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  1. WHMCS to Blesta

    Get the trial and test .
  2. for my point of view, the pricing system need only a simple adjustement, the pricing already has price, setup fee price and cancel price , if we add another fields called renew price and transfer price we can achieve the multi pricing case, in renew services and the renew price isn't filled then use the default price . This can impact some other areas but it can be achieved, i think this is the simple and the effective way to do. Regarding domain management, really i cant see the need to create a new way to handle domains but rather if we can make a good order form that is enough , the actual modules need some addition to add more tabs to manage forwarding and dns if available with the registrar . DO not make it complicated for you guys and for us, the simple is the best always.
  3. Same here . We need only the multipricing, true hosting order form .
  4. Move cPanel Account To Another Server

    Try chane pricing plugin. It will update the module row also i think.
  5. H2O markup system

    H2o is good enough .
  6. Marchent gateway = proccess payment inside blesta NO marchent = client is redirected to a website payment out of blesta.
  7. Coupon setup?

    IN billing you can set coupon and test yourself in order form
  8. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    I Noticied from blesta addons mailer emails they have xero plugin in thier todo list. Not sur about ETA. It nice to see xero plugin .
  9. Critical, Service activated and renewed in the same time

    Is v4.1 has option for multi pricing for domains ? Register, renew, transfer . Is the order form has a new one for hosting industry?
  10. How to Reduce the File Size of your PDF Invoices

    IF your client names and adress has unicode aractere it will not print in pdf if you use a simple font like helvetica.
  11. Direcatadmin uppercase username

    i Think the module should be fixed to send only lowwercase to DA API.
  12. Net Terms (Net 10, Net 15, Net 30 Etc..)

    +1 FOR THIS.
  13. Products price in multiple currencies

    is not working for configurable options . The main package can be converted to other currency . But the config option not showing when we switch to other currency .
  14. get all services using package x

    Work as i want . Thanks
  15. Prorate upgrade/downgrade, smtp email issues

    IF you apply the upgrade . Blesta will generate invoice with lines detailled about credit issue and price for new service. So you can compare them if they are correct . IN our case the upgrade work as it should and note the credit issue is a pro rated ammount and not a complete .