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  1. activa

    Free themes?

    You can check mike aka @Blesta.Store for his free themes .
  2. activa

    domains missing

    Strange. At least they should be imported and assigned to universal module .
  3. activa

    View quotes error

    You have error reporting enabled?
  4. activa

    BlestaForums Development

    Use truncate funtion .
  5. activa

    tax inclusive

    100$ (taxable) mean the tax is not included in 100$ , so the real amount with tax is 110$ .
  6. activa

    Feed Plugin, Feed not removed from home widget

    I like the way the new staff are auto subscribed to the default them .
  7. activa

    tax inclusive

    From my side this is correct .
  8. activa

    client main

    Do you mean the due payment notice?
  9. activa

    Existing Credentials?

    You can add them manually from admin side, client profile action bottom add service. Be sur to uncheck the use module checkbox when you add service .
  10. activa

    pop3 email imports

    Blesta already has monolog system. So almost all errors are logged. I use the plugin monolog reader from blesta addons to read all errors from admin side .
  11. activa

    Integrating Blesta with CULQI payment gateway

    This post from 2017.
  12. activa

    [Module] Epp Registrar

    What is new?
  13. activa

    [Plugins] Unpaid Order Reminder

    Is this related to unset reminders even if they exist? I will try the update and see . Is this related to dates?
  14. activa


    You can use blesta cms from mike . It will do the job . I want suggest also cms pro from blesta addons but i dont know why is not released to public, i use it and is another plus for blesta .
  15. I think it would helpfull if the term (Activation/Renew) figure in the line description .