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  1. Hi, I want to upgrade my blesta from 4.7.2 to latest. How to go about it ? Where can I download the patched files ? I tried searching but got confused. Don't want to mess my installation. Any help ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Is there a way to delete / deactivate clients who have no active / suspended services ? Thanks.
  3. Any quick update will be really helpful. Thank you.
  4. Coz right now all my data is in blesta and I don't want people changing passwords from within blesta but use cpanel. When clients use blesta to change password the password strength is ignored and silly weak passwords are being set. I want clients to set / change passwords from within cpanel.
  5. Hi, How to hide / remove password change field for clients in Manage Service section for cPanel module ? I want to disable password change of cpanel accounts from within blesta so that clients cannot change password. How to do that ? Thanks.
  6. kikloo

    Leaving blesta

    Clientexec is also available at same price. No wonder belsta has blocked their importer script in htaccess file. All are equally secure I feel, if someone wants to hack blesta, they will find some issue. Its not that popular, that's why its not getting the attention. Maybe it is dev friendly but I don't find it to be friendly because I have to learn something new and that is applicable for all billing systems. In a nutshell, development is really slow, no ready to use order system. I uploaded my logo (which somehow gets deleted with every update) and it shows on invoices but not
  7. kikloo

    Leaving blesta

    Hi, I am leaving blesta as I feel that development is very slow and going in some other direction. There are no modules coming which is the essence of a billing system. Instead of going for minphp and other stuff, please concentrate on creating modules. I use CCavenue and that is not working any more in blesta due to some mcrypt thing, tried getting help to fix that but to no avail. Then there's no official module for internetbs, whmcs, clientexec both have and just works out of the box but blesta is just not doing that. Just concentrate on creating modules, the more t
  8. Hi, CCAvenue payment gateway is not working. When clients try to pay they get the following error: --- Function mcrypt_module_open() is deprecated --- PHP is on 7.2 and 7.3 and on both mcrypt module is install in WHM. But still blesta is giving error. How to fix ? Thanks in advance.
  9. kikloo

    Issues with blesta

    Hi, Need another feature to keep blesta neat and clean, I want to know the users/clients who have not logged in for last xx days. So I can search who has not logged in / ordered for in the last 3 years, it means they have left us and not coming back and I would like to delete their data. It will help keep the database small in size and there are other benefits also for the same. Can this be done ? Thanks.
  10. kikloo

    Issues with blesta

    Hi, 1. Yes 4 & 5. Thanks, Can I hope to see this tool in the next release ??? 6. I'll try this. Thanks.
  11. kikloo

    Issues with blesta

    Hi, Thanks for the answers, please check my replies per point basis. 1. Status of the package is not coming in package groups 1a. All the heads should also display in the package groups like they do in the browse package page. 3. I don't have it anymore as I don't have WHMCS. I am sure someone would be able to share it. 4. There should be a tool to change package, WHMCS has it, it easily allows you to do mass changes, like changing prices or packages etc. 5. That is the problem, how can I find that out and won't it be too cumbersome to change pricing one by one ? Ins
  12. kikloo

    Issues with blesta

    Bletsa is giving me hard time, I feel now that its a generic billing system and not a dedicated web hosting selling system. 1. The package page in admin alone gives me the creeps. I have 3-4 package groups and the package page cannot display packages by package group, its so simple to do but despite being on v4.7.2 the package page is just a plain simple list and all the packages are coming mixed with each other which looks so awful. 2. Secondly, in the order form while adding the domain name, the default currency is set to INR, but the domains I am selling in USD, though blesta is c
  13. Hi, I would like to see the packages according to their assigned package groups in the Browse Packages. Thanks.
  14. Hi, Thanks, that has helped. I would also like to share something that in the Packages > Browse Packages, its very confusing to see the packages. Why that page cannot show packages as per the package groups ? Thanks.
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