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  1. WebhostingNZ.com

    Multi-Company: Are user registrations shared or completey separate?

    @Mariano have you tested it? I haven't but I did setup my own testing client using the same email account on two different companies. Maybe it only rejects it if it's done via the client signup and not via the admin area? Don't have time to test it but I can say it is possible to have the same email address used on two different companies.
  2. WebhostingNZ.com

    Force email as username

    @Blesta Addons I 100% agree with you it would be great if there was a setting to force either or. I would personally use it and force email only. I have a few times told customers their client area login is their email address only to find out after I've sent the email it's not. @breeze You could also ask for a developer to make the quick change for you for a small price, one of the massive benefits to Blesta is the ability to change things to suit your own needs without needing to wait forever for an update and a setting. I know there is a list of people who make modules / plugins for blesta on request (and payment) I've seen Paul link it a few times, maybe someone who knows the link could post it below for breeze. (I think Blesta Addons is one?)
  3. WebhostingNZ.com

    Adding Client Account Number to Invoice Customization Notes

    Hi @Chris van der Westhuizen, it would be {contact.id_code} for a paid invoice, please see the below https://docs.blesta.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4161645 You can see the other email templates at the link below: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Email+Templates
  4. WebhostingNZ.com

    Force email as username

    Hi @breeze I've only had a quick look into it but you could just edit the orderform signup.pdt so it's not an option, maybe make a hidden field to pass the pram back to blesta <div class="radio"> <label> <?php $this->Form->fieldRadio('username_type', 'email', ($this->Html->ifSet($vars->username_type, 'email') == 'email'), ['id'=>'username_type_email']); $this->_('Signup.index.field_username_type_email'); ?> </label> </div> <div class="radio"> <label> <?php $this->Form->fieldRadio('username_type', 'username', ($this->Html->ifSet($vars->username_type) == 'username'), ['id'=>'username_type_username']); $this->_('Signup.index.field_username_type_username'); ?> </label> </div> Change that to a hidden field with a name and ID as 'username_type' and the value of 'email' i think would work, or you could just remove the username option both may or may not work and would require testing.
  5. WebhostingNZ.com

    Free themes?

    Hi Xzion, Maybe you could use the Dev tools in either Chrome or Firefox to find which file/piece of content (image, css, javascript etc) is being loaded via http instead of https and change that/them. Should be pretty simple to fix.
  6. WebhostingNZ.com

    Failed Credit Card

    Hi, It will attempt the card every day and will email them every day. You can change how many times it tries though. What Paul was meaning is you could put this one customer into a different client group and have that client group attempting to charge the card a different amount of times if that would help, it would still be daily. I think an email should be sent every single time the card is attempted as there is a record on the banks' side of the attempt. It would look bad if you are trying to charge someone's card but not letting them know every time. @Paul Hijacking this thread sorry but do you know what could cause failed charges not to count up? We are using a custom Braintree plugin but on a failed transaction the customer is emailed but the database never seems to increment the failed charge count, so no matter what we set for x number of charges it just keeps trying every single day.
  7. WebhostingNZ.com

    [ideas] Advanced Auto Backup System

    Oh great, thanks will install that tonight and let you know if I find any problems or have any suggestions :) Great work!
  8. WebhostingNZ.com

    Claim blesta as business expense & reclaim VAT?

    It's a business expense plain and simple. I'm from NZ so I have no idea on UK tax but you should be able to claim the business expense so you would not be taxed on that income at all as you didn't make income that turnover it went to business expenses. Not sure if you can just call up HMRC (I think they deal with Tax in UK?) but if you can give them a call and ask how you claim business expenses. Should be the same as you claim all other expenses eg hosting/servers/power/phone/room rental (even in your own house).
  9. WebhostingNZ.com

    [ideas] Advanced Auto Backup System

    @Blesta Addons When might this be ready for public use?
  10. WebhostingNZ.com

    Mass Mailer Filter By Module Row

    Wow that little radio box I never noticed changing from package to module, it is possible sorry and thank you for pointing it out
  11. WebhostingNZ.com

    Mass Mailer Filter By Module Row

    This is something we would be interested in too, we were thinking of making a client group for each server and if customers wanted to receive notifications they needed to make a contact in the group for their server name, but it was too complex for customers. Would love the ability to send emails to customers only on certain servers using the cPanel module. +1
  12. WebhostingNZ.com

    [ideas] Advanced Auto Backup System

    this is something I really want, retention period in one form or another. I have Blesta backing up to an account in a different location and it hits 20gb often before I remember to remove the old backups. Apart from file changes for support desk attachments I don't think the files change that often at all, are you able to have different period backups for files and database, for example? Backup frequency: Files - Weekly/daily/hourly etc Database - Daily/hourly etc Or whatever period is selected Also for the file backup are you able to set a folder(s) to exclude as well? We don't really worry about the email attachments files for the support desk and as time goes by that will just get larger and larger to a point where we would not want to be backing it up all the time, there is no reason really not to but there is also no reason to. We do full cPanel backup before we make any changes so this backup is just for disaster recovery and email attachments don't rank for recovery. Looking forward to this please do let us know when you finish it.
  13. WebhostingNZ.com

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    No, @turner2f did you follow the link I put, it's a different control panel system, like DirectAdmin and cPanel are different but Blesta provide plugins to Blesta for both, now they also include CyberPanel. It is not a replacement for cPanel, it's a different product.
  14. WebhostingNZ.com

    CyberPanel Module (Alpha)

    Google CyberPanel? It seems to be a control panel like cPanel built for OpenLiteSpeed and Blesta have created a plugin for it just like they have for cPanel. https://www.cyberpanel.net/
  15. WebhostingNZ.com

    How do I become a dealer in blesta?

    Great move to make too. As Blesta.Store said Paul would be able to answer RE the dealer. Regarding the plugins, you can just start creating them. https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Creating+a+Plugin Personally, I found it easier just to have a look at the code of a similar plugin/gateway/module and work from that. I find the below helpful as well https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Module+Methods