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  1. The module is very good for dedicated servers/colocation, VPS is KVM only and okay at best the KVM stuff is definitely not their focus.
  2. That's definitely one option, I see value in having more information in that initial tab. As it stands today, that tab is basically useless (in this case especially)
  3. It doesn't work though, so many pieces of it are semi-working. I think the "bounty" idea is fantastic. This project is not open source(blesta) if you want more contribution then offer a reward/payment system and this panel will grow much faster. Features, attract customers. Look at all the comparisons between blesta vs whmcs you see the same responses over and over. Blesta is more secure, but whmcs has the modules x person needs.
  4. There is no IPV6 support in the proxmox module, the module itself is very basic and does very little, it's pretty poorly written. Not sure about the soluzvm module I have not tried it. Proxmox module will allow you to do the following provision openvz automatically (must increase sleeps between the provision and start otherwise the initial start of the VM fails) provision KVM kind of shutdown/start a vm see basic stats (graphs) Things it can't do, and or are completely broken Console is completely broken Shutdown / reinstall ( reinstall fails due to "sleeps" between the
  5. I personally feel like WHMCS from a design perspective is much much more polished. Having said that, we use Blesta and like most of what it offers.
  6. Is there a way to specify in Blesta which address or addresses I want to be notified when a new order is placed/canceled etc?
  7. sysc

    Proxmox Module

    Any roadmap for this project? Or up coming release notes?
  8. Looking nice! Just curious, is there a link to the release notes?
  9. Basically, the way module was designed (no idea why) but when a customer signs up it will provision using the default template. Then the customer will have the option to reinstall via blesta and select the OS they want. Kind of silly really, we are working on polishing this module up. The console tab is just a mess right now.
  10. This is likely an issue with your default template. Try adding local:vztmpl/templatename templatename obviously being the name of the template you want to set as your default. It's not very intuitive, but once it's setup it works pretty well.
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