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  1. this the only thing i do before the error occurred, but i will remove the post ,i dont mean any harm, but i just install 2 module admin_tool and cPanel Extended.
  2. this the only thing i do before the error occurred, i upgrade one month ago the registration was working.
  3. try this not working thanks for suggestion
  4. Hello, I fix the (Invalid user ID. Invalid client ID.) error i roll back to blesta 3.5 it work fine. then i remove all unofficial Modules then upgrade to blesta 4.0.0 it is working everything work registration and to cPanel Module thanks for all and i hope this will help other blesta user.
  5. thanks, i saved my old data in 3 places and i keep more than one snapshot of everything. i will try to fix it with my humble knowledge, if not work i will roll back to an old configuration.
  6. Ok thanks for help i remove the files and unzip the blesta 4.0.0 to an empty dir and install it in a new database then i restore my old database , the registration not work. if any way to rebuild the database again thanks again
  7. Hello i uploaded the zip file then went to upgrade within the browser i will try to unzip the file again
  8. Hello, i update to blesta 4.0.0 now all the new client can't register within the order forms or the registration form what cause this problem any suggestion are welcome this is the registration form link : https://my.finchhost.com/order/main/index/register
  9. hazimdds

    Disable Fund

    Thanks to You All naja7host & Licensecart it Was Great and Fast Help you are the Best , for Who Asking I Do this COZ 2CO Requested This Removal To Start Accept the Payment Method.
  10. hazimdds

    Disable Fund

    Thakns man it work Realy Great and Fast Help if please more help how to change or Hide mention of 'credits' in the client area like the attached image
  11. hazimdds

    Disable Fund

    Thanks For Replay , Ok i like to hide it within the code If there any hint or place to start from, it is a big application (Blesta) it will take some time to look to the code.
  12. hazimdds

    Disable Fund

    Hello, How to disable the ability to add fund from the client area it show make a payment without any invoice if it possible to hide make payment when there is no Invoice in the account.
  13. I Try To Ad Free Domain With Hosting Package And I Ended Up Making Percentage Coupon That Will Work With Monthly And Annual Plans It Look Really Different And Nice, But What Should Have Now Is A Auto Coupon Adding During The Order.
  14. Hello I Just Install Blesta Yesterday And It Is Super Easy To Use I'm Not Programer But I see the document and how to make your own modules , plugins ...., it's super easy i will make my own modules. I Setup my own theme and set up every package and test it with almost no time , The Blesta Developer Just they know what the client needs and i like them to make more super custom Modules in the last i wish the best for the blesta team.
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