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  1. I think My option is better make it URL Like coupon. &domain=domain.com {domain}.{tld}
  2. But I can make it via ISPmanager with username 100cor works fine. This limitation maybe made by blesta not ISPmanager.you can create demo account 100tb.com account without Blesta then remove user then create user with "100" then try with Blesta with username "100". Thank you
  3. But when trying start with number Error message "The username may contain only letters and numbers and may not start with a number"
  4. Hi Jono, I did that But Domain Availability Checker still missing. https://my.10corp.com/order/main/packages/hosting/?group_id=2&pricing_id=2102&coupon=10off&currency=USD For USA https://my.10corp.com/order/main/packages/hosting/?group_id=2&pricing_id=2102&coupon=10off&currency=BDT for BD I have PHP Domain Availability Checker I can Custom Link Integration If URL Working Like Set a Coupon to a Specific Product coupon=10off . I want Set a Domain to a Specific Product domain=domain.com &domain=domain.com {domain}.{tld} Added in URL https://my.10corp.com/order/mai
  5. I want to link Web Hosting product with I follow this document https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Order+System Domain availability check Term and Price = Monthly/Yearly Currency = USD /CAD/EUR Coupon= 10/50 OFF but Still Domain availability check missing /order/main/packages/hosting/?group_id=2&pricing_id=2102&currency=USD&coupon=10off
  6. Why you want to reset their password.its their right to change password.
  7. domaingood

    Leaving blesta

    HI kikloo Some point I agree with you. pros 1. Blesta are cheap hosting billing 2. Blesta almost open source 3. Blesta is more secure then others 4. Blesta is developer friendly that can make your Plugins and Modules cons 1. Blesta too slow with their development.But now they are little fast.(But still need to more fast) 2. Lack of their domain manager. 3. Lack of Modules.
  8. Is there a way to truly limit the coupon codes to one per user? I want all new customer buy 1st Domain Names only $0.99 /yr.
  9. I want to setup Specific Date for Service Renews.Because they already paid and I m manually import in Blesta.So I need add Specific Date for Service Renews
  10. The username may contain only letters and numbers and may not start with a number. I m trying to create manually package via ISPmanagger But its not give me create 123.com. Also trying to make https://www.10corp.com
  11. resellers.resellone.net a:3:{s:4:"func";s:12:"lookupDomain";s:4:"data";a:4:{s:6:"domain";s:7:"opensrs";s:7:"maximum";s:1:"1";s:8:"selected";s:4:".com";s:10:"defaulttld";s:4:".com";}s:7:"connect";a:10:{s:13:"osrs_username";s:5:"tuhin";s:13:"osrs_password";s:11:"placeholder";s:8:"osrs_key";s:4:"xxxx";s:16:"osrs_environment";s:4:"PROD";s:9:"osrs_host";s:23:"resellers.resellone.net";s:9:"osrs_port";s:5:"52000";s:12:"osrs_sslPort";s:5:"52443";s:13:"osrs_protocol";s:3:"XCP";s:21:"osrs_baseClassVersion";s:5:"2.8.0";s:12:"osrs_version";s:7:"XML:0.1";}} Output resellers.resellon
  12. Blesta 4.12 Beta Also What about HashKey Its giving me Error $LIVE_host = "resellers.resellone.net";$LIVE_port = 52000;$LIVE_sslport = 52443;$TEST_host = "horizon.opensrs.net";$TEST_port = 55000;$TEST_sslport = 55443; I have Changed your File Still not working $connectData["osrs_username"] = $user; $connectData["osrs_password"] = "placeholder"; $connectData["osrs_key"] = $key; $connectData["osrs_environment"] = "PROD"; $connectData["osrs_host"] = "resellers.resellone.net"; $connectData["osrs_port"] = "5
  13. I want to Migrate Domain/Hosting From Old Client to New Client. How can I do that? Also When Migrate to New Client Here will be option Email to both Customers to know Away and Incoming new Services. Manage Service: Ultimate Hosting - demo.com Manage Service: .com - Demo.com Previous/Old Client-Name: John PeterCompany: Demo LLCEmail: [email protected] Current/New Client-Name: John DoeCompany: Demo Services, LLCEmail: [email protected] https://requests.blesta.com/topic/migrate-to-new-client-request
  14. We want import my existing customers Over 1200 Domains into Blesta Via OpenSRS Module?
  15. I have a ISPmanager Servers. Is there anyway to import my existing users into my blesta panel? Best Regards Mahmudul
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