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  1. hello, I would like to change my forum username to adroitssd
  2. But for how many days log will be remain there?
  3. Hello, Can we resend product welcome email in blesta like whmcs and show server status to the client ?
  4. Appreciate your great suggestion.
  5. After seeing lots of positive side we decided to move blesta. But right now price is same compared to whmcs.
  6. We just want to migrate user/product/invoices and transactions . Is it possible ?
  7. Is there any module for neteller ?
  8. WHMCS importer does work properly? Am i need to manually do any import like phpmyadmin?
  9. AdroitSSD

    Release 3.2.0

    Going to purchase it, but can i resend my client new account information after setup as like whmcs
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