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  1. Jonathan

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Ah, yes. 1.8.4 fixed some issues with admin-side registrations. See the change log. https://github.com/NETLINK/Blesta-Namesilo/releases/tag/1.8.4
  2. Jonathan

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    What TLD are you trying to register? Some of the ones with special requirements, namely .us and .ca have been a bit of a headache to properly implement so I'm wondering if this is surrounding some of the requirements of those.
  3. Jonathan

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Glad it's working well for you! This is something several people have requested but as I don't need it in my use case I haven't had any direct plans to add it. If I'm ever bored working on the module I may, or you're welcome to do it yourself and submit pull requests on GitHub.
  4. Jonathan

    Mass Mailer Filter By Module Row

    Shoot, it is possible! Awesome! The trick is moving the selector over to "module" instead of "package"
  5. It would be great if the mass mailer recipients could be filtered by module row data. For example, say when using the cPanel module you need to email the customers of a single server for a maintenance window. Currently this is not possible. I'm aware of the WHM mail utility but that has a number of downsides one of which is potentially wrong/outdated email addresses, poor deliverability, people don't expect that sender, etc.
  6. Jonathan

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    Version 1.8.4 released.
  7. Jonathan

    Will Blesta meet GDPR law requirements?

    Care to elaborate?
  8. Jonathan

    Age (birthday), and gender for contacts

    That's pretty much my point for having the ability to completely disable it. As soon as it's there people can/will get offended. If it's not there, everyone is equal.
  9. Jonathan

    Age (birthday), and gender for contacts

    If such fields were added to core as opposed to using custom fields it should also be possible to disable them completely as not everyone will want to use these fields or even allow customers to fill them in.
  10. Jonathan

    [Module] NameSilo Domain Module

    As far as I know they link to this github project from https://www.namesilo.com/Support/Reseller-Options
  11. Jonathan

    CPanel ACL

    This is essentially a feature request, and a pretty good one. @Paul
  12. Jonathan

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    It's just a cess pool of abuse and issues
  13. Jonathan

    [Module] WHMPHP Module

    No, quite the opposite. All of this "master reseller" garbage should die!
  14. Jonathan

    Mass Mailer Country Filter

  15. Jonathan

    Mass Mailer Country Filter

    It would be great if the mass-mailer supported sending to only contacts of the specified/selected countries as a filtering options.