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  1. Thanks. Does anyone know when blesta will be able to do something like at the bottom (pasted below) SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS is a great solution for every SolusVM server owner who has his own resellers. Our module will allow you to automate creation and provisioning of complete products to your resellers. Those products consist of specified server resources which can be further sold to customers of your resellers. The way in which module works is very simple and well-thought. You prepare packages with server resources like available number of users, number of virtual machines or amount of disk space. Then you sell those packages to your resellers who offer included resources to their own customers! All this happens directly within your WHMCS. Do not hesitate any longer, SolusVM Extended Reseller For WHMCS is a fantastic way to reach new clients and increase your sales!
  2. I was interested in possibly using Blesta instead of WHMCS for the purpose of deploying/selling VPS.. However i'm trying to figure out, is there anything that Blesta+SolusVM can't do that WHMCS+SolusVM can? I totally want to buy blesta I just worry there will be stuff im missing out on with whmcs (though I hate whmcs)
  3. I'm looking to sell VPN hosting. I'd need some sort of module for blesta (im imagining) in order to be able to create and sell vpn accounts (i.e open vpn). I imagine this involves freeradius. Who can I commission, or where, to have this done? and how much am I looking at, a rough estimation or guess would be great Please advise.
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