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  1. When client click in verification email link, the client redirected to checkout page 3 step. I think is better to redirect to dashboard and show a message that email is verified.
  2. It will be any impact if upgrading from php 5.6 to php 7.2? as i know mcrypt is used for encryption/decrypting data, and blesta use it in password and encrypted data hashing, when running php 5.6 and blesta use it it would be impossible to decrypt old data without it in 7.2, is this true?
  3. Sometimes we need to block some email providers or client from some countries... ect , and the only way to not do this manually is to have a pre action event for Clients.Add action .it would be perfect to allow as inject our our code before the action then if we want we set errors, as now blesta allow as to inject code after client creation action.
  4. activa

    error after migration

    Check if the database info in your config file are the same as you have in your host.
  5. Make all params inside a $vars array then use http_build_query() it will do the job for you. Anyway i think the result will be like order_by%5date_added%5=desc
  6. A nice feature to see when logging as client for admins we should see client language , their prefered currency ... ect
  7. What happen when you use the core logicboxes module? Not sur but i think this related to client language, we have this issue before so we pass all our clients account with english .
  8. Admin tools from blesta addons give you the full changes and missing languagues phrases.
  9. This feature is totally one of our most wanted features. We currently using coupons for the first years, we found this the only raisonable solution at the moments.
  10. You should translate languages files indide every plugin .
  11. Search the forum, this subject already disucces many times, also a plugin from blesta addons has this option to change language from url .
  12. In blesta logs exist any error log ?
  13. Hello . The service added today in billing at a galance widget show active and pending, i thing it should exclude pending services as they are not added as active and still wating for payment .
  14. Blesta doesn't support child themes , you need to clone client and admin themes then rename them and do custumization in it .
  15. Is a jquery components, shipped with blesta but maintained by third party. Blesta use jquery series 2, it should upgraded to series 3 .
  16. Is UTF-8 encoding error.
  17. Blesta 4.4 has added support for the new TCPDF class, almost sure the old templates has a failure with the new template, they should be updated.
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