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  1. Hi, I managed to change all values ok. But adding "direct_admin_ip" does not seem to reflect in blesta. Can you please suggest a better way of adding the IP in bulk. Thanks
  2. I found the issue, but still it's a weird scenario. I checked and saw there was 0.22 of credit applied to the Profoma invoice, removing the credit allowed for the funds to be applied to the amount. But even if there was a small amount applied to the profoma, why is that preventing another transaction from being applied.
  3. Sorry for the long delay on this from the mysql database. All values are the same. But the payment wont apply From transactions table From Invoices table
  4. The invoice total is 120000. We don't usually use decimals for our currency as so all prices are exact. And there is no credit remaining from any previous transactions.
  5. I'm sure it's the same value all same currency
  6. Besta 4.6.0, PHP 7.2 This is the second incident of the same nature. I think the screenshot can explain more
  7. I just managed to solve this a minute ago. Seems there is a change in blesta's template. <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo $this->Html->safe($this->view_dir . 'javascript/app.min.js' . (!empty($hash_version) ? '?v=' . $hash_version : ''));?>"></script>
  8. That is using "Wizard List" but tried other templates as well and still I get the same results. We have not made any changes to the order plugin. I have tried uploading the order plugin again but that solved nothing.
  9. Hello, I just tried placing an order on the client side and applying a coupon. But soon after applying the coupon the order is removed from cart. Trying to reorder the same item, the previous added items shows on checkout so duplicate orders are placed. Blesta 4.6 PHP 7.0
  10. It's solved in 4.6 I confirm 😀
  11. This was the case, It's working properly now.
  12. Nope, I cleared cache but still same. I have even tried on a different PC
  13. No you tick the field and save. But when you go the same package again. The renewal price is grayed out again.
  14. With 4.6.0-b1 and b2. PHP 7.0 I noticed this weird preview of user Activity info
  15. I'm using 4.6.0-b2. With b1 i was able to activate renewal price in packages but with b2 it's does not activate. php7.0
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