URL the error occurred on, relative to the installation path, ie "/admin/login". admin/billing/ Attach screenshots. Included Include your configuration settings, i.
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  4. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4127 Planning to fix for 5.0.1
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