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  1. How popular is zpanel nowadays? Never heard of Sentora, but suhosin & no PHP7 support? eew I don't see screenshots of either of these on their websites.
  2. You make a very good case for just having a separate license & separate installation. If PCI is a concern between companies, they should have separate code bases as well. If the server was compromised, the attacker would have the details they need to get into either database. Multi-company with multiple databases is not something we plan to implement, in fact, it would introduce a host of other issues. We understand that for some, a separate installation is preferable to a multi-company installation, and that's ok.
  3. There are potential security implications of allowing the same username to be used multiple times, but I understand what you're saying. You could create a feature request for this, and we could investigate to see how big of a deal it would be to change this and make usernames company unique, meaning that you could have the same username in a different company and it be a unique account.. though that would probably conflict with the feature of having a single user have access to multiple companies with the same login.
  4. You would have to modify the order templates to disable the email option in the HTML, or use Javascript to hide it. Usually people want to force the email option and hide the username option. /plugins/order/views/templates/
  5. Users are unique per company, and a user cannot currently exist in multiple companies. This is something we may add in the future. (User logs in, then sees a "Choose your Company Screen", or auto select company based on hostname with ability to switch companies, similar to staff) You could make a feature request: https://requests.blesta.com At the moment, a client can exist in multiple companies, but they would need a different user for each.
  6. Feed Backs For humanehosting.com!

    They are compatible colors. It's up to you how to deploy them to your website. Some trial and error on you computer would help you find the right colors, using those palettes as a guideline.
  7. Feed Backs For humanehosting.com!

    Nice start! As mentioned, a logo instead of the "Humane Hosting" text would add a lot. Also, the colors selection is not the best. Green & Red only go together for Christmas themed things. Take a look at this article for website color schemes to get ideas http://blog.visme.co/website-color-schemes/ There are also some website color palette generators where you pick colors and they suggest others that go well together. http://colormind.io/bootstrap/ https://coolors.co/app
  8. Blesta.store Suspend my License

    @Serverhosh Sorry to hear about the trouble. I have sent you a PM with a temporary license you can use until the issue is resolved with BlestaStore
  9. Looks good, nice work! The demo should probably say for reseller hosting "GET FREE BLESTA" though, you know, instead of those other guys. Other than that, great work!
  10. We break gateways into 2 primary types: Merchant and Non-Merchant Merchant: Customer enters credit card or ACH data directly into Blesta, Blesta processes in the background over an API with the processor. Non-Merchant: Blesta sends the customer to the processors website to make payment. The processor notifies Blesta in the background of the payment. As you can see, it depends where the customer is actually making payment. Within Blesta, or leaving Blesta to pay at the processor's website. If you processor has multiple options, and they do allow credit card numbers to be collected directly and sent over an API to them, then your gateway could probably be implemented as both a Merchant and a Non-Merchant gateway.
  11. Cannot Send/View Invoices

    I believe this is the same person I chat with via the website this morning. The issue in his case was that his PHP memory_limit was too low in php.ini. I increased it and it resolved the issue. If that's not you, or anyone else is getting an error the best thing to do is enable error reporting and debugging. To do so:
  12. just imported from WHMCS and clients cant login

    They changed their algorithm. Passwords are no longer compatible, either direction. It's recommended that customers use the password reset option to set a new password, which can be the same as they were using previously.
  13. Store Hours

    Thanks @BeZazz We want to encourage people to write and sell extensions. If someone posts an ad for their extension and you don't like something about it, PM them as BeZazz mentioned. You're more likely to convince them of something in private than in public. If there is something misleading or untrue about the ad, you can report their post or PM a moderator.
  14. Blesta Multi Company

    How did you clone company 2's data from company 1? I have an install with 2 companies with different invoice logos. What version are you running?