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    considering Blesta instead of WHMCS

    That's weird regarding your email, I see you're registered with that currently. Maybe the IPBoard Spam service had an issue with the address, because the email/domain is NOT blocked internally by us. We do block a lot of free email domains, but not yours. I'd like to build a Lightsail module, a few people have asked for it but it hasn't risen to the level of demand we need to move forward with it yet. Anyone want to sponsor?
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    Amit Kumar Mishra

    Can't use license

    1. do what to get authenticated 2. in case you have the license number, its better to open a support ticket at https://account.blesta.com/client/login/ 3. in case the license is really valid, @Paul or some one from blesta will help you 4. in case the license is not valid, again, they will help you how to proceed, also, in case the host is cheating on you, blesta will take proper action 5. if you feel this is helpful, like by pressing the react button wish you happy blesta-ing in case you still require more help, let the forum know
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    Blesta Addons

    [Module] Hetzner Cloud

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    Delete client???

    You could manage each individual service and UNSELECT 'Use Module' while removing the service to remove without using API (i.e remove just from Blesta side). Once there are no active services / invoices you should be able to remove the client as expected
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    Just FYI, we are looking to implement this, probably as a core change. See CORE-3024
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    Blesta always needs to check you have a valid license. If you decide to sell it to someone else later, why should your copy of it continue working? I don't play the lottery, but if I did, it wouldn't change anything. There may be more money to spend making it better though.
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    Run PHP modules check

    There's not a way to check system requirements post-install. What I would recommend is uploading another copy of Blesta in a subdirectory, and access the installer in your browser - it will do the requirement check... just don't continue to install.
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    selling blesta theme with whmcs demo... moreover opening a dispute to get support reply...
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    Thanks Tyson. It's working perfectly well now. Cheers.
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    Wouldn't @Blesta Addons Data Pools module work for selling keys that you have? https://blesta-addons.com/plugin/news/main/view/10/ The license manager in Blesta generates the keys, but if you just want to sell keys from a list of keys that you have, then seems like the module above would do the job for you.
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    WHMCS plays very loose with their data, so sometimes there is no data when data is expected and required and it results in an error. Check your WHMCS database to make sure all clients/contacts have a client ID. The subsequent errors are likely a result of the first. If you need help, and are willing to securely share a dump of your WHMCS database, we can attempt the import here and debug any issues and either update the importer to work for you, or send you a fresh Blesta database with your imported data. We delete all data when we are finished.
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    How to sell a dedicated server

    After adding these, you can add dedicated server information to each order.
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    Our Blesta Templates Black Friday/Cyber Monday 20% sale ends in 48 hours! https://www.zomex.com/clients/announcements.php?id=233
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    Are Blesta urls relative?

    You don't have to modify URLs. You will need to reissue your license though. See the documentation.
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    The form token is invalid.

    Blesta comes with an .htaccess file in the root web directory and you should use that one. There is already a rule in it to force HTTPS and all you need to do is uncomment it to make it active.
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    [Theme] Free Flat Integration

    Flat Theme Integration Integrated to Blesta by Licensecart Here's our first free integration for Blesta, it was integrated to on 3.5 at the moment. You can try it on 3.4 if you wish by editing config.json in the theme. You can get the full site theme for free from: https://shapebootstrap.net/item/1524965-flat-theme-free-responsive-multipurpose-site-template You can get the Blesta integration for free from: https://licensecart.com/customers/plugin/download_manager/client_main/index/46/ Previews: Logged in Preview: Upload the flat folder to: /app/views/client/ Go to: Settings > Company > Look and Feel > Templates > Flat (from dropdown menu).
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    State/Province shown as number

    Blesta follows the ISO 3166-2 standard for provinces/states for ISO-3166-1 countries, and the ISO lists the states' codes numerically where Johor is "01". If there is a better 2 or 3-character standard abbreviation, you can update the states in your system to reflect your needs better by using the States & Countries plugin. Note that third-party APIs may operate on the use of the ISO 3166-2 standard, such as when Blesta makes payments to a payment gateway and includes the customers address with that ISO-3166-2 state code. It's possible that such APIs may encounter errors if the state is invalid.
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    It has come to our attention that under some circumstances in Blesta 4.7.0 (e.g. when a client is adding an addon service through the client interface) users can receive a fatal error "Undefined property: Services::$Clients on line 5159 in path_to_your_blesta\app\models\services.php". This is a bug that will be resolved in 4.7.1 (CORE-3271). You can fix this issue by changing app/models/services.php lines 5112-5114 from if (!isset($this->Packages)) { Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']); } to Loader::loadModels($this, ['Packages', 'Clients', 'ClientGroups']) Or you can override app/modelsservices.php with the attached services.php file services.php
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    Blesta Addons

    stripe new europe law

    Stripe Will change their payment System for New Europe law sales, i think this will infect the API also, https://stripe.com/en-US/guides/strong-customer-authentication https://stripe.com/en-US/payments/strong-customer-authentication
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    Blesta Addons

    How to merge two services

    no option to split invoice, he need to pay the whole amount of invoice to activate all the services.
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    Blesta Addons

    [Module] Observium module

    Observium Module For Blesta We are excited to announce the release of one of the advanced module for blesta, is OBSERVIUM, with this module you can add port as a service and asign it to a client, the client can view the real time statistique and the overusage and the projected overusage, the click can also see the graph bandwith from X to X date . the admin also can see stats and graph for observium port, admin can also change the assigned port to the client and add a new one. Admin can set the bandwith calculation, either 95th or total bandwith, can set the price of the overusage bandwith witht a selected unit. the module come with a helper plugin, is used to generated the overusage invoices in the ifrst of every month for the last month. the module also come with thier own api wrapper for blesta, just upload the file to the HTML directory of observium. Compatibility the plugin is fully compatible with Blesta v4 & Blesta v3 Features - Module fully customisable from package section. - Assign port to client. - Clients/Admins can view real time usage, stats and ghraphs for a selected period. - The helper plugin for observium is used to generate invoice for overusage. Screenshots overview of bandwith Graph Overview Real time port bandwidth info Order More Info the price is 49.99$ Yearly , (or 5$ Monthly in case any one want to test the module before make the yearly subscription) . you can order here. any bug/feedback report it here . best regards
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    Payza gateway using payza.com

    Are the URLs to the sandbox, live, and refund end-points identical to what they were before, but just at the EU TLD? It looks like the US DOJ charged the company with a felony and took down their website for processing transactions without a license, so that's probably why they moved operations to their EU domain.
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    Blesta not sending order to cPanel

    Was it you that I chat with earlier? If yes, then it was the cron job - it wasn't set up on the server. In case any others have this issue, make sure you set up the 5 minute cron job. Settings > System > Automation shows what the command should be, but the cron must be created on your server.
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    Have you tried the OpenSRS module available from here:? We do have a Vultr module, which supports the application installation images. No AWS integration at the moment. How did you hear about Blesta?
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    Blesta Addons

    Navigation Links , Refactor !

    Hello All , Today i want to suggest/talk about the navigation links , for my poor point of view , it need a full re-factor not just a improvement . why ? 1 - Normally the navigation links should be totally controlled by the admin/staff , as now some of the navigation are not stored in database and is added directly to the navigation.php , it's a -1 point for blesta . 2 - the admin/staff should be able to add/edit/delete links as it want . 3 - the navigation link should support access levels , like (all, guests, clients, staff, or based staff based permissions ) , for example i want to make navigation link only showed to the guests , like a registration link , or make a link showed only to clients like payment account . 4 - the link should also support orders , as i can move order (up/down) of them as want . 5 - links should be multi-language of course . (i think that it was the main goal to make them n navigation php class by blesta ). 7 - the navigation links should support external urls . 8 - the navigation link should be out of the show_header var . at the moment , getPrimaryClient is the most wanted . if blesta accept the deal , they jst add the structure database tables and the class . i can provide a free plug-in to the community to ad/edit/delete/order the links
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    @font-face { font-family: "Glyphicons Halflings"; src: url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot"); src: url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.eot?#iefix") format("embedded-opentype"), url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff2") format("woff2"), url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.woff") format("woff"), url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.ttf") format("truetype"), url("../fonts/bootstrap/glyphicons-halflings-regular.svg#glyphicons_halflingsregular") format("svg"); } the font location hsould be "../fonts/" instead of "../fonts/bootstrap/" .
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    Joseph H

    Order Search

    Been through this, It's a very useful to be able to search for order number as well. So +1
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    Michael Kinder

    Need a Register Form

    Hello Uneschewed! The option to add an order form is not in the Billing Overview screen. Follow the steps outlined here in the documentation to create an order form. Just be sure to select Client Registration as the type: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Order+System#OrderSystem-CreatinganOrderForm Hope this helps!
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    Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

    Most cheerful Easter wishes to our dear clients! May all the blessings, love and happiness of this rejuvenating springtime shine down on you and all your loved ones. Thinking of you during this blessed season, we came up with a very special form of celebration. Would you like to grant yourself the most fantastic gift of a 25% discount? Join our spine-tingling Easter Promo Code Hunt and grab those prizes before anyone else does! https://www.blog.modulesgarden.com/easter-promocode-hunt-promotion
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    blesta Integrate css problem

    If no one else has that problem, then it might be your computer. Have you tried clearing your web browser cache? Have you tried using a different web browser? Are you sure all of the files exist on the file system, in particular, the CSS files? Do you have any custom code that might conflict with the CSS?
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    Blank page after restore backup

    Contact @Blesta.Store through the forums here via PM. Mike should be able to get you sorted.
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    @Blesta Addons Are you there?

    You may want to private message @Blesta Addons about his extension. Since he created it, he will be in the best position to help with whatever issues you're having with it.
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    Import domains

    If you were using NetEarthOne or ResellerClub in WHMCS, then the importer could map the domains over to Blesta's LogicBoxes module. You need to have the LogicBoxes module installed in Blesta before running the importer though, so if that was not the case, you should run the importer again.
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    Disabling open_basedir is the simplest solution, but you could alternatively include all paths that Blesta must access. Off the top of my head, the install directory, the uploads directory, the temp directory (/tmp/) to start. phpseclib also tries to access /dev/random, /dev/urandom for encryption purposes. It's easier to leave open_basedir disabled, but that's up to you. We also recommend running Blesta on its own server (A VPS will do) without any other applications, but many run in it a shared environment.
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    How to Disable CSRF Protection

    Yes, you can disable it similar to what is shown above in the configuration file using the plugin controller and method. But since it's in your plugin, you can always disable it from the source by calling Form::setCsrfOptions prior to Form::create, e.g.: $this->Form->setCsrfOptions(['set_on_create' => false]); $this->Form->create();
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    Thanks! This will be fixed in CORE-3040 for v4.5.0.
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    HEXONET registrar module on Blesta

    Hi everyone, HEXONET registrar launched a registrar module for Blesta. You can find the latest version of the module on HEXONET's website - https://www.hexonet.net/resellers/integration#blesta More information you can find on Git too - https://github.com/hexonet/blesta-ispapi-registrar/releases Happy domain selling with HEXONET's registrar module. 😀 For support or any questions, you can reach us at - https://hexonet.support or help@hexonet.support
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    User API Access

    You would need to develop this functionality into blesta, or create your own API. Currently the blesta api offers full access to all functions of blesta so your customer would have access to everything, including other customers data. Administrators do not have have granular controls on what access API users have at the endpoints, and probably never will due to the way the blesta api works.
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    Delete client

    Crud. I didn't even see the getByUserID method. Thank you!
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    Thanks! Will be backing up everything prior to import.
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    Yeah, haven't seen him in here in a bit. I figured I'd get him to answer here instead of creating a ticket, which looks like I will have to do anyway. Thanks, I'll report back.
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    Order Form inputs

    There are a couple ways to include additional information in that section: Update the custom module you're using to accept that field. This is usually done if the module itself uses the value of that field for some purpose Create a configurable option under Packages > Configurable Options. Then, assign it to a Configurable Option Group and assign that group to the package. If the configurable option term/period/currency matches what's available on the package, that configurable option will be displayed on the order form.
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    Oh, that never occurred to me. Dragging and dropping to the white area works, thanks.
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    Blesta Addons

    Staff Groups SQLSTATE error

    we have the plugin installed and running in two production server from our side + 2 other testing servers, we have tested the edit staff group permissions in 4 servers without any issue . we will very happy to get more info from the OP to reproduce the issue and issue a fix if a issue was identified. can you reinstall the plugin and try again, make sur you have the latest plugin version from our website .
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    Forget password on blesta.store

    Thanks got the account
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    Vultr Configuration

    That's the same message that was in the log, but you said you got a 500 error? A 500 error won't return anything to the browser, do you get that at a different step? Can you describe the steps you take to get the error? What doesn't work exactly? It's possible for notices like "Undefined property" to exist and everything to work normally. If it's not working correctly, we need to know what isn't working and the steps you took to get there.
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    Password Reset Help

    You cannot re-install Blesta someplace and copy your database. You will permanently break your installation. /config/blesta.php contains a CRITICAL system key that must match your database. For moving Blesta, please read this guide - https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Moving+Blesta and note the red box that says the following:
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    Invalid Trial Licence

    have same problem too, while making server config and reset server - was thinking that license will remain valid after reinstate, but it tells me to write sales dept, so I do but 3 days no reaction after 2 submits via e-mail ( can you pls reissue it once again, or tell that I need to buy in such case pls! PM you domain too! refresh: got respond and re-activate, thank you!
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    How To Get Order Number In Blesta

    I think it's first important to understand the payment flow here. When a payment is made using a non-merchant gateway, the gateway is unaware of how the invoice it is intending to pay is created, or even if there is an invoice at all. You can make a payment using the non-merchant gateway to pay for nothing. In your case, however, you want to pay for an invoice created from an order in the order system using the Order plugin. This is a special case, and should be treated as such. Which means, you should not rely on this to always be true, and must setup logic to handle the cases where it is not. In your non-merchant gateway's class, you should have defined a buildProcess method. This method accepts, optionally, an array of invoice amounts as its third parameter. In that array is a list of IDs representing the invoices being paid. If you are paying an invoice on the order form, you should only have one invoice ID in the list. You need to take this invoice ID and find the associated order ID from the order system. Considering the order system is a plugin, it may not be installed for the company. You should check that it is first. Loader::loadModels($this, array("PluginManager")); $order_number = "N/A"; // Is the Order plugin installed? if ($this->PluginManager->isInstalled("order", Configure::get("Blesta.company_id"))) { ... } The Order plugin associates an invoice with the order, so you must find the correct order that matches the invoice ID you were given. However, the Order plugin does not provide a method to find an order by invoice, so you must write your own. First, make sure you have an invoice number. $invoice_id = null; if (isset($invoice_amounts[0])) { $invoice_id = $invoice_amounts[0]['id']; } Now you need to find the order number associated with the invoice. Since the Order plugin does not have a method for doing this, you can either 1) add a method for it to do it from the OrderOrders model by updating the source code yourself, or use the Record component to query the database for it manually. The later is more difficult as you will need to manually connect to the database by passing valid credentials yourself. See here for an example of someone that has. I will skip that part and simply assume the Record component is setup to perform a query. Loader::loadComponents($this, array("Record")); # # TODO: create a connection to the database # try { $order = $this->Record->select()->from("order_orders") ->where("invoice_id", "=", $invoice_id)->fetch(); if ($order) { $order_number = $order->order_number; } } catch (Exception $e) { // Unable to fetch the order number } Putting it all together now: Loader::loadModels($this, array("PluginManager")); Loader::loadComponents($this, array("Record")); $order_number = "N/A"; // Is the Order plugin installed? if ($this->PluginManager->isInstalled("order", Configure::get("Blesta.company_id"))) { // Do we have one invioce? $invoice_id = null; if (isset($invoice_amounts[0]) && count($invoice_amounts) === 1) { $invoice_id = $invoice_amounts[0]['id']; # # TODO: create a connection to the database so we can run a query # // Can we fetch an order for this invoice? try { $order = $this->Record->select()->from("order_orders") ->where("invoice_id", "=", $invoice_id)->fetch(); if ($order) { $order_number = $order->order_number; } } catch (Exception $e) { // Unable to fetch the order number } } } // Use the $order_number
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