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  1. katycomputer

    simple sign up & order process?

    I'm not sure, but it seems like you really need that information for credit card processing and to provide your firm with a minimal level of safety from the inevitable evil doers that will use your servers to spam the universe.
  2. katycomputer

    Pay Now Login

    Yes, after successfully making payment, they get a Log In page. I haven't got any complaints, but I find it confusing. They have paid their bill, why do we want them to login - we don't, we should just be thanking them for their payment and let them go on their merry way.
  3. katycomputer

    Pay Now Login

    When our client pays using https://{invoice.payment_url} they are presented with an opportunity to login to their account. In our situation, this is confusing to the client. It would be better if they simply received a "The payment was successfully processed....." message What is the easiest way to make this change? Currently, the client sees this: We want the client to see something like this (without " In"):
  4. katycomputer

    blesta seller shut down business?

    Provider "B" is alive
  5. katycomputer

    Blesta 3.6.1 and php 7.0

    @bjacksparow I suspect everyone is taking Blesta's side on this one because the fee for support is so reasonable - $39 per year, I too would be grouchy if it was $390 per year, but it's not. Phillips charges a very reasonable fee for an essential tool. We want this software to be successful, it can't survive if its customers look for every conceivable way to avoid supporting the product.
  6. katycomputer

    blesta seller shut down business?

    Best answer: renew with OpenSRS, then transfer to NameCheap, you don't "lose" the 12 months of domain registration, it gets tacked onto your NameCheap registration.
  7. katycomputer

    Blesta 3.6.1 and php 7.0

    Why don't you find out what it will take to update to latest & greatest? Blesta pricing is very reasonable.
  8. katycomputer


    Thanks Paul - going back to default resolved the issue.
  9. katycomputer

    AR Aging

    Where do I add/change the column settings?
  10. katycomputer


    When invoices go out, they aren't reflecting the client's autodebit setting. In other words, they never say "Auto debit is enabled for your account, so we'll automatically process the card you have on file on..." Where have I gone wrong? Autodebit is working, the invoice goes out and is automatically paid as expected. Here is my invoice template: Hi {contact.first_name}, An invoice has been created for your account and is attached to this email in PDF format. {% for invoice in invoices %}Invoice: #{invoice.id_code} Invoice Total: {invoice.total | currency_format invoice.currency} Balance Due: {invoice.due | currency_format invoice.currency} {% if autodebit %}{% if invoice.autodebit_date_formatted %}Auto debit is enabled for your account, so we'll automatically process the card you have on file on {invoice.autodebit_date_formatted}.{% endif %}{% endif %} Pay Now {% endfor %} If you have any questions about your invoice, please let us know!
  11. katycomputer

    AR Aging

    It seems like there should be an open AR aging report. For my purposes, I can use Billing | Invoices, then use Chrome's CopyTables extension (# ekdpkppgmlalfkphpibadldikjimijon ) to copy the table values into Excel.
  12. katycomputer

    AR Aging

    I select Billing | Reports Format: CSV Report type: Aging Invoices Status: Any I get a list of 12 voided invoices and one draft invoice, but no open (and unpaid) invoices. I want to know who has been invoiced and has not paid. Where have I gone wrong?
  13. katycomputer

    Ideas about using Blesa for other purposes not just hosting?

    We use it for invoicing our retail customers and recurring invoices for our managed services clients. Works very well. We export the transactions into QuickBooks using some PHP code posted in the Blesta forums.
  14. katycomputer

    Blesta / PHP 7.2 / Softaculous on cPanel - Solved

    Softaculous detects the PHP version and applies the patches when installing Blesta, that's what allows my "solution" to work.
  15. I have been running Blesta on a cPanel server running PHP 7.0, I'd like to get all the accounts on PHP 7.2. When you use Softaculous to install Blesta on cPanel any PHP upgrades break Blesta. I am sharing a nice solution: 1. Wait until there is a Blesta update 2. Update server to latest PHP using EasyApache & MultiPHP Manager in WHM 3. Update Blesta script using Control Panel -> Softaculous -> Installations in CP Everything is working - no mess, no fuss. I hope this helps someone.