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  1. You could also get a free certificate from somewhere like https://www.startssl.com/
  2. Then it would be nice to have a standard method on a module that was called, if defined, that could inject data into the page. Either by rendering a template, or by returning a context object that could be used in the client template for that page.
  3. I'll stick with modifying core files before I implement something hacky like that.
  4. Another option for this would be to implement a new method on the module class that could be overriden & called to retreive data from the module that could be displayed on that tab. Either way would work for my use case.
  5. I'm currently developing a module for proxmox & would like to include bandwidth limits. Proxmox does not have a reliable way to track bandwidth usage so the accounting has to be done outside of proxmox. I currently have a seperate plugin setup to track bandwidth for this module via cron tasks. Is this the recommended way? or should I put in a feature request to be able to execute cron tasks from a module? I guess I could make a generic plugin that executes crons for any module that implements the cron function & go that route. What was the intended way from the devs for module
  6. No, I am currently re-writing the proxmox module to include a bunch of things it's missing (bandwidth limits for instance) & I would like to replace that tab with something with more useful info from the module itself.
  7. Right now the information ont he page is pretty basic. I would like to have that page be more of an over view of their service, not just the renewal date & price etc.. Here is an example of a work-in-progress module I'm working on for proxmox. It doesn't have all of the info I want on the page yet, and styling is still a bit rough, but you'll get the idea of the type of data I'd like to include. Currently this is not possible without some way to override the main page, or inject data into the main page. The way I went about it was name the tab overview & make a few mods to the
  8. That statement kind of concerns me. I am in the process of re-writing some of the modules that are included (proxmox is one). My versions are all self contained modules but they use the blesta api to interact with blesta, the database, etc.. Are you saying that is against your terms of service because it is using your IP (the api)?
  9. I would say this response comes less from the backend & more from the customer facing side (the modules). We are currently using the proxmox module & have had multiple complaints & support issues because it doesn't work very well. Perhaps you guys should some type of dev bounty system for modules to encourage people to fix them up & share them with others. I know I am currently re-writing most of the proxmox module & I have it in way better shape than what is default.
  10. I would like to have the ability to override the default system information tab in modules. I have currently modified my version of Blesta to allow me to override it with a specific named tab. It would be nice if this was a default feature in blesta so that I would not have to modify Blesta code when building modules.
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