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  1. Hi all, I did search for this but could not find an answer, to stop Blesta for showing end users the Blesta logo at /app/views/client/bootstrap/images/logo.png is there a preferred way of changing it? Or do I just upload my own graphic to the same location? Thanks, MoodyAuthor
  2. Hi Paul, Is it possible to only have the form and not show any of the cPanel stuff? I'm looking to only sell WordPress related, with the hope that customers will not know much about the cPanel or not need to know. Thanks
  3. Hey all, I'm really close to purchasing a Blesta license, but one thing I'd really like is if it was possible to be able to ask custom questions. I'm actually trying to sell to a niche market so will need to ask questions pertaining to WordPress configuration, as that is basically what I'm selling. So I was curious if there was a way to get Blesta to ask custom questions? Thanks, Moody Author
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