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  1. Paul

    Download Invoices in Bulk

    The simplest way to do this is to piggy back off the print queue feature. To start, you can add existing invoices to the print queue with a query like this: INSERT INTO invoice_delivery (invoice_id, method) SELECT invoices.id, 'paper' FROM invoices WHERE invoices.date_billed >= '2019-07-01 00:00:00' AND invoices.date_billed <= '2019-08-31 23:59:59'; Just change the dates, keeping in mind that the times are in UTC (adjust accordingly), and go to Billing > Print Queue. If you want to show a lot of invoices at a time, rather than the default 20, you can edit config/blesta.php and change: Configure::set('Blesta.results_per_page', 20); To Configure::set('Blesta.results_per_page', 2000); To show 2000 instead of 20. This controls lists throughout Blesta, so you'll definitely want to change it back when you're done. When done downloading the PDF of your invoices, click the button to "Mark as Printed" to remove them from the queue.
  2. Declined means the bank declined the charge. Error means there could have been a problem with the gateway and the charge may otherwise go through. In both cases, the charge did not complete and will not settle. However, there is a major distinction between the two. In the case of a decline, there can be many reasons. Account doesn't have the funds, or the address doesn't match the one provided (AVS mismatch). Whatever the case, you should check Tools > Logs > Gateway to see what the raw response was from the gateway which may give more clarity to the reason.
  3. Paul

    Deleting a service

    A Package can be deleted if there are no services that are linked to the Package, which includes cancelled services. This is the case because services have a direct relationship with Packages and a service floating around without a Package could cause issues. The typical recommended action is to mark old Packages as "Inactive" instead of deleting them. But, if you are doing some testing you can delete the services in the services table in the database manually, and then you should be able to delete the Package in the UI. Always use the UI where possible. So, service deleted in database, then delete Package in Blesta. We may change this in the future, but the restriction is there to be safe and we need to spend more time determining whether it's safe to delete a Package that has linked services.
  4. Customers may pay with a payment method that takes the client away from Blesta, which posts back to Blesta when the payment is completed. Provisioning services through certain modules may take a significant amount of time to complete, such that making the user wait in the browser may result in a timeout. We are considering an enterprise level feature that adds a daemon to your server that runs continuously and processes certain jobs like order provisioning in near real-time.
  5. Paul

    Can't Apply payment

    Yeah I think you should check the database and see what the total actually is. As Tyson mentioned, there is a good chance that there is some hidden decimal value and the total is not adding up. You can also try editing the invoice, and statically enter the value. If you are using quantities, then remove the quantity and enter the total value as a single quantity and try to process.
  6. Paul


    Are you having trouble using the existing template system? We are not opposed to something like twig, but changing things now would be involved and the current template system is simple and works well. Why change it now?
  7. So 1-180 days? Maybe we should make a poll, would be nice to get some more feedback. 180 items in a dropdown though is a lot, so I wonder if we should skip after 60 days into 30 day increments. 1 2 3 ... 60 90 120 150 180
  8. What options do you recommend? 1-365 days? 1-60 days, then add 90, 120, 160, 190, 220, 250, 280, 310, 340, 370 or something like that? 365 options is a lot.
  9. Are you seeing this only on the Standard template or on all? Just that the domain name itself is missing from the order summary? We'll look into it.
  10. You can probably manually change the value in the settings to override. A year is a long time. We would consider changing the options, but we haven't really had any other feedback on the setting so I'm not sure how many would want > 60 days.
  11. Did you create the service and invoice in the admin area under their profile, or did the client place an order? When adding a service, admins can opt to have the service created right then. The status should be set to "Pending" if it should not be activated until after the invoice is paid. The invoice must be generated as part of adding the service, you can't add an invoice afterward because it won't be linked to the service.
  12. Paul

    Run PHP modules check

    There's not a way to check system requirements post-install. What I would recommend is uploading another copy of Blesta in a subdirectory, and access the installer in your browser - it will do the requirement check... just don't continue to install.
  13. We don't release new features in bug patch. MAJOR.MINOR.BUG. Stripe 3DS will be in 4.7, beta soon. Wrapping up now.
  14. A round about way to do it would be to add a staff user with an email address for your department, then login as them and subscribe them to receive order notifications under Billing > Overview, by clicking the gear/widget icon. Just be careful that the from and to address is not the same, order emails should come from a different address.. don't want to create any loops.
  15. We are finalizing this right now and support will be included in 4.7, which we hope to have in beta very soon.
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