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  1. I have a client who has two Blesta accounts, which I did not notice until now. My guess is that I had invoiced him initially for a website and then he purchased hosting later without logging in first. Both accounts use the same email address, which I thought would not have been allowed. Is there any way to merge them?
  2. I'm talking about both the emails sent to staff and the emails sent to customers (either for tickets received or updated). I know that the 'available tags' are no the only usable tags because this is in my template going to staff and all of these merge fields are filled out correctly in the emails: Ticket #: {ticket.code} Status: {ticket.status_language} Priority: {ticket.priority_language} Department: {ticket.department_name} See this email screenshot: https://nimb.ws/LQTZ6x
  3. Thanks. It's not obvious that settings controls that too, maybe it would be worth adding some help text.
  4. My ticket emails are not including the link to update the ticket, it's blank. Both the html & text versions include the merge tag {update_ticket_url} Why would this happen?
  5. New invoices default to being due 3 days after delivery. Is it possible to change that to 2 days?
  6. One email was not working, then I noticed the 'only allow customers' checkbox was checked. That's a cool option to have, I might need to put it to use.
  7. WooCommerce has this where you can create a link for a specific product. Clicking the link immediately adds the product to the cart & opens the cart page, and the customer can then check out immediately. Does Blesta have anything like this or can I only send people to an order form?
  8. Ok, that makes sense. Is there any way to pipe a specific email address to a specific department? Like [email protected] creates a ticket for the Billing dept and [email protected] creates a ticket for the Sales dept.
  9. Is it possible to pipe a specific email address to a specific ticket category, perhaps with custom autoreplies?
  10. Thanks, will try that. Otherwise it's no biggie (though I'm guessing that maybe it didn't like the transparent png).
  11. So far it seems to have been a bunch of clients in the past week. I confirmed that GD library is active. And just now I removed the logo from invoice customization options (I had seen it earlier in the Uploads directory before so I thought it was ok), unchecked logo, and ... was able to send the invoice on my test account without an error - and it's status changed from Unsent to Sent. I'm cautiously optimistic, will change invoice delivery back to 5 minutes and see what the log shows in 15 min. I can trace this to adding a logo to the invoice sometime last week. Do you know what the cause is and if it's something that can be resolved or not? I wouldn't mind branding my invoiced better but I can live without it.
  12. I checked one of the clients today and her invoice shows as 'undelivered'. I tried to send it via email and got this error: unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_e59f3c4cdc838f46fb9619663e5fe015_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory It sounds like it's related to that /tmp/ directory - except I changed that yesterday. I tried changing the permission from 755 to 777 just now and it still gave the same error. EDIT: I see under /admin/tools/logs/email/ that it sent emails to the client. I just tried it on my test account invoice that I made yesterday and 1) got the same error, the email was noted in the logs and I did receive it. So we need to figure out why Blesta keeps thinking that the invoices are 'unsent.'
  13. OK, I set the email delivery back to 5 minutes. Made an invoice in my test account, which arrived in my inbox ~2min later. After 15 minutes, this is what I see: - under /admin/tools/logs/invoicedelivery/ there is one invoice, which went to a client who has complained about the invoice spam. However the invoice # is out of sequence, it's #1500, the last invoice on that page is #1502, and the test invoice I made is #1505 - under /admin/tools/logs/email/ it shows the invoice due email for the test invoice, and invoice PAID email for #1500, plus invoice due emails for 2 clients (3x), and an invoice due email for the test invoice (2x). The 3 invoices that are due, including the test invoice, are the only ones at /admin/billing/invoices/ that were billed this month (there are 3 older overdue invoices). And here's the general-warning log: text/plain general-warning-2019-11-25.log ( ASCII text, with very long lines ) [2019-11-25 17:20:12] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known {"code":2,"message":"fsockopen(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known","file":"/home/domain/public_html/portal/vendors/phpseclib/phpseclib/phpseclib/Net/SSH2.php","line":1135} [2019-11-25 20:10:02] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_e7ef34c84b8e0dc8a80bccbc319bda38_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory {"code":2,"message":"unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_e7ef34c84b8e0dc8a80bccbc319bda38_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory","file":"/home/domain/public_html/portal/vendors/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php","line":7801} [2019-11-25 20:15:03] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_3edd31857958a288ebc1fb715e53d558_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory {"code":2,"message":"unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_3edd31857958a288ebc1fb715e53d558_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory","file":"/home/domain/public_html/portal/vendors/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php","line":7801} [2019-11-25 20:20:03] general.WARNING: E_WARNING: unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_2545c94cab9989c34b4216f910769553_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory {"code":2,"message":"unlink(/tmp/__tcpdf_2545c94cab9989c34b4216f910769553_imgmask_alpha_c444941fea2d93d19dde973c160cbb8a): No such file or directory","file":"/home/domain/public_html/portal/vendors/tecnickcom/tcpdf/tcpdf.php","line":7801} It looks like it's still trying to do something in /tmp/ though I changed that earlier. Does Blesta have some sort of cache that needs to be cleared? EDIT: I noticed that the client for invoice #1500, who had been receiving the invoice spam, did not receive any further emails except for the 'paid' notification. And another client who mentioned getting them stopped getting them after his invoices were paid. So it appears linked to the current OPEN invoices.
  14. I think I know what the issue was - the /tmp/ directory setting did not have the full url (/home/username/tmp). So Blesta somehow perceived it as writable. I made a new directory, chmodded to 777, for Blesta temp stuff and Blesta sees it as writable. How would I know whether this resolved the issue or not (or is it not possible to know without spamming my clients)?
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