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  1. Like DirectAdmin, it was also requested as I know and we are still waiting @Paul
  2. - Plesk - ISP manager - Directadmin - interworx - cpanel - CWP - ispconfig This panels are supported with Softaculous
  3. Paul is it possible to include it as well into DirectAdmin module?
  4. As I can see this issue has not been fixed with this release (https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2785) or I'm missing something?
  5. Hi I was searching Blesta options and email settings and I'm not able to find where is email template (or if there is no template) how can I send an email to a client when service is canceled. Where is that email template located, or how can I create it if we don't have that option? Thanks in advance
  6. We are customer based, so our plugins are going to be related with customers. But few things are in develop phase and we are going to publish it next week
  7. Hi to all :-) We are UK based company that offer anything you need for Blesta, servers or webpages (we are doing little upgrades, or little modules/plugins for your blesta) for only 35$. If you have any problems with Blesta, webpage or server you can contact us on www.webbera.co.uk or here (inbox). For now we are working with: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, ... Apache, Dovecot, MySQL, .... We are cheap and fast if you want to contact us you can reach us here, on email or from webpage. P.S. We are using blesta (currently 3.4) and we have few plugins that we are going to publish soon :-)
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