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  1. Found my error, a simple one at that. It should be: $data = array( 'vars' => array( 'first_name' => 'Daniel',..... I missed putting in the 'vars' => bit
  2. Thanks @activa that's not the same problem as I am having though. I am trying to already use clients->create via the API to create the client but am getting an error.
  3. @Blesta Addons Thanks, updated to $response = $api->post("clients", "create", $data); but still get the same error.
  4. Hey, Hopefully, someone can help. I am having trouble adding a client via the API, I keep getting the following error: BlestaResponse Object ( [raw:BlestaResponse:private] => {"message":"An unexpected error occured.","response":"Internal error: Failed to retrieve the default value"} [response_code:BlestaResponse:private] => 500 ) My code is as follows: require_once "blesta_api.php"; $user = '***'; $key = '***'; $url = "https://***/api/"; $api = new BlestaApi($url, $user, $key); $data = array( 'username' => 'daniel***.com', 'new_password' => '****'
  5. @od-ana I guess that would depend on what license you currently have. For example, we have a monthly license so we would just find a new provider before that month was up. What sort of license are you on? Owned? monthly?
  6. Right here, this is the answer.... You do NOT need to update - you do however, need to also NOT update your PHP version. You can't update one without updating the other. As I have already said just run PHP5.6 and you will have no problem. I won't be replying to this thread anymore as I feel it will go nowhere everything that can be has been answered already. Good luck.
  7. Please let me know how they made changes that broke it? The software was released for PHP version 5.6. It still works on the PHP version it was produced for they didn't break anything. Your choice of PHP install is what is causing the problem. FYI: Blesta 3.6.1 was released one month before PHP7 was even released, and a long time before control panel software added support for PHP7. https://www.blesta.com/tags/3.6.1/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PHP Side note but I wish Wingcommander/Privateer still worked on my current PC (without an emulator), wonder if I should message them an
  8. Yep, or transfer about a month before due date. Clearly in this instance this is now not an option.
  9. @ashevillewebhosting have you tried totally disabling your firewall for a minute and seeing if Blesta will then work with the server Blesta is installed on? Just to rule out any issue with the firewall that is. Don't forget to re-enable your firewall straight after.
  10. as activa has said this is done automatically, how are you upgrading the services? Click 'Manage', under 'Upgrade/Downgrade' change the service to the new service requested and have 'Prorate' ticked. It will show the subtotal down the bottom right of the screen, when you click save it will invoice them for that amount and depending on your settings will either upgrade on the spot or wait for the invoice to be paid then upgrade. I can't recall properly but I think it doesn't work with override price. You also need all of the packages in the same group to be able to upgrade/downgrade bet
  11. So if you upgrade your ram from DDR3 to DDR4 it's the motherboards fault for not taking the ram? They should make it fit and work? Because we aren't talking about a minor build update here we are talking about a major version/release change. If you don't want to pay to upgrade, just run PHP 5.6. If you want to update your PHP, you need to update your Blesta as well it's as simple as that. Get a cheap VPS, put PHP5.6 on it, install blesta, or go to a webhost that provides mulit PHP. cPanel, Cloudlinux and I'm sure other panel software also provides the user with the choice on P
  12. Hi @bjacksparow, Why not just run PHP 5.6? If your host doesn't support it, find one that does. The better option as @katycomputer has pointed out would be to upgrade your blesta license and install the 'latest & greatest' aka current version.
  13. Have you setup Support Manager Department for it? You can either pipe the email to the script it mentions in the department when you set it up, or edit it or you can have Blesta check the email account via POP3 or IMAP for emails.
  14. Hi, Using the admin area we are not able to generate a Tax Liability report. I have tested this on a fresh 4.3.2 install and the same error is reported. Below is the error. This happens when you select either CSV or JSON PHP version 5.6, MySQL version 5.6 and MariaDB 10.2, both servers running cPanel (test server and live server both have this error) SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'temp.id' in 'order clause' on line 196 in /home/<username>/public_html/vendors/minphp/db/src/PdoConnection.php Printing Stack Trace: #0 /home/<username>/public
  15. Hi @od-ana On the 'orders' widget on the 'Billing' -> 'overview' page, click the cog, set your email preferences.
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