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  1. Freeagent is best for some one with little or no knowlage of finance or quickfile too and its free.
  2. I know I have visited your site before and spoke to you direct on there. I think that is a great idear. Also I would be happy to beta test if needed to test and also provide services.
  3. Thanks and I know but when your client list is always updating it makes it more of a hassle then what it would be like to message direct from blesta. Look at all the other billing systems like whmcs, hostbill, clientexec, phpcoin and few others they all have a way to message from the billing script. I was was hostbill when they started they were cheap very enhanced but simple software. The only reason for leaving was staff attitude and the fact they made it hard for small reseller clients to afford it. Thats great, i know you guys are busy and have lots to do but I do beleave that there are some features that should be added with out question and made a piority to others exspecialy when it realy is only a small change to blesta. I have 2 businesses to run and really don't have the time. Also like I said before you would have to keep importing the new clients and plus really you should have there permission to add to a mailing list software hence the reason why most scripts have a aopt out option but admin has a choice to override if it is a importent announcement. No there is a list of features I would love to see on blesta and not having mass mail will not stop me using blesta as our own billing system as well are provider, the only issue I have had in the past that made me move away for a while was the module bugs. But they seem to be fixed now.
  4. I agree but Mass Mail is most needed to communicate with our customers with updates and deals with out having to get them to sign up to some other form of news letter ect. I would not think it would take long to long to impliment a simple mass mail to start with.
  5. It would be good to have fields added to tickets so we can get information needed to support clients.
  6. Is there still no way to mass mail, this is the only feature that puts me off.
  7. It would be nice to see a extension/plugin for the auto install of a script on the creation of a cPanel account by softaculous. There is some API information here https://www.softaculous.com/docs/Auto_Install_API
  8. There is a issue with the buycPanel module where when your buying a vps, and you select a buycPanel addon like rvsitebuilder it then asks on the next page for domain and ip. the domain is fine but the IP won't be known until the vps is purchase and due to this they can not continue the order.
  9. Hi everyone, It might be just me but I can't see any post for the support manager pro? Have I missed some thing while in hospital?
  10. I would be nice to know if a DEV will take this in to provide updates, if not I do not see a point due to eventually a blesta update will make this obsolete.
  11. tlchosting

    Release 3.2.0

    cPanel Resource Monitor needs to be added to buycPanel.com Module.
  12. I did it dont seem to be showing. And yes I was on the plugin avaliable page. Also I typed my reply wrong I mean I have upload to the plugins and the component folders but the folder being in both the plugin is still not showing.
  13. This is great but install instructions would be nice, I have uploaded to plugins in components but it is not showing in blesta.
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