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  1. Excessive cron time causing 100% cpu and system hang

    stupid question wheres the option to switch it on? Other than it being hosted on a cPanel server (i have 'g'root) and couple of the blesta modules
  2. Excessive cron time causing 100% cpu and system hang

    It's happening over and over. This is since I've moved to version 4 once it happens it then stops other system tasks from running i.e. Backups do t start till it's finished. I've tried redoing the cron setup and if I force run from web it's fine. Just at some point it gets stuck?
  3. For some reason the cron process is getting stuck and causing excessive usage warnings in cpanel Time: Mon Jul 24 09:01:52 2017 +0100Account: ****Resource: Process TimeExceeded: 82008 > 1800 (seconds)Executable: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshellCommand Line: jailshell (*****) [init] ell -c /usr/local/bin/php /home/******/public_html/*****/index.php cron >/dev/null 2>&1PID: 27082 (Parent PID:27072)Killed: No username and site URL removed running on proxmox kvm if it makes any difference
  4. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    there's a business idea there
  5. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    What you mean by not a hosted solution? sorry not had chance to look at the api
  6. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    If you wouldn't mind posting your api scripts obvs remove your private stuff then it gives this community a spring in the right direction
  7. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    interesting. isnt there a thread about a xerox plugin somewhere?? you had any quotes? also side note ive pm'd you
  8. Blesat compatible accountacy software

    Hi all, Im wondering which accountancy software people use with blesta and if there is a plugin available to integrate with it? Also do you have any handy scripts to export your data?
  9. New cpanel api authentication

    yeah i know just be nice to have the option to use it as ive already switched with my servers and nah its not the only reason, need to test it before i update and move my install to own folder integrate v4 into my site etc etc
  10. New cpanel api authentication

    cool ill wait for it to be released before moving up to version 4
  11. New cpanel api authentication

    https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/64Docs/Manage+API+Tokens details can be found there
  12. New cpanel api authentication

    Just wondering if the cpanel module has been or will be updated for the new version of the api? from what I read they are getting rid of the secret key like we have now and implementing a new way to do it. (Link to be added a soon as off mobile)
  13. XenServer Module

    Yes it looks like what you need. also look for 6.5 version as 7 has only really just been released so many wont want to upgrade yet
  14. XenServer Module

    Well what do you need to know lol. i just envisioned one a bit like host Bill has that allows provisioning of vm on a Xenserver the same that the proxmox module does. Xen-orchestra is an open source system that allows connections to the host and all the options to stop start make vm's. That might help sorry it's a bit vague but let me know what you need and I'll do my best to help
  15. XenServer Module

    https://requests.blesta.com/topic/xenserver-provision-module I dont mind lending my xenserver for development