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  1. WHMCS to Blesta

    Thanks Paul - I have confidence you'll do the right thing. Blesta is working well for us, we've been recommending it to a few of our clients.
  2. WHMCS to Blesta

    I bet it gets fixed sooner if those of us that care about Stripe vote for this feature: https://requests.blesta.com/topic/stripe-pci-compliance Devs are not going to fix something that no one cares about!
  3. WHMCS to Blesta

    Tyson, I have sympathy for your explanation. The problem we face is Stripe's request that we use their new technology or complete a painful PCI compliance process.
  4. WHMCS to Blesta

    Personally, I don't see the PCI compliance issue, particularly in my situation where everything is communicated via SSL, we don't store the cards and we typically add a new credit card every 30 days. BUT, Stripe is sending mixed messages, on one hand they tell me I am using untokenized credit cards to their API: https://imgur.com/AgwYL9A On the other hand, when I go to https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings they tell me "Good news! You’re using tokenized payment information to securely process payments on Stripe and keep your cardholder’s information safe." My concern is that one day I am going to find that Stripe refuses to process our transactions due to the untokenized credit card issue.
  5. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    Tyson, In the "Make payment" screen, the same trick works with: /app/views/admin/default/admin_clients_account_ccinfo.pdt Thanks for your help.
  6. Client listing first_name, last_name rather than Name

    I just found smart search - nice feature, really helps when looking for clients! Thanks for a great product.
  7. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    Any chance I could block access to hosts > 100 miles from St Louis?
  8. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    That is very cool!!! I had no idea you did this - that's a terrific trick. Now I need to figure out how to configure geoip!
  9. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    I agree with your comments regarding PCI compliance, but this doesn't change anything relative to my original request. If the client clicks the "ON" box, we are still responsible for PCI compliance whether the box was set on by default or by the client.
  10. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    Interesting perspective, but I disagree. For example, our local phone company had a similar policy. You could only setup auto-pay when your balance was zero. So, their procedure required that you pay the bill, then come back two days later and configure auto-pay - what a PITA, it would be far better to pay and setup auto-pay in one step - and make it as clear and easy as possible. I wrote customer service and told them as much. It seems some-one with your frame of reference thought it would be dishonest for the phone company to make things simple. We use Stripe, so client payment data isn't stored on our server. To be clear, I am not recommending that we force the "Save Account" option, only that it be permitted to be the default, much like I asked that we be able to set the default client State/Province to be "Missouri" where 99% of our clients reside.
  11. Save Account checkbox should be ON by default

    It turns out your get invalid CAPTCHA if you tried to register with a name instead of an email address - there seems to be a bug somewhere...
  12. When clients pay their bill, it would better for all concerned if the "Save Account" checkbox was enabled by default. I am on page /client/pay/method/79 Lacking this change in default setting, it would be good if we could set this default in /config/blesta.php Lacking this option, it would be good to know where to change it in source file. BTW: I tried creating this topic on https://requests.blesta.com/ the site wouldn't let me register an account. I kept getting invalid CAPTCHA
  13. Moved Blesta to a new domain, edit client acting odd

    Michael Dance solved this issue for me. LastPass was filling in client names on katycomputer.com, but not katy.com I am confused by its behavior in this situation, but happy it's not a Blesta issued. Thank you Michael
  14. I moved Blesta to a new domain (same cPanel server), everything seems fine except when I edit client 45 via /admin/clients/edit/45, the first & last name is replaced with client #1's information. The address is Client 45's address, payment method shows client 45's information I am on version 4.2.1 Any ideas? Jim's name gets changed to "John"
  15. Change community forum email address

    Found it - Thank you so much!