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  1. yeah that works fine, i just assumed it would always show the total active not just on the day sign ups?? Its not affecting day to day running just nice to see
  2. No I’m wondering if the graph is showing wrong? Should the graph show 18 active not 0
  3. As can be seen on the image the service graph isn't showing active clients etc. it only adjusts when a service is activated that day. is this the expected behaviour of should it be showing totals also
  4. Well thank you! I must have added this ages ago and forgot about it. the vat moss report script you find on the forum is broken i guess, please close this thread! Ps Keep up the great work so glad i found blesta 5 years ago!
  5. general.ERROR: Uncaught Exception Error: "Interface 'ReportType' not found" at /xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/billing/components/reports/vat_moss/vat_moss.php line 10 {"exception":"[object] (Error(code: 0): Interface 'ReportType' not found at /xxxx/xxxx/xxxx/billing/components/reports/vat_moss/vat_moss.php:10)"} Im unable to run reports and im getting this error appearing in logs TIA Matt
  6. I would like to put my name in the hat! Ive been using Quickfile which is okay but cant sync invoices etc
  7. Ive looked in the docs and under the tooltip but cant see anything regarding adding the client number to the invoice generation name ie in customisation you have this {num}-{day}-{month}-{year} but can i add in client id?? This would make my life easier with my accounting software
  8. Hello, im wanting to reinstall blesta while keeping my client data as i seem to be getting errors. some logs show missing tables, others is functions not working when clicked on. would it be the same as taking a backup removing the current install, create new database, install blesta, reimport backup data? just dont want to screw it up. im hoping starting from scratch might fix some of the issues (upgrade after upgrade can take its toll)
  9. this i great news! do you have a repo? might be able to contribute
  10. hey before i go and sign up for enoms reseller account, does anyone know if the module supports the creation of sub accounts? I know enom support the feature so would be great for clients who have multiple domains with me
  11. Hey all is it possible to create a service with an adjustable price? As in if i create a restricted product id like to be able to change the price on a per use basis, its for a website design fee which varies from project to poject.
  12. @jwogrady did you ever get anywhere with this?
  13. @jayjayuk @Malloc @Blesta.Store unfortunately i didn't pursue it any further as i didn't have the funds needed to get it going. i'll be looking into it again if people are still interested and will try get some better quotes. what do you think?
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