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  1. I use this plugin but i have got mistake. For example, Before when customers open new ticket, the system sending email to me. But now not sending. If i answer the customers, its sending the customers email. But not give my email address when the customers open new ticket and reply the tickets. How can i do ?
  2. Hello, i want to upgrade my blesta version 3.6.0 from 3.3.0 Last year when i try upgrade, lost turkish language. System automatical continue default language. So i must again replace all documents. So i dont want to again have a same mistake. How i can do this ?
  3. FiRaRi

    Cron Not Working

    Thank you very much, when i add on the cpanel cron url it's working.
  4. FiRaRi

    Cron Not Working

    blesta/setting/systems/automation http://img.prntscr.com/img?url=http://i.imgur.com/dKTHkPH.png But not working automatic. When i click run cron manually work it. what should we do to the cpanel ?
  5. FiRaRi

    Cron Not Working

    When i join blesta admin panel i take that message ; Cron has not run in the past 24 hours. Invoices have not been automatically created via cron in the past 24 hours. Someday blesta root folder deleted. I dont understand why do it. After i upload 1 week ago backup folders. When i entry site nothink problem. Everythink was working. But after that system take me cron errors. How can i fix thats problem ?
  6. Hello everybody, when i click services details can not see anything and not by the customers. For example we want to write there "Services Details Description, login, password etc." How can we make them ?
  7. yes , this idea makes sense. There's nothing to do , I think. Thank you very much for all answers. Hava a nice day
  8. Thank you for interest mate. We sell it from there (http://firmajans.net/fiyatlar.php) If you click to package for sell It is directed to the sales page. just here for our domain name is required. Other areas should be filled by us. But but we can not do it.
  9. Now we can not sell to new package. Because We were unable to solve this problem. Is there someone who can help within the fee? No time to wait because
  10. When can we download this version ?
  11. Thank you for answers. This arrangement did before. in that the active system. When i add public tag its look in details page.Please check attachment. When ordering , but only you get the domain name. i want to only this
  12. Hi, i create new product. Visitors need only enter information when buying just one. (Only domain name do not need another) we only need to enter a user name and password of the service received manually. customer service details could see it.. How can we make passive when ordering other areas ? You can look attachment.
  13. I still did not solve this problem . Surely , I think we see a little detail about this issue
  14. FiRaRi

    Tax Edit

    First, thank you for interest, i change summary.pdf with you also. But nothing happened, again same. You can look attachment
  15. FiRaRi

    Tax Edit

    Hello, i want to change tax rate. and i do it. But tax is 18.0000% for example attach file when i buy new package. I try replace tax rule on admin panel but anythink not change. My country tax %18 , i want to delete 0000 after then %18. Can i do ?
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