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  1. Are you a real person? Why drudge up a 6 year old post about a company that no longer exists?
  2. Which PayPal gateway is this? If it's PayPal Payments Standard and the transaction in Blesta doesn't appear, make sure your IPN is enabled in your PayPal account, if it's disabled then PayPal won't make the request. https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/PayPal+Payments+Standard#PayPalPaymentsStandard-CommonIssues If the transaction does appear, and the invoice is paid, the cron will activate the service next time it runs, make sure you've set up the cron job correctly and that it's regularly running and updating the last ran date time under Settings > System > Automation. Blesta provisions paid pending services, so the invoice should be paid, and the service should be pending. If the service is in-review, then the order has not been approved, or was held for manual review due to your settings and/or fraud options.
  3. Paul

    .ca registrations

    What registrar module are you using? Howe are you trying to register the domain, as an admin or as a client during checkout? What fields are missing?
  4. What icon are you referring to, do you mean the QR code? The QR code image is generated on the fly internally and not saved, the key is stored in the user_otps table.
  5. You are good with these being on a client profile page above all the existing widgets? The Client Profile, Dashboard and Billing > Overview pages all support widgets, which plugins can create. They can be added and sorted. Client Cards were intended to show information is a sort of summary. If we add cards to the admin area, they will only appear under the Client Profile page (Viewing a particular client) I just want to make sure we're on the same page. So you want to see cards on a client's profile page, with a number/count of pending services, tickets waiting for staff reply, open invoices, and scheduled cancellations? Like the client dashboard, these would appear on a client's profile page at the top. Are we on the same page?
  6. Paul

    Manual available?

    https://docs.blesta.com contains the documentation. If you have questions on how to do something in particular, join our Discord (invite link above in forum navigation), there's a community of friendly helpful people.
  7. Packages > Edit, to edit a Package, the group assignment is at the bottom in the "Group Membership" package. Available groups on the right, Member groups on the left. Move from the right to the left and save the Package to add it to the group. Packages > Package Groups to create groups.
  8. Packages > Domain Options > Configuration: TLD Sync lets you set price margins and set auto sync. Manual sync can be done under TLD Pricing for existing domains, or under Import TLDs if importing new TLDs, which will do a price sync on import.
  9. What kind of cards would you like to see in the admin area, client profile page? If there are some good card ideas, we'll consider finalizing this feature.
  10. Not in our distribution no, since there are directories included that must go above your document root. If you want to unzip on the server, it's better to unzip in a temp directory, then copy the files to the correct location cp -Rf /path/to/temp/blesta/* /path/to/installation/ Of course, backup your files and database first anytime you upgrade.
  11. There's not suppose to be a physical directory. What do you mean exactly that it does nothing? Do you normally access your admin area at domain.com/admin/? If so, then /admin/upgrade is the correct path. If you are able to login to the admin area, check the version in the footer. If it doesn't show the new version, then you did not overwrite the files in the right location.
  12. If you have any questions please let us know. Also, there's a link to join our Discord server in the forum navigation, the community can be very helpful.
  13. Have you installed the trial recently or attempted an import? If so, which specific items are you concerned about? Many of the things mentioned by the OP in this thread are implemented. Like Enom, ResellerClub, Freezing invoices, VIES VAT, and more.. I only skimmed it.
  14. So what you're saying is that they killed off PagSeguro and released a totally new replacement with a new API? Did they publish anything online about this? If that is the case, we will have to remove PagSeguro entirely and consider whether we want to write a new payment gateway for PagBank or not. This would be a new gateway integration, not an update to the existing.
  15. Paul

    Upgrade not working

    It sounds like the upgrade may have failed on the 5.0.0-b1 migration for some reason. If you ran the upgrade and it failed, and you ran it again and then received this error that would explain it. I'm not sure if your solution is the right one, but if all the navigation links look and work correctly, then it's probably fine.
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