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    Froxlor is great. There used to be a control panel called Confixx, which was produced by Plesk Inc. It was sold to SWSoft and later to Parallels. When Confixx died a few years back, I migrated to Froxlor and it's been great. It is definitely not as automated as cPanel, but for an open-source solution, I have to say, it works great. I now have it deployed on 2 Debian servers.
  2. Great! We'll integrate it into the next release.
  3. Hi S.H. Please try replacing apis/namesilo_api.php with this: https://github.com/NETLINK/Blesta-Namesilo/blob/master/apis/namesilo_api.php
  4. I haven't heard anything new. I don't think it's live yet. But I like JSON. I wouldn't have any issues switching.
  5. Hmmm... A HTTP response code 0 means that cURL failed to connect to the remote server or failed to execute, so there is nothing to return. This could be due to a non-functioning DNS resolver, for example. Do you have root access to the server running Blesta?
  6. Could you try it with the master branch? If you do, the module should log a HTTP response code also.
  7. What does it say in the logs? Tools -> Logs -> Modules -> Namesilo /admin/tools/logs/module/
  8. Have you tried it with the file attached here?
  9. Hi guys. Could you do me a favour and try the following? Go to Settings -> Modules Click on Namesilo -> Manage Beside your Namesilo API user account, click the "Edit" link Now, press the "Update Account" button Once you've completed the above, please see if the error persists or if it's now resolved.
  10. I'm trying to reproduce this on my development server. Could you give me the exact steps to try and replicate?
  11. You might need to temporarily enable debugging so that we can see what's triggering that error. https://docs.blesta.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=10551368#Debugging/Tools-EnablingErrorReporting&Debugging
  12. This means that your module is communicating with an IP address that's not been added to your Namesilo account. Are you sure that you've added all possible IPs? Sometimes, depending on how the server is configured, it may make the request with the server's main IP, or it could be using the one that might be assigned to the user account on which Blesta is installed. To troubleshoot, you could try removing all IPs from your Namesilo account. This will allow you to connect to your API account from any IP. If the API then responds successfully, the problem is how the module is communicating with the API, and I'll be able to fix this easily.
  13. Can you try it with the attached file? Upload it to components/modules/namesilo/apis/namesilo_api.php (overwrite the existing file). If it works, we can integrate the fix into module. namesilo_api.php
  14. I think I may know what the problem is. Let me come up with something when I get to my computer in a bit, and then, I will ask you to try it again with a small patch trial. Julian
  15. If "Use Module" is selected, the service does not get created in Blesta. If "Use Module" is not selected, the service is created successfully in Blesta only.
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