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  1. v1.8 Released - Total 287 Articles 18 New Articles Added 5 Articles on cPanel (SSL, AutoSSL, CSR, etc) 8 New Articles on Softaculous. FTP Client - FileZilla (5+ Articles on FileZilla) 50+ Images added. Happy Christmas & New Year in Advance!!
  2. How much developers charge for developing a Blesta module? - If provider have a API and need Module for blesta then what will be cost?
  3. v1.7 Released - 30 New Articles added and one article updated. Total Articles now we have: 269 30 New Articles Added 8 Articles on cPanel (MX Entry, DNS, etc) 5 New Articles on Installing a control panel like Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin, SolusVM, etc. Wordpress (6+ Articles on WP) Article of Namecheap was outdated, We updated this article. 106+ Images added. Open a ticket for getting upgrade file, Do not post to many reply to same ticket or do not open multiple ticket. Think that we will need to do lot of manual work so it can take long time but we will not close your ticket unless we provide update file.
  4. PreMadeKB - Reseller Program - Now you can purchase our KB at 36% discounted price and resell it to your customer. PreMadeKB Reseller Program - 36% Discount
  5. Yes, Discount will be applied after you enter your domain name, Company name and then click on continue. Order Link with coupon code
  6. PreMadeKB

    SolusVM Extra Secruity does not work in Blesta?

    This is not a big trick but this is not recommended, Must use different user/password and do not use password of your email account, solusvm, etc. (Must be unique) Simply edit solusvm_api.php and add your htusername:htpasswd@ after http:// code. htusername = Replace it with your username htpasswd = Replace it with your ht password Code should be look like 'http://user:pass@' I think we can add more secure way and can add a feature to add this from SolusVM client area and use some encryption technology. (I am not sure because of I am not a developer ;( .)
  7. Limited time discount - $21 Off Order Link with Discount Code: https://www.dewlance.com/client/cart.php?a=add&pid=207&promocode=BlestaOnly
  8. PreMadeKB

    To Blesta Users - On which topic you need tutorial?

    Good idea, It will be a big tutorial but I will write tutorial on this topic. More suggestions are welcome
  9. Hello, I am making a video tutorial for blesta from few days, I created at lest 8 ~ 10 videos and now I need suggestion that on which topic I can create tutorial? I already created tutorial on: How to install blesta, Change company name, Change default logo, Tax, PayPal IPN Configuration, Client Group. Thanks, Kunnu
  10. Most of hosting provider do does not use it. So changing to other provider is wast of money.