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  1. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    WHMCS? You are probably looking for cPanel Extended for WHMCS from ModulesGarden.
  2. Perfect Money Payment Gateway not working correctly.

    Please check under Tools > Logs > Gateways You can send me a PM with the logs and I will give a check if I can help you.
  3. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    Please be patient, this month the next beta will be shipped to all the contributors with several new features
  4. License Expired after upgrading

    PM sent.
  5. License Expired after upgrading

    My Blesta installation is hosted on a Dedicated Server, without NAT and without Load Balancer, but has IPv4 and IPv6.
  6. License Expired after upgrading

    It's quite rare, If I enter the license without re-issuing, it always gives me the same error, That my license is not valid for the location of the installation. But I haven't moved my installation to another location.
  7. License Expired after upgrading

    I want to add my case here too, Since Monday I get the same error every day. My license is owned, purchased in BlestaStore, every day I log on to the Blesta admin panel I have to re-issue the license and enter it again in order to log on to the admin panel.
  8. License Expired after upgrading

    Another possibility is if you have a owned license, the support and updates have expired.
  9. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    Sorry has been delayed, we are fixing some problems with the Installatron integration.
  10. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    We have finished the first Beta of the module, At this moment we are in the testing and quality control phase. On January 5th all contributors will receive an email with access to this new beta. All the perks will be sent to all the contributors on January 12th, they will receive an email with the tracking number once it is dispatched. Thank you for contributing to this project and happy holidays.
  11. cPanel - Force Server Limits Question

    I am using cPanel Core in a local installation with 1 server group and 2 cPanel servers, both servers has a limit of 10 accounts. However, the module continues to create new accounts on the first server instead of using the second one that is empty,. dev1.cyandark.com 11/10 dev2.cyandark.com 0/10 I'm going to check the code tomorrow and if I find something I'll publish an update with a little more technical information.
  12. cPanel - Force Server Limits Question

    I have the same problem, and looks like is a bug.
  13. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

    In my humble opinion, I believe that cryptocurrencies will be the future of online payments. On local payments and in person, their future is not yet clear, at least for me. Many debit card providers backed by crypto currencies stopped offering their services outside the European Union, I had 2 prepaid bitcoin cards, which were cancelled. Also, in some countries (such as Colombia) the crypto currencies they are completely prohibited. I had 1 BTC about a year ago that I got as payment for a job, when 1 BTC was still about $500. I regret spending it, today I had about $10K Although I like the world of cryptocurrencies and personally believe that revolutionize the way money is moved around the world, on the other hand, this caused the price increases and the shortage of video cards, which my gamer side regrets a lot.
  14. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    The next week I will send the second alpha to all the contributors,
  15. Payment Refunded Notice