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  1. Moved Blesta to a new domain, edit client acting odd

    That is awkward. But in the meantime if that all it is I would just try to manually change those only two back.
  2. License Expired after upgrading

    But if happening daily for you and it has to be reissued there a problem somewhere or somehow.
  3. License Expired after upgrading

    Err that not too good, I gotten the license re validated once and they said that normal as long as it validated successfully. But so far no drops for now that is...
  4. License Expired after upgrading

    Glad to see that your got your priorities in order.
  5. PHP 7.1upgrade issues

    Trust me your not the only one. One time I forgot that every single directory was pointed at /home2 instead of /home ...
  6. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    Yup you can't go wrong with the basic advice of "buy low sell high". Investing in a "nutshell" is just understanding WHEN to buy and WHEN to sell.
  7. Multicraft docs are they out of date?

    I am sorry but this confuses me more than ever. I am very sorry that I am not sure why this module is causing such problems...
  8. Multicraft docs are they out of date?

    I think I thought of what possibly be the problem... There obviously two "kinds" of "variables" that looks very similar the one your trying to use ( service.multicraft_login_username) and another of one that looks very similar (service.multicraft_user_name). With that said... Could you please see what happens if you swap service.multicraft_login_username for service.multicraft_user_name ? I am thinking that one may be valid while the other one may been "removed" from Multicraft/Blesta but had not been updated on the docs/module "variables" listing. Please let us know the result and thanks in advance.
  9. Multicraft docs are they out of date?

    You may be right my fellow. Could you please look into a pre created Multicraft package on Blesta end and posting a screenshot of the "Welcome Email" section? It will be just beneath where you set the pricing of various terms. That may hint us what "variables" exists within the latest module.
  10. License Expired after upgrading

    Good point there, I didn't actually thought of that given that he tried to upgrade the installation.
  11. License Expired after upgrading

    That may seems odd but I can think of two reasonable things to confirm and look into... 1. During the process your license could of literally expired. For example if you were doing the updates in between the late night and very early morning of Midnight. With that said you should confirm that your license is "still good" or if an outstanding invoice for it has to be paid off. 2. Your IP could of changed for one reason or another. Verifies this and if it did run the re validation. Other than that then yes that is very bizarre then.
  12. thinking of buying blesta with blestacms

    I believe you would need to direct this to Blesta.store for if they are able to provide this. Ideally though every software on this globe should come with a free trial before you has to swing out the credit card.
  13. Affiliates Support?

    While this may be true, what stopping you from creating custom coupons and tracking sales that way?
  14. Blesta and CPanel Auto setup

    As I mentioned in the PM, you has to do it at the package(s) that you created. For each and every package you has to go into the configuration (where you set the pricing and etc) and create an email that will add below of that email automatically.
  15. Plugin: Email History

    I second that, just unzip, install, and go to town. Even worked on my "dummy" client that I made forever ago so it should also work for an already operating system without worries. As for sizing I personally not seeing any "colliding" of menu items even at the top. Get the job done and all it needs to do. Now my Blesta install more match the leading billing platform now that my clients will be able to query the emails that the system/I sent them.