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  1. That seems a logical solution then. We don't use packages in multiple groups together but I'm sure others do. Perhaps it wouldn't take much logic for if the target package is only in one group for it to do the logic automatically?
  2. What logic is used to assign it when a service is added? The same logic should be used to keep it associated with the correct module of the pricing_id.
  3. Any updates on getting this fixed in core? It prevents a service from seeing the correct addon packages available and has no fix except manually in the database.
  4. cPanel Module

    Yeah it'd take a callback for sure.
  5. cPanel Module

    It would be great if the module would update the user's email address on the cPanel/WHM server when the primary email in Blesta is changed.
  6. It would be great if the default status when creating a service as an admin was "pending" instead of "active". By having it as active it adds a huge likelihood that human error will cause a service to be activated upon submission of this page without having received payment. Further, if it's "pending" and the person intended it to be active, they can still go activate it manually. If it's "active" and "pending" was intended...well there's no undoing that easily in most cases
  7. Allow Modules To Add Cron Tasks

    Looks like https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2435 is slated for 4.3.
  8. This should be treated as a bug. It breaks addons which look at package_group_id to see if they should be available or not. When this is patched a way to scan/fix the DB should also be released. Should be pretty easy since Blesta knows what package_group_id goes with what pricing_id.
  9. Affiliates Support?

    There is no affiliate system in Blesta.
  10. Upgrading 4.1.2 to 4.2?

    This is the best approach.
  11. No State/province In Hong Kong

    By default Hong Kong cannot be used as there's no state to select and Blesta does not like this and won't accept it.
  12. [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    This look wonderful! Great work. I'll try to check it out soon.
  13. Year-to-date Revenue Per Package Group

    What benefit would that give you over standalone? Do you just want the information displayed live versus in an email or do you just want the plugin to send the email?
  14. Just a quick and dirty script I threw together to email some stats. https://github.com/neonardo1/blesta-ytd-rev
  15. The Reassign Pricing function in the staff control panel doesn't update the package_group_id in the services table. It should definitely do this for consistency.