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  1. I sell digital downloads using the Digital Products module by @Blesta Addons Unlike other services, digital downloads don't need provisioning and the up to 5 minute wait for the cron is often confusing for my customers, so my question is this... is it possible to instantly approve services that don't need provisioning by the cron so blesta can mimic the expected behaviour of having instant access when purchasing digital goods? Thanks
  2. definition of a living legend. thanks 🙏🏿
  3. @Jono one last thing on the matter. i'm trying to get the Package Group Name in the email template for the package but at a loss. it's not really clear in the Package Welcome Email section of the docs. Can you assist me with the appropriate tag to use to get the name of the package group to be displayed in the emails. thanks.
  4. Thanks jono, you're right, i got it working. i used $this->view->set('package', $package); in the controller and removed $package->meta like you stated. i then edited the pdt which was originally echo $this->Html->ifSet($package->someMeta) ; and changed it to echo $this->Html->ifSet($package->meta->someMeta) ; Appreciate your help. 🙏🏿 @Blesta Addons I tried opening a ticket on your site but your ticket system doesn't work. i then sent you a private message on here but didn't hear back for 2 weeks. what's the best way to contact you?
  5. This is part feature request part support query... Is there a way to make downloads that require clients to be logged in to be inaccessible until the user has verified their email address?
  6. Hi Jono, thanks for your help. It is definitely package group description i was after as i'm using the group as a product and the packages as tiers for that product. your solution only half worked since the module controller was already setting $this->view->set("package", $package->meta ); and it seemed i could only get one or the other working and not both. I'l just have to find a developer to implement it for me since it seems it should be sufficiently straight forward for someone in the know. Hopefully @Blesta Addons reappears soon so i can hire him since he seems to have disap
  7. Hi Jono, thanks for your response. I guess that's where I'm going wrong. How would I fetch $package_group and pass it to the view?
  8. Hi, not sure if anyone can help me with this but i'm trying to echo ($package_group->description) in a service management tab but can't quite figure out the syntax. If anybody could educate me on how to do that it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. It's just missing a very basic UI element which has been an industry standard for years upon years when it comes to accordions or alike... the plus sign! Even the most basic user will recognise the plus sign as meaning "this element is expandable" and then the minus sign to contract it again. it's a simple convention but makes a world of difference. For my latest project launching soon I'm using a table plugin in Wordpress and this is how the expandable UI element looks over there: I'm also using an accordion on my custom blesta order template which again utilises the classic UI el
  10. I'm also looking for a way to allow prorated upgrades but not downgrades...
  11. what kind of problems were you experiencing?
  12. perfect. just in the process of migrating and wget is the only way I could get the crown to run in my new setup. cheers would also like to know the answer to this but I assume the silence means it's ok.
  13. love how you did the domains with the name spin. beautifully done mate. however there's an issue in your Blesta when ordering. Files does not exist: /home/cyandark/public_html/billing/plugins/order/views/client/zyan_panel/message.pdt on line 120 in /home/cyandark/public_html/billing/lib/view.php
  14. The screenshots look absolutely gorgeous but the site isn't loading =[
  15. niyo

    E-Mail Issues

    in your defence they only recently updated that part of the documentation to make it clearer
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