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  1. well at no point did I say that was the only issue I have ever had, and obviously it wasn't and you know that full well as you have seen and responded to my other issues as well. and obviously this issue has nothing to do with any of the others or the usability or lack of docs or lack of setup guide, those things are simply facts and nothing at all to do with me or my opinion one one product or another. in order for your statement that I am the only one who has ever had any of my issues, you would have to have personally contacted every single Blesta user and got them to setup the exact sa
  2. thanks for everyone's efforts, but after months trying to get Blesta working properly, it is just taking up too much of my time so I decided to throw in the towel and switch to WHMCS. I'm afraid I do not find Blesta user friendly at all, I have found it very un-intuitive and overly complicated to do things which should be simple, the docs are incomplete and leave a lot to be desired, there is not even a setup guide, you just to figure everything out yourself, and it is just so hard to get it working, and you need to be a php developer to solve most of the issues. I tried hard to get on wit
  3. here is the current cron log http://screencast.com/t/rihcyEt8pb But surely if this was happening as part of the standard cron job then the services would be getting activated every 10 minutes when the cron runs, not just when I visit the page. I do not have any 3rd party plugins, this is a vanilla install.
  4. no I do not use CloudFlare. it happened again today, this time there was a considerable delay until I happened. I was sitting on the services page for some time, then went into the service, and it had been set active. Is there maybe some sort of cronjob that kicks off as a result of me logging into blesta or looking at this page ?
  5. I go to billing-> services -> pending click on the service, I do not make any changes at all, I am simply looking at it to get the details so I can provision manually in my CP I then go back to billing-> services -> pending and everything has vanished, as they have all been set to active. Not just the one I was looking at, but *ALL* of the pending services.
  6. Hi Paulo, this widget is already enabled. I can already see all orders that are to be manually approved. The issue as I have explained is that if I simply "LOOK AT" any pending service, then all the pending services get set to active, even though I did not touch them.
  7. I don't know, where would I find that ? I recently upgraded to latest version, so presumably that will have updated the files.
  8. there is no credit, these are all new signups, and it is set to manual processing as per previous instructions. And even if it wasn't, then surely activation would b e happening automatically at the time of ordering, why would it wait until I view a service (simply clicking the service ID link, taking no action taken whatsoever), and then set all other services for all other users/orders to get marked as active. That just doesn't make any logical sense to me ?
  9. snake

    Selling Domain Names

    can anyone tell me where to find the docs for setting up/selling domain names, as usual I am not having any luck finding anything on the official docs which just seem to have been started and then abandoned. http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Selling+Domains
  10. ok I finally got the upgrade done, but this has not solved original issue. I still have the same problem, all the pending services are getting automatically set to active whenever I view any of them. This obviously makes it very hard to process orders when they keep vanishing.
  11. here are the steps of how it is done remote desktop into the server right click on zip and choose extract all files select blesta folder as the destination files are extracted to the specified location you are prompted if you want to overwrite existing files you choose yes, and the process completes or open zip file select all contents press CTRL C open blesta folder CTRL V files are extracted to the specified location you are prompted if you want to overwrite existing files you choose yes, and the process completes There are no errors and files fail to copy. The commands you have su
  12. I am not using FTP, I am doing it directly on the server, extracting all the files from the ZIP into the folder. I have also tried extracting them to another folder and then copying them over. I am not getting any errors, all the files are copying.
  13. I simply follow the instructions here http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta If these downloads and have missing files as you say, then how would I know this and where do I find the correct downloads or missing files ?
  14. ok I have tried upgrading as per the instructions here: http://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Upgrading+Blesta it says "Upload the contents of the blesta directory to your server where you installed Blesta overwriting your existing files and point your web browser to ~/admin/upgrade" That URL does not work, I just get a 404. the usual URL I access the admin with is mysite.com/billing/index.php/admin so I go to mysite.com/billing/index.php/admin/upgrade and I get this error below. So how do I do the upgrade ? SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'inherit' in
  15. The checkbox next to "Require Manual Review and Approval of All Orders" is checked, and has been since I was originally given this advise. It was working fine for a while. Installed Version is 3.2.1
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