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  1. Defoe

    What you want to see in our next work ?

    The password and stuff are there in your Blesta forum message box. Sent them 2 days ago and the status is still unread. Just to make sure you don't miss it.
  2. Defoe

    What you want to see in our next work ?

    Installing Proxmox VE 5.1 on a Dell server, will send credentials to you once it is ready.
  3. Defoe

    [Module] Proxmox Reloaded - Beta Release

    Any Any plan on embedding noVNC console within Blesta client interface? Do you still need Proxmox server for development?
  4. Defoe

    on click on invoice url error 404

    Same here, I am getting http://www.mydomain.com/client/pay/method/999/?sid= since November 2016. It was pointing correctly to http://www.mydomain.com/portal/client/pay/method/999/?sid= before. I use beta most of the time, it should have been broken by an update around that period.
  5. Defoe

    No State/province In Hong Kong

    The plugin is perfect. Thank you!
  6. Defoe

    No State/province In Hong Kong

    There is no such thing as "State/Province" in Hong Kong. When my client choose Hong Kong as "Country" in "Modify Client", the "State/Province" will be blanked out. This is somehow correct. But the problem is that many domain registrars, including Logicbox require something in "State/Province" field. Our usual practice is to type HK or N/A in this field to get around the error. However, Blesta is not allowing me or my clients to type anything custom in this field. I end up stuck in this "Required parameter missing: customer-id" error screen. My suggestion would be adding something like HK N/A or the 3 districts of Hong Kong as the following Hong Kong Island Kowloon New Territories P.S. I know my customers can choose China as country and Xianggang as state. But it's exactly like telling UK customers to choose Italy as country and Britannia as state because UK was once belong to Roman Empire in history and UK should turnover to Italy.
  7. Is Wordpress version still available? I was gonna order it.
  8. Defoe

    Dedicated Servers & Vps Module

    I finally managed to get NOC-PS working. This is magic. Thank you Max for crafting this software and plugin.
  9. Defoe

    Fishy Customer

    I used to use a free WHMCS plugin called FraudRecord. https://www.fraudrecord.com It has Anna Sovgut listed as spammer and chargeback. It would be nice if someone can make a Blesta plugin for this.
  10. Defoe

    Dedicated Servers & Vps Module

    The problem is indeed caused by WHMCS import. My package was imported from WHMCS and was using universal module by default. Your module worked perfectly with brand a new package. Now that I need to find a way to convert those services to NOC-PS. Either way I will definitely want to implement NOC-PS into the next gen of my packages. Thanks for making this module.
  11. I issued an invoice with multiple items to a client. He wants to stop renewing one of the recurring item from next month. The item is included in the sent invoice which is not due yet. The invoice has other items he wanted to renew. The client has requested cancellation for that item. What should I do? Do I credit the amount to this invoice as discount or what?
  12. Defoe

    Dedicated Servers & Vps Module

    Installed NOC-PS for testing. I am getting this error whenever I edit the service / add new service. I am sure that Blesta interacted with NOC-PS as it created an admin account on NOC-PS. Any idea what is causing the error? Oh noes! Package not associated with NOC-PS server on line 1212 in /home/hk/public_html/client/components/modules/nocprovisioning/nocprovisioning.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /home/hk/public_html/client/components/modules/nocprovisioning/nocprovisioning.php(712): Nocprovisioning->connect() #1 /home/hk/public_html/client/components/modules/nocprovisioning/nocprovisioning.php(1073): Nocprovisioning->_getMACfromService(Object(stdClass)) #2 /home/hk/public_html/client/app/controllers/admin_clients.php(3900): Nocprovisioning->tabDatatraffic(Object(stdClass), Object(stdClass), Array, Array, Array) #3 /home/hk/public_html/client/lib/dispatcher.php(111): AdminClients->serviceTab() #4 /home/hk/public_html/client/index.php(21): Dispatcher::dispatch('/client/admin/c...') #5 {main}