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  1. Any update about this? there support to centova 3? Thanks
  2. Hi, How I can change the quantity of numbers after the decimal point in tax?, for some reason I set 19% and appears 19,0000% Rgds, Eduardo
  3. No, is a page that It is called when the user is performing the payment operation. I attach image the process should be 4 and 5
  4. smicroz

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    Definitions Translated: 449 of 8296 (5.41%) little missing for 100%
  5. Update 2 Finally the confirmation step, should be show a white page with the following text (The payment gateway invoke this page and send (_POST) to check signature and execute the payment) status=success&c=mail-trade&s=signature I think that confirmation page should be a different to Configure::get("Blesta.gw_callback_url") . Configure::get("Blesta.company_id") ."/paypal_payments_standard/?client_id=" . $this->ifSet($contact_info['client_id']); Some suggestion?
  6. Thanks, I will trying setup the gateway
  7. Hi, 4. Thanks, I reinstalled and language is correctly updated 2. The confirmation page is invoked by the payment gateway with the result of transaction, allowing to the trade accept or reject, if in this page the transaction it not accepted, no payment shall be made. A example code of payment gateway confirmation page (I add to success method) Loader::load(dirname(__FILE__) . DS . "lib" . DS . "flowAPI.php"); $flowAPI = new flowAPI(); try { // Read data sent by payment gateway $flowAPI->read_confirm(); } catch (Exception $e) { // If there an error the response is false echo $flowAPI->build_response(false); return; } //Retrieves the values of the Order $FLOW_STATUS = $flowAPI->getStatus(); //The result of the transaction (success or failure) $ORDEN_NUMERO = $flowAPI->getOrderNumber(); // Trade Order No. $MONTO = $flowAPI->getAmount(); // Transaction amount $ORDEN_FLOW = $flowAPI->getFlowNumber(); // If $FLOW_STATUS = "SUCCESS" the Order No. of payment gateway $PAGADOR = $flowAPI->getPayer(); // Email of end-client if($FLOW_STATUS == "SUCCESS") { // The transaction was accepted by payment gateway // Here you can update your information with the data received by payment gateway echo $flowAPI->build_response(true); // Trade accepts the transaction } else { echo $flowAPI->build_response(false); // Trade rejects the transaction } The response should be similar to status=SUCCESS&c=trademail&s=electronic signature But it does not work Thanks!
  8. Hi Tyson, Thanks by help! I have some doubs to create callback. 1. This url should be work to success and failture? $this->ifSet($options['return_url']); 2. As there is no a order ID, I set clientNumer-date, the problem I should save it somewhere, because the callback resend (orderid, amount, concept, mail, and ID of transaction generated by gateway [also this id should be saved in somewhere]), any suggestion to store this details? or other solution? $order_id = $this->ifSet($contact_info['client_id']) . "-" . time(); 3. When gateway is returned to client/pay/received/gatewayname/id/ dates is captured by validate function? and I should send to success function? 4. OFFTOPIC - I change name of payment gateway from language, but this not is updated to clients? there some cache? if so, how I can clean cache? Thanks! Rgds, Eduardo
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    Definitions Translated: 249 of 8296 (3%)
  10. I'll keep trying. Another question, is there any way to get the user's mail? The array $contact_info not contains this. Again... Thanks by the help! Rgds, Eduardo
  11. I reread the documentation and had some mistakes, but basically do not get that error now. (I add code a little below, $parameters is a hidden input that contains order details and some requirements of payment gateway, as amount, order id, description, private_key) But I have some doubts about how it blesta works 1. First, about order id, when a user is in /client/pay/confirm/ , there some order_id to identify the transaction? 2. The payment gateway url needs three url post-payment process. I only should be use the callback with blesta? any suggestion? Confirmation page (callback): It corresponds to a page that will be called by the gateway with the outcome of the transaction. If the payment was made by credit card on this page you can confirm or reject the transaction. For this payment gateway will deliver the transaction data and you can verify if they match the data you sent. Success page:This page will be called by the payment gateway once the transaction is accepted and send the data of the successful transaction. Failure page: This page will be called by the payment gateway when the transaction was rejected. Process.pdt // Disable CSRF for this form $this->Form->setCsrfOptions(array('set_on_create' => false)); $this->Form->create($post_to); $this->Form->fieldHidden('parameters', $parameters); $this->Form->fieldSubmit("submit", $this->_("Flow.buildprocess.submit", true)); $this->Form->end(); Thanks!
  12. Hi, Should be great if there possibility of change from standard recaptcha image to by I'm not a robot Thanks! Rgds, Eduardo
  13. smicroz

    Nginx And Blesta

    Hi, Finally I can be solved adding in directadmin cp, in custom hosts if (!-e $request_filename){ rewrite ^(.*)$ /index.php; } #Core rewrite location @blesta { rewrite ^(.*)$/index.php/(.*) /$1 permanent; } Thanks!!
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