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  1. Thanks, I managed to login to blesta.store. I was trying to log into the licencecart site, and didn't have access to my domains email server. But now managed to get a password reset email from blesta.store and my licence is there. Many thanks for your help!
  2. I purchased a licence on 2nd May 2015. Ather not using it for the last few years I have tried to use it this week, but it no longer works and says it's invalid. Can someone help me to find out why my licence key no longer works. Many Thanks Jon
  3. Well for example, I offer rouncube or zoho email option with hosting. So the customer sees either option 1 Zoho mail - (£10 one off setup charge £0 mothly) option 2 roundcube mail - (£0 setup and £0 monthly) Just thought, an area to display more info would be good, a hover over could display an extra field from the New Package Option page. As a designer, most of my customers are not as tech savy as a typical hosting customer, they tend to need a bit of hand holding. something like this...
  4. Is it possible to have more info displayed when hovering over an add-on in the order forms. So that the customer can get some information regarding certain add-on and why they may need it. In a similar way as an <a> tag can use the title=" " attribute.
  5. Any update on this? A quote system whould be much appreciated. Renaming drafts is fine, but no way to email to the customer, other than PDF download, then email manually.
  6. Thanks for the quick responce. I had an image link in the welcome email. I removed it but the same error. So then i removed {package.email_html} from the responce, manually filled out the email for that specific customer, and it worked. Then readded, the stock response. I presume it will be ok for normal account activation? Hi {contact.first_name}, Your service has been approved and activated. Please keep this email for your records. {package.email_html} Working now, but I have 3 services the customer. Is it OK to manully remove the earlier services from th
  7. Oh noes!Array to string conversion on line 18 in /home/admin/web/mydomain.com/public_html/vendors/h2o/h2o/datatype.php I tried it but got the above message.
  8. Have you changed your setup? or do you use the standard blesta ISO database? I've manually edited the country to UK and the random mix of states, counties and local authorities to the full & correct County list. Just have to deal with SYK for (South Yorkshire) in front of the postcode. If you know specifically where to change from the 3 letter code to the full State / county, it would be good to know. I'm pro EU, My wife's family all live in Crimea, and a lot of friends were on Maidan Square in Kyiv. So I see the bigger picture, and know friends of friends that have alread
  9. Yes. it's very flexible app\models\states.php looks promising
  10. Anyway... Just editing the database is not possible, because the state can only be 3 letters. Changing to larger Varchar code length in mysql is possible, but then when you choose an edited state / county in blesta, the code will only allow 3 char maximum no matter what the you choose in the database . so even if editing the database, stuck with 3 letter code for the county.
  11. The technical definition Great Britain is the name of the main Island, and United Kingdom is the name of the country. It's the same as Holland vs Netherlands. The country is Netherlands, and Holland is simply the biggest region. here's the EU link http://publications.europa.eu/code/pdf/370000en.htm Excluding Cameron and Fararge I've never heard anyone from UK call it "Great Britain" . Apart from the fact it's not the name of our country, it's embarrassing. Great? Is there anywhere else that's so weird? How about Mega Macedonia, Or Fantastic Finland... What about Awesome Aust
  12. Opened another thread because the other one was closed without debate. ISO is not a standard used in the UK. They still call it GB, and the country is UK. It's not been GB since the year 1707. If a data source used is old hat, defunct or incorrect. Don't use it. The EU states on their website ISO standards should not be used for UK and Greece. Because it's wrong. It's a bug in the data used and should be raised as a bug. Thanks for the heads up about all i need to do is edit the database. I will do so. but you are being defensive about blesta, rather than being open to
  13. The UK counties in blesta are not correct. Posted in the bugs forum, but told not a bug and the thread was closed. But is actually a bug, because there is no way to add a customer correct address to Blesta if they live in the UK. As has been pointed out to me, Blesta uses http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2:GB A standard which is not currently used for addresses in the UK, and is incompatible. The UK uses The UK postal system not Switzerland's ISO sysetm. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postal_counties_of_the_United_Kingdom Saying we use ISO standard for UK is like saying
  14. The UK counties in blesta are not correct. Blesta has used an incomplete mix of some Counties and some local councils in the "State / Province" address field. For example. I Live in Sheffield. The county is South Yorkshire (not listed in Blesta) (blesta lists the city council (sheffield)) London is the worst example, The county of London is not on the list either, and London appears to have been divided into political local borough council seats. For example Lambeth, Barking and Dagenham, Hackney. Additionally the list is not even complete, it has some counties, some bor
  15. Despite the ambiguous title, i'm just wondering how big other peoples blesta installs are. I have 25GB on my VPS, including OS, packages, software etc, solely for hosting blesta. And have been given the opportunity to double my RAM and drive space for 2 euro extra a month (the offer expires soon) I noticed log_cron is the biggest area in my database, and is growing quickly. I wondered if this will simply keep growing forever, or does it delete old entries after so long? My PDF invoices are about 250KB (with the logo + header), and my customer base will be small compared to a host
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