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  1. Hi, I would like to see the packages according to their assigned package groups in the Browse Packages. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Thanks, that has helped. I would also like to share something that in the Packages > Browse Packages, its very confusing to see the packages. Why that page cannot show packages as per the package groups ? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Right now only Home and Order are showing in nav bar. I want to show all the order forms I have created in the nav bar automatically. If I click on Order, it shows me domain search and when I press Skip button it shows me domain packages. It is impossible to reach the hosting order forms. How to show hosting order forms in the nav bar ? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I recently got a new directadmin based server and I configured it in blesta (which is on some other server), when I am trying to add package in blesta, its not populating the directadmin reseller packages I have created in directadmin. What am I doing wrong ? Please help, thanks in advance. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am using blesta, and it is cancelling services when invoice are not paid but not terminating the accounts in cpanel and it is resulting in client sites running for free and i did'nt get any notification about it at all. In WHMCS I used to get a daily email of what was terminated etc. and that way I was able to double check whether the service actually terminated or not. How can same be achieved in blesta ?? Thanks.
  6. kikloo

    Old hostname

    Hi, I do not see any dropdown in the services where I can change the server. I only see a package / term changing dropdown, in which I see the packages with the terms / prices. And all services are on the correct packages, they are just not showing the correct hostname. Thanks.
  7. kikloo

    Old hostname

    Hi, I had 1 server in which i had 400 accounts, i got another server and I move 200 into the new server. I added the new server in the blesta (in the same server group) and I also updated the packages (related to the accounts which I moved to new server), all is fine. But the services are showing old hostname even when the packages have been updated to show the new hostname. Services should instantly show the new info from the related packages. It seems this was not done properly. How to fix ? Thanks.
  8. kikloo

    Old hostname

    Hi, I had 1 server earlier and all my packages were pointing to that server only, so all packages had a single hostname (cpanel hosting). Now I got 2 servers and I added the new server into blesta and changed the package config to point to new server which has a different hostname. But when I click on a record of services to view login details, it still shows old (wrong) hostname and not the new one. How to fix ? It should automatically show up the new hostname according from the package > server. But its still showing old hostname. Thanks.
  9. Hi, i am using the new token api thing , and in that all checkboxes are selected except “everything” root access and still it doesn’t works. How to fix ?? Thanks
  10. Ofcourse, i am using root, and i suspended it manually from WHM. And it seems that blesta is able to suspend / cancel all single accounts, but its not able to suspend / cancel any reseller accounts. So its something related to reseller accounts only. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have a cpanel server and blesta is unable to suspend accounts, here's the blesta log: abc.some-host.com|suspendreseller s:8:"someuser"; and result is: abc.some-host.com {"statusmsg":"Permission Denied","status":0} I also updated cpanel api token and then tried again but to no avail. How to fix ? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I shifted my blesta installation from 1 server to another (both were cpanel) and after the cron is giving the following error: This is only happening when its run via cron, if i run the cron manually then it run's fine. How do I fix this ? Thanks.
  13. Hi, Why I don't get any notification about the new version of blesta ?? Today I noticed that v4.1.2 is out and i am on v4.0.1. Please put some system in blesta so it alerts the admin that new version is out etc. or send mailer. Thanks.
  14. Hi, How to sell 2 or more packages into a bundle and sell ? I.e I want to create 1 bundle of domain + hosting (2 different packages / services) and user should enter 1 domain, but its basically 2 services etc. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I get that error when I manually activate the domain name, no error comes but the red error box comes with blank message, though domain gets registered but in blesta it stays as pending. I have to log in to phpmyadmin to change the status to active and update the dates. Thanks.
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