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  1. Well he can sell whole website and it is perfectly legal...if it is already licensed than I'm sure theme forest has some option to transfer license to different account...if not than it can be problematic for buyer since I suppose license can be reissued. Owned and one time licenses normally can be resell and most vendors even help with transfer but still you should check with them. I never bought anything from there and don't know much about them...but I know you can sell website with licensed software normally,as I said only problem can be,in case there is no option to transfer license to different account, fact that first owner can reissue license after sell it...Sure,if you have only that license assigned to theme forest account and you can delete payment details,you could just give whole account. But this is grey area since accounts are not intended to be transferred... even if there is no harm for anyone vendor will almost always decide what is best for client and them,in this case I suppose it is in their interest to have license assigned to active client/account than forgotten from old owner.
  2. Nelsa

    fee paypal gateway

    Nope and I think the best solution is to just calculate fee and add it to the price,as one price...As I know everyone who try to charge fee separately from price experienced negative effect...You have this situation,client see Domain .com USD15/yr and than on checkout page...and 99% of them don't have clue what incl. or excl. VAT/Tax mean and than they see one additional item on invoice....thus PayPal allow handling fee only ...PayPal fee is forbidden,even it is allowed to put transaction fee there..Now,next question is,if paypal fee can be charged under handling fee than why PayPal don't want you call it what it is...PayPal fee...Probably because they want escape situation where you have listed 3 payment method and only under PayPal there is price + PayPal fee...probably from their view this put PayPal in position where users will rather select credit card payment to escape fee...On other side,handling is handling,no matter which payment method client use...you can't set PayPal handling.... Handling you charge or not,if you charge it than all payment methods are in same position because handling cost is calculated always,not only if user select PayPal as payment method. This is what makes pay pal users confused, in KB on PayPal site,at one place you can find that charging PayPal fee is forbidden but than on other they explain how you can charge handling costs...with transaction fee...even only transaction fee can be charged as handling fee...If walks like...if talks like....than it is....But not here Example to do it properly $15 .com + $3 (20% VAT) + $0.35 Handling Fee ---------------------------- $18.35 Example how not to do it $15 Price + $3 Tax(VAT 20%) + $0.35 If you pay with PayPal(PayPal Fee)
  3. It should be line 32 in structure.pdt file(you'll see <div class="logo"> one line above...this is what you will see <div class="logo"> <a href="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->base_uri);?>"> Change second line to <a href="https//yourdomain.com"> (or what ever you want just use https...even if you redirect everything to https,you don't want to get warnings for unsecured content when visit over https) Dont change image source url,since you want only to change url when clicked ..just that one line structure.pdt file is in template directory(i.e bootsrap) and you can find it in blesta_install_dir/app/views/client/ You will probably have to delete cache in your browser to see changes instantly since images are cached
  4. You will have to edit structure.pdt file in your template,blesta use variable(fetch from object) ,at this way it will fetch url from blesta settings but you can't change there since you will change also base url... ,so you will have to change that variable to hardcoded url..I would suggest you to first copy blesta default template and rename it to something unique,than edit url and after that go to settings--->look and feel-->templates and change template from blesta default template to customized one..At this way you will not loose customization with major upgrade or if you use full installation for upgrade instead patch. I don't remeber exact code you have to change..give me few minutes and I will post on what line and how to change...just to check..
  5. Well I'm not familiar with vesta cp but open_basedir is handled in web server configuration file mostly,you can also do it in .htaccess.
  6. You have to change open_basedir allowed directories in php settings because after you changed server now php script can't be executed, since you have paths copied from old server and your script is not anymore in that directory on new server.Do you use Plesk panel,considering paths I see you have probably moved from cpanel to Plesk...if that is correct and you use plesk now, go to your domain-->php settings and put this in field open_basedir {WEBSPACEROOT}{/}{:}{TMP}{/}{:}{usr}{/} If you want to add more directories use this syntax add without any space {:}{name_of_directory}{/} If you want php script can be executed everywhere in your hosting account just put {/} Now,those variables will work only in plesk. You can change open_basedir restrictions also in cpanel but If PHP run as a CGI, suPHP, or FastCGI process, you must manually specify the open_basedir directive in the php.ini For cpanel check https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/68Docs/PHP+open_basedir+Tweak
  7. 2checkout has 2.0 version,they also serve old clients on old platform but all new users are on 2.0 which has completly different test url and some other things.I worked to implement inline checkout and I remeber I had to go again through documentation since I got this new account which is basicly CRM and billing system...any way now test url is different on new platform and old way of sending test parameter will not work for new users but will work for users with old account..So,this gateway will work for users with old account,for new platform will be issues since now they have compley new system....so if you had to select package before sign up than it is new platform...before there was only one account level now have 3
  8. To do that,you have to also create hosting package and group for hosting package than go to configurable options and there create group, and as member packages assign domain package group and hosting package group...after that go and edit order form...now you'll see configurable options and there just assign group you created under configurable options...At same way you can show domain extensions from different domain modules on same order form....ie..com,net from enom and org,info from resellerclub..
  9. Yes for reselerclub use logic box mofule.To set everything ready for selling,first go to reseller club than whitelist your blesta installation IP...after that get back in blesta and configure logicbox module.When you do that,go to packages--->browse packages(this is navigation menu) and create new package and select module logic box...check which extensions you want set under that price,...set name for that new package group(create new in same proces ..last step on same page) and save....Now go to packages--->order forms and create new order form but change order form type from general to domain and other...select widget/order template. and configure order form as you want(allow cupons or not, Force Secure Connection (HTTPS) or not..etc)and as last step assign package group to order form(you create and name it as last step in domain package configuration)..and save order form....When you go to package--->order forms you will see all order forms but just bellow main navigation menu you will see two tabs ..first order forms and settings...if you go to settings there you can set this order form(or any other as default) and if you set this..than when you visit https://yourdomain.com/order you'll get to default order form...also under settings there are few more settings fraud check,recaptcha,embeded code..etc..
  10. Did you whitelist IP of blesta installation,Namecheap is eNom reseller and as I know you can't use api without whitelisting IP ..
  11. Yes WHMCS implement different pricing for registration, transfer, and renewal...I didn't use it from version 5..now it is 7.x.x so I don't know much about newer versions but I know they have different pricing for domains where you can set a different price for registration, renewal, and transfer
  12. Well, it is not only enom plugin...that is how you will have to handle domains no matter which module you use ...you have to be very carefully...since global suspend/cancel settings will have impact on domain registration and if you are not careful you will find yourself in a position where client pay you simple renewal price for domain but 7 days after expiration day..... while in reality domain is already in redemption state(cost 100$ or more because there is no grace period for resellers almost anywhere). So make sure you cancel domain instead end up suspended because it may have find yourself in a position where you will end up paying redemption cost just to avoid....
  13. Nelsa

    Cron tasks stuck

    Well Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away is common issue with many shared hosting providers,mostly problem is low limits for one or more variables in mysql configuration file my.cnf , in most cases if you incrase wait_timeout and/or max_allowed_packet it will resolve issue and in case when problem is timeout even incresing php settings can solve issue but again only if it is timeout issue but it is very rare..since you can't really get much with php tweaking...ask provider to incrase these values if server is not under your control
  14. Nelsa

    Hosting service set up

    First step Install Plesk module (settings-->module-->available-->install plesk module Step two,add your VPS as Plesk server (set admin as username or root and admin/root password as password,in IP field set public IP you set as shared IP in plesk) Step 3,add package..there you have to set name and description of your package,in module option select plesk....in server group field check any ...than service plan field will be available...select one you want to sell.Than set pricing,in field term you need to set 1,2 or any number you want to be....than select period month or year...etc....than set currency and price,setup fee...After you set first billing period ...for example 1 month price 2.00$ setup fee 0.00 Cancellation Fee 0.00 ,you can add additional price..for 3 months ...6 months..1 year..etc. Next thing would be welcome email template(when account created your client will get it)..this is something you can find here at forum and edit to fit your needs or write yourself.Than you need to assign package to at least one group(can be assigned to more than one),if there is no groups available create new group...just select option create group and name it..like Plesk hosting...Web hosting...Linux hosting or what ever you want..After that click on create package and you have package....But now you need order form...To create order form navigate to packages--->order form and at right side clcik add option.... There you need to set few things...name and label(used also as url string)are first two...name will be also title ..you can set for example name Plesk start ..label plesk hosting...or what ever you want...Next two fields are visibility and type,these fields are by default set to public and general and this is what you want to set if you want this package to be only for hosting plan only(or any other service/product only)...if you want first domain search and order form to be shown than hosting plan you need to set domain and other as order form type.Also there is client registration type..as name suggest,no order form..just registration form.Next is order form template or widget,you can select any of available.....Than you need to set default client group,by default set to users and than there are few checkbox fields and one tex box..there you can select will you force https on order form,will orders wait for manual review ,allow cupons..and url of terms of service(required only if you check " Require Agreement to Terms of Service ) ... Last thing is package group....here you will see group you created when hosting package is created but groups also can be created if you navigate to packages--->package groups.After this click create order form and that is it...you can now also,on same page "order form" navigate to settings and select default order form and few more options...After this your first package will be available at this order form..when you want more packages to be at same order form/page,create more packages and at last step,before click create packages,don't create new package group...instead add package to same group. To be more clear here is logic behind....you have package groups....to these groups you will assign packages(for example plesk hosting group will have few plesk packages...cpanel hosting groups few cpanel packages..etc)and than you assign one or more group/s to order form..for example you add two groups..Plesk hosting and cpanel group...than you add 3 plesk packages to plesk hosting group, and 3 cpanel packages to cpanel group....now you add new order form named web hosting and assign plesk hosting and cpanel hosting groups to this order form...when you visit this order form url you will have 6 hosting packages offered...if you want instead to have two order forms,one for plesk and one for cpanel plans than you will add two order forms and assign one group to each order form.
  15. What do you mean by six different reseller accounts??If question is related to 6 different web hosting or domain reseller accounts than you can have as many as you wish/need...One blesta license covers one company but this is related to your company/brand,when it comes to service/products that is something handled by modules and you can add 10 different web hosting reseller accounts as 10 different servers...or you can also use 5 different domain reseller accounts to provission domains.So there is no restrictions on how many cPanel/plesk/direct admin..etc servers you can add(and you can add any server with root or reseller ceredentials).So,as I said,service/products are handled by modules..cpanel module,eNom module..etc but under every module you can add multiple accounts/servers(depending what is handled).
  16. Nelsa

    Cron tasks stuck

    When you run cron manually not all tasks will be executed,there are many tasks sheduled to run at certain time or time period,in your case 2 of 3 tasks run once per day...
  17. Nelsa

    PayPal Subscriptions

    If there is no paypal as payment options go to order form settings and allow payments from paypal,also in paypal gateway settings make sure corect currency is enabled. After order is made,in checkout process ...first.... payment methods will be listed.....than on next page paypal buttons(if paypal is selected).In case you can't see paypal listed as payment methods than you will have to edit order form and and set paypal as one of the payment methods...
  18. Nelsa

    PayPal Subscriptions

    Two buttons should be presented at checkout/confirm payment page ,one button will be labeled as checkout and second subscribe...
  19. You have to change php version or apply hotfix...change to php 5.6 or find hotfix for 7.0 and upload files(and replace existing).You can find hotfix in any blesta installation zip file,you can't miss since directiries are named hotfix-php7 but just in case here is hotfix attached to this post, upload it to blesta installation and extract with the option "replace existing"checked. app.zip
  20. We had new domain manager scheduled for 4.0..than re-scheduled to 4.1....what happens after that I don't know
  21. Oh, ...it is not that what you think...server is already port forwarded problem is because before creating webspace/hosting account there is validation process to check is IP address of future hosting account existing on the server and because public IP fetched from module settings is checked and compared with server IP which is private IP...there is mismatch and as result only client is added to Plesk without hosting account. When it comes to questioning why someone want NATed server... ....providers use different cloud or virtualization environments and software and most of these are designed to provision NATed servers....it is not like you have the option..even you can search for provider that offer for example VPS without NAT but NAT has own advantages and some users want it for many different reasons...this is simple problem with Plesk module. @theone85ca Google cloud is worst option for servers you intend to use for selling hosting,I must say they have most idiotic practice on the planet..they provision servers with not only blocked outgoing port 25(which should be only port blocked when want to disable users to send from SMTP servers)but they also block 587 and 465 ports which disable relaying..and worst thing..in next paragraph they recommend SendGrid, Mailgun, and Mailjet but any of these to be used you have to relay for which you need port 465 and 587...I have really said opinion about their staff who do this and write https://cloud.google.com/compute/docs/tutorials/sending-mail/ Edit..they seems they corrected this thing with ports 465 and 587..I have server there and remember they had blocked ports for relaying while suggesting to use it When it comes to plesk server behind NAT and blesta...you have two options...implement this tweak suggested at previous page and after that, it will work on auto pilot or you can add private IP as second IP in Plesk(put private IP in first field while leaving a second field reserved for mapping IP empty) and in this case blesta will create account but you will have to go to plesk and switch to first IP manually every time new account is created since domains will be linked to wrong IP and when you visit any domain it will just show default plesk page every time instead files from hosting account.
  22. I know...but that was not case I was talked about...this case is when you have one/same server with 5 IP address for example and you want set one IP for first package....than different IP for second.... Also this issue with NATed server is only related to Plesk module....Also I never looked how WHMCS handle this and as I remeber there we didn't had issues with NATed servers while we used WHMCS....I just can't remember does plesk module in WHMCS has field list of IPs like it has in cPanel module and did I have to set private IP in this field. It was long time ago,I moved to Blesta in 2014 while WHMCS 5 was latest version..but I know I didn't have to edit module in WHMCS for NATed servers.
  23. Yes,that is how most people do...you can also add same server twice with different ip and than when create package just select that server for that package...But there is space for improvements ...for example module can be adopted so user can specify list of IP and than when creating new package, in service options select IP from that list for that package....But for us was important to have module that can auto provision new accounts without intervention on servers behind NAT.....amd that was not possible. Without this customization only way to make module to work was to add private IP manualy in Plesk as second IP ...only reason this IP has to exist is because plesk will not create webspace if IP is not on the list of IP....and for some reason it doesn't reckognize public IP as one of server IPs....in fact I know reason....it is because when comparing this ipv4 with server IPs....private IP is fetched for comparation.... This was very ugly solution.... problem was everytime new account is created you had to go and manualy change IP from that private IP to right one...Because of this I started to look for better solution...
  24. Plesk API xml request package for add:webspace has two fields for IP address...one is server ip and second is hosting account IP...this is logic because you may want to have different IP for hosting accounts...doesn't have to be related to NAT...if you look other billing scripts for this niche they have separate fields for IP list and server IP/hostname used for requests and internal script usage...So Plesk API xml include ip_address and ipv4 but there is big difference how these two are build in module....while ip_address value is taken from module meta row which itself is value you put in module settings ip field.....second parameter ipv4 is simple ipv4=ip_address ....and those two are in completly different section of XML request....ip_address is part of general/gen_setup section where general information about webspace is provided like user name,phone,login ..etc...second section hosting is where specific hosting features are specified and one of fields is ipv4....So generally this ipv4 can be set also to be populated at same way like ip_address but you have to first add new field to module settings template and than set ipv4 to be taken from there....so when it comes to your question "what happens if you change order"...it will happen that your request will fail if you put private IP in ip_address since it is used as target for post request....if you set different public IP it will work if it resolve to right server...If you want to have second ip optiona than it can be implemented in module with one simple IF statemen before existing code for ipv4 and than new code put in IF and existing code leave after IF as it is...otherwise you will have to put same IP in both fields if server is not behind NAT. But again this has usecase also when server is not behind NAT but you have more IPs... Anyway this was my adhoc implementation which doesn't require big changes to module...and it worked for us few years...I did say I will publish this plugin but since changes are so small I didn't see.any logic to publish this as new plugin...or even as hack.
  25. As I see you already saw old threads ...there was few reasons this happened to me...and you can use Mozila or Chrome developer tools ...in mozila go to inspector than switch to network tab and find POST request for module/service/options(or something like that...will se it broken..completed request will be green)and check response...on servers I had this issue...in most case it was error "oh no mysql has gone...." And this was resolved with increased mysql_wait_timeout and/or mysql_allowed_package
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