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  1. Service Upgrade Package with configurable option

    I think blesta do this natively .
  2. Graph caption doesn't support unicode letters

    This issue related to Unicode chars in gateway names not related to loading graphs.
  3. Ioncube Error

    You can use online encoder it will cost just some dollars.
  4. Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    If @Licensecartreading this we can negociates the aquire of licensecart brand . We are serios just send me a PM .
  5. EPP Protocol and (SRS - Shared Registry System)

    @Blesta Addons has a epp module . PM him to get in touch . We use it in our cctld country and is working like a charm .
  6. If your app is for mobile is complicated,you have to use another approuch away from license manager .
  7. Graph caption doesn't support unicode letters

    I have the same issue, i have aplied your patch and is working, after the upgrade it return to show ascii char. I need to patch the file again . This small fixes/patch should be added in the new release. I even not seeing any task for it, if it was a issue with a simple latin letter it was fixed !!! To be multilanguage you should take care of all languages chars , The world is not only latin letters !!!!!
  8. Order navigation link broken when logged in

    This can be related to $this->base_uri ?
  9. User language

    Firstly check the email template. Maybe the spanosh version has the english text.
  10. emprty module name in packages listing page

    So our custom module is related with this case, when we create package we found no module name listed. This is only if no module row selected in the package .
  11. Selecting language for admin?

    Sinse we used multi language plugins we have forget about multi language in blesta , this plugin really a well though plugin, we have ranked for other language in google .... is master chef
  12. Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    I cant imagine you can use blesta without any third party plugin . We use third party plugins both free and paid, if paid has the option for open source version we opt for it . Bakkery has released all thier plugin in open source . @Blesta AddonsHas a good reputation in term of third party addons.
  13. [How-to] Add Privacy protection to logicboxes module

    After a test it has. The privacy price is for the remaining years to expiry .