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  1. qatifserv

    Get/Fetch Client Data by Ajax Request

    any way to apply this to the quotes ? I tried to write this to the controller but still doesn't work /** * Get Quotes count */ public function count_quotes() { // Ensure a valid Status if (isset($this->get[0])) { $status = $this->get[0]; } else { $status = "open"; } if ($this->isAjax()) { // Load Model Only When we Need it !!! $this->uses(["QuotesSystem"]); $response = $this->QuotesSystem->getStatusCount($this->client_id, $status); // JSON encode the AJAX response $this->outputAsJson($response); return false; } return false; } everything else works
  2. qatifserv

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    still needs to be update, but it seems like it's going to be a great plugin.
  3. qatifserv

    a way to make the staff request to take the ticket

    unfortunately, I already know that, however, i'm looking for a way to hide the tickets that the staff isn't assigned to in his department.
  4. qatifserv

    How to receive customer's comment textbox in order form

    I know two ways: 1- Using the Universal Module you can create whatever form you want and attach it to a product. 2- custom client fields.
  5. qatifserv

    Blesta video tutorial

    You can always check Blesta User Manual
  6. Is there a way to make a staff opt-in to take a ticket. the staff shouldn't be able to reply to the ticket or change it's status unless accepted or assigned by the admin to take that ticket.
  7. qatifserv

    Configurable option type "text" & user pick the price

    So..... after spending more than 2 days trying to solve this problem without crashing the theme and the site I finally came up with a solution.. this is how you let the customer pick the price for a service: 1- set the initial price to 0.00 2- Packages >> Configurable Options >> options 3- create a new option with the following : Type >> Quantity Client can Add & Client can Edit are enabled set option name & min & max & step to 1 price is 1.00 ((( very important so any value the client enters will be multiplied by 1 ))) 4- now identify your order form and edit /plugins /order /views /templates /ajax /javascript /config_packageoptions.js 5- delete these lines : $(input).slider({ value: value, min: min, max: max, step: step, orientation: 'horizontal' }).on('slideStop', function(e) { fetchSummary(); }); save and close. now you're done! go check the package as a client and see that there's an extra text field you just created that allows you to plug in any number and it will be used as the final price you can also use the value as 1.05 for example when setting up the price for the option to be used as the price + 5% of what the user put down hide all of the unnecessary field now on your order template using style="display:none" if you want.. make sure to make the package requires an approval.. if I came up with any updates I'll post it here.. this worked perfectly for me. To Do : make the field only accept #s
  8. qatifserv

    Configurable option type "text" & user pick the price

    I'm trying to let the customer pick the price for a certain service using this.. I'll try to find something around it and ill post if i found the solution
  9. Hello .. I'm looking for a way to convert the slider on the configurable option type "quantity" to text input that only accept numbers using this code http://jsfiddle.net/viralpatel/nSjy7/ any thoughts / help .. trying to get the user pick and choose the price partially solved in the replies.. you can check there..
  10. qatifserv

    RTL support

    Hello.. Quick question, what's the best way to set the theme to be RTL ? Thanks in advance !
  11. qatifserv

    Blesta 4.0.0 ?

    Hello, I was just wondering, it is been awhile since the 3.6.1 came out, is there a new version coming out soon ? what is it gonna have and what's so special about it ? Thanks, and merry christmas
  12. qatifserv


    Thanks. I actually just started working on the translation process (client area, order forms). I'll be sure to translate every sentence correctly and I'll be editing the default Blesta Blue style to be working well with Arabic and then I'll upload them both here. I expect to be done with all of that this week.
  13. qatifserv


    Does Blesta support Arabic language ? is it already included or do I have to translate it ? Thanks