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  1. High quality Videos are made by professionals. Videos with audio and text instructions guide viewers properly. Now reduce your tickets and advertise your brand by displaying customized logo of your company in tutorials. We have 73+ video tutorials on latest version of cPanel, Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook 2019, FileZilla etc. If you wish to compete with bigger companies having lots of video tutorials for their customers then it is your chance to advertise and increase your presence by buying high quality video tutorials from DemoTiger.
  2. Hello, I want to ask to customers on signup page that how they find us? Any option in blesta for adding custom field on signup page? Thanks, Kunnu
  3. Version 2.2 Released! Now our KB covers following topics: Plesk CloudLinux (on cPanel, DirectAdmin & Plesk) Cloudflare Virtualizor Outlook 2019 PayPal Gateway 108 New Articles. Total Articles: 455.
  4. I cannot hold this secret anymore. Before releasing v2.2 I want to let you know that it have following new categories. - Plesk 😙 - Virtualizor 🍋 - Cloudflare ⛈️ - CloudLinux (For cP, DA & Plesk) 🌤️ - Microsoft Outlook 2019 📧 - PayPal 💰 Plus price for Blesta supported KB is now only $41. 🤗
  5. v2.1 Released! This release is different from all our earlier versions, and upgrading is not the same as our earlier process. Articles removed: (Related to Softaculous) 1. Ghost 2. ocPortal 3. jCore - We updated all existing articles because many articles were outdated. - Removed some Softaculous articles which were removed by Softaculous. - Softaculous article renamed from OpenBlog to Pubvana. - Softaculous article renamed from Kliqqi to Plikli. - Some images are also removed. Most of the images are updated. - The proofreader checked all
  6. Does it mean category/article will display in the Default language even if the visitor(non-logged in) selected another language? Like this page. (In the top right-hand side, You can select the language)
  7. If a client chooses the Spanish language, then display the Spanish category. (If available else Default language). Exact like blesta using it for articles?
  8. Hello, I installed ES language and saw that there is an ES language option in the "Add Article" page, but there is no such option for Category? If the default language is English and 2nd language is Spanish, then how can you also add a Category name in both languages? as we can do in the "Add Article" page?) Add Article Page: Add Category Page: Installed Blesta version: 4.5.2 (Is Multi-Language option available in latest version?) Thanks.
  9. v2.0 Released - Total 343 Articles 56 New Articles Added 38 Articles on DirectAdmin Control Panel. 18 Articles on WHM New Feature Request Section. (Link available on our website). Blog for updates, etc. 12+ Rating! on Blesta Marketplace.
  10. v1.8 Released - Total 287 Articles 18 New Articles Added 5 Articles on cPanel (SSL, AutoSSL, CSR, etc) 8 New Articles on Softaculous. FTP Client - FileZilla (5+ Articles on FileZilla) 50+ Images added. Happy Christmas & New Year in Advance!!
  11. How much developers charge for developing a Blesta module? - If provider have a API and need Module for blesta then what will be cost?
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