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  1. Let's me go down the list one last time... 1. He had REPEATEDLY asked for a "project completion" despite the fact telling him at least once that I would inform him that I would let him once I am ready. 2. He then proceed to question my ability to pay despite the fact the product was not going to be rendered at the time. 3. He then stated terrible thoughts regarding me in the PM 4. Then he proceed to posting these information INCLUDING CONFIDENTIAL information! I am sorry but these characteristics spells out "I want my money soon/now" rather than "I will wait r
  2. I expect the same regardless. Being salty like this is not going to win them "awesome points". It just shows that they value materials more than ever... And since when I did ripped them off? I will say it again... I told them when I am READY I would let them know. If they want to check up on me that would be fine. But asking for project deadlines and if I would be paying are questions that shouldn't been asked. Given that I already responded to the first and the latter is very inappropriate. You wait until billing THEN if they still won't pay then you question them. Not prior to
  3. By default anyone who I work with is REQUIRED to keep such information confidential unless I says so. So my college cannot share this information even though I already left, my older hosting companies can't do it either, and so on.
  4. I said I didn't have one on me. I always just updated people when I am ready or when I THINK I will be ready. But I cannot work with someone who will want one, asking question about payments when it not even time yet and now? releasing medical information? Yes he had, that still medical information.
  5. I had already said that I would be NOT be using it. No way that this guy is worming his way for money for the reasons I stated on the messages AND now that he leaked MEDICAL data without my consent as well.
  6. I said that I would supply that when I was ready...
  7. While the messages were in line this is NOT true. You sent a live demo but not the files themselves. I will NOT be using your product and I made a early discharge on this as quoted in the messages. You NEVER EVER question a customer's ability to pay up. That is handled at BILLING time and BILLING time ONLY.
  8. The 300 bucks version basically I BELIEVE works just like most "lifetime" licenses works. You pay a lump sum then every year AFTER that you pay $40+/year to keep support and updates. But if you wanted lifetime features too you can get that for a literal 500 bucks payment (the last time I check" which would include lifetime support and updates.
  9. Indeed it's the business's responsibly to either... 1. Pay for support/updates as needed OR 2. Arrange for "managed" updates to be pushed out for them a flat fee per month/year/lifetime/etc. For custom works that is.
  10. Since Yesterday? If so that is indeed odd. But I would give it the rest of today too and then failing that then I would be concerned.
  11. Hmm... How long did you wait before posting it here? Also when did you submitted the ticket?
  12. I also see what you means, it's the internal working that counts at the end of the day.
  13. I would kindly like to explain why I feel there more to this rather than "throwing more money at it". For simplicity stakes... Let's pretend that... Car A: $10,000 it's can speed up to 50MPH and gives you on average of 16MPG Car B: $16,000 it's can speed up to 80MPH and gives you on average of 20MPG Car C: $8,000 it's can speed up to 24MPH (slow moving vehicle) and gives you on average 10MPG According to what you said it is said that Car B is ALWAYS the "best way to go". While it boasts the "highest" specs does that means that Car B is worth the higher cost
  14. Ahh I see what you meant now absolutely. That how one of them did much work on a site and beside minor errors it was "ready" and thus he said he would be fixing it while I make the payment. Then 30 minutes after I made said payment I got the files and there was like 2 "odd balls" and he gave it the final "whack" it needed.
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