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  1. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    Indiegogo is a good option that I have used before, but does not support PayPal as a payment method.
  2. ISPConfig Module

    In /ispconfig/apis/ispconfig_api.php will find the function "apiRequest", in the function you will see two variables, $soap_location and $soap_uri, replace "8080" with "8083"in these variables.
  3. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    I didn't know Justgiving, it looks like a good platform. At first I was planning to use Kickstarter, but unfortunately it is not available in my country.
  4. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    @FloXera-Jose The crowdfunding campaign is already active, you can check the main thread for more information or go directly to the campaign here: https://fundrazr.com/cpanel-extended?ref=ab_f6r2W1 After talking with some users, I finally decided to try luck with a crowdfunding campaign. If anyone has any questions, complaints or suggestions you can write me a message, I will try to resolve the doubts as soon as possible.
  5. Square Payment Gateway (Alpha)

    Is a non-merchant gateway, is based on Square Checkout.
  6. Integrating Blesta with a PAYU payment gateway

    It's a totally different API, different endpoint and different parameters. The same API is valid for all the Latin American countries supported by PayU. Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina for example. Depending of the country, the API will require some extra parameters for taxation purposes. You can check the API Documentation here: http://developers.payulatam.com/en/web_checkout/integration.html
  7. blesta session size limit

    Probably you need increase memory_limit in your php.ini. Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3202900/what-can-be-the-maximum-size-for-the-session
  8. Integrating Blesta with a PAYU payment gateway

    Unfortunately the PayU gateway included in Blesta does not work with https://www.payulatam.com/
  9. Blesta on PHP 7.1 server

    You need apply the hotfix included in Blesta.
  10. Cron ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer

    You are using some 3rd party Module or Plugin?
  11. WHMPHP needed in Blesta

    Well, You can request the module here: http://requests.blesta.com/
  12. I need a developer Blesta

    Well, to be fair, @Blesta Addons is also an available developer. Btw, Happy Programmer Day.
  13. [Module] cPanel Extended Module for Blesta

    I talked with some Blesta users here in the forum, Looks like a crowdfunding campaign is a better idea than find a sponsor who finances all the development. If you have any suggestions regarding this idea or related to the next version of the module, you can tell me here or send me a PM.
  14. I need a developer Blesta

    Hi, You can send us a PM, We offer development services.