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  1. When adding a service, I'd like to be able to set an effective date for that service. Unless I am missing something, the current system has a few ways to achieve this same goal, but they are clunky multi-step affairs. What I am proposing is a field that would default to today, that allows setting of a future effective date. Bonus points if we can set a date in the past with the option to pro-rate or not prorate. When migrating from one system to another, you want to set things up well before the end of the current period, so in my case, I am going to have to spend the better part of New Year's day entering new services. It would be far better if I could enter those services today & mark them effective 1/1. Regarding prior events, this isn't as common, but from time to time your allow a client to receive the benefits of their subscription on Monday, then don't setup the billing until Friday - you still want to capture the 4 days revenue, the current system forces you to create an invoice today for the current period, then remember to setup a recurring service at the start of the next period. Or give up revenue from beginning of current period. Being able to set an effective date would eliminate the greatest burden.
  2. Invoice Logo Missing

    Paul, I found a suitable PNG - it looks great. Thank you.
  3. Invoice Logo Missing

    I converted my logo to pdf, still no joy. I don't have Photoshop to try PDF without transparency.
  4. PDF Invoices are large

    Bravo!!! Invoice email dropped to 8.3KB
  5. PDF Invoices are large

    I have noticed that our invoices are 845KB, that's massive. Is there a way to reduce this size?
  6. Invoice Logo Missing

    My logo is in jpg format, I haven't had time to test Paul's suggestion to convert it to a PDF.
  7. The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    Thanks, but "The authorization details given appear to be invalid.","errors":{"user":{"valid":"The API user or key appears to be invalid.""
  8. Invoice Logo Missing

    I am having the same problem. No logo on PDF invoices. Logo settings are set on /admin/settings/company/billing/customization [root@cp ~]# php -i | grep GD GD Support => enabled GD Version => bundled (2.1.0 compatible) [root@cp ~]# Any other ideas?
  9. Default State on create client screen

    Very nice. Thank you.
  10. The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    Tyson, thanks. The .htaccess change didn't help. I am running on a cPanel based server with PHP 7.0 If you think of something else, please let me know.
  11. The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    I setup another api key - same error.
  12. The authorization details given appear to be invalid

    I think so, not sure why it wouldn't be set to connect to right company. I setup the API key on: https://katy.com/billing/admin/settings/system/api/ Curl referenced curl -k https://katy.com/billing/api/invoices/add.json Is there something else I need to do to make sure everything is pointing to the same company?
  13. Default State on create client screen

    I don't mind editing the source code - what file sets the default state?
  14. Add clients via curl

    Activa, thanks - I'll experiment more when I get "The authorization details given appear to be invalid." issue resolved.
  15. Default State on create client screen

    By default /admin/clients/add/ lists "United States", is there a way to specify a default state? 99.99% of our clients are in Missouri, it seems like a lot of aggravation to scroll down the list of states.