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  1. There is a 3rd party Quickbooks Online integration that we covered in this blog post https://www.blesta.com/2021/08/10/quickbooks-online-blesta-integration/ and they have expressed the idea of maybe creating a Xero integration. I would recommend reaching out to them and letting them know you'd like to see support for Xero. Normally Blesta handles bank payments of the type ACH through an integrated gateway. For other types of payment, particularly those that occur outside of Blesta like checks, cash, or a direct wire, they need be recorded in Blesta. The most common way of handling this is for staff to use the "Record Payment" option within Blesta. It appears under Actions on a client's profile page. The common flow is to search for the client or invoice that is paid, and use the record payment option to record it, and continue through all. Of course, that doesn't happen automatically or in bulk. We could potentially look at a bulk import option, especially if you would consider sponsoring it. It's not a request we get very often, more often than not Blesta handles the payment directly and there is nothing to record manually.
  2. If you are creating a form outside of Blesta to submit to Blesta you will not be able to generate a CSRF token and should disable CSRF for the whois page. At https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Configuration+Files#ConfigurationFiles-Encryption see Blesta.csrf_bypass the example to bypass CSRF checks for the domain search is: Configure::set("Blesta.csrf_bypass", ['config::preconfig']);
  3. For details and download, please see https://www.blesta.com/2021/10/19/blesta-5.2-released/
  4. Do you have a price-override set for the domain? The price of 0 has to be coming from somewhere, I'm not able to reproduce this. I take it back, maybe I can. CORE-4510 should be fixed in next release. Thanks
  5. Thanks, this is fixed for the next release. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4494
  6. Is your registration price set to 0 for the TLD?
  7. The plugin is only intended to allow a client to unblock their own IP. If you like, you can submit a feature request at https://requests.blesta.com. We would consider adding a option to the plugin to allow an IP address to be entered that's different than the client's IP, but it would have to be a setting that is disabled by default. There is no simple and straight forward way I can think of to prevent abuse. Alternatively you can modify the plugin, but don't have details on how to accomplish what you're trying to do. It may be possible to just remove the disable element on the form, but I suspect there is probably more validation.
  8. Are you trying to unblock an IP as a staff member or as a client? Allowing clients to unblock any IP address, even if it's not theirs could be a security risk.
  9. If you are using the new Domain Manager in 5.1+, then Blesta will sync the renew date automatically within 24 hours of it being renewed with the registrar. Just don't forget to manually invoice in Blesta. In Blesta 5.2 there is an option to renew in advance, which would be the preferred way to go.
  10. Are you using the Domain Manager? If so, edit the configurable option under Packages > Configurable Options and check the box labeled "Default" for the Enabled option. However, it looks like this may be separate from the domain manager, and the option may be generated by the module. If that's the case, it will require a code change. I don't have an example of that handy. Our Discord #developers channel is probably the best place for developer related help. Here's an invite https://discord.com/invite/XCq34pU
  11. These fields are not required, they are only used if you want to do a refund from Blesta directly. Sandbox ID, Account, Secret doesn't appear to be the same information.
  12. What version did you upgrade from and to? Version 5.0 no longer supports PHP's mail() function, it uses Sendmail instead. If your server doesn't support Sendmail, you may wish to configure SMTP. Settings > Company > Emails > Email Setup
  13. Thanks! FYI, we created this task https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-4440
  14. Use IPv4 in what way? If their API doesn't support IPv6, then they shouldn't have an AAAA record on their DNS for the endpoint, and your server shouldn't try to connect over IPv6. If they do have an AAAA record, and your server has an IPv6 address, removing the IPv6 address should force IPv4.
  15. Paul

    Paper billing fee

    You can submit a feature request. To do this now, a plugin that ties into the Invoices.add event to append a line item with the fee would be the best way to go about it.
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