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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've looked into download_manager_plugin.php in Download plugin folder and placed the following public function getActions() { return array( array( 'action'=>"nav_primary_client", 'uri'=>"plugin/download_manager/client_main/", 'name'=>Language::_("DownloadManagerPlugin.client_main", true), 'icon'=>"fa fa-download" ) ); } the icon is not out ?
  2. Thanks for all of your reply and feedback. As this is still a mockup, will try to improve on it
  3. Yea mate, I was looking at the plugins. and was using the icon method. Cant seems to work it out.
  4. Hey blestas ! I was wondering if anyone can lead me to on what's the best way to insert the font-awesome icon on blesta's client nav? I was looking at the file navigation.php and was able to use this 'icon' => "fa fa-home" and was appear to dashboard navigation which is great. But what's the best way not to touch the core files? As for plugin such as Support and Downloads, I can't seems to use 'icon' I need some direction. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks for your feedback guys Just want to gather some feedbacks and move toward development stage.
  6. Hi Guys, We came out with 2 mockup design for our next webhosting theme. Which one would you like to see it release first? These designs are not finalise yet. It definitely will be compatible with Blesta CMS(will work closely with Michael (Licensecart). Blesta integration will be available as well. Thanks mates!
  7. Sorry to hear that. Wish you all the best and hope we are able to work more in the near future Good luck!
  8. Yeah mate definitely will ignore. Moaning not only here but also many other threads. Cheers mate. Will keep you updated about more stuff
  9. If you read carefully, showoff category description is "Share and get feedback on your integration, website, and more" Feedback... read the first post carefully. If the template is done I'll definitely post on the contribution section like what i did with the login design. Oh by the way, coming soon doesn't mean I'm going to release the template anytime soon. If you hover over the link, it is not about the template. It is a website...
  10. Thanks Michael. Didn't see this coming.
  11. Not sure if anyone notice this but when you're at the forget password page, don't enter any value/any random user or email then proceed with forget password. It doesnt check if theres such user account. The notice message is always giving a green light. Doesn't seems to validate. Or am I missing something else ?
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