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  1. Where can we find official government documentation on this? The problem is this: Let's say a client makes a $100 payment for credit. If we invoice for the credit, the amount would be applied to the invoice, and there would no longer be a credit. If on the other hand, the credit is both invoiced and remains as an account credit, then at a later time a client receives $100 worth of invoices and the credit is applied to those invoices, the initial $100 credit has been applied to $200 worth of invoices. Additionally, the client may be able to submit this to their tax authority as a $200 deduction. How do you reconcile that?
  2. Prior to 5.1, modules didn't have types. A minor tweak is needed to make the module compatible with the domain manager, and we have provided the information to them. The module would continue to work outside the domain manager as it was, but the minor update to make it compatible is the best solution.
  3. You have 2 overlapping rules, so the first matching level 1 rule is applied.
  4. What version were you running before? I'm pretty sure this is normal, a result of markdown only wrapping paragraph tags around only content and not white spaces.
  5. If you install 5.1 fresh you'll have the domain manager. If you upgrade to 5.1, then you need to install the domain manager under Settings > Company > Plugins > Available. If upgrading to 5.1.0 you should install the domain manager or you'll experience the above mentioned bug. That will be resolved in 5.1.1 so that it's not required to be installed.
  6. Good idea, I've added this task https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4373
  7. Thanks for the feedback. This would only be if the user was linked to multiple accounts. It would have to be a setting to allow this or not.
  8. Blesta doesn't store the gateway on an invoice prior to payment because Blesta doesn't force a particular payment method on an invoice. Once payment is made, the details are stored. Any gateway can be used that supports the currency of the invoice. Are you saying you want to force a client to pay with a specific gateway? If not, what is the use case for having a gateway associated prior to payment, given that the actual gateway used may be different?
  9. Well said. We appreciate you, and @TheMaster. If you search around, you can find plenty of bad things people have said about Blesta on these forums. We leave them because we believe in free and open dialogue. Censorship is against freedom of expression. People will say things that are wrong, and others will see it and it'll only hurt their own reputation. We would like to see @TheMaster stay. Obviously that's up to him.
  10. That's wrong. My opinion is that there is nothing unethical here, and you are very much welcome. We do not censor all opinions we disagree with. If you want to throw all your hard work away because of some random person, that's up to you. Seems like you're giving up quite a bit to do so.
  11. Overreact much? If one person's opinion causes this kind of reaction, I'm not sure how you get up every morning and carry on. Seriously. I happen to disagree with them, by the way, but we're not going to censor people on the forum because it hurts your feelings.
  12. It wouldn't be the first time, people can judge for themselves. It doesn't seem unethical to me.
  13. This issue has to do with using a comma as the decimal separator instead of a period? Does EUR normally use a comma?
  14. What was the renew date for the service? If it is scheduled for cancellation, no invoice would be generated. If the scheduled cancellation is removed, then the service should be invoiced at the next daily invoice cron run. So, it can take up to 24 hours for an invoice to be generated. Note: "next daily invoice cron run" if the service should be invoiced based on the renew date.
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