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  1. No State/province In Hong Kong

    By default Hong Kong cannot be used as there's no state to select and Blesta does not like this and won't accept it.
  2. [Plugin] Monolog Viewer

    This look wonderful! Great work. I'll try to check it out soon.
  3. Year-to-date Revenue Per Package Group

    What benefit would that give you over standalone? Do you just want the information displayed live versus in an email or do you just want the plugin to send the email?
  4. Just a quick and dirty script I threw together to email some stats. https://github.com/neonardo1/blesta-ytd-rev
  5. The Reassign Pricing function in the staff control panel doesn't update the package_group_id in the services table. It should definitely do this for consistency.
  6. How do you do the rDNS management? I'm not aware of any Solus API call that makes this possible.
  7. Blesta on PHP 7.1 server

  8. Cron ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer

    While it shouldn't be impacting anything, it's the only error I can associate with "provision paid services" cron hanging a few times a day. By hanging I mean Blesta thinks it's running and it's indeed not, so I assume it died before updating log_cron.end_date. [2017-09-15 14:55:01] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer. No buffer to flush {"code":8,"message":"ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer. No buffer to flush","file":"/path/to/blesta/app/controllers/cron.php","line": 3260} Any ideas if this could be causing odd stuff or the cron to die?
  9. Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    Seems you shouldn't be running a business. You knew this was going on, you knew you were taking a second job, you knew many things. You could've emailed your customers. You could've taken 5 minutes to send an email blast using Blesta's mass email plugin. You are full of excuses and no solutions. Take some responsibility and stop making excuses and for goodness sake don't start another "business" until you perhaps take some business management classes.
  10. Massive Update by ModulesGarden!

    I do not recommend @ModulesGarden to anyone. Their code is sub-par and filled with security holes, most of which they brush off as insignificant. Anyone looking to use them please be careful.
  11. Duplicate Services Provisioned

    Correct. I'm not so sure that'd fix it. Some services/modules can take several minutes to fully provision so I think this limbo problem is where the problem occurs (or would occur after your proposal).
  12. Duplicate Services Provisioned

    When provisioning a new service it's possible to end up with 2 services provisioned when only 1 should've been. If you manually activate the services on the pending service's "manage" page after the cron run has already started and queued it for provisioning (but not yet finished), both actions will provision said service. This appears to be a general bug and not tied to any module in particular as I can confirm it with both cPanel module and SolusVM module. I've noticed this situation since the 3.x branch.
  13. Add Suspend Reason

    Yep, of course we should be able to set it via the API calls as well. Simple text field on admin would suffice.
  14. Add Suspend Reason