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  1. Glad to hear it still works. I've added that change you made and edited the original post.
  2. Glad it still looks good. Hope someone can actually test it with a live braintree account
  3. See here: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4293-braintree-gateway/ Hopefully some people find some use for it as we unfortunately never got around to using it.
  4. I saw a request for a BrainTree payment gateway and remembered that while ago we whipped one up as we were contemplating using BrainTree. This was tested with test credentials but we never actually tested it or used it live.. there may be issues/bugs/etc and unfortunately as we don't currently use Blesta nor will we be using BrainTree, we won't be working on it/supporting it any further. I am 100% okay with Phillips Data, inc. taking over the plugin if they want to as we extended their stripe one to begin with, anyway. Or anyone else who wants to take over development on it is fine too.
  5. ChrisB

    Soft Launch

    I use NodePing with some html/css trickery to make it kinda fit. Still have to work on it a bit.
  6. ChrisB

    Soft Launch

    Thanks for the comments all. Nice catch, Bit Bayou.
  7. ChrisB

    Soft Launch

    I soft launched our product last night complete with blesta integration. There are some custom client options we're working on, but those aren't ready to show off yet. I know the design of the website will turn some people off, and I am perfectly okay with that. I wanted to do something a bit different and make it very easy and intuitive to navigate. Get to the website and get right to the point sort of thing. http://www.nimblenode.com Blesta: https://billing.nimblenode.com
  8. Security matters to me and that's why I am with Blesta. I will be the first to admit that there are certain aspects that are frustrating when compared to WHMCS or ClientExec. The lack of features vs WHMCS doesn't bother me too much as the only "must have" (in my opinion) feature that appears to be missing is the knowledge base. That frustration could come from a place of just knowing WHMCS because I've used it / set it up so many times. Blesta is by far the easiest to develop for and it's extraordinarily well coded and well documented. The staff and dev team are much more responsive to qu
  9. I see here that you're saying the entire coupon system needs a refactoring: http://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-171 For hosting providers who provide things like licenses, the coupon system is essentially unusable unless you exclude licenses from an order form. Since allowing coupons is based upon order forms and not groups or product, if you were to offer a 25% off coupon - it would discount the license as well. The only way around this (unfortunately) is to ask the user to submit a ticket to apply the coupon price or alternatively like I said, remove items like licenses, extra IP addre
  10. Same issue as this: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1899-solusvm-module-kvm/ (Not sure why that was marked as resolved as that is not a resolution?) The root password that Blesta provides for KVM type virtual machines is incorrect. Steps to produce: Provision a KVM virtual machine with the module. I've tested many virtual machines, there are no special characters in the password that Blesta is trying to use (as per SolusVM being weird with that type of thing). In addition to the above, when the client is logged in - it gives them an option to specify a passw
  11. What do you mean? Like I'm not checking the right email address? That isn't the issue. As I mentioned - it is not even sending the invoice. It has nothing to do with the receiving end of things. It is not even attempting to send the invoice.
  12. Everything else is emailing just fine, support tickets, replies, etc all works fine. I am using Mandrill to do all my email transactions but just to test I switched it to PHP mail quickly, tried resending the invoice and no go. Very odd issue - the logs in tools says it was sent, but I see no evidence of it even attempting to be sent. (I am using 3.2 beta, so not sure if it's related to that though this is a pretty significant issue an I imagine someone would have picked up on it by now). This is a multi-company installation, not sure if that affects it or not.
  13. We going to be seeing the beta soon(ish)? I've already completely re-themed the old order form so I'd like to make sure I can get the new one ready to go before I have the site go live vs having to update it after the fact.
  14. If you use the boxes order form, will you still be able to link to them directly from your external site?
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