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  1. It definitely follows the pattern. Not sure how MLM pyramid comes into play with Bitcoin though, is she referring to an exchange? On one hand I strongly believe in blockchain and think it has great real world benefits, on the other hand the rapid rise is a big concern. There's a lot of short term volatility. Long term I think the market cap will continue to grow, especially as it begins to be integrated into daily life.
  2. Just FYI, if anyone is interested in buying any BTC, LTC, or ETH on coinbase.com you can sign up with this link and if you deposit $100 or more both of us will get $10 in bitcoin. https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a1a0e84942a40026d012e3f
  3. PDF Invoices are large

    As long as you don't need special characters you should be fine
  4. Invoice Logo Missing

    I miss-typed, I meant PNG without transparency. If you send me your logo in JPG, I can try saving in Photoshop as PNG for you to see if it works.
  5. A new SSLCommerz gateway (alpha) is available for testing. SSLCommerz is a Bangladesh gateway for processing BDT To install, download the attached sslcommerz.zip, unzip and upload the "sslcommerz" directory to ~/components/gateways/nonmerchant/ and visit Settings > Company > Payment Gateways to install and configure. Additional notes:
  6. The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    This might not be particularly helpful, but trying it from another angle might be a good idea. From https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/API This is a rather simple request that uses GET instead of POST.
  7. Recurring item without a package

    You can create a recurring invoice. To do that, create a manual invoice and look for the recurring options. The invoice will be used like a stamp for stamping out invoices going forward. Clients > Select a Client, click the [+] icon in the invoices widget or under the Actions section on the left. If you did go with a package and you are setting these up for clients yourself, you can set a price override and use the same package. If a price override, create the service using the package (uncheck invoice option), then edit the service and set a price override. You may need to bill the initial month manually (or let Blesta invoice and modify the invoice right away).
  8. Proxmox module

    Chances are pretty good Blesta is unable to connect to your Proxmox server. Make sure TCP port 8006 egress is open on your Blesta server so it can make an outgoing connection, and that the same port is open ingress on your Proxmox server
  9. Ah. I think it's because the fees for transferring BTC are so high (Like $8 per transaction to send BTC on average). So, prolly not worth exchanging until you have some more. Should probably just hold onto your LTC for the moment, it seems to be doing pretty well.
  10. You can use changelly.com, or bring it into bittrex, or another exchange. I'd suggest changelly if you just want to convert it. Bitcoin is way up today, right now at $16,500 USD, and all other cryptocurrencies down as people consolidate to bitcoin due to futures trading. Could be an opportunity for altcoins like XLM (disclaimer again: I own some XLM)
  11. Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Work now with the backslash?
  12. Installation Error: BLESTA_VERSION Undefined

    Do you have special characters in your MySQL password? You may need to escape them in the /config/blesta.php config file with back slashes \ or use a password that does not have special characters. You should be able to correct the issue by updating your config file, and then you can complete the setup.
  13. Blesta 4.0 Breaking API changes

    @JaxSite Please open a ticket with us or email sales@ and I can help.
  14. Surely your fraud module helps prevent chargebacks?
  15. I am looking into it. Crypto payments remove the risk to sellers and coins like XLM settle fast, I think we'll see a big shift from fraud-prone credit cards to crypto online over the next 10 years.