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    Release 3.5.0-B5

    Well it is not always up to them,all of us mostly are useing bunch of third party plugins/mods/geteways and devlopers use beta for testing their apps ,so .....well I have beta on localhost but I don't go in production with beta except if I need some new future so badly.,if not than no.This is not major upgrade so it shoudn't be issues.
  2. Nelsa

    Release 3.5.0-B5

    Well it is beta and I woudn't sugest to go in production with it ,final release will be available probably soon so why not wait little more, and if you decide to go with it than first back up stable variant so in case you got in to problems you can simple back on stable.
  3. I give you example for Apache but it is same for any group just see which user is run child processes.Apache is originally started by user root,call it “root-process“. Now “root-process” launches child processes which handle the client requests. For security reasons, the child processes are not run by user “root” but as a user with minimal privileges. Usually this user is named APACHE. To find out how this is called in your system, run: ps -ef | grep httpd | grep -v grep //For apache2 just change httpd in to apache in command and you will see something like: root 1926 1 0 Dec03 ? 00:
  4. It probably mean group permision issue, you must also have group permission corect. For example to give appache permision chgrp apache /path/to/mydir chmod g+w /path/to/mydir
  5. I started working on gateway with v2 API few days ago, I finished reading docs and downloaded v2 API library and Blesta SDK,for now I'm in early stage and just installed gateway today(Thanks Paul for dev. licence ).Now it is only empty template you can install,uninstall and put your seler ID,key... but like I say I start two days ago. Now I'm starting to implement everything ,this gateway is intended for one of my customers but copyrights stay to me and I will share it for free.Note that this is not existing gateway update but completly new. Few previews(it is labeled as merchant since
  6. I think it shoud be checked and skiped for existing customers with active service or second option to check and skip customers with at least one approved transaction.
  7. Need custom integration?New design or custom apps,onpage SEO or offpage SEO..or anything other...contact us at sales(at)nelsahost.com

  8. Yep, it woud be great to have this option.+1 from me.
  9. Clent templates are located in blesta\app\views\client\ ,to edit default template look for files in blesta\app\views\client\bootstrap BUT I sugest to copy bootstrap dir. first and rename it before edit files to avoid rewriting files everytime Blesta is updated,after rename it just go to settings-->look and feel-->templates and change template .
  10. Nelsa

    Changing Package Name

    To change package name ,go to Packages and edit package you want ,you can put something like this in e-mail template Hi {client.first_name} ,your account is created and activated . Package: {package.package} log in URL: https://{module.host_name}:2083 Your username: {service.cpanel_username} ......for more use tags available above e-mail template when creating/edit packages.
  11. Did you change url of installation ,it happen to me once .I changed installation url and it lock me after I import old database with old hostname,only difference is I DID get e-mails for reset pass but it is uselles since I got always wrong url.
  12. Well if all inputs and outputs are labeled as success than account shoud be created,BUT if only input is there labeled as success without output than shoud look on server side (if remote key,username,ip....are OK).So I think you shoud put more information here. Server is new or cPanel module work before this issue? is that service you talk about is labeled as pending or there is no service at all in Blesta?It is very hard to tell what can be since very little information is available.
  13. Well you can look in Tools-->logs--->gateway for more info,clcik on cPanel log
  14. +1 from me. I'm offering Plesk as alternative hosting solution for long time but till now never migrate clients nor start procesing new orders in Blesta ,still use integrated plesk billing,this is only service left outside blesta for me.I have plan to start working on this soon.
  15. Nelsa

    Cron Jobs

    You will find cron command in settings--->sistem--->automation Here is cron job format /usr/bin/php /home_dir/user_dir/public_html/blesta/index.php cron ,you can also put this command GET https://yourdomain.com/blesta_dir/cron/?cron_key=your_cron_key .NEED REPLACE your_cron_key with cron key you can find in setings--->sistem-automation,and also replace yourdomain.com and blesta_dir wiith your domain and your blesta installation dir.
  16. Yes and firebug will show you error response from your server,those GET and POST lines you see in console are requests blesta send to your server through module and if it pass line will have OK 200 response if not it will send error response,it can be anything .for example low conection timeout value or max alowed packet size value in mysql.ini settings or apache is restarted ...etc ,that is why it is important to see error.
  17. You will see GET ,POST...etc lines with responses and requests ,errors (if have)will be red colored ,than if find errors click on that line and then click at response tab to see details and you will see error.for example "error 2xxxx Oh noes mysql server has gone...etc" in short you will see detailed error and from that you will know where to look for solutions
  18. Install firefox extension firebug and than in right corner you will have firebugg icon(well icon is a Bug so you will know which is ),click on it to turn it on and console will pop up at botom ,then try to create account(or refresh page if already there) and you will see all requests and responses in console .Errors will be red colored.
  19. You can look is there importer from THT to WHMCS, than you can go WHMCS to Blesta ,I do this once with community from Xen Foro to xy than xx
  20. When blesta is installed on same server as plesk you will probably have issue with restarting server every time creating account.Solution is to set service restarting few seconds after account is created,if you are already do this then use some debugger extension and debug error(firebug will do the job)
  21. Yep third option is best.
  22. Well seems you have two option for IPs ,first is to set number of IPs when creating plan and second is to leave empty and specify number of IPs when creating VPS which is fine when it comes ordering VPS.Seems problem is offering IPs as service upgrade, there is no option for creating plan with IP only or creating addons and I don't see option to upgrade VPS plan at all from end user panel , which mean,if ther is no some addon for virtualizator you will have to resolve IP orders manualy.Maybe their demo server is restricted but I think it is not and it is probably reason why you didn't succeed
  23. I will use their demo server and make few screen shots for you,I will put it here for few minutes
  24. Yes I know what he ask but I didn't use it in production just basic check,and yes you can add/remove IPs in Virtualizator also ,first need to add IPs in pool
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