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  1. You should translate languages files indide every plugin .
  2. Search the forum, this subject already disucces many times, also a plugin from blesta addons has this option to change language from url .
  3. In blesta logs exist any error log ?
  4. Hello . The service added today in billing at a galance widget show active and pending, i thing it should exclude pending services as they are not added as active and still wating for payment .
  5. Blesta doesn't support child themes , you need to clone client and admin themes then rename them and do custumization in it .
  6. Is a jquery components, shipped with blesta but maintained by third party. Blesta use jquery series 2, it should upgraded to series 3 .
  7. Is UTF-8 encoding error.
  8. Blesta 4.4 has added support for the new TCPDF class, almost sure the old templates has a failure with the new template, they should be updated.
  9. activa

    4.4.0 dashboard issues

    Widget are served by ajax request. Try enabling console to see what error returned by the ajax request.
  10. Blesta still support 5.4? All other packages vendor shipped with blesta are php 5.4 compatible ?
  11. This is the first time i know we can use 1 ip for multiple vps. I dont know how this possible with thier module have you asked them ?
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