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  1. The CLI version of your PHP does not have the ionCube extension loaded. What is the path to PHP as shown under Settings > System > Automation? You ran /usr/bin/php -v, so I assume it is /usr/bin/php? You can run this command then to see if ionCube is loaded. /usr/bin/php -i | grep ionCube If nothing is returned, then it's not loaded. /usr/bin/php -i | grep php.ini This will show the path to your php.ini, which is probably where you'd need to load ionCube. If /usr/bin/php is not the path to PHP as shown under Settings > System > Automation, then it's p
  2. Per https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Customizing+Emails you can add a filter. Use numberformat, e.g. {"12345.6789" | numberformat 2, ".", ","} Just replace "12345.6789" with the tag that represents the amount. It might be possible with a feature request that we could update the email tags to observe the currency precision as well, so the above wouldn't be necessary.
  3. Nothing automated, that would make a good feature request. We are planning to add additional client statuses per https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2222 which could include an automatic transition for clients who have no active services.
  4. I'm not totally sure I fully understand what you're asking. You can create an unlimited number of servers within a module. You can create an unlimited number of packages and services. Packages can be set to deploy on specific servers, or server groups. You can even create restricted packages and grant access to specific clients, which would grant access to a specific client to deploy on a specific server or servers. Hopefully I answered your question, if not, I may need more details
  5. Paul

    Support manager UI issue

    Did you clear your browser cache? That's the most likely culprit.
  6. Awesome! Let us know if it happens again without the forward. Thanks for the report also - will be on the watch for any other issues. Our DMARC policy is relatively new. We implemented it in part because we had security researchers opening tickets at least once or twice a week for the past year complaining that we had no DMARC policy. Was less work just to implement it, but these kinds of issues are why we were hesitant to do so.
  7. It sounds like this may be related to this ticket https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4017
  8. Per dmarcian: Google's DMARC report to us early this morning showed a forward to a domain starting with "fastcp...", don't know if that's you. If so, the mailgun DMARC probably did not survive the forward.
  9. I think it happens because of your forward, Google is then seen as the sender. Our forum email is sent through Mailgun, which validates DKIM and thus DMARC. It must become broken when forwarded. Google is not permitted in our SPF policy, and they might be stripping out the DKIM headers Mailgun adds.
  10. Since you didn't remove the language folders, I'm not sure why those other languages are not shown on that page with an "Install" link - they should be if the files are there.
  11. You got that when sending an email to us, or when we sent you an email? What was the email?
  12. I encountered another error, see https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4016
  13. Did you click the "Uninstall" link to remove the language? If so, did you then delete the language files afterward? The screenshot you shared did not show any other languages capable of being installed, so I assume the files were removed.
  14. I tested this module a bit myself and I found that I had to enter the long API Key shown under https://manage.test.opensrs.com/#!/account/API in both of the Key and HashKey fields in the module. I would also get a blank white page (error) until I opened port 55443 TCP egress at the firewall. (52443 for live) After submitting the order with "valid" name servers, I got an order to go through just fine in sandbox mode.
  15. This is ISPManager? A username cannot start with a number, if you are provisioning manually then you can choose another username to enter. However, if Blesta is unable to provision, it may make sense for us to update the username generator to create a username that meets the rules. Normally usernames are generated based on the domain name, but if the domain starts with numbers then we may have to use some random letters at the beginning.
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