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  1. Hey All, In the admin where the My Info shows when a user is logged in I would also like to show the name of the user logged in. Can someone please assist in letting me know the code I can apply in the stucture.pdt file or where ever it is best suited Thanks
  2. Hi Paul, Installed Version 4.0.1 I believe the data was a copy of company 1 - I now have each company with 2 different logos but if you have cloned a company with a logo and delete it removes the file from the base company - I guess what I am thinking is that any images added like that should be in a images/CompanyID/ folder vs just in a general images folder. because then the worst case would be if on company 2 you deleted the image it would be looking in /images/Company2ID/myimage.jpg be not found and just error out.
  3. Owned open source or encoded?
  4. Hey Guys Bug report issue Multi Company setup - Company 2's data cloned company 1 (All ok to this point) When on Company 2 - Did an invoice customization - remove logo (Now this company has no logo) This is what I wanted. Switch to company 1 - Now the image is broken because it has been removed.... not what I wanted.
  5. Jonathon

    Download Manager

    Is there a way to use the Download manager with client groups or products to only allow access if you are in a group or have a product? (ACL) Thoughts on this if not?
  6. Been using the module for some time and don't have these issues. No customization - likely a setting from what I can tell. We do not do a high volume of registrations but the ones I have checked - looked to be just fine.
  7. What options would you want to see in the module?
  8. It is because the support manager pro uses the baked in support manager as a base - you have to match or use the same license to it.
  9. The code assumes you are running as a root user - not a reseller and as such uses an invalid switch that a reseller cannot use I forget the line change but I will dig it up and let you know That will resolve the issue
  10. @PauloV Congrats - now you will just need to get the little one up to speed on coding right away to make up for lost time on plugin updates Wishing you all the best
  11. Jonathon

    7 day trial account?

    Best I have done for 3.x is custom query /report and then use MailChimp or something like that
  12. I have made a successful offer of 60.00 for the domain. Pm of details sent
  13. I will offer you $40 USD for the domain - Yes you registered it for 3 years - guess what they are up and done. None of that time you registered will count for me.. that was your cost and chance on a registration and sale. http://blestaextras.com/ - Expiration Date: 23-oct-2016 Look forward to hearing from you ASAP so it can be transferred before the expiry
  14. The best cloud is one that does not rain on you I like OVH for there services
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