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    Our Blesta Templates Black Friday/Cyber Monday 20% sale ends in 48 hours! https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=233
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    Linking to a product as described in the documention is what adds a product to the cart. Blesta's services have more options than I think WooCommerce products allow for, so there is additional configuration typically necessary for products, (e.g. config options, module options, addons, etc.) and what appears and where also depends on the order form used, but you can preselect most of those options and have them set in the cart per a link to the product, then the customer can fill out anything else and proceed with checkout.
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    Please post 1 feature request per thread, and include as much information about the feature as possible. Having 1 feature request per thread allows the thread to focus entirely on that feature. One of our goals is to gauge community interest in a particular feature, which helps us prioritize the feature if we decide to add it. If we do add the feature to our project management system, we will usually post a task ID associated with it. The feature can then be tracked in the thread to completion. Posting multiple feature requests in a single thread waters down the request, and it will usually receive fewer responses. So, sticking to 1 request per thread increases the odds of it being implemented!
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