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  1. I found this thread thinking "I am going to remove the branding". I have reconsidered. We would all be better served by leaving the branding in place. If Blesta is more popular, we'll get more resources devoted to Blesta. A Chevy is less expensive and more reliable than a Cadillac, one of the reason why is because they make more Chevy's. I want more people, many more people to buy Blesta! I don't see how it hurts my business to promote Blesta within our billing system - my homepage, that's a different story, no web designer gets to put "designed by..." on my homepage.
  2. We see the same issue with "Edit Email Template Payment Declined (Credit Card)", no {payment_url}. Can this be added? It seems like we would all like to give our clients as many methods to pay as is possible.
  3. OK, out of desperation, I deleted the html_invoice folder, then went to /admin/settings/company/billing/customization and changed "Invoice Template" to "Default" Life is good. Thanks guys.
  4. Still no joy - any other ideas - or do I need to figure out how to get back to v4.3.0?
  5. Sofaculous installs 4.4.0. I have those folders, but 5th input down on /admin/settings/company/billing/customization doesn't have a "Default" option, I have standard & "Pro forma" Should I delete/rename html_invoice?
  6. When I try emailing an invoice the log reports: [2018-11-19 03:13:50] general.ERROR: Uncaught Exception Error: "Call to undefined method HtmlInvoicePdf::AliasNbPages()" at /home/katycomputer/public_html/billing/components/invoice_templates/html_invoice/html_invoice_pdf.php line 152 {"exception":"[object] (Error(code: 0): Call to undefined method HtmlInvoicePdf::AliasNbPages() at /home/katycomputer/public_html/billing/components/invoice_templates/html_invoice/html_invoice_pdf.php:152)"} Where have I gone wrong?
  7. When editing "Email Template Invoice Delivery (Unpaid)" {payment_url} is not showing up as an Available Tags. Shouldn't it be an option?
  8. Not sure what the problem is, but we are also seeing problems with fresh Blesta installs, we use softaculous, it reports: The following errors were found : exec function does not exist I opened a ticket with softaculous, assuming it's a softaculous/cPanel issue, if others are seeing the issue, perhaps it's a Blesta 4.4.0 issue :-(
  9. OK, I'll try updating the templates - it's a tedious process.
  10. I am having the same problem - except my issue is only with "Deliver Invoices", I am not a fan of returning to default template. Is there a "Default email" button somewhere?
  11. I'm not sure, but it seems like you really need that information for credit card processing and to provide your firm with a minimal level of safety from the inevitable evil doers that will use your servers to spam the universe.
  12. Yes, after successfully making payment, they get a Log In page. I haven't got any complaints, but I find it confusing. They have paid their bill, why do we want them to login - we don't, we should just be thanking them for their payment and let them go on their merry way.
  13. katycomputer

    Pay Now Login

    When our client pays using https://{invoice.payment_url} they are presented with an opportunity to login to their account. In our situation, this is confusing to the client. It would be better if they simply received a "The payment was successfully processed....." message What is the easiest way to make this change? Currently, the client sees this: We want the client to see something like this (without " In"):
  14. @bjacksparow I suspect everyone is taking Blesta's side on this one because the fee for support is so reasonable - $39 per year, I too would be grouchy if it was $390 per year, but it's not. Phillips charges a very reasonable fee for an essential tool. We want this software to be successful, it can't survive if its customers look for every conceivable way to avoid supporting the product.
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