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  1. Ya, I got that from your first message. My comment regarding invoices and pricing was looking at the API for modules there is no function that delegates invoices or pricing to any module. That is all part of the core components of modules that can not be overwritten. Again, I could not wrong but that is my understanding for things. Yup, that is one way to do it. The other way is what we described above to replace your cronjob via a Blesta plugin. The plugin will listen/subscribe to all Invoices.add events and then determine if the invoice needs to have additional line items added
  2. Would tool tip working on mobile devices? -Adam
  3. From what I understand you want each invoice generated for a customer to be charged on usage. For example, used VoIP minutes in your PBX system or bandwidth used on a hosting plan? I am not as familiar with modules as I am with plugins but from reading the documentation it does not appear you can control the price of a service once it has been established. I don't think modules can subscribe to event notifications. I also do not think modules are involved in the invoice creation process which makes them easy to write, implement and maintain but in your case has some limitations.
  4. A single Blesta license permits you to install one copy of the Blesta on one domain, e.g., yourdomain.com. Beyond that, Blesta does not limit you in clients invoices connected servers (cPanel, Direct Admin, etc.) support tickets staff / workers For your setup, a single license will work for yourdomain.com which means 1 domain and 1 server. If you run multiple companies, company-a.com and company-b.com as an example, and each want to have Blesta on their own domain, then you need to purchase additional domain license called “Multi-Company” license addons.
  5. Hi Turner! The recommend way to download this plugin is via git. Git allows you to: Quickly upgrade by fetching only changed files for the last update Track local changes that you have made Easily revert files back to their default condition See what changes would occur before performing an upgrade Continuously merge your local changes with our future updates. If for what ever reason you do not want to use git, then you can download a tagged release as indicated from the documentation: https://docs.solidnet.software/blesta-cerb/getting-started/install/#do
  6. @Kian For these use cases, I suggest you use a 3rd party helpdesk with Blesta. I am going to be bias and recommend Cerb. They are going to have all those features you are asking, and then some. I do not work for Cerb but I am the author for the free plugin that integrates Cerb and Blesta. We use both for our company and in fact we run multiple brands. All our staff work and operate out of a single interface which is Cerb for sales/support/billing/etc helpdesk tickets. We then use Blesta for billing, service and client management. In my opinion, Cerb has a higher learning curve t
  7. Hi All, I am proud to announce that first release of Blesta-Cerb plugin. What is it? This plugin enables Cerb integration with the Blesta clients to create, update, reply, attach files and close tickets in the native Blesta client interface. This plugin replaces the built-in Support Manager with Cerb. Why do I want it? What is it good for?: If you receive high volume of emails or helpdesk tickets then replacing Blesta’s helpdesk for Cerb’s would increase productivity and reduce time spent answering emails. What is it not good for?: If the Blesta bui
  8. What are you trying to do? Determine if a user exists within Blesta based on their login? If you are trying to use the Blesta API there is no need to "login" as the API requires Basic Auth with unique API creds, which is what you have done via aUser and aKey. If you are trying to determine if a user exists within Blesta based on their username and password, use the auth function instead of login. http://source-docs.blesta.com/class-Users.html#_auth Post to: api/users/auth.json With form data: const params = new URLSearchParams({ "username": vars.userna
  9. Syleron, This is a bug within Blesta and more so with minPHP. Great find. The issue is within app/controllers/api.php in the preAction function. The function tries to load the model from the url: support_manager.support_manager_tickets. app/controllers/api.php // Ensure that the request is formatted correctly if (isset($this->get[0]) && isset($this->get[1])) { $this->model = Loader::toCamelCase($this->get[0]); It calls Loader:toCamelCase which returns SupportManager.supportManagerTickets What is expected is the following format: S
  10. Perhaps use Slack instead? -Adam
  11. I would avoid modifying any Blesta code as much as possible. If you modify it, you own it. Think about upgrades and merging in requests, etc. Of course, if there is no other way, then go for -- a very nice feature of Blesta. The approach I would take is use Blesta's API to get all the information you need via HTTP ReST calls. The information Blesta posts today is enough for you to query the API and get the full record as it exists within Blesta. https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/API -Adam
  12. Hello, I was following the documentation on how to create a custom cron job for a plugin: https://docs.blesta.com/x/PQEh and I noticed that after I called CronTasks::add() the cron job was not being called by cron or showing up under Company > Automation settings. I had to look at the source docs and figure out that in addition to calling CronTasks::add() I need to run CronTasks::addTaskRun(). May you please update the confluence document to reminder developers to call CronTasks::addTaskRun() after CronTasks:add() during installs? Thanks, -Adam
  13. I do not fully understand your question. Let me try and say it back to you: You created a custom module with Blesta in PHP. You would like during the order process for someone to enter a custom field called username (which is not the same and 100% different username of the person logged into Blesta) and you grab that input? Have you looked at ModuleFields? https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/ModuleFields The other way to do this, is use the Universal Module, add a custom field to the order process. The Universal Module has a very useful option to make external ReST calls
  14. Create file called phpinfo.php in the root directory of Blesta and inside of it place: <?php phpinfo(); ?> When you visit the page in your browser: does it show mailparse on the page? -Adam
  15. See my response in another post on how to install this Thanks, -Adam
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