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  1. Rounding errors

    That makes even less sense. If the values are truncated, they should have been correct in my examples. Instead, it was rounded, but wrong.
  2. Rounding errors

  3. Rounding errors

    Hello, With the last annual financial statement we found some rounding errors in our outgoing invoices (15-20%). Example (negative invoice): Correct calculation: -0,1103 * 1,19 = -0,1313 = -0,13 Example (positive invoice): Correct calculation: 16,18 * 1,19 = 19,2542 = 19,25 How are these values calculated?
  4. Ghost contacts (deleted clients)

    Hi, When a customer is deleted, his or her contacts should also be deleted from the database. I am missing the database dependency between clients and contacts table? Why is there no dependency for such cases? PS: It should also be checked whether there are further dependencies missing in other places and thus data corrupt.
  5. If you suspend a service and client log in to cpanel via blesta, the client have root access on all accounts in cpanel. You should disable all views on client if the service is suspended
  6. [Gateway] Sofortüberweisung

    Paid. More information per email. Sofortüberweisung is one of the most used payment methods in germany.
  7. [Module] Return Only Json

    Problem solved. Solution: exit(json_encode($arrayOrSomethingElse));
  8. [Module] Return Only Json

    ?? The method outputAsJson() doesn't exist? If I return json string instead of a view, the main view is yet builded.
  9. [Module] Return Only Json

    Hi, Is it possible to return only json on a tab method instead of a complete rendered view?
  10. Hi, we develope a Sofortüberweisung gateway for blesta at the moment. Does anyone interested in gateway?
  11. Blesta Language Compare

    Hi, I've already tested your plugin. This ability doesn't work. View: http://www.blesta.com/forums/index.php?/topic/2925-plugin-admin-tools-more-options-for-staff/?p=33665 I get the error message "There Are no Languages Availbable to Translate !" if I try to use your admin tool with language translation.
  12. Blesta Language Compare

    Hi, I've wrote in the last hours a small php script to compare language files in blesta. Not enough time to write a plugin ;-) You can found the script on: https://github.com/adrzei/blesta-compare-lang I hope someone finds it helpful. :-)
  13. 'cps Datensysteme' Module, Dev Wanted

    Hi, We have developed a module a few weeks ago. But at the moment, we must yet testing for a stabil release. For more information contact us: info [at] netcix [dot] de
  14. [Important] Beware Of Blesta Phishing Scam

    Hi, please share the hook files.
  15. [Important] Beware Of Blesta Phishing Scam

    I was now yesterday at the police. The processing can take a while now. At the moment I lack the decrypted file.