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  1. Search Domain in From Another Page as a Client By default, visitor search domain in at order/config/preconfig/hosting. Blesta makes use of CSRF tokens by default, so logging in directly from another page will not work by default. To get around this restriction it's necessary to edit your config/blesta.php config file to add an exception. Back up, and then open config/blesta.php in a UTF-8 friendly text editor. But Still Im getting error The form token is invalid. Look for this line: Configure::set("Blesta.csrf_bypass", array()); Change it to: Configure::set("Blesta.csrf_bypass", array('domain_from :: index'));
  2. HI wmrwl, How to upgrade Blesta. First you have to migrate Plesk to plesk migration then you have to login the blesta panel and reissue blesta for the new IP. then upload blesta https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta ~/admin/upgrade then If Plesk user password not changes then just replace new plesk IP and admin user paword automated all customers Plesk user password works fine. If your customer user password changes then you have to set password menaully.
  3. Hello First of all its Blesta support.You need to contact wordpress support or resellerclub for your hosting support. Resellerclub Hosting is full managed so they can help about this issue. might it will helpful for you.
  4. Yes I m ready to pay transfer fees too. Thank you.
  5. I m ready to buy for $120USD via PayPal.
  6. domaingood

    Mail styling

    https://postmarkapp.com/transactional-email-templates can use in Blesta?
  7. Description of the bug Import price from TheSSLStore Module & NameSilo Domains Module package name missing. Steps To Reproduce Please go to 1. install blesta 4.12.4 2. Import price from TheSSLStore Module & NameSilo Domains Module 3. Upgrade blesta 5.0.5 Package name missing.
  8. Welcome to Blesta! This theme is really nice.Please try to make one page ajax order from like
  9. Please review your logs login Admin -> Tools -> Logs If need Enabling Error Reporting & Debugging https://docs.blesta.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10551368 Thank you
  10. Hello you need to set up your SMTP server. You have to go you're settings and email settings setup your SMTP.
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