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  1. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    Wow, this is one from what really we miss in blesta. We need top revenue by gateway for periods. Great job
  2. Services and date_added

    But this will lead to a incorrect information . As admin i didn't care about how many services added to database, What i need how many services was activated today after a payment or activated by admins. Every day i see 5 to 10 new service was added, but in reality only 2 or less are true service activated .
  3. cPanel password strength change

    And the simple approuch is to send a empty password field and let cpanel generate it for you
  4. Scheduled service in widget

    Maybe a bug!
  5. [Module] WHMPHP Module

    Great work .
  6. CMS Pro Announcements

    Do you meen a plugin to manage blesta from wordpress or a plugin for blesta to manage wordpress . I like the second idea. But to be honest as a tester for the new cms pro i will move from wordpress and make my website managed by blesta , is secure and a centralized management , we need only a wordpress importer for pages . The second request we need to run the cms in the root directory and let the client management in a subdomain .
  7. plesk module for windows

    Any one tested the plesk module is working with a windows plesk resseler account ?
  8. 101 Sample Custom Reports

    He is talking about whmphp server .
  9. edit invoice error

    I see the entry in the blesta logs but i cant determinate for wich part this related. This is related to edit invoice i will apply your fix and see . We edit invoice manually a lots.
  10. [Module] Membership Module

    Good module . So i can create a new client group called "VIP" and in download manager i add a file restriced by client groups to this new group. Create a package for membership that has vip client group. When my clients pay the subscription package thier client group will be changed auto to VIP group and they can download the files , this is possible ? What if the clients has not renewed the service ? And the service is suspended?
  11. [Plugin] Resend Welcome Email

    It work for me. The button forward to a order form and i can go to checkout.
  12. Restore a Domain

    Admin tools plugin has option to re-activate a canceled service from admin side .we use it to manage some issue like that .
  13. How To Change Billing Cycle From Monthly To Annual

    Uncheck the prorate option.
  14. domain search not working

    Firstly you neeed a registrar module to be installed and confugured. Then create a package and select tlds in it . Then the search will work perfectly .
  15. RTL support

    @Blesta Addons Has a multilanguage plugin with support of arabic , i you bought the plugin he can give you the arabic files freely. I have it from him .