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  1. This should be done auto. You need to put packages in same group and allow upgrade/ downgradewith checking the checkbox.
  2. activa

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    From what i know all addons from blesta addons are open source version, they aren't encrypted and this is a value added to a unique subscription for a large number of addons, i never see other offerig the same value in whmcs or vbulletin. Wordpress is open source and free and almost all great and professional plugin has free lite edition and paid edition .
  3. activa

    Domain Transfer does NOT WORK at all

    We are using logicboxes and client can transfer domains from order form .
  4. activa

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    Blesta addons subscription is cheap, you pay for a large number of addons not only one addon.
  5. activa

    [Plugin] Multi Languages System

    After upgrading to blesta 4.3 it wont work ? is the plugin compatible with blesta 4.3 series?
  6. activa

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

    Like it. Any option to send quote to customers via email?
  7. You can open bussines account with the second company, but if you didnt have registration certificate you cant open the account .
  8. activa

    [Plugin] Quotes/estimates Plugin

  9. I think the best approuch what we have discussed in the office later today, just adding new location for structure, now it support 3 (head/body start/body end) it easy to add more like menu start, menu and, side start, side end, navbar start navbar end ..... ect , then in template file we call the structure location injector. That simple.
  10. activa

    demo files on blesta 3.1 release not downloadable

    Sorry, there is a problem This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location.
  11. activa

    Translate Blesta - client view

    You need to compare all languages by missed phrases for other folders against en_us folder. Admin tools plugin was this feature and it was trivial for our translations, even if for upgrades.
  12. activa

    From emails how to change?

    From Settings. Emails. Templates
  13. activa

    Can't See Where To Upload Avatars For Staff

    So you want to allow staff upload custom avatars?
  14. activa

    Email Logs Not Working

    It should be there. It give you any error or 404 error page
  15. activa

    AR Aging

    Confirmed, The status is not list the closed one.