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  1. Language files location for order form?

    Yup! Found them a few hours ago. Thanks a lot Jono. I am actually translating this whole thing, fixing some and adding missing translations phrases to release a full Spanish pack later on.
  2. I am trying to translate properly the order form page (as seen here https://optimidia.com/order/main/packages/reseller-hosting/?group_id=4) and I cannot seem to find all the phrases that need translating. I have already looked at them in the generar language files as well as the "order" plugin. As you can see, some phrases look translated and a lot of them are missing. Am I looking at the wrong place? Thanks!
  3. Afiliates Module for Blesta

    Looking forward to Blesta affiliate system. Unfortunately we do not yet make enough money to consider iDevAffiliate worth the cost, but we do definitely work with 2 - 3 providers who refer most of our local clients and would be great to offer them a fully automatic platform. I am actually trying to negotiate this right now and with WHMCS we did have it integrated already. Hopefully this comes sooner than later.
  4. Is there a way to adjust this? Say... right now I have Reseller Hosting showing up first and then Web Hosting. Is there a way in the order form I can manually order them? As in first Web Hosting, then Reseller Hosting, then only Domains, etc. Thanks!
  5. Namesilo Plugin

    That's good news! I am guessing we could overwrite the old one without having to re-assign packages to every single client with a domain?
  6. I don't know if it's a good idea or not, but maybe you could do an open fund with the approximate costs you consider to have in development and those interested can help out.
  7. Would love an update for this.
  8. Best Way To Upgrade Free Month Package

    I have exactly the same error. Tried moving groups, different clients, re-entering server info, having them in the same group, yet the only time it works is when I change the price within the same package. Edit: Made sure the packages are active. Edit 2: Tried creating a new cPanel package and made sure it's properly configured in the cPanel module. Same error.
  9. Stripe payments after migration

    I don't think you understood what I was asking for, but thank you for the suggestion. I will have them all manually re-enter the details and make sure they pay their bill.
  10. Looks like a fantastic option for the support workflow. Any updates?
  11. Is licensecart a ghost now?!?!

    Seems like a bad exit strategy. What a shame...
  12. Stripe payments after migration

    So what you are suggesting is just simply have them enter the CC details again and make the payment. While I am guessing that is what I will have to do, I am wondering if by chance there is a better workaround where it doesn't involve that, since the details are already saved in Stripe.
  13. Stripe payments after migration

    Hey guys, So I just recently migrated from WHMCS to Blesta and have several people using Stripe to pay as well as some using PayPal. I am concerned here on how the charges work, I see that the CC details for my clients are stored in Stripe. Is there a way to connect this accounts to capture the charge or will they have to re-enter all details to get charged in Blesta? Should I remove these clients from Stripe manually? Does anyone have a suggested method of moving forward in a case like this? I want to make sure my clients don't get too annoyed about having to pay attention to all these changes.
  14. Order navigation link broken when logged in

    I guess during the edit Admin tools removed the value "a:1:{s:8:"base_uri";s:6:"public";}" from options. That fixes it.
  15. Order navigation link broken when logged in

    I did use Admin Tools to change the nav links. It messed up some other value somewhere, I was worried actually about moving over to Blesta and going over these issues with addons... I need some stuff that is not in the core. Where should I look at to fix this? The plugin_actions is fine, see pic attached. Where does it modify the base_url? Another database value?