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  1. The error references /components/reports/vat_moss/ which does not ship with Blesta. Does this directory exist? Did you make any customizations?
  2. We'll try to get that added shortly. @Jono
  3. It's something we would certainly consider adding. I'm not sure if there are any feature requests for it yet https://requests.blesta.com but we do something similar with Packages (the "copy" link next to them can be used to clone them and edit, before saving/creating a new package). I don't see why we wouldn't do it for invoices too, we just haven't had many requests for it as far as I remember.
  4. Yeah, what I'm saying is that you can make it so that nobody can edit an invoice. Disable the staff ACL permission for "Edit Invoice" and enable caching (in 5.1), and invoices will not change at all once they are created.
  5. A cached invoice insures that the contact details for the client, should they be updated in the system, are not also updated in previous invoices. There is a staff ACL permission called "Edit Invoice". Unless a staff member has access to this, they CANNOT modify an invoice. If a staff member does have access to this, and edits an invoice, it will be re-cached at that time. So, I don't think this presents a problem. Do not let staff have edit access to invoices, and enable the invoice cache in 5.1 and invoices cannot change. Unless I'm missing something else?
  6. There is a bug in Blesta 5.0, see https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4229 we have a task to fix this. If you are starting fresh, you could install Blesta 4.12.3, import your ssl packages, then upgrade to 5.0.4, but obviously that's more work. We hope to have a fix for this soon.
  7. The currency shows KES, but on the order form it's shown as Ksh. Are these the same? Is your Default Currency set to KES under Settings > Currencies > Currency Setup? If these are not the same currency, then there is something wrong with the exchange rate under Settings > Currencies > Active Currencies.
  8. Paul

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    Yes, you can do that, however because there are far more database migrations that need to be performed over such a large jump, there is a higher risk of your web server timing out if you perform the upgrade via web (accessing /admin/upgrade and clicking the button). Upgrading via CLI command, would be less likely to encounter an issue. If you are running version 3.x, there are steps needed if upgrading to 4.x. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta We would recommend in that case following these steps, and going to 4.0 then from 4.0 to a newer release. Always make
  9. Paul

    Blesta in Docker

    /logs_blesta/ is an unusual place for the log directory. Since your docroot is /var/www/html/ it would normally reside in /var/www/logs_blesta/ The warning about the ownership not being the same, is probably a result of your web server running as a different user as your cron user. The cron should, ideally run as the same user. Then, when it writes log files, they will be owned by the same user, and there won't be any potential for conflict. In v5, we write cron logs with a different name, so it's not a serious issue, but the warning remains.
  10. Oh, make Blesta match? That requires integrating your website theme into Blesta. Most of the time people just edit 1 file, /app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt which contains the header and footer for Blesta. If you have any custom CSS we recommend creating a new overrides.css file and loading it in structure at the end, and putting your styles there. You can get more help on this via people on our Discord, and there are companies that can do this integration for you for pretty cheap.
  11. Paul

    Blank Page

    In docker the IP often changes, when that happens the license will need to be re-issued. If you can pin the IP in docker, that should prevent license issues. Glad that you found the cause of the blank pages.
  12. It looks like your price is 0, and as a result the total is 0. What are you expecting to see?
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by adding html pages. If you want to create pages that are part of Blesta, then you may be interested in the 3rd party BlestaCMS plugin. Otherwise, I would recommend keeping your website content pages separate from Blesta. You can create navigation links in Blesta if you want to link to external content from your website under Settings > Look and Feel > Navigation.
  14. Under Settings > Company > Currencies > Active Currencies. Edit. Change the precision to the desired value, like 2.
  15. We would recommend using a different subdirectory name, or switching to a subdomain like my.domain.com, billing.domain.com, or domain.com/billing/ that way the client area would be at my.domain.com/client/ or domain.com/billing/client While you can change the client route, and change the name of the client path, it would be a conflict to load it at the root of the installation. Also - welcome!
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