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  1. Hi, Currently i'm working with Holistics.io, where I connect it to Blesta DB via remote mysql and it shows me a full B.I dashboard with awesome statistics and charts. I would like to know if Blesta model does support a query to be able to retrieve how many services where active at a certain date. We can't rely on Canceled or Suspended dates of 'services' table as the former can occur much later after the service was suspended, and the latter disappears when a service is unsuspended. I'm thinking about writing a small script that logs this value every day to a database in order t
  2. I confirm that the business and receiver_email are equal, so I'll check the patch you suggested and see if it works
  3. Hi, It seems that Paypal payments are no longer working on my install. I'm not sure if it makes the difference whether the user choose one time pay or a recurring one, but paypal is showing me successful payments on their dashboard that blesta doesn't seem to register. Where should I start looking to troubleshoot this issue? At payment gateway log it shows "failed". This is how the callback log looks like (I tried to hide personal/transaction info): http://prntscr.com/dobmeq What should I do in this case?
  4. Mate, I want to try this plugin but I can't find the download link. I tried registering on your website but them it won't show me the download link neither :/
  5. Hi, I've changed the following change to fix the issue: Before: $row = $this->getModuleRow(); After: $row = $this->getModuleRow($package->module_row); As package gets changed when using upgrade I can get the current API URL for the location of the service. I haven't implemented automatic migration between locations yet, but I think in that case would be recommended to assign a service field to store the location right? Thanks! Rodrigo
  6. Hi, I've been using 2 packages from the same module to offer services in different locations. Each module row has the API URL that blesta should use to manage the service. When I change the package from an existing service using "Upgrade/Downgrade", the service keeps using the old API URL instead of changing to the new module row from the new selected package. I'm currently using Blesta 3.5.1 and have this strange bug preventing me from implementing auto-cancel. Can this be fixed from the Module code or is it a Blesta bug? Thanks, Rodrigo
  7. Hi, As Cody suggested in my previous post about MySQL queries that might give you some insights about critical situations, now I'm making custom report to make it easy to use and export from Blesta admin interface. Output Preview (CSV data): Setup 1. Create a new custom report 2. Put the name you want to the report 3. Paste the following code in Query: SELECT DATE(invoices.date_closed) Day, count(*) "Paid invoices", GROUP_CONCAT(invoices.id SEPARATOR ', ') "Invoices ID", SUM(invoices.paid) "Total Paid" from invoices where invoices.date_closed IS NOT NULL AND MONTH(invoice
  8. When you have a blesta setup with relatively high client volume, you may want to periodically check if everything is OK, or clean up things that should not be there (i.e: data that is not automatically removed by blesta/plugins). I've come up to this queries which I use periodically: - Show users that have at least 1 active service and more than 3 unpaid invoices: This may happen when a provision plugin is not suspending a service, or just human mistake (useful to find customers that are not paying because of not having their services suspended) SELECT many_invoices_customers.id 'cus
  9. Just a heads up, I'm upgraded my blesta installation from 3.3.0 to 3.5.1, and I noted that the services tab at client/admin user dashboard view disappeared. By checking the network section of google chrome developer tools, I found that it was an error with loading a vendor class "PricingsFactory". Class 'PricingFactory' not found on line 3405 in/[..blestadir..]/public_html/app/models/invoices.php I tried putting the original Blesta 3.5.1 index.php into the installation and it worked fine. When I tried to use the Vqmod installer the problem came back. So there is a problem with
  10. Hi, I'm thinking about making a custom provisioning module for my game servers since I don't use any known game server panel. Since there may be some deployments that are not so fast, it's not possible to return the server data in the same call to the backend API (like multicraft does). Along with this, I want to implement a deployment queue at backend, so if 10 clients rent a server at the same time, Blesta will add a job to the backend's queue (via POST to an API) and then a job processor at backend will poll every 10 seconds for a new game-server install job. The part that i'm n
  11. You can try my workaround to this issue at using Universal Module for dedicated servers for instance (you need to let the user know what's their IP address, assigned after the order is done) [blesta 3.2.1] Universal Module Workaround: Show Service Fields At Client Panel [blesta 3.2.1/3.3] Universal Module Workaround 2: Hide Certain Service Fields From Being Shown On Order Page Both should work with blesta 3.3
  12. Bump. I think I posted on the wrong section and the thread got moved.
  13. Hello, I have a game server hosting company and I'm using blesta as my billing and management platform. It's common at game server rental to have a base price and charge per server slot. At Blesta 3.3 prorate was introduced for upgrading packages and payment terms, but it's not included when an user wants to keep the same payment term but have a higher slot count, which is set-up as a configurable option with many options (from 10 to 60 players, but it can be up to 500 with a step of 5 slots). I don't think that the slot options should be added as different packages, so I think
  14. That's pretty necessary! When I found that problem I just did it the hard way (deleting lines and stuff). Thanks for your contribution
  15. Thanks! After reading your post I noticed that I forgot a lot of the steps that I actually did. Does your method solves what I posted here?: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2961-select-specific-outer-template-for-order-pages/#entry21226 For who may be reading my post, note that I just put the steps to modify the content outside the container, so you need to make a new order page template as usual, and then apply what I did (or flangefrog's method if it does the same, in that case, you should proceed without doubt with his method). Also, thanks for the vQmod! I'
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