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  1. Are you provisioning accounts as an admin? If so, is the "Use Module" box checked? What is in your module log? Tools > Logs > Module tab. Click a row for CyberPanel to expand and show the raw input/output with the API.
  2. Like which? Are you using Softaculous on another panel? Plesk and CentOS WP were requested, so we added those.
  3. Great! Just FYI, the number 1 indicates company ID 1. So a 2nd company would have a directory named 2, third a 3, etc. I assume that's how you have things set, but since you didn't say it was missing from /uploads/2/ I thought it was worth mentioning. You wouldn't have 2 client_documents directories under /uploads/1/.
  4. Uploads directory should be the parent directory of the 1 directory. Path is to uploads. Files should be written to the client_documents directory automatically. If they can't be written, and the directory exists, and the path is defined correctly in the settings, then it's likely an ownership or permissions issue.
  5. Is your uploads directory defined and writable under Settings > System > General? What are the contents of your uploads directory? It should contain a "1" directory, and that directory should contain some others, one of which is for the download manager. They should be writable by your web server.
  6. Open a ticket with them and they should be able to help.
  7. Are you talking about a domain & other order form where the domain is not auto populated for the cPanel domain field? This is because Blesta expects the field to have a specific name, and the author has given it a different name.
  8. For whatever reason your tickets cannot be imported. Make sure you have the IMAP PHP extension and the Mailparse PECL extension. To test this, you can: Enable error reporting your /config/blesta.php (Change ErrorReporting value from "0" to "-1". Disable your cron job Execute the cron command manually via SSH after the next import should run (when task not stuck spinning).. but don't direct output to /dev/null. e.g. /path/to/php /path/to/blesta/index.php cron See if any errors are output. Alternatively, you can check your ../logs_blesta/ log files. Settings > System > General will show the full path.
  9. What was the complete error and the output?
  10. I wonder if there should be a Package override for this, to not allow upgrades downgrades to this Package. Admins would be able to do it anyway if they want. This would allow all Packages in a Group to be disabled for upgrade/downgrade, or only specific ones. Maybe some Packages could be upgraded to and not others.
  11. You must correct the error that you got, then re-import. If that is the only error, then the import will be able to continue with importing all of those other things.
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