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  1. The addon package should be billed monthly if it's a monthly service. Can you elaborate?
  2. It sounds like it should be closing it then if: The department is set to close tickets after 2 days A staff member was last to reply Your cron is running the task every 6 hours What you could do is see if there are any errors. You can disable your cron job before it processes that task again, and then run it manually under Settings > System > Automation with error reporting enabled. To enable error reporting, edit /config/blesta.php and change Configure::errorReporting(0); to Configure::errorReporting(-1); You may also wish to enable System Debug. To do so, change Configure::set("System.debug", false); to Configure::set("System.debug", true); Be sure to change this back when you're done. ESPECIALLY System.debug. System.debug is known to sometimes cause licensing issues if left enabled.
  3. Was the admin or client last to respond? If the client was last to respond, it will not automatically close the ticket as it expects it's waiting for staff to respond. This prevents clients from opening a ticket, not getting a reply, having their ticket auto-closed, and talking bad about you on social media
  4. CORE-2406
  5. It should probably be updated to use bootstrap columns (ie. col-md-4), which we added in 4.0 and started using with the mass mailer. That'd probably solve it.
  6. Related to this, it's possible to change the server assigned to a cPanel service when managing the service as an admin. This is useful in cases where the account was migrated from one server to another. However, only servers from the same server group can be selected. Do you think this should be updated to allow any server to be selected? For example, if you have a server group called "Provisioning" and you have say 5 cPanel servers in it from which new accounts are assigned. But, you are moving an account from an older server to a newer server, the selector will not appear, or it will not allow you to select the new server which is in a different group. Show all instead? I hope that makes sense.
  7. They aren't.
  8. I wonder if this is an issue with the NVD3 library. Do you have the same issue if you download the library and edit one of the examples?
  9. It shows the login is a success even if it's a fail. We have a task for that. Here's the basic rundown for getting back in: To reset the staff password visit /admin/login and click the "Reset My Password" link. Enter your username, and click the "Reset Password" button. You should get an email with a password reset link within a few minutes. If you don't get an email, ensure that your username is correct. In phpMyAdmin or other MySQL database utility, look in the users table. Your username should appear in the "username" column, typically where id equals 1, as the primary staff account is the first user to be created. If that still doesn't work, you will need to temporarily enable legacy passwords. Please see [encryption]( in the user manual, specifically Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords and set it to true. Then, in the users table for your username, update the password field to: 5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99 Then, try logging in with your username and the password password. Reset your password. Then, change Blesta.auth_legacy_passwords back to false.
  10. The path to certain javascript files for the admin area is defined in app_controller. You can still include your own in ~/app/views/admin/default/structure.pdt What are you trying to accomplish?
  11. You can check your module log to see if it was cPanel that returned the error. Tools > Logs > Module log, click the cPanel rows to expand and display the raw input/output. You should be able to see the cPanel servers response.
  12. There seems to be 2 issues with applying credits: A gateway must be selected in order to pay with credit. I believe this is because if you don't have enough credit, it will use the selected payment method as the backup for the remaining balance. However, if there is enough credit, then this shouldn't be a requirement. Applying credits that seem sufficient is sometimes an issue because of precision. For example, if the customer has a credit of $5.4999 it will be shown as $5.50. If paying an invoice that is $5.50, it will not go through because it's technically a bit short. I think @mcarcadex is experiencing the first issue, which is assigned CORE-2105 as mentioned by @Blesta Addons. I have bumped this to the top of the backlog. I think @Jonathan is experiencing the 2nd issue that has to do with precision. CORE-1597 addresses that (also, duplicate task CORE-2354), which I've also bumped to the top of the backlog. I'll bring these up in our standup meeting today.
  13. Thanks for this. We found some other issues and resolved them as well, but you were very helpful. I still feel like it's not perfect, but it's pretty good.
  14. What was the solution? (In case anyone else stumbles on this thread with the same issue)
  15. We have considered allowing discounts to be set on a client group. For example, Client Group A gets 10% off, Client Group B gets 20% off, etc. This would apply to any/all packages in the system as a percentage discount. But, I'm not sure this would work for you. What you may be offer is the ability to specify which client groups a package may apply. Either all (by default) or specific ones, such that your client groups would have access to different packages, which you could set unique pricing on. That's an interesting idea.