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  1. eremini

    2checkout payments not recorded

    Hi, A rather annoying bug, it actually happens to about 1/3 of transactions for me. Client completes payment just fine, but payment is never recorded in blesta. Let me know what information I can provide for debug.
  2. eremini

    Display Ip On Invoices

    Hi, I am using Universal module.
  3. eremini

    Display Ip On Invoices

    Hello, Is there any way to display IP on PDF templates, so clients with loads of VPS services can actually figure our what they are paying for? Regards, Ilya
  4. Hi, Quick feature request. Basically I have an "Additional IPs" service option. I want it to be both a textbox and hidden. The 2 don't contradict each other, but setting it so doesn't seem possible.
  5. eremini

    Reactivate Service

    +1 for this. Client cancelled, then changed his mind a day later, No easy way to just revert the action.
  6. eremini

    How To Keep 2Checkout Only For Invoice Payments?

    That helped, thanks
  7. Hello, Screenshot included to easier understand what I want to do. Basically when client is making a payment he gets offered 2 options: Credit Card and 2checkout, but we take all payments via 2co, so clients get mislead into entering CC info and then get "This gateway does not exist". How can I remove the CC option and only leave 2co? Thanks.
  8. eremini

    2Checkout Fraud Check

    Hello, While 2checkoout module works great, there's one problem. If transaction fails fraud check, invoice is still marked as paid, got caught on this yesterday. Set up a service, everything looked good. Went to 2checkout user panel for something unrelated and by happy accident noticed that transaction failed fraud check and thus was not accepted by 2co. I never thought about it, since I am coming from "the other" product and it only set invoice to paid after fraud was passed (so this is definitely doable). Hope this can be supported in the future. Otherwise thanks for the great product! Edit: This is the appropriate bit I guess: https://www.2checkout.com/documentation/notifications
  9. eremini

    Confusion About Invoice Date

    Here's the service info Renew date wasn't changed. The only odd thing is prolly that the service was auto-suspended, then unsuspended, which generated the invoice. But it should still be for the right date span? Customer filed a ticket asking why the invoice is not for a full month. What's the best way to fix this? Thanks for all your hlep!
  10. eremini

    Confusion About Invoice Date

    Hello, Screenshots of my question below: All good there. Now. Soo why is the current invoice due just 16 days after the last one??
  11. eremini

    Blesta Freely Spams After Conversion

    Hi, I understand that things are done different in Bleasta then in WHMCS and so, but this is rather horrible. in WHMCS until one invoice is not paid, next one will not be generated, so clients that abandomed their services I just left with the invoices hanging since it did no harm. Yesterday I finally got blesta cron going and damn what did it do.... Absolutely spammed all these inactive clients. First it was email each about new invoices. Then it was reminders .. A SINGLE email for a SINGLE invoice, so some old clients got 20 emails at once!!! Sorry but this is absolute spam and shouldn't happen. Now I have 10s of clients that don't even remember my company angry at me for flooding their mail boxes...
  12. eremini

    Edit "new Service Activated" Emails

    ok, I think I am understanding. But seems like I need to set the email for every package, can't do it for a group or general somehow? I have like 20 packages...
  13. eremini

    Edit "new Service Activated" Emails

    Hello, Looking to clear up some confusion. I mainly sell dedicated servers and VPSes, where I put in the IP and root password a bit after order and I want them emailed when I set the service as activated. But current email just say "Service activated" without providing any information. How can I achieve this? I checked editing eMail templates and found no place to edit it. Thanks for the help.
  14. eremini

    New Order Not Showing

    Oh, so that's how it's done, not entirely obvious Thanks for the help and patience with silly questions!
  15. eremini

    New Order Not Showing

    Hello, I have a client with 2 VPS services, they show up fine. Client ordered another VPS service, paid the invoice, but there are no signs of the actual order anywhere? 2 services under active (that were there already), 0 under pending. How to see new orders? I don't really get it.