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  1. Ubersmith have excellent tooltip options for any product and add-on package like shown for the end-users in the attached screenshot: On the contrary Blesta doesn't allow to add any explanatory notices which would help end-users to take their decision. I really wanted to add something like but after trying different approaches I failed to do so and now my configurable option looks like this: Really isn't helpful much for the to the end-users
  2. Hi Paul, I haven't checked everywhere because we find overall readiness of Blesta for production not satisfactory and decided to wait more. Anyway, it is not good to distract end-customers with any tax-related notices if there are no taxes for the offered goods/services at all. Why bother and confuse too much scrupulous customers by making them see not-applicable notices. During order placement process the presence of absence of any piece of information is very much important as it can positively or negatively effect the customer's final decision.
  3. After one year ago this is still there. Really sad for Blesta And don't pretend the problem doesn't exist for fast computers. The slider doesn't work properply, that's the fact.
  4. There are no taxes for Internet services in California and may other states and probably also countries, so notices like "Any applicable taxes will be calculated after you register or log in." are simply not applicable in some case. I suggest to make this or any other tax related information on Blesta pages dependent on if taxes activated or not. What do you think of the idea?
  5. Thanks for prompt response. Could you please clarify should I (1) create one single package for VPS and then use configurable options for RAM, CPU, storage space, etc selection or (2) I will have to create multiple VPS packages each with its own options and then let end-users to make selection between them? We use Virtualizor, however ready to switch to the most mature VPS management integration for Blesta. Do you think it is SolusVM integration?
  6. Thanks for prompt reply. Well, if it is stable enough for production then we would start building 3.6.0 just to avoid an upgrade hassle. However, does 3.6.0 have enough plugins/modules, etc? I really haven't figured out if plugins/modules are bound to/dependant on Blesta versions or not. Would components for 3.5.x work for 3.6 or we have to wait until all plugins/modules also are upgraded?
  7. If we were to start a new project now would you recommend to go with 3.5.3 or 3.6 Beta taking into consideration it would take us some time (one or couple months) to polish everything before going to production? Is 3.6 Beta functional and stable enough? When its final version would be released?
  8. It's been a long while since I tested Blesta for the first time, didn't find it mature enough and decided to wait. Now I am back to it to give another try. However, I feel a newbie again and it is not easy to figure out for me how exactly to set plans up and what modules, plugins have been created, polished since last year to use now. Could anyone please help me to set up the following steps for the end users? I am trying to set up the order sequence in such a way which allows users (1) to indicate a domain name (to transfer or register) on the first window and (2) then proceeding to the next window they should be able to select a VPS plan by selecting/modifying geographic location, CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth and storage space per their likings. (3) After that going to third page users should be able to enter their personal information and (4) finally on fourth page to enter their credit card information and proceed to finalizing order. Steps #1 and #2 could be reversible, I mean end-users could select VPS plan first and then indicate their domain names. So could anyone please give me what kind of exact steps I should take and which plugins/modules I need to use to create this order sequence? As I understand the contributed OpenSRS module is not functional/stable and I really would like to go with only stable and mature Blesta components. So which module is the best for domain registration/transfer? And how to properly integrate the domain registration/transfer step into the order sequence? Thanks!
  9. Licensecart, stop being so much protective and just think: waiting for years simply can not be un-patience. It is really a shame Blesta devs are hiding behind "community" users like yourself to fight very natural criticism. I would like Blesta to be successful, that's is the reason I am spending my time here posting. Otherwise, I don't think people like yourself worth my time. Just stop playing advocacy for Blesta devs! It's not your job! Blesta devs, common, start delivering. OpenSRS is really important one!
  10. Again and again excuses and excuses. Guys, stop excusing yourself and just start delivering what Blesta users are expecting. is just ridiculous as you know perfectly well how many people asked and are waiting for OpenSRS integration.
  11. Guys, don't get offended, but it's really a shame to see this has still not been implemented. The initial post on this thread was posted back on August 2013, today is October 2015 and http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3344-opensrs-beta-107-relesed/page-7 doesn't show much progress. We've purchased the full version of Blesta believing there is a great team behind it, however it now feels there is only on guy who is simply not capable to pull the load. It is really sad to witness things, especially as important ones like OpenSRS integration, are going so slow.
  12. This bounty has been taken by PauloV. We decided to drop Drupal integration and went with another forum script. Thank you very much Paulo!
  13. Glad it's been finally fixed. It is a real relief to know it was not some kind of wrong actions on our part.
  14. If Cloudmin integration in the other thread takes care of displaying service (server) information then you may disregard this request. However, I am not sure when any decent VPS management system like Virtulizor or Cloudmin will be fully integrated with Blesta, so that's why thought maybe we have to at least manually enter the service information and make it at hand to customers.
  15. Hi, I saw your e-mail after I read your response to this thread and just replied to it with all the answers and comments.
  16. As I explained it will take some time for us to create proper development environment for you, so if you can do everything on your end, would be even better. Also, please take a look at another bounty announced by us: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2627-100-bounty-for-getting-service-information-displayed-on-the-upper-part-of-ticket-page/
  17. Unfortunately, saving the logo with .jpg extension and uploading didn't resolve the issue. I've also tried to upload Blesta logo - it just doesn't take it. But the files are uploaded fine, I can see them through SSH. It's just pdf is failing to be generated together with the logo. I've PMed the logo to you.
  18. I've just send you an e-mail. At the same time let's keep our discussion of this open to Blesta community here.
  19. Nop, no any exclusions, it is pretty much standard stack CentOS 6.5 distro. To be exact: cat /etc/*release* CentOS release 6.5 (Final) LSB_VERSION=base-4.0-ia32:base-4.0-noarch:core-4.0-ia32:core-4.0-noarch cat: /etc/lsb-release.d: Is a directory CentOS release 6.5 (Final) CentOS release 6.5 (Final) cpe:/o:centos:linux:6:GA Running 'php -i | grep GD' gives: GD Support => enabled GD Version => bundled (2.0.34 compatible) After reading your comment I was not sure if TCPDF was part of php-gd or was I supposed to have TCPDF installed additionally (no instructions on this in the Blesta tutorials, btw), but I went ahead and installed it anyway per http://www.tcpdf.org/installation.php and now running 'php -i | grep tcpdf' gives: PWD => /var/www/tcpdf _SERVER["PWD"] => /var/www/tcpdf Anyway, no luck in getting the logo in the pdf files. Should I try to install Imagick?
  20. Any more advices on this? I tried all possible ways including reformatting the logo in different formats: png, tiff, jpg. Still no joy. So I start thinking that the script on my server which is responsible for generating PDF is missing something and would like to re-install it. But only if I knew which script or program, Blesta doesn't tell.
  21. Well, we already have two departments for only registered users, but one 9sales) open to unregistered clients, but when logged out can't go to /clients/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/1/
  22. Can you tell how you make ticket are (https://overlordhost.eu/clients/client/plugin/support_manager/client_tickets/add/1/) available to unregistered visitors? Thanks!
  23. Hi, We are going to launch a new project offering KVM-based virtual private servers soon. We rely on Cloudmin to create virtual private servers and would love Blesta to start supporting Cloudmin. The core Blesta developers are quite busy with other important works, that's why we re taking this to the Blesta community. We are offering a $500 bounty to any party who will integrate Cloudmin to Blesta. Cloudmin has very good API and documentation can be found on http://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/cloudmin We need Blesta to automatically deploy new Cloudmin VPS guest systems upon new customer orders and provide access details in their Blesta accounts. Please contact me if anyone wants to take this. Thanks!
  24. Thanks Paul and Tyson. In this case the bounty is still effective even for temporary solution until Blesta some day in the future starts associating tickets to services. So please anyone who can do this contact me. Thanks!
  25. I see. In that case we would definitely wait as we want to stay within the main Blesta development path. Could anyone from Blesta team comment on this? How long it would take to get this feature as official release? Thanks!
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