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  1. MineHarvest66

    Trial License wont expire. Bug?

    It may only validate every now and then so it may be possible that it just been not been "audited" yet. Regardless buying it is not going to kill any serious company wallets. Unlike someone....
  2. MineHarvest66

    [Gateway] CoinGate Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

    Ahh I see, looks like coin payments just take in the coins? But doesn't let you auto convert to USD in a bank account automatically? Thus you has to manually exchange them for such?
  3. MineHarvest66

    [Gateway] CoinGate Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

    BitPay support is honestly trash with that said does Blesta have that yet for the other one?
  4. MineHarvest66

    [Gateway] CoinGate Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

    Hello, I been looking for something like this but I am confused if this works with all countries banks (including USA) regarding payouts, and frequency as well as any fees for being paid out via bank? Finally if so what stipulations are in place? Do I just need to enter "regular" personal information and like my last four SSN. Or will I be required to present ID, full SSN, and all of that "jazz"?
  5. MineHarvest66

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Any status updates on the site's problem? Thanks in advance.
  6. MineHarvest66

    New Account Not Created In Whm - Password Too Weak

    Try my thread on here about it. I went into details when Micheal used to be the owner of Licensecart (he have a new brand now Blesta.store).
  7. MineHarvest66

    New Account Not Created In Whm - Password Too Weak

    Props for figuring it out yourself!
  8. MineHarvest66

    New Account Not Created In Whm - Password Too Weak

    They knows what they says about the "easy way". Anyways please refer to my thread about this. A complete solution is there without comprising security.
  9. MineHarvest66

    BlestaForums Development

    Love those "test messages" haha!
  10. MineHarvest66

    Free BlestaCMS License with Blesta Owned License

    You are always welcomed!
  11. MineHarvest66

    Promoting/Marketing on a Tight Budget?

    I see what you means, I may has to give it a go sometime with that said.
  12. MineHarvest66

    Promoting/Marketing on a Tight Budget?

    Hello, as I recently just did major rework of all my company's things from the website down the server itself I believe what I am needing a boost is people knowing that "I exists". Does anyone have some success with sources which are at least no more than a couple bucks a month to get results? I know Social Media is a "thing" but unfortunately I don't see that "right" for my business at the time... Given that I don't have a "consist" amount of content to keep a "page" there "active". So if anyone have any ideas or recommendations on what I could do to get my brand "out there" without "breaking the bank" that would be great.
  13. MineHarvest66

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Seems like a plan.
  14. MineHarvest66

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Correct it just not scrolling properly when I am viewing your website. Basically all it does is either takes me to the top or the bottom. I am really confused on why as this only happened to me on two other sites (apart from yours).
  15. MineHarvest66

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Let's get things straight... 1. Firstly I was NOT referring to that but rather the scrolling of your site. 2. Even if it were to be a problem with that as a responsible business person your job is to also provision to accessibly. If you don't agree to these (and help me fix my problem regardless) I am not able to support you and your products. Because as I said before what's the point if no support is provided for accessibly?