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  1. every time I want to login at Blesta forum here, password fail, so every time I need to password reset, then it's work just for one cession, and next time, I need again reset-password......
  2. can you run this from terminal/console: /***censored***/php-cli5 -q /***censored***/public_html/index.php cron do that work or give error?
  3. Thanks Tyson, following your process, there was no error reported, manual cron (web cron) worked fine, giving at cron log the missing and end date for the "download tickets" task. But cron from crontab (php cli), was not working, so I just remember me I have instlated lastly php7, while I make webserver still use php 5.6 for blesta compatibility, I missed make php cli use php5 and not php7, so in the cron command, I changed "php" to "/usr/bin/php5" and tested cron manualy from terminal, and all was fine, so cron now just work fine at the every given mins
  4. I think, all issue started when my blesta domain name changed his DNS A record, but Blesta license was re-issued fine, server re-started, etc
  5. While nothing changed at my Blesta parameters and all was working fine before, But since 3 days, I have Cron task "Download Tickets" that never end while I still receive Support ticket fine. For collect Tickets I use IMAP way & TSL I ever cleared the log for this unfinished Cron task, & do Manual cron once, but a same Cron task "Download Tickets" that will never end, is coming again. Any idea?
  6. thanks for the explain, so blesta seem very transparent on that. the issue should be at paypal
  7. I finally found in paypal account the place for IPN history the change of late paypal interface confused me at re-finding it. So if at paypal account, I re-sended notify, but it's make none new transaction to be see at blesta & billing & transactions (at any blesta tab). But the auto-notify of this transaction few day ago, is there at blesta in the "pending" transaction tab. So I suppose somethings is wrong at blesta or paypal regarding the management of this kind of transaction status, not certain blesta manage the transaction status given by paypal when the month-try of the
  8. In complement to above instruction, here bellow untested code/instructions specifically for your need. in file /app/views/client/YOUR-BLESTA-THEME/client_pay_method.pdt After this block: <?php // Set non-merchant gateways foreach ($this->Html->ifSet($nm_gateways, array()) as $gateway) { ?> replace this block: <div class="radio"> <label> <?php $this->Form->fieldRadio("gateway", $this->Html->ifSet($gateway->id), ($this->Html->ifSet($vars->pay_with) == $this->Html->ifSet($gateway->id)), array
  9. thanks naja7host, you are correct, my above instruction are for the checkout, but I miss case where payment is from invoice. also my above instruction is when the order template is using the "wizard" one, if not it's need to be adapted within the given used order template. I'm going to post a complementary instruction for the file /app/views/client/YOUR-BLESTA-THEME/client_pay_method.pdt as from my last check it's should be there, same way as other instruction I ever did.
  10. since paypal way of working is ever redirection to paypal website, so what do you want to accomplish, can you explain? Ok, I got it, you wanted open new window for paypal while keeping the blesta one, I think it's bad idea, it's not common natural flow shopper would like.
  11. it's not some webhosting comp. that make not possible to send php email from their server, as they "lock" it in the servers config, mostly it's could happen with some provider of shared servers
  12. Thanks, I can not find in paypal account where I can resend IPN (notification), I was opening there the given last monthly aborted transaction that came from the subscription. I'm also asking my self how blesta could update a paid invoice in case of chargeback (payment canceled after firstly being paid) since I'm using such kind of invoice label for unpaid invoice "Invoice #PROFORMA-SS4539" and paid invoice are using and other prefix name & other serial at the ending", so I'm also suspecting IPN can not be associated with the "hidden" real internal only blesta invoice number, but I'm
  13. that's true if issue are email / server related, if you do not know how set SPF DNS record , create reverse DNS record for IP, etc... it's very common to have email delivery issue, nothing specific with blesta, so here the community can list what to check/do when you report issue, and you can ask your webhosting to help, if they are flexible for like managed service, like Licencecart was saying.
  14. I think the given shopper was using a debit card that is first accepted by paypal but any transaction are invalided later. I fact I really do not know since, I can not get a whole picture even from paypal account, transaction number (full transaction history/update) are hard to track when it's about subscription.
  15. ok, I see, you maybe need like a managed service for blesta & server.
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