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  1. Paul

    Cron tasks stuck

    Tasks missing an end date should re-try again after at least 6 hours has passed since the failed task started, assuming that it crashed. What's fun is when people move Blesta but keep it on the old server and don't turn the cron off. Then we get reports about magic invoices and charges that don't appear in Blesta.
  2. Paul

    PHP 7.2 Is blesta compatible and how to enable??

    Make sure you are running Blesta 4.4.2, and apply the hotfix-php71 files included in the zip. These files will work with PHP 7.1 and 7.2.
  3. That's not what I'm saying. There's no reason making a payment in PayPal sandbox should be an issue. I think you need to think about these things as separate actions. PayPal has really nothing to do with your WHMSonic service. What matters is that the INVOICE for the service is paid. The cron activates paid pending services. If the service is pending, and the invoice is paid, then the cron will activate the service. Now, separately, if a customer pays with PayPal then PayPal sends an IPN request to Blesta, and Blesta records the transaction. Payment made at PayPal PayPal makes IPN call to Blesta Blesta records the transaction If the transaction is Approved, then it is/can be applied toward invoices. In this case, your invoice will be paid and the cron will provision pending services. If your transactions are showing as "Pending" that's because PayPal set them to Pending. This usually happens as I said with check payments, because they take time to clear and PayPal tells us when this has happened. If the transaction is not Approved, the money doesn't exist in your PayPal account yet.. it's waiting to clear, at which time PayPal will notify Blesta and the transaction will change from Pending to Approved. Then it will be applied to the invoice. Then the cron will provision services. I hope that makes sense. If your PayPal payments all appear as "Pending", then that's because of PayPal and how you are using the sandbox. Every test PayPal transaction I've done has gone directly to Approved.
  4. Paul

    Cron tasks stuck

    If the issue occurs when suspended services, the next question is: What services are trying to be suspended, and what modules are they using? Since suspended services invoke the module, and the module can make an API call to remotely suspend a service, the module has a lot of control. If you are running any 3rd party or custom modules, then they could be suspect.
  5. Paul

    Invoice 2 page PDF include heading table

    Many invoices show the header information on all pages of the invoices and I believe this was by design. If we were to make a change, I think it would be to create a new invoice template that behaved differently and showed the header information only on the 1st page, without the header section on subsequent pages. Or are you saying the current design does not make it possible to create another invoice PDF template that works that way?
  6. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    When the service is activated, the welcome email is sent to the client. This is comprised of what you enter in the Welcome Email section on the package. An example of that can be found at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Multicraft#Multicraft-WelcomeEmail The only reason this wouldn't be sent is if you manually activate and uncheck the option, or if there is an error in your email (using bad tags, or conditionals). If the IP is incorrect, make sure you've set it properly in multicraft, here's how - https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Multicraft#Multicraft-SettingtheServerIP The docs are your friend!
  7. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    Which emails? As a client or as an admin? If as an admin, and you want to get order emails then you must subscribe to them under Billing > Overview, by clicking the Cog/Gear icon in the Orders widget. Every staff member that wants to get the order emails must do this. If you want to get a BCC copy of customer emails, then you can subscribe to them under "My Info", but first may need to grant access to them to your staff group under Settings > System > Staff > Staff Groups, Edit.
  8. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    Looks like the email address is already taken in your Multicraft? Strangely the findUsers command did not return any users. Do you see that user in Multicraft? You could try provisioning on another client that has a different email and see if it works properly.
  9. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    And for panel URL
  10. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

  11. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    It should be resolvable if you don't also have "multicraft." prepended
  12. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    The URL is not possible to resolve.. multicraft.IP-address. Edit the setting in the module and update the API URL. See https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Multicraft?preview=/3833872/3899409/3.png for a screenshot example. In the example, multicraft.mydomain.com is provided as the sample URL, this entire portion should be replaced with your hostname. If you don't have a hostname, then replace with your IP only.
  13. Paul

    Need help with paypal & some other stuff

    Your email settings are probably not correct, doesn't look like it can send an email. Make sure if you're using SMTP that your credentials are right. Make sure the from address in your email templates is correct. Make sure your Temp directory is correct and writable (Settings > System > General). If services cannot be made active, then probably there is an error when making the API call with the module. Check the module log under Tools > Logs: Module tab. Click the row to expand to display the raw input/output. Will be helpful in determining the cause.
  14. Paul

    Due date setting for the invoices

    When creating a service for the client in Blesta, you can opt NOT to create an invoice. Then after the service is added, click to Manage the service and do a "Change Renew Date" under Actions to set the date when the next invoice should be due and the service renews. If you opt to create the invoice, you can modify it after the fact to change the due date. Which way you go will depend on whether you want an invoice to be generated soon or just at the next cycle.
  15. I created this task CORE-2990 There would have to be several conditions met: No module service fields No configurable options No addons Only then could be skip the step.