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  1. activa

    [Module] Epp Registrar

    Tested with .ma and is working perfectly .
  2. activa

    [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    In a semilar issue it was the child services not counted .
  3. activa

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    Ths slack is working perfeclty . How i can change the icon and the boot name ? The phrases also?
  4. activa

    Namesilo Plugin

    So this should run manually . Not a cronjob job now. Anyway is a good progress. I dont use this module but i should recognize your effort and work for the others members. It's a big step forward, as i see has taked from you just days to complete, So what you can do in two years of work ?
  5. activa

    Limit Term for Domain Transfers

    I have asked BA for this in a private work and his answer was thier no way to do it with blesta. The pricing shema in blesta are limited to registration, activation fee and cancelation fee . If blesta add transfer fee and renew fee it will open more oportunities to us .
  6. activa

    Sign Up Bug

    I can confirm this also from my side .
  7. activa

    Namesilo Plugin

    Perfect man . I think is a helper plugins . Maybe we can adjust it for logicboxes module . So if blesta wont do the job we should act and the community help each others by participating in such solutions . Chapeux .
  8. We are losing money and clients for this . We cant also do any promo for transfer or new registration just because we cant handle them in blesta .
  9. activa

    Namesilo Plugin

    This is only for this module or for the whole registrar module ? Your work or blesta team work?
  10. Any update in domains and multi pricing system ? Any ETA? It seem like this will released on the 4th Q in 2018 !!!!
  11. activa

    Sign Up Bug

    It return wrror and data is inserted in database? Intersting !ยก!
  12. activa

    [Plugin] Notification Center

    What about new/update tickets alert? And new order alert? Onesignal app will send notification to mobile phone ?
  13. It would be more flexible to allow admin to set wich widgets should appear for clients. Like we need to show only invoices widgets and hide services and transactions widgets. It would be top if we can order them .
  14. activa

    OVH Server Manager

    You can get it with vip subscription from blesta-addons.com website.
  15. activa

    [Plugin] Merge Invoices

    Great work as always.