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  1. qatifserv

    RTL support

    Hello.. Quick question, what's the best way to set the theme to be RTL ? Thanks in advance !
  2. qatifserv

    Blesta 4.0.0 ?

    Hello, I was just wondering, it is been awhile since the 3.6.1 came out, is there a new version coming out soon ? what is it gonna have and what's so special about it ? Thanks, and merry christmas
  3. qatifserv


    Thanks. I actually just started working on the translation process (client area, order forms). I'll be sure to translate every sentence correctly and I'll be editing the default Blesta Blue style to be working well with Arabic and then I'll upload them both here. I expect to be done with all of that this week.
  4. qatifserv


    Does Blesta support Arabic language ? is it already included or do I have to translate it ? Thanks