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  1. Paul

    Custom Smart Search

    The smart search can't be modified other than selecting which standard criteria is used for the smart search. Your best bet is to create a plugin that implements its own search, then you can configure it to search however you want. The plugin would create a new search option.
  2. Paul

    change admin url

    The admin navigation links are cached. To clear the cache, edit and re-save your staff group. Settings > System > Staff > Staff Groups: Edit & Save with no changes. That will force a cache clear.
  3. Normally a ticket that has a status change only and no update, no email is dispatched. I'm not sure if this email is intentional. Can you provide a sample of this email that the client receives? What version of Blesta are you running?
  4. Much of the EU VAT requirements are a mystery to us, but we'd like to make necessary changes to properly support it. From what I understand there needs to be an option to integrate with VIES to verify that a VAT ID provided is real, and then take some action on that. Presumably, setting the client as tax-exempt, and some other things. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, can you explain it to me like I'm a 5 year old? There seems to be several moving parts here, and we want to know how things should function, and how they ought to be configured within Blesta.
  5. In 4.10.0-4.10.1 the mass mailer plugin doesn't work properly. We'll be rolling out a fix, but you can apply a fix manually by doing the following: Update plugins/mass_mailer/mass_mailer_controller.php line 23 add $this->structure->setDefaultView(APPDIR); Before parent::preAction();
  6. Paul


    Just to add, configurable options only appear for the same term because they cannot renew on their own. So a yearly service could not have a monthly config option - it wouldn't be invoiced every month. However, allowing one-time config options for services of any term is something we are considering. Since they will never renew, it might be fine. If you want to make an official feature request for this, https://requests.blesta.com I'm not sure if one exists. UPDATE: Looks like there is a task for this at https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2399 and a request here https://requests.blesta.com/topic/make-mounthlyyearly-package-support-addons-onetime
  7. You got it! I think you can also use cp -Rf source_dir destination_dir The -f switch forces an overwrite.
  8. Paul

    Blesta 4.10.1 Released

    Version 4.10.0 is now available, please see the release announcement. NOTE! This release includes a security fix. Patching Blesta See Patching Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Installing Blesta See Installing Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Upgrading Blesta See Upgrading Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Migrating to Blesta See Migrating to Blesta in the User Manual for instructions. Release Notes See Blesta Core - Version 4.10.1. For older releases see all Change Logs.
  9. Hi Mike, You can download and re-install Blesta, but you will need a new trial key. If you can PM me or email [email protected] the URL to the original install, I can re-issue your trial key or get you a new key. Cheers, Paul
  10. Thanks for the update, and sorry we didn't see your original post sooner.. though I doubt we would have guessed that it was open_basedir initially. We typically recommend disabling open_basedir completely, some other directories the system may access are /tmp (though you have /home/jaxsite/tmp/ set), and others like /dev/urandom which is called by phpseclib for certain encryption tasks.
  11. The only reason multiple invoices should be generated for the same service in one day is if the renew date is sufficiently in the past that it has to push it forward multiple times to catch up. This usually only happens when cron has not run for an extended period of time, and it has to back bill. What is the renew date for the service, and what is the term? The error you included seems unrelated, I would expect something more if it's trying and unable to push the renew date forward and failing. Any third party extensions or modifications? I would try re-uploading the full version of Blesta to ensure all files are correct, and try running /admin/upgrade again just to be sure that it ran. You can also run this to check the database version: SELECT `value` FROM `settings` WHERE `key`='database_version';
  12. We will not stop releasing updates entirely while we finish up big features. We did that when we were rewriting Blesta for v3.0, and it was a mistake. We need to be consistent with releases, and there are tasks big and small. Filtering was pretty simple, and it's useful for the majority. Everyone has this "one feature" that they need, and all other features are "useless" to them. That's the wrong way of looking at it. New features that you may not care for, someone else cares for greatly. We can consistently release updates with new features, while still working on the big ones. Affiliate system excludes tax in the payout amount, it looks at the package price pre-tax. So if your payout rate is 10%, and the item costs $100 + $30 tax ($130 total), the payout would be $10, not $13. You referenced quite a few potential new features, if you don't mind, please check that they are individually listed at https://requests.blesta.com with sufficient detail. When we plan new releases, we review the requests site.
  13. When were the invoices actually generated? Were they generated on the same date, or spread out over multiple days? Has the service's renew date been pushed forward? What module does the service use? Does it happen to all services that renew, or only some? When services are invoiced, their renew date is pushed forward, preventing them from being invoiced again. If the renew date is not pushed forward, then there may be some error, check your ../logs_blesta/ logs. Also, make sure you have only 1 cron job set up, if you have multiple crons you may be creating a race condition.
  14. Affiliate commissions can be recurring or one time. No ETA, but 4.11 is well under way at this point. We just released 4.10 this week.. maybe late June? We'll see.
  15. Really? Seems like you should be able to set that for a pending service, I wonder if there is a reason or if this was an oversight.
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