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  1. Abdy


    You can add custom css and js files in both header and footer by adding them in the /app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt file.
  2. I don't understand what is exactly the issue, could you please elaborate a little more on what the problem is?
  3. I think it is not necessary to use events for what you are looking for, from the addService() function you can add a condition that if the configurable option exists, a support ticket is created. The addService() function is automatically executed by the cron task when the invoice related to the service has been paid in full. Here's a quick example, assuming that the configurable option for the extra service is named "migration_service": public function addService( $package, array $vars = null, $parent_package = null, $parent_service = null, $status = 'pending' ) { ... if (isset($vars['configoptions']['migration_service'])) { // Create support ticket Loader::loadModels($this, ['SupportManager.SupportManagerTickets']); $ticket = $this->SupportManagerTickets->add([ 'department_id' => 1, 'staff_id' => 1, 'client_id' => 1, 'summary' => 'Subject', 'priority' => 'critical', 'status' => 'open' ]); // Add reply if (!is_null($ticket)) { $this->SupportManagerTickets->addReply($ticket, [ 'client_id' => 1, 'contact_id' => 1, 'type' => 'reply', 'details' => 'Reply text' ]); } } ... }
  4. Try using Loader::loadModels($this, ['SupportManager.SupportManagerTickets']); This is due to $this->uses() is not accessible from a module.
  5. Abdy


    You can use add-ons instead of configurable options. Add-ons can have different terms than the main package. Here's a quick example, I created an add-on package for a one time cost of $200. This package belongs to a package group of the Add-on type named Additional Services. I assigned the Hosting package group as a parent of the Additional Services package group. At the moment of adding a new service, regardless of the term of the parent package, the add-on "Migration Service" can be added, even though the parent package is monthly and the add-on is one time.
  6. You can change the price of a service for each user individually, modifying the service and overriding the price with the new price for that user in specific.
  7. The "Log In" definition can be located on /language/xx_xx/app_controller.php
  8. This usually happens when some definitions are missing from the language pack in use, Blesta does not come by default with a dropdown called "Billing" in the navigation bar. Maybe this one is being added by a third party plugin? If you are using a third party plugin, you may need to update the language files of that plugin. However, you can find the language definitions from the navigation bar on the /language/xx_xx/navigation.php file, where xx_xx is the language pack you are using.
  9. Abdy

    too many email sending

    All these emails are being sent duplicate to the same email address?
  10. Check if the automation tasks are enabled for the Mass Mailer plugin on Settings > Company > Automation in the Plugin tab.
  11. The navigation menu can be found on /app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt, in this file is available the $logged_in variable, which allows you to know if a user has logged in or not. <?php if ($this->Html->ifSet($logged_in)) { ?> <!-- The user is logged in: navmenu1 --> <?php } else { ?> <!-- The user is not logged in: navmenu2 --> <?php } ?>
  12. No, the API is able to return the results in a JSON object if desired, but not receive a JSON object as a request body.
  13. Are the packages also priced in USD? You also need to check the USD option on your order forms settings (Packages > Order Forms > Edit) after adding a new currency.
  14. First of all you need to add a user to the API, which can be done at Settings > System > API Access, once the user is added the key will be shown along with the user. Keep in mind that API users differ from staff users.
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