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  1. I have been renewing my support every year, however the dashboard states "Your support and updates expired on Nov 01, 2018". How do I fix this? We paid our renewal on 1/8/21:
  2. I am hoping to use Blesta with Softaculous on ISPConfig.
  3. Is this still a valid edit - it used to work for me, it's not working today.
  4. The "Save Account" bug" bites me again. I really wish we could get this fixed.
  5. When I download reconciliation reports from Stripe, client information for clients we setup in Blesta some time ago - say a year or so ago, is included, so we get customer ID & customer email in the report. Recent clients are not including this information. I checked with Stripe support, Stripe tells me: I took a look into the CSV file you've supplied me with and took a look into your account as well, it appears that some of the missing data is due to not having the data set in your Stripe account. For example: Charge for 770, $12 shows no customer on the charge. Therefore, it wouldn'
  6. Thanks guys, dashboard now says: Your support and updates are good through Jan 04, 2021.
  7. I found support & update renewal on https://blesta.store/client/services/addaddon/370/ By going to: https://blesta.store | Clients | My Account | Blesta Owned Unbranded | Manage | Addons | Add Addon | Support & updates recurring | 1 Year.... | Create | Then work through the cart Blesta.store wouldn't accept my credit card, it replied with: An error occured when processing the request with the gateway. Paypal to the rescue, it accepted my credit card My dashboard is still reporting: Your support and updates expired on Nov 01, 2018 (it should be 11/11/19), in an attempt to
  8. Didn't work for me. I can add Blesta & support to the cart, if I try removing Blesta, support is also removed.
  9. OK, thanks. I opened a ticket, yesterday, it will keep until next week.
  10. Does anyone know the url for renewing our Blesta support using Blesta.store ? I tried https://blesta.store/order/main/index/blesta no joy, I have been out of support since November, nothing is broke, but I want to get things squared away -- just in case the inevitable occurs.
  11. We renamed the cPanel account where Blesta is installed. When I went into Blesta, it asked for our license #, now it's reporting "The license is not valid for the installed location." How do we fix this situation?
  12. Adding another urggh.... I log in, get a "Your license successfully revalidated. Please log in.", then I have to log in again. First world problem, aggravating issue. My primary concern: I have a lift-time license, why does Blesta need to revalidate. What if the Phillips boys win the lottery, does Blesta quit working?
  13. In some situations, we want to send an invoice a few days in advance of debiting the client's credit card. If I create an invoice today setting Date Billed: 2019-07-10, and Date Due: 2019-07-12 and check "Auto Debit" When does the client's credit card get billed? If I set it up as a recurring Invoice, with a 12 Month Term, is there a way for the customer to be invoiced on 2020-07-10 with an auto debit date of 2020-07-12 ?
  14. The solutions we found were pricey. I ended up having a RentaCoder write some PHP code to create a csv file we import into QuickBooks using Transaction Pro. It works flawlessly, once in QuickBooks we get it into our CRM (Act!) using a QB to CRM bridge. I avoided Zapier because for me, the point of using Blesta is to avoid quasi-public cloud services.
  15. OK, thanks. It's not the end of the world, just aggravating... There are higher priorities, for example allowing us to make "save payment details" a default setting.
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