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  1. Thanks, I'm going to take that into consideration.
  2. The new version will include confirmation popovers on all irreversible action buttons, such as the "Delete" button. There is not yet available.
  3. Thanks, I will post an update daily.
  4. In the statistics tab, the new version of cPanel Extended will include graphics of the site traffic (Bandwidth last and current month) and domain hits, updated in real time.
  5. This is one of the small changes (but useful) that will be included in the next version of cPanel Extended.
  6. I know, I know I'm working at full speed on the module, however some details are missing. But I will send tomorrow an email to the contributors with more information an access to the second beta, So they can see the current progress.
  7. cyandark


    I added the option to select the AutoDJ type and AutoDJ capabilities. https://github.com/blesta/module-centovacast/pull/2
  8. cyandark

    How to set content by a ID?

  9. cyandark

    How to set content by a ID?

    Yes, but will be accessible from /forum/index/1/ If you want to delete the index part of the url you will need to make a route like this Router::route("^forum/(.+)", "/my_plugin/forum/index/$1"); You can take as an example the main controller of a previous version of BlestaCMS. It works in a similar way.
  10. cyandark

    How to set content by a ID?

    You can also print the $this->get variable to check the content with print_r($this->get); exit;
  11. cyandark

    How to set content by a ID?

    Assuming you have a controller named "Forum" and a "page" function. http://awesomecompany.com/client/plugin/my_plugin/forum/page/1/ class Forum extends MyPluginController { public function index() { // Main view } public function page() { if (!empty($this->get[0]) && is_numeric($this->get[0])) { $page_id = $this->get[0]; } else { $page_id = 1; } // Load forum model Loader::loadModels($this, ['MyPlugin.ForumsFunctions']); // Get forum page $forum = $this->ForumsFunctions->getForum($page_id); } }
  12. cyandark

    How to set content by a ID?

    I guess that $this->get can do the job. For example, for http://awesomecompany.com/client/plugin/my_plugin/page/12/ $page will be 12 if (!empty($this->get[0]) && is_numeric($this->get[0])) { $page = $this->get[0]; } else { $page = 1; } Then you can get the page from your model Loader::loadModels($this, ['MyPlugin.MyModel']); $page = $this->MyModel->getPage($page);
  13. cyandark

    Die dumping a variable

    I usually use print_r to see the content of a variable, is more human-friendly. public function validate(array $get, array $post) { $cgOrder = $this->coingateCallback($this->ifSet($post['id'])); $return_status = false; $status = null; // Debug print_r($cgOrder); exit;
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