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  1. activa

    4.4.0 dashboard issues

    Widget are served by ajax request. Try enabling console to see what error returned by the ajax request.
  2. activa

    New installation blank page

    Blesta still support 5.4? All other packages vendor shipped with blesta are php 5.4 compatible ?
  3. activa

    Provision with Internal IP + Port??

    This is the first time i know we can use 1 ip for multiple vps. I dont know how this possible with thier module have you asked them ?
  4. activa

    Provision with Internal IP + Port??

    Virtualizor has a module for blesta, he will auto provisioning the vps in blesta without a manual intervention .
  5. activa

    Come and see if there is a big problem.

    I support this request . Two option is better to be limited to one solution .
  6. activa

    [Plugin] Blesta Addons Widget

    If already you have a subscription you can doawnload it .
  7. activa

    Blesta integreation

    Nice . But i thunk with that picture the header is so big .
  8. activa

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    Any ETA for Onesignal app?
  9. activa

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Any ETA for this? We need it .
  10. activa

    Gsuite and ssl selling

    Blesta addons has Gsuite module . You can get it from thier website.
  11. activa

    services log

    We have a service canceled, is thier a way to know if it was canceled by a staff member or by client ?
  12. activa


    Use multi languages plugin. It does the job without touch the database.
  13. activa

    create client via API [resolved]

    It might help
  14. activa


    Please use english if you want to be helped
  15. This should be done auto. You need to put packages in same group and allow upgrade/ downgradewith checking the checkbox.