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  1. Paul

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    How long ago did you upgrade to 4.5.2? What version did you upgrade from? Try re-uploading all the files from the full 4.5.2 release If you have ever upgraded from version 3.x, make sure you've removed the files listed in the yellow alert box at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta
  2. Paul

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    It's possible, you should check that. The NOC PS module is a 3rd party module, and not supported by us, so I don't know if it has unique requirements. If it continued to work fine after upgrading to 4.5.2 then it may be compatible with 4.5.2. Check also the file logs, ../logs_blesta/ defined under Settings > System > General. The logs may have more information if there is an error involved. Also check your firewall and logs in NOC PS.
  3. Paul

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    I see INPUT but no OUTPUT, it appears that your NOC PS server is not responding, or Blesta is unable to reach it.
  4. Paul

    Noc-PS Module Issue

    Did you change anything recently? Upgrade Blesta, upgrade the NOC PS module, move your installation, etc? To view the module log for NOC PS, click anywhere in the row for the log on that page (not the "NOC Provisioning System (NOC-PS)" link)
  5. @elzek1 Take a look at what Mike from Blesta.Store mentioned with your client ID's. Any imports must be done on a fresh Blesta installation, and we recommend making a backup of your Blesta install before attempting an import so you can restore and retry. I assume you are using Blesta 4.5.2?
  6. Invoice creation automation task runs once per day. If it already ran today, then invoices won't be generated again until tomorrow. So if you're billing 14 days in advance, and it's 8 days until the service is set to renew, then it should be invoiced at the next run.
  7. Paul


    Maybe we should ship the unminified version with Blesta also.
  8. I think Blesta version 4.6 may solve this for you. Beta soon.
  9. You can configure your packages now for pro-rata, if they purchased a 1 year term then it would be prorated to June 1st or July 1st depending on what you set for the cutofff day. Then you can adjust the renew date and generate a 2nd invoice for June 1st - Jan 1st. After that it'll renew on Jan 1st each year. So, an extra manual step in there unfortunately. We might be interested in adding a prorata month option for yearly services if you want to make a feature request. Prorata option works best with monthly services, so if you have a monthly service you want to renew on the 1st each month, then placing an order will prorate it.. and you pay either partial month or partial month + whole month to get it to renew on the 1st. It doesn't work so well with yearly terms because it will still prorate it to the 1st of the next month not the 1st of a particular month.
  10. One thing I'd like to see is an export directly to Campaign Monitor list, or Mailchimp, etc. Separate feature for a separate time though. CORE-3111 sounds fine with me, so long as the default option is to use system mail settings.
  11. Welcome! The cPanel doesn't utilize any configurable options currently. You can create them, but the module will not detect and use them for provisioning. That's not a bad idea though. Since the cPanel server or server group is selected on the Package level, you'd need to have another Package for Bermuda with the Package configured to use a cPanel server group that contains your Bermuda cPanel servers, or a specific server for Bermuda. I'd suggest doing the following: Create your regular cPanel Packages, assigned to their own Package Group. Create another Package Group for Bermuda, call it "Bermuda Hosting" or whatever you want. Use the "Copy" feature under Packages to copy the Package, modify the name, price, package group, and cPanel server or server group for Bermuda and save. Repeat for all your Packages. Make sure both Package Groups are assigned to your order form (Packages > Order Forms: Edit). You can sort their display by drag and drop within the order form where the Package Groups are shown. You can sort the display of the Packages within their groups under Packages > Package Groups by clicking the row for the Package group and drag and drop packages within it. I hope that helps! You can make a feature request for using configurable options to override or set the cPanel server or server group at https://requests.blesta.com It's a good idea and something we'd be likely to add in the future.
  12. Does the client have any contacts? What version of Blesta? What version of the widget?
  13. At the time an invoice is generated, I believe we save the previous balance on the account. It might make sense to store the previous balance, but as you indicate it would be the balance at the time the invoice was generated, not including the generated invoice since application of payments/credits would occur later.
  14. PayPal reports the error when the client tries to make any payment, or when the client tries to set up a subscription? Are you experiencing this now in the live environment? Thanks for the link.
  15. Settings > Billing/Payment > Invoice Customization: Display on Invoice [x] Payments/Credits This will show any payments or credits applied to the invoice. If we are not showing total account credits, maybe that could be shown here?
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