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  1. Paul

    Blesta 4.4.0 - CSV import

    Why not use the whmcs importer? Do you only want to import clients but nothing else? If so, check your CSV file for issues. You can also try importing a smaller set of clients at a time, say 10 at a time. That way you can narrow down which records are a problem. Then, if you like, you can PM me a copy of the problem records and I may be able to help.
  2. Paul

    New installation blank page

    We will likely be changing the encoder for the default files soon for PHP 7. I'm surprised that the hotfix-php7 files are working for you on PHP 7.1 or 7.2, that was not our experience and why we ship a hotfix-php71 directory for 7.1 & 7.2.
  3. Paul

    Plan upgrade and unpaid invoice

    Under Settings > Company > Billing/Payment and Client Groups there's an option called "Queue Service Changes Until Paid". If this is checked, then the plan upgrade will not occur until it's paid and the cron next runs. You may prefer this, rather than doing the upgrade in advance of payment.
  4. Paul

    eNom module fails to add eNom account

    Thanks for the update, glad you got it working! A common mistake people make (posting this not for you, but just in case anyone else sees this thread) is to add the IP for your Blesta host and not the server itself. The primary IP address of the server running Blesta is usually the one that API requests originate, and is the one that should be added to Enom.
  5. Sorry for jumping in.. but maybe this will be helpful. GoCardless is implemented similarly to PayPal (Which supports PayPal Subscriptions). So, clients can set up a recurring payment the first time, which will recur automatically. Docs at https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/GoCardless Take a look at this screenshot - https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/GoCardless?preview=/10551346/10551350/gocardless-installed.png Most people will want "One time and subscription payments when possible". Alternatively you can select "Subscription Payments Only". However, it's important to note that if the client is selecting to pay an invoice that does not have only recurring items, they will not be able to make a recurring subscription payment. So, giving the client the option (one time or subscription) you give the client control without risking a one-time invoice being unpayable.
  6. That's correct.. Here's a screenshot of the GoCardless config in Blesta https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/GoCardless?preview=/10551346/10551350/gocardless-installed.png You probably want to select "One time and subscription payments when possible". If the invoice has recurring items only, then it will allow them to set up a subscription for it, and the recurring payments will be sent to Blesta automatically.
  7. Paul

    Blesta 4.4.0 - CSV import

    Sounds like your CSV file has issues. There is no state called '\xC1', maybe this is the issue? Double check that all the data in your CSV is correct.
  8. Paul

    ini_set(): A session is active.

    Do you get the same error on PHP 7.0 or 7.1? Did you modify any files? If there is premature output, it may hinder sessions from working properly. This is most commonly an issue when modifying templates and leaving extra spaces or new lines at the beginning or end of files.
  9. Paul

    Blesta C#/.Net API Client?

    I'm not aware of anyone who has created a C# API library. You could probably port our PHP API library pretty easily https://github.com/phillipsdata/blesta_sdk it's very simple.
  10. Paul

    Provision with Internal IP + Port??

    VPS's must have a dedicated IP. Are you provisioning with an internal IP, and providing SSH on a single routable IP for all servers, and doing port forwarding of some sort? Isn't it a manual process to provision port forwarding? If so, where is that information coming from and how will the module know about it?
  11. Paul

    Today I recommend Blesta in the group.

    Per your recommendation, we have a task to support a built in captcha system as an alternative to recaptcha. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2895 I don't have an ETA, so would recommend Blesta Addons workaround for now if you need a recaptcha alternative right away.
  12. Paul

    Using Blesta for Storage Rental

    Packages Addons cannot be made mandatory, but config options can have a minimum value. Consider using config options instead Quantities can be limited on addons if using the universal module and using a qty field for which you define the options. You can also have a config option of the type quantity with a min, max, and step value. The config option may be the way to go depending on how you sell/price things. Quantity of a service cannot be limited per client, only per-stock. However, it's likely we will be adding a per-client limit in the future and have an open task to do so When clients upgrade, they are charged a prorata amount for the upgrade to the end of the current term, in which case it'll renew at the new price. As an admin, you can make adjustments to do whatever you want, if you want to diverge from that. Admins can use the order form by using the "log in as client" option and checking out, however you can add services as an admin to bypass the order system which has more flexibility I'm not sure what you mean about the service status. Services only become active when: 1. The order is approved. 2. The invoice is paid. 3. The cron runs to provision paid pending services. If you add a service as an admin, you can set the status to active without payment if you want, but the system does not activate services for which no payment has been made automatically. But you can activate them manually as an admin without payment if you wish Billing Yes, you can use 5 years as a term. Any value term period options are available. For example, 2 months, 6 weeks, 4 days, 13 years, are all possible options. Client Area/Invoicing/payments You can have clients pay with a link in their email. To prevent them from logging in, just set a username they would not be able to guess, so that they can't reset their password Support Yes staff can open tickets that are assigned to a client Tickets are generally assigned to a client, so if you want to keep them "internal" maybe a dummy client account to add them to would be ideal Marketing Yes, just use the Mass Mailer plugin https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Mass+Mailer
  13. Paul

    Blesta C#/.Net API Client?

    How are you planning to integrate? Blesta has a very open API, that supports all public model methods, including those of extensions. https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/API
  14. But you have left the database engine alone: Innodb, and not modified it to MyISAM.