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  1. Correct, I'll go ahead & change my password.
  2. I put the old system key back but it did not prompt me to change the admin password. Would it, or is it something I should just do?
  3. Everything seems ok now - do I still need to put the original System key back? Or did it get updated when I changed the admin password?
  4. 2 things: 1) where do I change the URL for the site? I had a login issue earlier and the Reset My Password url's domain was for the old install (the pw change worked when I substituted the new domain in the url). 2) How can I make the site load in https instead of http?
  5. Scratch that - I think there was something up with the subdomain. I made a new subdomain, installed Blesta via Softaculous, restored my db & files (keeping the Softaculous config/blesta.php) and it works fine.
  6. OK - I backed up the db and files from the current install, which is in a subfolder. The new install is going to be a subdomain. I've done the following: I made a new mysql db, noting the db name, username & pw. I imported the old, backed up db into the new db. I restored the backed up files to the new subdomain folder I went to config/blesta.php and updated the database name, username & password to point to the new DB (the host is still 'localhost'). I created and set the same directories as writable based on the current Blesta install. However, the Root Web Directory is different and I can't edit that yet (because I can't login, see below). I'm not using Client Documents so I did not need to update that. When I go to the new Blesta install url, all I get is a blank page with no source code. Not sure what I missed in the migration? I know I have to reissue my license but I would need to login to update the license anyway.
  7. I'd like to migrate Blesta to a different domain on the same server. Can I just backup the files & db and import them into a new install? Or will I need to make some database changes (like WordPress) to update absolute urls?
  8. Pondering switching from cPanel to DirectAdmin, if it works well with Blesta (and if there's some sort of migration path).
  9. I finally got off my butt to upgrade and now cron is running every 5 minutes as expected.
  10. sunrisepro

    Upgrading 3.6.2

    I finally got around to doing the update and all seems well. Now I'd like to migrate to a different cPanel on the same server. Besides putting it into maintenance mode do I need to do anything else? Will the encryption key need to be updated? I'm assuming that I don't have to change the connection to WHM since it's the same server.
  11. Blesta is still not running cron and I have to do it manually. The command that Blesta recommends at Settings > System > Automation has been set for over a month. Clearly running cron manually works so I'm assuming that the recommended cron command is correct. I'm at a loss - do I need to upgrade Blesta from version 3.6.2?
  12. The recommended command is */5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron The complete job I have is /opt/cpanel/ea-php72/root/usr/bin/php /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron And the last time cron ran was when I manually ran it yesterday. Also how does CLI relate to this?
  13. So the cron path on my server changed because I upgraded the server to PHP 7.2. According to my server admins, cron jobs are running properly but is /home/username/public_html/backstage/index.php cron correct? Or should it be something different for php 7.2? Or do I need to upgrade Blesta?
  14. Where do I update the url for the cron command? The 'cron command' field is not editable and I can't find any info on this is your documentation. I only realized when invoices had not been automatically paid since I thought I had updated the command url; I just ran cron manually.
  15. Figured it out - I had upgraded the server to php 7.2 and the path had changed. All good now.
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