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  1. I am sorry, I do not understand... iDeal is like direct debit and iDeal is offered by a lot of parties. Mollie is one of the most recognized parties offering iDeal for a good price.
  2. Hi Tyson, My mistake, The payment gateway I was talking about is Mollie, especially the iDeal payment method mollie offers. For international api see: https://www.mollie.com/en/developers The registrar I was talking about is Transip (see https://api.transip.nl/docs/transip.nl/package-Transip.html) or Oxxa (preferred) see english docs attachted. Oxxa API DOCUMENTATION (1.82 V) eng.pdf
  3. Hi, We are a webdesigning agency in the netherlands and are interested in blesta for well over a year but due to the lack of dutch payment gateway and registrar module arent we able to fully use blesta. We were wondering if there are developers here who are able to develop a payment gateway and a registrar module for us as a paid job? Please send me a message for the details. We hope to hear from you, Dominick
  4. Hi, Ever purchased a product from a whmcs driven site? I do and I hate the several emails you instantly receive about order created, invoice due etc etc. So when setting up my Blesta installation (finally) I want to prevent this, So I was wondering, since I want the first Invoice Notification sent 7 dates before the due date, are there any settings I can use so this first notification isnt sent for newly created invoices but only for automated invoices? Otherwise users will receive a first notification about a due date 7 days away on the day they placed an order, Hope you can he
  5. Thanks for your reply, I sent you an pm. Sorry for the delay I once again did not receive any forum notification emails..
  6. Hi, Sorry only see your reply now. Somehow only specific replies are emailed to me. I replied to your message on Sent 25 November 2014 - 04:29 PM
  7. Hi, We are selling our Blesta license: Owned branded. Support & Updates are good through Oct 9, 2015 Purchased here straight from Blesta.com If interested, send me a message. Please note: If transferred before Jan 1 2015 there is no transfer fee
  8. Thank you for your reply, As far as I could measure domestic registrars reply with a ping of 7 ms and international with a ping of about 120 - 150 ms. In terms of domain pricing there isn't a big difference but our national registrar only replies to support requests once a week making it difficult to trace issues if there is one. The main reason we are looking at international registrars is because there aren't any modules available for our own registrars. We are talking to have one coded for us but were also looking at international registrars since blesta supports them already p.s
  9. Hi, I was wondering about the registrar options blesta offers for clients to order/renew domainnames. - Which do you recommend is most stabile? - Is there a big difference between registering domains with a registrar based in your own country vs an international registrar?
  10. Thanks all for the replies, updates and experiences. We took several months decided and up to a point even tried out unlimtied licenses of the both being able to compare them and we decided not to go with blesta, here is why: We feel blesta is focusing to much on a small group that have an extensive knowledge of php. We also feel because whmcs is so popular and there are soo many modules available that blesta should try to win the users over by creating new modules, organizing contents etc but they don't. We are based in the netherlands and 95% of our clients prefer to pay using a pa
  11. I am getting this error: The file could not be written. I have set up the uploads folder in Settings - system - general and the script displays they are writable, what am I doing wrong?
  12. The reason why I think the translate.blesta project takes more time to translate is because I have to use to click to go to the next page, I often contribute to projects because I like my solutions to be in Dutch and Dutch isn't always available, Editing straight into a text file or use the POedit app increases the productivity because my hands can stay on the keyboard and it's just 'go with the flow' I thought that too so I talked to several people I know who also have small buz. regarding internet/hosting/design etc and they all know blesta and several of them use it for their eng
  13. Hi, Blesta only has been translated to my language for 13% so I am eager to help, I translated other solutions so I thought it would be again using a code editor and downloading the language files straight on the server, zipping them and uploading them somewhere, However there seems to be an entire blesta translation project going on; nice idea! However, it's taking me several times as long as editing straight in the files because the page has to load after each sentence/word. My question: - If I translate the language files via my editor, can I somehow upload them into the tran
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