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    cPanel increases price best alternative?

    Hello blestars My 2 cents on this mater We are ditching cPanel for good, mass migrations servers to Virtualmin, the Virtualmin handle 100% cPanel Backups restore witout any issues and so we only need to point the DNS's to the new servers We only made a few changes on Virtualmin. On Webmin, we add ports 2096/2097 to redirect to Usermin port 2000 and 2086/2087/2082/2083 ports to Virtualmin port 10000 We also pré-installed on the hostname phpMyAdmin and RoundCube with the Mobile Theme (https://github.com/messagerie-melanie2/Roundcube-Plugin-Mobile) to all users have normal acess to a known Webmail and MariaDB Database managment (Virtualmin alredy bring there own DataBase Managmente and Webmail software). and add a Link on Usermin Painel to open RoundCube Webmail Finally we add CSF Firewall like so: cd /usr/src rm -fv csf.tgz wget https://download.configserver.com/csf.tgz tar -xzf csf.tgz cd csf sh install.sh - Install the csf webmin module in: Webmin > Webmin Configuration > Webmin Modules > From local file > /etc/csf/csfwebmin.tgz > Install Module (sometimes because the webmin cache we have to make this step twice) After you install the module, you can simply log in to Virtualmin, chick on Webmin (top left) and then: System > ConfigServer Security & Firewall Also we add PHP verions 5.4, 5.6, 7.2 (now by default virtualmin alredy brings php 5.4 and 7.2) #we install remi repository to add more php versions and modules yum install http://rpms.remirepo.net/enterprise/remi-release-7.rpm yum install php56 php56-php-bcmath php56-php-cli php56-php-devel php56-php-fpm php56-php-gd php56-php-mbstring php56-php-mysqlnd php56-php-opcache php56-php-pdo php56-php-pspell php56-php-xmlrpc php56-php-memcached php56-php-iconv php56-php-zlib php56-php-mcrypt php56-php-simplexml #you cann add/remove extensions abose :) We also add ioncube like so: cd /usr/local wget https://downloads.ioncube.com/loader_downloads/ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.zip unzip ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.zip rm ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.zip And add to php.ini on Virtualmin the line for exemple for php7.2 zend_extension = /usr/local/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_7.2.so To start migrate you can do it on Virtualmin GUI or on CLI, on CLI (https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/id%2Cvirtualmin_for_cpanel_users) you can make a batch file with mass import in a very easy way like so: virtualmin migrate-domain --type cpanel --source /home/cpanel_username_backup_file.tar.gz --user cpanel_username_here --pass 'cpanel_username_password_here' --webmin #for multiple just add a .sh file with a somethin like this: virtualmin migrate-domain --type cpanel --source /home/cpanel_username_backup_file1.tar.gz --user cpanel_username1_here --pass 'cpanel_username_password1_here' --webmin virtualmin migrate-domain --type cpanel --source /home/cpanel_username_backup_file2.tar.gz --user cpanel_username2_here --pass 'cpanel_username_password2_here' --webmin virtualmin migrate-domain --type cpanel --source /home/cpanel_username_backup_file3.tar.gz --user cpanel_username3_here --pass 'cpanel_username_password3_here' --webmin #and so on... Its more easy and less troblen then DirectAdmin, Plesk or even Interworx Common problems after migration: #Error 500 .htacess file with the directive "Options +FollowSymlinks" just comment that line #Rong php version (client can change PHP on Virtualmin painel) #Some notes for anyonw that never try Virtualmin/Webmin Virtualmin/Webmin (port 10000) Root = WHM (so many features that in the first time we "lost" inside, but the more time we spent the more you will likeit, its a lot better and more mature then cPanel) Virtulmin/Webmin User (port 10000) = cPanel (A lot more options than cPanel) Usermin = Webmail (but with a loit more option like POP/IMAP external emails sincronizing and SPAM filters more advanced than cPanel) The only thing is that dosent support CloudLinux (its not a downside) and dosent support Softaculous (Virtualmin has is own Software inside that you can add toyr own scripts or buy the Pro License that is 200$ per year with unlimited accounts) The GPL verion dosent support Reseller accounts, but you can bypass this if you dont want to spend now any money, just creat on Webmin New users with permissions to only acess there clients accounts, is like a Reseller accouny but witout any limit on creating, or do it like us and create for each reseller a VPS or CLOUD server for that reseller maybe is cheper than buy a Virtualmin Pro license, on this critical fase Any problems or any douths you can ask me and I will try to fill in P.S- We are migrating more than 5k clients from cPanel to Virtualmin and we have tested a lot Virtualmin since last year iin migrations and compability (we have several CLOUD on production with dozens of clients with CentoS 7 + Virtualmin), because of our new CLOUD platform that we have created.
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    Hello The Stack License team is happy to announce our free modification to the Blesta System Backups allowing you to use custom s3 endpoints such as DigitalOcean Spaces and StackPath Object Storage You can view the modification at github. https://github.com/stacklicense/custom-backup-s3-endpoints If you want a custom s3 endpoint added just reply here or open an issue and we will get them added.
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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this with you because I think it would be useful to those who aren't necessarily familiar with PHP and want to display different currencies based upon the user's IP address. Big thanks to @Blesta.Store for sharing a big portion of this code already on the forum. This will pull prices from Blesta's API and allow you to use multiple currencies. After you've uploaded the API SDK, you're going to want to download this file: https://www.geoplugin.com/_media/webservices/geoplugin.class.phps Upload that file into your site's directory, then take the contents below and place it at the top of your site files (or the pages where you will be displaying the prices). <?php require_once('geoplugin.class.php'); $geoplugin = new geoPlugin(); $geoplugin->locate(); // create a variable for the country code $var_country_code = $geoplugin->countryCode; // redirect based on country code: if ($var_country_code == "AU") { $selected_currency = "AUD"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CA") { $selected_currency = "CAD"; } else if ($var_country_code == "AT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "BE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "BG") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CY") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CZ") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "DK") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "EE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "FI") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "DE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "GR") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "HU") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "LV") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "LU") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "MT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "NL") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "PL") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "PT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "RO") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SK") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SI") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "ES") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "GB") { $selected_currency = "GBP"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IN") { $selected_currency = "INR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "MX") { $selected_currency = "MXN"; } else { $selected_currency = "USD"; } require_once "/home/username/public_html/blesta/api/blesta_api.php"; $user = "username"; $key = "key"; $url = "url"; $api = new BlestaApi($url, $user, $key); $company_id = 1; // Set acceptable currencies $valid_currencies = array("USD", "GBP", "EUR", "INR", "MXN", "AUD"); // Set default currency // Set another currency if given if (isset($_GET['currency']) && in_array(strtoupper($_GET['currency']), $valid_currencies)) $selected_currency = strtoupper($_GET['currency']); $price1 = getPackagePrice($api, 4, "month", 1); $price2 = getPackagePrice($api, 57, "year", 1); $price3 = getPackagePrice($api, 29, "month", 1); $price4 = getPackagePrice($api, 50, "month", 1); $price5 = getPackagePrice($api, 298, "year", 1); $price1_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price1->price, $price1->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price2_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price2->price, $price2->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price3_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price3->price, $price3->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price4_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price4->price, $price4->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price5_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price5->price, $price5->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); function getPackagePrice($api, $package_id, $period, $term) { $package = $api->get("packages", "get", array('package_id' => $package_id))->response(); $package_price = null; foreach ($package->pricing as $price) { // Get monthly term if ($price->period == $period && $price->term == $term) { return $price; } } return false; } function formatCurrency($api, $amount, $from_currency, $to_currency, $company_id) { // Do the currency conversion $amount = $api->get("currencies", "convert", array('amount' => $amount, 'from_currency' => $from_currency, 'to_currency' => $to_currency, 'company_id' => $company_id))->response(); // Format the currency return $api->get("currencies", "toCurrency", array('value' => $amount, 'currency' => $to_currency, 'company_id' => $company_id))->response(); } ?> Next, you're going to want to create your API credentials in Blesta and fill them in appropriately. After you've done this, simply place the following code (changing the numbers appropriately) where you would like to display the prices. <?php echo $price1_amount; ?> Of course you can make modifications as you desire, but I wanted to share this with you in case anyone wanted to do the same.
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    Welcome back again 🤙 in my opinion the renewal price is a good addition, sometimes you need to make a promo without offering promo code, this way you can offer promo for renewal or registering with a easy way. it left now the transfer price wit the same logic as renew price, the transfer price will be only used in order form as it happen only the first time of contract. after making a unified commands for domains modules will solve all other issues, after this two steps we can release our custom order form to the community. (used here https://nh.ma) we can't release it as we have some tweak in our modules and some core files .
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    Hi everyone, A new version of the ISPAPI registrar module has been released. You can find the latest version of the module on HEXONET's website - https://www.hexonet.net/resellers/integration#blesta More information you can find on Git too - https://github.com/hexonet/blesta-ispapi-registrar/releases Happy domain selling with HEXONET's registrar module. 😀 For support or any questions, you can reach us at - https://hexonet.support or help@hexonet.support
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    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    After a long and great time building the CMS we wanted to change our way we do business to help others get the best out of Blesta and we can grow a bigger community with Blesta. The BlestaCMS is now open-code and the "base" is free to everyone. That's currently 1.2.7. We will fix bugs and patch the version when needed for free but to upgrade to a new version let's say 1.3.0, you will need a license. We're still working on this to make sure the updates are safe and secure. You'll also need a license if you wish to get support from us with active support and updates. If you do need support you can go to our support ticket page, click on BlestaCMS Support and then enter your license key. This will allow you to submit a ticket. You can download the latest version of the BlestaCMS Base here: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/download_manager/client_main/download/26/CMS-1.2.7.zip Support: Valid: Suspended: PS: We've fixed the spelling on complimentary, sorry for the error on the screenshot. Cancelled: --- BlestaCMS previews: https://blesta.store/cms Share / View the code / Modify / fork freedom on Github: https://github.com/atlanical/BlestaCMS-Community-Edition
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    Blesta Addons

    Hosting Features

    we are in 4.8 beta, and we are from v3 waiting something for a real hosting market . blesta has added a subdomain feature for cPanel module, from professional view is unused features with that way, companies that sell subdomain with a defined domains can be hosted in cpanel or plesk or vesta or any platform that support subdomains in account creation (almost all panels support this), this feature should be a part of order plugin and not a with cpanel or plesk module, because the client in the first step should select the domain then select the hosting (please make a view in other apps that they have already this done), and of course the check availability should be working for subdomain, i think a simple way is to check if exist record A for the subdomain with a simple php function dns_get_record() . unify functions in registrar modules, like (get name server, set name server, update whois, get whois, get epp, set lock, get lock status, ....ect ) pricing system for domain, now a lock for transfer/restore prices . bundles package, is a trivial features that all hosting companies need it to make offers/promotions . in the end i can say another time Blesta is a good software for almost any thing unless hosting industry .
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    Sure, upgrade to Blesta v4.7.0+ and ensure the Order plugin is using v2.20.0+. The domain module should then make the service's domain field available via ::getServiceName or the configuration value service.name_key.
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    considering Blesta instead of WHMCS

    That's weird regarding your email, I see you're registered with that currently. Maybe the IPBoard Spam service had an issue with the address, because the email/domain is NOT blocked internally by us. We do block a lot of free email domains, but not yours. I'd like to build a Lightsail module, a few people have asked for it but it hasn't risen to the level of demand we need to move forward with it yet. Anyone want to sponsor?
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    @Tyson @MBH2006 @Nahuel Hello We have made some years in 2015 lol, long time ago a tool to map/move services from one module to outher in this case was moving from "Blesta Universal Module" to "OpenSRS Module" We only need the Services ID from Module A (cPanel) and Module B (Direct Admin) Here is the code exemple on the Plugin: public function install($plugin_id) { $sendreport = null; $module_A = array('1','2','3'); // put here the Service Package Id's from Module A $module_B = array('4','5','6'); // put here the Service Package Id's equivalent to Module A to migrate $module_migrate_map = array_map(null, $module_A, $module_B); foreach ($module_migrate_map as &$value) { $upackages = $this->Record->select(array("pricing_id","package_id"))->from("package_pricing")->where("package_pricing.package_id", "=", $value[0])->fetchAll(); $sendreport .= "Module A Package ID = ". $value[0]."\n"; foreach ($upackages as $upackage) { $upricings = $this->Record->select(array("id","period","term"))->from("pricings")->where("pricings.id", "=", $upackage->pricing_id)->fetchAll(); $sendreport .= "Module A Package Price ID = ". $upackage->pricing_id."\n"; foreach ($upricings as $upricing) { $gterm = $upricing->term; if ($upricing->period == "month") $gterm = ($upricing->term / 12); $sendreport .= "Module A Price Period = ". $upricing->period."\n"; $sendreport .= "Module A Package Price Term = ". $gterm." -> Original Term = ".$upricing->term." \n\n"; $sendreport .= "Module B Package ID = ". $value[1]."\n"; $opackages = $this->Record->select(array("pricing_id","package_id"))->from("package_pricing")->where("package_pricing.package_id", "=", $value[1])->fetchAll(); foreach ($opackages as $opackage) { $sendreport .= "Module B Price ID = ". $opackage->pricing_id."\n"; $opricings = $this->Record->select(array("id","period","term"))->from("pricings")->where("pricings.id", "=", $opackage->pricing_id)->where("pricings.period", "=", "year")->where("pricings.term", "=", $gterm)->fetchAll(); foreach ($opricings as $opricing) { $opricingid = $opricing->id; $sendreport .= "Module B Package Price Period = ". $opricing->period."\n"; $sendreport .= "Module B Package Price Term = ". $opricing->term."\n"; $sendreport .= "\n\n---------------BEGINING---------------\n"; $oservices = $this->Record->select(array("id"))->from("services")->where("pricing_id", "=", $upricing->id)->fetchAll(); foreach ($oservices as $oservice) { $sendreport .= "Migrate from A to B Imported Service ID = ". $oservice->id."\n"; $this->Record->where("pricing_id", "=", $upricing->id)->where("module_row_id", "=", "2")->update("services", array("pricing_id"=>$opricingid, "module_row_id"=>"3")); $this->Record->where("service_id", "=", $oservice->id)->where("key", "=", "user1")->update("service_fields", array("key"=>"domain")); $this->Record->from("service_fields")->where("service_id", "=", $oservice->id)->where("key", "in", array("opt1","opt2","pass","user2"))->delete(); } $sendreport .= "\n------------------END-------------------\n\n"; } } } } $sendreport .= "\n\n"; } mail("notify@mydomain.com", "Blesta - Migrate from Module A to Module B Report", $sendreport); } Hope this help someone Regards, PV
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    The module really should make several attempts at generating a username if one is already taken before it fails in Blesta. I've created CORE-3225 to look into adding that behavior.
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    With the increased demand in DirectAdmin from those migrating away from cPanel, we took a look at the module and made some modifications to improve it. During checkout, clients will now only be asked for their domain (not username or password) Usernames and passwords are generated automatically (similar to the cPanel module) There is now a password generator when resetting a DirectAdmin password as a client or staff We'll include the updated DirectAdmin module with Blesta 4.7, but we're including it here for use now in currently supported versions. Download Here: direct_admin.zip To Upgrade or Install: Back up your installation. Unzip and upload to /components/modules/ to overwrite your current direct_admin directory. Visit Settings > Company > Modules to click the upgrade button for the module, or to install it for the first time. If you have any feedback, please provide it in this thread.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Module] Hetzner Cloud

    This module is for Cloud and not for robot. this is already supported, from package creation page you can chose the server base of the package. the cPanel/Softaculous licensing will be implemented like a hook system for the module, we have already done it with our virtualizor extended module, after we will sur is totally functional we will release it and port them to Hetzner Cloud module too. We don't have any public changelog or github reposity now, we have our internal project system. Just to note we also using the Hetzner Cloud module for our other brands and we should update it and adding more futures to our clients and of course the blesta addons users will get this features also . Rescue is in our next release, ISO Images and Graphs will come later, maybe we will ad support for volumes before them as they are very used .
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    BlestaForums in pre-beta

    I started BlestaForums to get a community forum part of Blesta and make it more integrated and amazing. I've been very busy lately working in my new job as-well and I've been doing other things. Timothy (@timnboys) has been helping complete the forums as he wanted to get it to work on his site instead of the paid and free ones. So together we've been doing the Blesta Forums and we're proud to announce that it's now in Pre-beta! This means we're testing it with our own customers so we can ensure it's as bug free as we can before the private beta emerges. Both of us will be selling the product with our own licensing servers and we'll both support it's growth together. it will be open code minus the encoding for licensing purposes and we have so much planned. I've got a to-do list here: https://atlantis.plutio.com/p/blestaforums He's a small preview for our non customers: Our site: https://blesta.store/client/plugin/blesta_forums/ Timothy's site: https://cubedata.net/client/plugin/blesta_forums/
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    You haven't got the correct order form you need to set it as Domain. Looking more closely it might be you have another group. Blue: Domain package group Purple: Hosting packages.
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    Amit Kumar Mishra

    Can't use license

    1. do what to get authenticated 2. in case you have the license number, its better to open a support ticket at https://account.blesta.com/client/login/ 3. in case the license is really valid, @Paul or some one from blesta will help you 4. in case the license is not valid, again, they will help you how to proceed, also, in case the host is cheating on you, blesta will take proper action 5. if you feel this is helpful, like by pressing the react button wish you happy blesta-ing in case you still require more help, let the forum know
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    What is the Obstacle Now in Domains? in reality the obstacles are now : - Multi Price System, This can be fixed with more price fields like Renewal Price, we add more fields , Transfer Price, Restore Price. - Better Domain Management, this also can be fixed by adding the functions to the actual modules . - Unification Commands, this also can be done by actualizing the actual modules. - Privacy, Forwarding & other addons prices, this can be implemented with the actual system by addons, we need just to tweak the actual modules to support this addons - if we want to distinct with domains modules and other modules we can add a new entry in modules to define is a domain module or not (true/false) or something like the order type definition. For me what Blesta need is enhancing the actual system and not reinventing a whole system for domains. now we have waited years to only hear a something from blesta, creating another system will take other 2 or 3 years, and the quick solution and the simple is to extend the actual exist mechanism to support new features .
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    I think Blesta version 4.6 may solve this for you. Beta soon.
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    Mass Mailer, SMTP setting

    Created as CORE-3111.
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    Take a look at using the Order plugin's Embed Code field to add HTML to the footer. You can specify your JS there (i.e. Packages > Order Forms > Settings tab) and add a conditional to display content only when on the checkout/complete page. There are fields for order number and total price that you can use too, but there is no coupon code field. You could try to parse the coupon code field from the {{invoice.line_items}} if you really needed it, via other custom JS. e.g. {% if order_page == 'checkout/complete' %} <p>Total: {{order.total}}</p> <p>Order #: {{order.order_number}}</p> <p>Currency: {{order.currency}}</p> {% endif %}
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    Declined means the bank declined the charge. Error means there could have been a problem with the gateway and the charge may otherwise go through. In both cases, the charge did not complete and will not settle. However, there is a major distinction between the two. In the case of a decline, there can be many reasons. Account doesn't have the funds, or the address doesn't match the one provided (AVS mismatch). Whatever the case, you should check Tools > Logs > Gateway to see what the raw response was from the gateway which may give more clarity to the reason.
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    Is mcrypt Still Required Beyond PHP 7.1

    You shouldn't have any problem removing mcrypt and still have your data encrypted/decrypted the same as before so long as your Blesta system key remains the same.
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    Pretty sure the problem with the coupon is that it is only set for the NAD currency
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    So you would like to integrate Blesta into your theme but don't know how to? Why pay for expensive integrations when you have to relay on them replying in time and giving you updates when you need them when you can do it yourself. If you can't do it I highly recommend you use a third party integration company. I personally recommend ExpertIntegrations.com but you can use Blestaintegrations.com, etc. Today I will be using the theme Appy. It's a free theme if you KEEP the copyright otherwise you have to pay to have permission to do so. Meaning you are not allowed to remove footer credits for that you must purchase a License. Download the theme from: https://colorlib.com/wp/template/appy/ Extract the files to your computer and create the folder on Blesta in /app/views/client/ In this tutorial we're calling it appy. You'll need to copy the files from the default bootstrap folder to the new one appy. After you want to upload the files from Appy to the custom theme folder you are creating. /css /fonts /images /js /style.css Next we need to add the images to the root of Blesta so the CMS can use them straight away. So simply copy the images folder to the root of blesta like so: Back to the theme let's rename it to Appy. In the folder: /app/views/client/appy/ Find the following: config.json with: { "version": "1.0.0", "name": "Bootstrap", "description": "Built on Bootstrap 3.1.", "authors": [ { "name": "Phillips Data, Inc.", "url": "http://www.blesta.com" } ], "require": { "blesta": ">=3.2.0" } } Rename the name to anything you like. I'm going with Appy. So mine looks like: { "version": "1.0.0", "name": "Appy", "description": "Built on Bootstrap 3.1.", "authors": [ { "name": "Phillips Data, Inc.", "url": "http://www.blesta.com" } ], "require": { "blesta": ">=3.2.0" } } Finally go to Blesta and enable the theme so we can start integrating the theme. Go to: Settings > Company > Look and Feel Click on Template on the left and click Appy (or your chosen name).
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    Blesta always needs to check you have a valid license. If you decide to sell it to someone else later, why should your copy of it continue working? I don't play the lottery, but if I did, it wouldn't change anything. There may be more money to spend making it better though.
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    1 (One) Minute Cron Jobs :)

    Customers may pay with a payment method that takes the client away from Blesta, which posts back to Blesta when the payment is completed. Provisioning services through certain modules may take a significant amount of time to complete, such that making the user wait in the browser may result in a timeout. We are considering an enterprise level feature that adds a daemon to your server that runs continuously and processes certain jobs like order provisioning in near real-time.
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    1 (One) Minute Cron Jobs :)

    The whole 5 minute cron thing is bizzare, why do orders submitted via the order form even need to wait for a cron job to fire... Perhaps also look into implementing something similiar to hostbillapp. https://hostbill.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOCS/pages/491527/HostBill+Queue+Performance
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    Run PHP modules check

    he would like a system check widget, you can't run re-installation after it's installed you could go to the docs page but a good idea for a plugin @Paul.
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    You'll need to escape characters for JSON when entering them manually. In your example, the backslashes should be escaped: /((?=.*\\d)(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[\\W_]).{6,18})/i
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    There you go, you've now integrated your first Blesta theme. Customers for the Premium CMS or have a Blesta license can download this integration already completed. https://blesta.store/client/plugin/download_manager/client_main/download/42/appy-cms.zip This post is reserved for any Questions you may have: 1. How to use the default Blesta logo but in white? Find: <?php } elseif (!empty($blesta_logo)) { ?> <img class="blesta" src="<?php $this->Html->_($blesta_logo);?>" alt="Blesta" /> Replace with: <?php } elseif (!empty($blesta_logo)) { ?> <img class="blesta" src="<?php echo $this->view_dir;?>images/logo.svg" alt="Blesta" />
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    selling blesta theme with whmcs demo... moreover opening a dispute to get support reply...
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    Blesta Addons


    i suggest to use DataTables in tables specially in client side for invoices, services and transactions . the plugin add pagination and search with filter without the need to any http request, why in client side? - Blesta doesn't offer search option for clients in services, transactions, invoices - majority of clients has some few services, invoices and transaction, so it will not lead to freezing page or slow navigation. (against admin side) we using it in some other project and is totally a wonderful plugin to play with tables, and we hope to see it in blesta .
  34. 2 points
    Hello Please download on the first post the updated version, replace and test it Make sure you open the port 55443 on your firewall Regards, PV
  35. 2 points
    Paul is working with the guys to get Stripe 3DS and they are doing it in the core so other gateways can use 3D Secure. Part of CORE-3068
  36. 2 points

    Config Addons Quantity field

  37. 2 points
    Blesta Addons

    Config Addons Quantity field

    it would be more professional and simple if Blesta change how the quantity field is rendered now . a more simple quantity filed should be more elegant and all device compatible . something like this sample sample code https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/dGWP
  38. 2 points

    Currency Format

    +1 to Portugal/Europe
  39. 2 points
    You can use this plugin to modify, create, or delete states and provinces. https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/1-States&Countries
  40. 2 points

    Adding A Coupon empties cart

    Yes, the JavaScript file was updated to that in v4.4.
  41. 2 points
    Joseph H

    User Info appearance

    It's solved in 4.6 I confirm 😀
  42. 2 points
    Amit Kumar Mishra

    Payza gateway using payza.com

    so you may thank me by pressing the like button...
  43. 2 points

    For sale: Blesta Unbraded Lifetime

    You never told us about any issues you were having, and you never opened any trouble tickets. Sales email is just that, for sales. We encourage everyone to install the 30-day free trial and evaluate before you buy, but I guess you didn't take advantage of that. You reported no issues post installation. You gave us no opportunity to help you. </thread
  44. 2 points
    Blesta Addons

    pre action events

    i have already requested this feature, the competitor do this from years now, they have pre-events and after-events (hooks) and they look to response to complete the action or return the returned errors. i think this behavior a great way to extend the software and give the developers the ability to do more features and staff . the events now in Blesta is just like a notification system about completed actions, and also i think is no sense for look for after-events return as the action is already completed.
  45. 2 points
    The goal is to remain backwards compatible, so far it's looking like that will be possible. Meaning that existing registrar modules should continue to work, and it shouldn't break when installing the domain manager. However, the domain manager may not be able to recognize pre-existing domain packages and take control over them. A way of conversion may be required to take full advantage of the domain manager with existing domains unless starting fresh for domains going forward.
  46. 2 points
    The renew price option in 4.6 is one of the core updates required for the domain manager, and can be used now to support a separate new and renew price for domains in the current system. A separate transfer price and better support for domains is coming. While I don't have an ETA yet, we have been making progress. I know that it's highly requested, and much needed, and our 4.6 release puts us 1 step closer in terms of underlying core functionality to support the domain manager.
  47. 2 points


    My new company after leaving my old business partner.
  48. 2 points

    TeamSpeak 3 Module (Alpha)

    https://docs.planetteamspeak.com/ts3/php/framework/ On suspend Mode all option are disable from client side
  49. 2 points
    It's almost 3yrs gone and no update! Paul Any update on this?
  50. 2 points

    BlestaCMS is now open-code!

    Nice! Looks like you may have another typo in the success message. It says 'you can how submit a support ticket'.
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