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  1. Great, thanks a task for SolusVM has been created as well.
  2. Additionally I've created the Epic https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2832 and we have 2 modules apart of that: Vultr and cPanel. Is anyone aware of any other modules that this is an issue with? We need a task for each that we'll be updating, and I am not able to look at them all right now.
  3. Paul

    Product Out Of Stock

    What version of Blesta are you running? This was changed in 4.1, see https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2284 If you are running 4.1+ try testing with the Wizard List order form, I've personally seen the out of stock button appear on this order form. If it's an issue with wizard boxes we can look into it. If you're not running 4.3.2, you should be.
  4. Paul

    blesta seller shut down business?

    That's right. If it's an owned license and the reseller disappears, we will transfer in their licenses at no cost to the customer. Be prepared to prove that you own the license. Your original invoice and license key will help. Also, we may have to look at whois data to ensure you own the domain the license is currently installed at. We just need to confirm that you're the rightful owner.
  5. Paul

    Pay Now Login

    Maybe I haven't tried paying using the Pay Now link in some time. Is this what the client is always shown? The login page with the message embedded? If so, then yes, I think we should improve this.
  6. Paul

    Override FROM address in email templates

    Is it just the initial ticket received email, or is it after staff reply also? I think this initial received reply is different, and doesn't contain a modified subject to track the ticket. Maybe it should, so that they could reply to it and update the ticket. In that case, it would definitely need to have a reply-to set to the department email.
  7. Paul

    Plesk 17.8.11 Help

    Sounds like the issue is unique to that one Plesk server. Have you reached out to Plesk support?
  8. Paul

    Plesk 17.8.11 Help

    If the issue has to do with Blesta running on the same server it's provisioning on, I wonder if it's related to this.. see https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Plesk#Plesk-CommonIssues Essentially you need to enable graceful restart of Apache. What happens is the account is created, but then Plesk restarts Apache and drops the connection over the API to Blesta.
  9. Paul

    blesta seller shut down business?

    Provider B-B-B-b-b-b-b leeeeeeesta
  10. Paul

    Blesta 3.6.1 and php 7.0

    Yep.. just to be extra clear, as an addon to Tyson's post. If we re-encoded the files for v3.6 with the ioncube encoder for PHP 7.0 or higher, it still would not work. It's not a limitation on the software, Blesta 3.6 will not run under PHP 7. We spent a lot of time and effort with Blesta 4.0 to add support for PHP 7, which included a major framework update. There's no reason anyone should be running EOL software (See https://docs.blesta.com/display/support/End+of+Life+Policy). I highly recommend upgrading to 4.3.2.
  11. Paul

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    I'm not a prophet, and we have no control over that. I can't even guarantee I'll wake up tomorrow, or that a sink hole won't open under my desk and swallow me alive. But we all do our best effort and push forward the best way we can. If 3rd party developers are making money, and the subscription model is a good one for consistent income, then I see no reason why they'd want to disappear. My recommendation is to do some due diligence, and show these companies some love. In the end, we are all dependent on others. Modern society doesn't work for lone rangers. Of course there is risk, but there is reward!
  12. Paul

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    There are some things that Blesta should include with it that it does not, but there are other things that 3rd party developers create that simply make no sense for us to do. We can't be everything to everyone in such a diverse industry. 3rd party developers who focus on niche markets, or add features that a smaller number of users want add much value to the space. The genius of it is that we've built Blesta to so developer friendly so that people can create unique and useful things that we simply can't. We have to look at the big picture, and build things for the majority. It doesn't make sense for us to build and maintain things that few will use.. unless we charge extra for those items, like we do with the License Manager. We realized this would be the case out of the gate, and are thankful for companies like Blesta Addons who can provide great value in the space - and I think they are worth every penny for their subscription model - a model that is sustainable and allows them to continue releasing great updates and maintaining them.
  13. Paul

    Packages, where the customer ent6ers the amount

    The problem is that you added "qty" as a Package option not a Service option for your Universal Module Product. This should be under "Service Options" not "Package Options"
  14. Paul

    Cannot add new department after update

    Do any records in support_tickets.date_updated = '0000-00-00 00:00:00'? They shouldn't. If any do, update them. You can set the date updated to the same date the ticket was closed, or opened. Backup database first. This is most likely the reason for your error.
  15. Paul

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    Does this mean our module will continue to work again because you've resolved on your end, or will we need to make any changes? If we need to make any changes, your help is much appreciated!