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  1. ServZoo


    That's unfortunate... The only thing this really says to me though is that Blesta is starting to chip away at ol' WHMCS' marketshare. :-) Blesta is awesome! I use it for my hosting company as well as my forum memberships, advertising sales, etc. It just works; all the time!
  2. ServZoo

    Interworx Nicknames

    It appears to be doing it on manual and cron provisioning. I haven't noticed, because we just started using Interworx.
  3. ServZoo

    Interworx Nicknames

    Well, I lied, it is setting a username: Is there an email tag for this? I have been sending out the email address as the username (as that is the standard I was accustomed to.)
  4. ServZoo

    Interworx Nicknames

    When you click on the service, it shows the email address. However, it is adding a nickname to the account setup inside Interworx (I'm not setting that in Blesta when provisioning; it is setting itself automatically.) This is making the email login not work. The Interworx login form is exactly as you have posted. The issue is when I try to use the email address, it give the error I posted above. If I use the "nickname" it allows me to login. If I login through Blesta it work perfectly (assuming it's using the nickname.) If I go to SiteWorx directly, it will only accept the nickname; not the email address. Does that make sense?
  5. ServZoo


    I just didn't want to spam the forum here; I didn't think it as wise on my part since I started. it. :-)
  6. ServZoo

    Interworx Nicknames

    Noticed tonight when I did a manual activation using the Interworx module that the client could not login with their email address and password (sent in the welcome email.) It appears that when doing a manual activation, Blesta is creating a nickname for the new account and that is stopping the email address login from working. I have double-checked for options to change it, but it appears to be something happening that shouldn't. Here's what I did: Add Service to Client: The service is activated and the welcome email is sent out with username: email address and password. Upon trying to login to Interworx: Going in via Nodeworx, I can see that a nickname has been set: I can login with the nickname and the password. This is strange as it doesn't display the nickname and inside Blesta it shows the e-mail address as the username.
  7. ServZoo


    You know... I just don't know what to say. This is why I don't chat there; just post my ads. It's not fun any more.
  8. ServZoo


    I disagree completely with asking those mods to mod here. At the end of the day, Blesta is a commercial product (business.) What *appears* to be happening at WHT is not good business and if everything I've read is true, can be resolved by escalating. Inviting the folks over that appear to be causing the problem just in an effort to fix it is not the answer. Not to mention, modding for WHMCS and Blesta would be a HUGE conflict, if you ask me. WHT rules are very interesting (they seem to apply at will and vary by moderator.) I have not had any issues with them myself, but I've heard the stories. I post there for advertising, have a paid account, and that's it. I'm not a huge fan of biased actions in the least, which is why I limit myself the way I do.
  9. ServZoo


    Interesting you mention that as I am having non-stop issues with Softaculous lately. I have an urgent ticket open from 8AM this morning and it's 5PM now without a response. I'm going to be looking into Installatron as well.
  10. I see where you are coming from and I can see the benefits. I know you and I have chatted before on Twitter and you have invested in a number of customizations to make it work for you. It might be the same thing with Blesta in terms of making the backend for you since it's modular and can do what you want with a bit of tweaking. I, personally, would much rather do that then work with the hack of WHMCS' front-end modifications. I can't imagine it would be that difficult to accomplish what you need with a bit of custom development. It's the front-end that needs to work in general. I mean, what I'm getting at is that WHMCS is not and has not been designed for the purpose you are using it for. Blesta is designed for it, just not handling certain parts the way you would want. You can fix those parts to your liking and know that the overall system is stable. Just my two cents for the day!
  11. @webjive has some good points and I can see where that might be important to some hosts (glad to see you on the forum.) However, for me, it actually works better the way it's designed out of the box. I run several companies and some of them don't share staff. For instance, my SSL brand doesn't share staff with my shared hosting brand. I like the fact that it's separated based on what their user group allows to access. What I like about Blesta over WHMCS is that is modular, like Paul said, you can swap out the support system without having a major meltdown. It has taken me awhile to get accustomed to Blesta as I am a WHMCS convert, but it just works for me now and I can't imagine going back. The things that used to make me say "why does this not do X?" actually make more sense.
  12. The only problem with them from a reseller perspective is the droplet limit. It's arbitrary and can change. There really isn't any information about it other than to contact them.
  13. ServZoo

    Order Pages

    You are the man Tyson! Thanks a million!
  14. I finally got my demo! I have so many questions! LOL However, I must say the clustering has me amused!
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