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  1. back to top in forums

    We are missing the back to top button in forums. Specially when we are using mobile . It a pain to go from buttom to top of paga again in large post . Can blesta add something like https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7276-back-to-top/
  2. how to add html or php pages to blesta

    You need to add a custom htaccess code and you can access you html and other php files .
  3. [Plugin] Stats & Reports

    I can say this plugin is one of top 5 plugins in blesta. Perfect addition .
  4. Domain Plugins

    For me i need a true order form for domain also . It totally a must have.
  5. Invoiced Today

    I prefer exlude paid invoice from the count .
  6. [Plugins] My Orders

    I think it preferrable to make them sepparetly . The first plugin is perfect for cleanning the order system. The second will add a + for our users. I found the files availables to downloads and tested the plugin , the client now can see his orders. I suggest to separate unpaid orders from paid orders, as now they are in the same tab "active". Reminders like the payments reminders will be totally a great option for us.
  7. Huge Invoicing Bug

    Are you sur is only for cpanel? As i know the modules has nothing with the invoicing system . Can be a packages issue?!.
  8. What you want to see in our next work ?

    As a hosting providers we need order form for hosting and universal domain module then affiliate system . I trust BA that they can do 1 or 2 of them .
  9. Shared Login Plugin

    Cody no longer exist in blesta!!!
  10. Built-in Server Status

    Any ETA?
  11. [Plugin] Blesta Addons Widget

    Now we can get info without the need to search a lot . It would be good if you can add latest blesta version available . When you will add autoupdate addons fron adlin side ?
  12. Custom Reports

    As i know the company_id has nothing to the session it resolved from domain !!! The idea of a tag or var called company_id is brillant . +1 .
  13. Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    I think is html template from blesta addons. Is better to ask him in the html template post and let this thread for square issues and feedbacks.
  14. What you want to see in our next work ?

    The surprise for me is that Close Account Plugin has 4 votes as others .... very surprised.
  15. Billing overview

    You never stop